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All This May Be Yours If You Embrace... 

The Diabetic Warrior's Guide To...

"How To Fight Type 2
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PRIMAL Foods & Natural Remedies
That Empower You To
HEAL Type 2 Diabetes & Its Complications!

412 Ornery, Cantankerous, Never-Say-Die Fighters Have
Discovered "How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN!"

New 250 Page eBook Reveals the Secrets You Need to...

  • Restore Your Pancreatic Function
  • Reduce or Eliminate the Insulin Resistance of Your Body Cells
  • Regulate Your Blood Sugar Levels Naturally
  • Reverse or Prevent Damage to Your Eyes, Nerves, Gums, Kidneys and Heart
  • Prevent or Eliminate the Threat of Gangrene and Amputation
  • Reduce or Eliminate Insulin Or Oral Anti-Diabetic Drugs
  • Easily Lose 2 Pounds of Ugly FAT per Week or Perhaps More
Dear Fellow Diabetic:

If you're sick and tired of unnatural, toxic, expensive diabetes treatments that don't work you've arrived at the right website.

      Listen... My name is Patrick Lecky and I'm a Type 2 Diabetic who injected insulin for 10 years until I blew-up to 300 pounds as the photo below shows. Look how FAT my face was! Believe me, on a 5' 11'' frame this was not very flattering. For years I also suffered with the severe pins and needles PAIN of peripheral neuropathy in my feet. Sometimes high blood sugar made my head ache so much that I had to lie down in bed for most of the day until my glucose normalized. My kidneys also throbbed and my eyesight was growing dimmer and dimmer.

My Doctor Confessed —
"Modern Medicine Could Do Nothing More For Me!"

      When I complained my doctor confessed that besides monitoring my blood glucose levels, taking insulin shots, exercising and perhaps laser surgery for my eyes, there was nothing more modern medicine could do for me.

     That's when I got mad and started doing my own research. My investigation lead me to specific PRIMAL Foods, whole food concentrates and other natural remedies that allowed my body to heal diabetes on its own!

      I quickly lost 119 pounds by doing less exercise than before! And I've kept the weight off! The photo below is how I appear now! I don't experience any more stabbing pins and needles foot PAIN! My kidneys don't pound anymore! My eyesight has stabilized. I also haven't taken insulin or any oral anti-diabetic drug in 7 years! I'm much stronger and energetic! My life is my own!

"No Insulin Or Oral Anti-Diabetic Drugs In Over 7 Years.
I Heal Myself & Write
The Diabetic Warrior Newsletter!"

      To share these findings with other diabetics, I started my own monthly, 8-page diabetes newsletter, The Diabetic Warrior. Why do I call it the Warrior? Well, frankly, this newsletter is not for the weak-willed. That's because getting well is not easy. I don't promote drugs and therapies that simply mask your diabetic symptoms to make you feel better temporarily. The Diabetic Warrior advocates remedies that nourish your body so it can heal naturally. You'll learn which PRIMAL foods, supplements, therapies, and remedies truly strengthen your pancreas while also reversing insulin resistance.

      Listen... I slave over this newsletter like you won't believe. You won't read run-of-the-mill mainstream propaganda here. I interview medical doctors, alternative physicians, nutritionists, prominent healers and other successful diabetics to find cutting edge treatments. I pore over research reports, medical journals, newsletters, nutrition books and reference manuals to uncover what really works! I critique new and old treatments to give you their upside benefits and their downside risks. The result is a well-researched, engaging, fast reading, subscription newsletter written from the point of view of a diabetic.

      The Diabetic Warrior delivers a complete, step-by-step program that allows your body to naturally heal itself of diabetes. And my subscribers are happy to pay the small price I ask. Why? Because they get better!

"How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN!"
Can Be Accessed Immediately!

      But, you don't know me or the quality of my newsletter. So, to introduce you to The Diabetic Warrior, I've put together a new eBook adapted from my Diabetic Warrior issues. It's called "How to Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN!" I've taken my absolute best 17 issues and compiled them into one easy to understand, easy-to-use eBook! And you can download this information immediately and start healing diabetes naturally right NOW!

PRIMAL Foods are better than even the best dietary supplements! That’s because even the best supplements are derived from PRIMAL Foods! And supplements must lose potency in the conversion process! That’s just one reason why PRIMAL Foods are your best remedy!

