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    Do you wonder…

    • if you might have food allergies?
    • what it would be like to feel young and vibrant again?
    • if you would thrive on a Paleo diet?
    • if your poor eating habits are having a negative impact on your life?

    If you answered “YES!” to any of those questions, grab your copy of this easy-to-follow two week program to break bad eating habits and find the optimal foods for you.

    Here’s what you get with the Eat Clean for 14 (days) Program Manual

    The Let’s Go Guide:

    Information and resources to prepare you to Eat Clean for 14. Along with a choice of THREE PATHS of the program to customize it for your needs!

    The Clean Eating Guide:

    Details about foods you may currently eat and what you’ll want to eat instead.

    The Shopping Lists:

    Three extended lists of foods, one for each path of Eat Clean for 14 Program, that you will include in your meals for the 14 days and beyond.

    The Condiment List:

    A useful list of herbs, spices, peppers, sauces, nuts + seeds, healthy sweeteners, oils, sea veggies, vinegars, and salts that you can use to enhance the flavor of your clean meals.

    Meal Planning Guide:

    • Breakfast Ideas
    • Lunch Ideas
    • Dinner Ideas
    • Snack / “Treat” Ideas

    AND 20+ pages of Easy to Make Recipes!

    “I’ve been struggling with my allergies, asthma, and eczema for many years. Even after many medical treatments, I was seeing little improvement in my symptoms. Then I spoke with ChloeChloe suggested that changing my diet could help improve my health. She recommended an elimination diet. With Chloe’s help, I was able to complete the elimination diet and have learned to cut out certain foods which exacerbate my eczema and allergy symptoms. Chloe is very informative and supportive and is a great resource for nutrition and food allergen concerns.”

    Rachelle, 30 year old Design Student in NYC

    Ready to get started now? Click here to order Eat Clean for 14 (days) for $14 USD!


    $14 USD


    The NEW “Eat Clean for 14 (days) Elimination Diet” BOOK is yours FREE!

    In this special 15-page addition to Eat Clean for 14 (days) program, you’ll get my personal recommendations for how to build on your success in the program and extend its value to TEST FOR FOOD ALLERGIES. You can free yourself from debilitating and undiagnosable symptoms for ever.

    By now you’re thinking, “This sounds GREAT! There’s so much for me to learn and I’m ready to get started, but will I be ready to just jump into this Eat Clean for 14 (days) program right away?” The answer is, YES! Eat Clean for 14 (days) is a program that ANYONE can do and with which ANYONE can achieve success. Just click the Order Now button below and you’re on your way for a mere $14 USD.


    $14 USD

    Happy eating!

    E. Chloé Lauer
    Certified Nutrition Coach and owner of Zest for Life Today


  2. Within two days of beginning Eat Clean for 14 (days), the insomnia and hot flashes stopped. My hands & face stopped swelling and itching. Those pains in my stomach have gone away. I have more energy and brightness of thought & memory.
    — Jessica, 30 year old mother of three in PA

  3. Thanks for the presents. It was like Christmas from the Santa Claus of health & nutrition. Is that who you are?
    — Steve, 60 year old Life Coach and Entrepreneur in California.

  4. Chloe’s Eat Clean for 14 (days) book helped me tremendously to figure out what causes my runny nose and itchy skin. After completing the Eat Clean for 14 (days) diet, I have so much more energy, fatigue is a lot less, and I have more mental clarity. I followed the Eat Clean for 14 (days) plan for 4 weeks and I have learned a lot about my body and about my food sensitivities. I love Chloe’s easy and very tasty recipes - her book completely changed my relationship to food!
    — Conny, health coach in San Francisco, CA

  5. Knowing how to make effective changes in my food plan is liberating. I lost 15 pounds using the principles of Eat Clean for 14 (days), have significantly reduced my addiction to sugar and carbs and now comfortably integrate much of what I learned when I choose what to eat. I feel like a younger version of myself.
    — Cathleen, 61 year old spiritual director in Pennsylvania.