Providing simple things of great importance to the scientific society is our objective. Present release of the project contains following interfaces:

Search Life Science Links: Bulk hyperlinks to active life science servers contributing to the life science research are provided by this interface.

Post services: This interface created to help Scientists/ Inventors/Business men/Professionals to post their services (Paid/Free) to the public. These services can be Research services, Product development services, Marketing, Technical assistance, etc.

Search Services: Public can search posted services using this interface.

Save/Retrieve web links: An alternative to fav links in your desktop browser. You can now save your web links along with an identifier to easily recognize it. And retrieve them whenever and whereever you want with the help of this interface.

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Additional collaborative offers:

Post Products: Companies interested in posting their products through our service can contact us at post_products@kidsinu.com.

Contract Manufacturing: Contract Manufacturing: Companies interested in contract manufacturing can contact us at contract_manufacturing@kidsinu.com.

Online Market Research: Companies interested in conducting market/feedback research can contact us at market_research@kidsinu.com.

Market your ideas/Innovation: Scientist and Inventors can provide abstract idea of their innovation to attract potential investors or collaborators. Kindly contact us through inventors@kidsinu.com.