The concept behind the Diabetic Warrior™ newsletter is that Type 2 Diabetes is first and foremost a nutritional condition. In fact, from 90% to 95% of all degenerative conditions such as cancer, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and many others stem from bad nutrition and the accumulation of toxins and wastes.
     Therefore, to heal diabetes — you must first detoxify yourself of toxins and wastes and then build-up your body with PRIMAL Foods and whole food supplements! While I do advocate supplements — make no mistake — PRIMAL Foods are # 1 for Health!
     There are no substitutes for PRIMAL Foods! You’re most likely reading this because you’re convinced that natural diabetes treatments are better than conventional therapies. That’s true! But, even among all the natural remedies, PRIMAL Foods are absolutely the best option.
     Listen… the best dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, trace elements, essential fatty acids, whole food concentrates and food-form supplements are derived from PRIMAL Foods! The worse supplements are made from petroleum by-products and coal-tar derivatives. Supplements are man-made, processed pills, capsules, tablets, powders, liquids, etc. concocted in the laboratory.
     In contrast, PRIMAL Foods have been designed over millions of years by nature to be your ideal, ultimate nutrition. Supplements always lose potency in the conversion process! They can never be as fresh, natural and nutritious as whole PRIMAL Foods!
     Supplements can never be a substitute for real, PRIMAL nutrition!

PRIMAL Foods Are The First, Original Foods Of Man!

Let’s journey back in time. Whether you believe in creation or evolution — the true nutritional requirements of humans has not changed in over 2.5 million years. Yes! that’s how long hominids have walked the earth. Our digestive system has been fashioned for millions of years to assimilate the PRIMAL foods that we can naturally gather, hunt or fish from our immediate environment. PRIMAL foods are the first, original foods of man! Up until about 8,000 years ago EVERYONE on earth ate this way. The Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) record shows that there was no diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. Then when our ancient Paleolithic ancestors depleted their natural food supply, they began cultivating alien foods that our digestive system was not equipped to digest. This ushered in the Neolithic era and diseases of civilization began to flourish such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, etc. More recently, we have depleted our soils of minerals and have also processed the life our of our conventional food supply. Whether you have diabetes or not you need PRIMAL foods just to survive!

How To Use PRIMAL Foods To Alleviate
Diabetes And Its Complications

“How to Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN!” contains three types of issues. First there is an issue on how to eliminate insulin shots and anti-diabetic medication by someone who did! ME! Next there are 3 issues on detoxification that tells you what you must do FIRST to prepare for HEALING! Next, are many issues on the benefits of PRIMAL Foods, supplements and herbs that enable you to control your blood sugars, HEAL your pancreas and banish insulin resistance!
     What you’ll get is a complete program on how to use PRIMAL Foods and natural remedies to alleviate diabetes.

Compare This Book To Any Other
Diabetes Book, Newsletter Or Journal!

      When I began to research natural diabetes treatments over eleven years ago, I was amazed that there was so much bad information. I also tried a lot of foods and dietary supplements that simply didn't work. I literally spent thousands of dollars on books, newsletters, journals, capsules, pills, tablets, powders, foods and herbs to discover what really works. If you're trying to get well, you're probably going through the same weeding-out process.

      After finding PRIMAL Foods and natural remedies that really work for diabetics and also writing a monthly, 8-page newsletter for over four years I know I have superior information that will help you immediately. 

      I invite you to compare my advice to any other diabetes book, newsletter or journal. Prove to yourself that this information can actually help your body heal to itself of diabetes and its complications!

Now, Let's Discover Exactly What You'll Get!

      "How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN!" delivers 17 issues plus 3 bonus issues. Here's a listing of all 20 issues.

1. "How to Eliminate Diabetes Drugs & Insulin Shots!" - by Someone Who Did!

2. Juice-Fasting vs. Water-Fasting! - Unleash The Surgeon Within - Detoxify, Heal Insulin Resistance, Restore Your Pancreas, Lose FAT & Banish Diabetes!

3. Kay's Day-By-Day FAST! - Read How She Lost 20 Pounds, Became More Alert, Restored Her Energy, Controlled Her Blood Sugar and Eliminated Diabetic Drugs!

4. PRIMAL Foods, Fresh Juices & Whole Food Concentrates Vs. Isolated, Fractionated, Synthetic Supplements!

5. "How PRIMAL FOODS Can Aid You to Regulate Blood Sugar, Correct Insulin Resistance And Help You Lose Body FAT!"

6. "Dietary FAT Is NOT Fattening!" - These Good FATS Help You Lose Weight, Build Muscle & Boost Your Energy!

7. Discover The Benefits of The Top 6 PRIMAL Animal Foods! - And How They Aid Diabetics! Plus Sources!

8. How Grass-Fed Milk May CURE Diabetes! - ALSO Lactose-FREE Yogurt Formula!

9. LIVE LONGER! Man Lives Until Age 152! - On Yogurt, Probiotics, Minerals & Enzymes!

10. Fungi May Cause Diabetes! - Fight Back With PRIMAL Foods, Supplements and Cultured Raw Milk Kefir!

11. How Two Type 1 Diabetics Got Off INSULIN! - Tasty PRIMAL Food Recipes & Food Sources!

12. "AMAZING TRUE RECOVERY: Former Diabetic Loses 185 Pounds And Stabilizes Her Blood Sugar!" - Also Health Secrets of the "5-Cent" Diabetes MASTER MINERAL!

