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Baseball Glove Repair - Getting Ready - Baseball 2016!

Well, it's that time of year again. The World Series has long been over. High School football is nearly done (final playoffs maybe)...and other winter sports are beginning or are in full swing now. And the holidays are on us, with Christmas not far away at all. Hard to believe.

And now is the best time to consider working on your baseball glove for next season. Maybe it needs some laces tightened, or some broken laces repaired. Maybe it needs cleaned and conditioned. Maybe all of these!

One thing is sure, time is going quick and before you know it, the holidays will be over and right around the corner is "conditioning" for High School players and college players...then tryouts. You need to have your glove ready for these times, because during conditioning and tryouts, you have to make every play that you can and look as good as you can at all times.

So use this downtime during the holidays...days off of work and clean up and repair your glove. It's the perfect time.

Baseball 2016 is coming. Be ready for it!!

Baseball Glove Repair - Broken Laces And Dry
Before - Broken Laces And Very Dry
Baseball Glove Repair - Broken Laces Fixed And Glove Conditioned
After -Laces Repaired And Glove Conditioned
Baseball Glove Repair - Broken Laces And Web Very Dry
Before - Broken Laces And Web Very Dry
Baseball Glove Repair - Broken Laces And Web Fixed And Glove Conditioned
After - Laces And Web Repaired
Glove Conditioned
Baseball Glove Repair Ebook - Fix That Glove
Why Repair Your Own Glove?

As a baseball or softball player you've probably had this happen at least once during your playing years.  You field the hard grounder or hard line shot only to find the ball stuck in the back of your baseball glove or in the web of your glove.  Worse yet, the ball goes right through your glove.  You look down at your glove only to see the torn or broken lace hanging out of the back of the glove.  There's a hole or gap that gets bigger and bigger with every ball that you field.

And now, you start thinking about making errors or getting hurt from a ball ripping through the broken web. Thinking too much is not good!

Many times players will play with the break. They’ll tie it some way, some how. If the break doesn't get any bigger, they'll use the glove for the rest of the season until there's time to do something about it in the off-season. For many baseball gloves, that ends up being the fix…the glove just stays that way...BROKEN.

Many players have older baseball gloves that they'll "rehire" to make it through the season.  Some of these gloves are broken too, but just not as bad.  And sometimes these gloves are used into the next season or used until they become too bad to play with also. If you learn how to fix your own glove, you won't have a stash of broken gloves that you go to when the one that you are using'll always have a good glove to go to when you need it. 

Other players will reluctantly go out and buy a brand new glove. If they only knew that restringing is really not that hard at all, they could learn how to repair their own gloves quickly and at low cost...and there would be no need to go out and spend a lot of money on a new, stiff glove.

Take a look at this before and after video below. The video might take a little bit of time to load if your connection is a little slow.

"It's a pretty sure thing that the player's bat is what speaks loudest when it's contract time, but there are moments when the glove has the last word."
Brooks Robinson (The Human Vacuum Cleaner)
Why Do It Yourself?
Why People Don't Repair Their Own Gloves
Here's How Fix That Glove Can Help You

Look at some of these "Before and After" pictures of some baseball gloves that I've worked on over the years. Some of these gloves were in pretty bad shape when I got them. But, after some cleaning, conditioning and repair, they looked and felt great!

A Few "Before" and "After" Glove Pics

Wilson A9845

Wilson A2000XL


Easton Black Magic

Rawlings Early-Mid 80's

Rawlings PRO88

Wilson A2000

Rawlings PROS17IC

Rawlings PROS12JA

Rawlings H2500 (New!)

Spalding "The Franchise" Baseball Glove(New!)
Useful Pics To Help You Fix Your Glove

“Fix That Glove!!!” contains numerous useful pictures that will help you see exactly what’s being described in the book. These pictures show you:

Make A Little Money For Yourself Shiny Quarters

“Fix That Glove!!!” will give you some ideas on how to make money with your own little baseball glove repair service. It’s funny, word travels fast. If you fix someone’s glove, it only takes another person asking, “Hey, who fixed your glove?” and before you know it, you’re repairing another glove…and then another….and then another. I’ve fixed a number of gloves and not once have I advertised. Word just got out.

This can be a fun little thing and you can really make people feel good when you give them their glove back, all cleaned up and ready to go. However, you can really fall into a simple trap here, and this book can point out a few things to think about early if you start fixing gloves as a small home-based business.

Don't Wait!! Fix Your Glove Now!!"


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Fix That Glove!!!" is an 85 Page, 4.5 Meg .pdf file.

Buy your copy of "Fix That Glove!!!" now so that you can handle any glove repairs (yours or someone else’s) in a hurry and at a quality level. Also learn about some of the better products to use to make old gloves feel like new ones that are broken in.

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