13. Restore Your Child's VIGOR & INTELLECT With These PRIMAL Foods!

14. The Spark Plugs Of ALL LIFE! - Food,  Digestive & Metabolic Enzymes!

15. How Eatting Bread/Grain Products Began The Diabetes Plague and All  "The Diseases of Civilization!" - And How to Avoid Being A Victim!

16. Can SUGAR Really HEAL DIABETES? Introducing the Science of Glyconutrients! - Enhance Cell-to-Cell Communications, Boost Immunity, Aid In the Repair of Tissues and Organs & Help Retain Bone Density  & Muscle Mass!

17. EXERCISE Helps You Lose Body FAT, Gain Lean Muscle, Stabilize Blood Sugar, Control Complications & Improve Circulation!

Here Are Your 3 FREE Bonus Issues!

18. Your Guide to the Vitamins & Minerals Critical For Healing Type 2 Diabetes
19. End NERVE PAIN & Numbness With The KING of Diabetes Nutrients!" 

20. Diabetes HERBS That Balance Blood Sugar & Reverse Insulin Resistance! 

      I don't have the space to adequately describe all the all the wonderful diabetes-busting information that you'll receive. But, I'll try to highlight a few of the above issues that I believe will bring you outstanding benefits! The first issue below details how the various forms of fasting can help you detoxify completely and put you firmly on the road to recovery!

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(Even if it’s 3:00 AM on a Sunday)


Juice-Fasting vs. Water- Fasting! Unleash the Surgeon Within - Detoxify, Heal Insulin Resistance, Restore Your Pancreas, Lose FAT & Banish Diabetes!
(Vol. 3 # 1)

Here are comparisons between water fasting and juice fasting. One doctor who supervises fasts says that… “Complete remission of diabetes was reported in many patients. …an extended fast can remove the last bit of difficult-to-lose weight and more important, give the pancreas a chance to rest so it can reset its sensitivity to glucose and recover normal function.”
Whichever form you choose, you’ll find that fasting frees up 50% to 80% of your energy so healing diabetes can begin with a vengeance. You’ll get the names, addresses, websites and contact numbers for 4 fasting centers that may help supervise your fast. There are also juice mixture suggestions and a potassium broth recipe that flushes your system of unwanted salts and acids, while giving you a concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals.
     Done correctly, fasting is very precise major surgery combined with reconstruction at the cellular level — without the mutilating operation and doctor bills!
     Now, once you’ve detoxified you’ll…

Discover The Top 6 PRIMAL Animal Foods And The Awesome Benefits For Diabetics! Plus Sources!
(Vol. 2 # 5)

      First, you'll learn about an inexpensive PRIMAL food that can help to re-build all your organs, tissues and blood including your pancreas.

      Another PRIMAL animal food contains undiscovered nutritive factors that promote stamina, strength, and healing.

      A third PRIMAL animal food is given to children to bolster their health and to women to increase their fertility.

      A fourth PRIMAL food reduces blood triglycerides, lowers the risk of blood clots and irregular heart rhythm, decreases blood pressure and resolves arterial damage.

      The fifth PRIMAL food: 1. It lowers insulin resistance. 2. It decreases abdominal "belly" FAT and 3. It enhances muscle growth.

      The 6th PRIMAL food actually strengthen male and female sexual organs, helps you to absorb minerals, and guards against hardening of the arteries and cataracts.

      You'll also get a state-by-state directory on where to easily obtain these PRIMAL foods.

Grass- Fed Milk Heals Diabetes! Raw Milk Yogurt — WARRIOR Food! Lactose-FREE Yogurt Formula!
(Vol. 2 # 1)

Koumiss, yogurt and kefir contain beneficial bacteria that pre-digest the sugars, proteins and fat in the milk to make it highly digestible. You'll also read how raw milk was traditionally used to cure diabetes.
     One doctor said that he places his Type 2 Diabetes patients on raw milk yogurt and afterward many of them are healed and take no insulin and no drugs!
     Also included are directions on how to find farmers in your area that participate in cow-share programs so you can obtain raw milk. Finally, there are complete instructions on how to make delicious home-made lactose-FREE yogurt!
     In fact, these foods are so beneficial you’ll be amazed to discover how a…

Farmer Lived Until Age 152 — On Fermented Milk, Probiotics, Trace Elements, Minerals & Enzymes!
(Vol. 2 # 7)

Baptism records, legal documents and marriage certificates prove that English farmer Thomas Parr lived for 152 years! Many of the PRIMAL foods he ate were fermented milk products like yogurt and kefir brimming with friendly bacteria, beneficial yeast, minerals, trace elements and food enzymes. The Illustration on the right is a portrait of Parr as he appeared at the court of King Charles I in the year 1635. [Photo courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery, London, England.]
     Longevity isn’t the only benefit these foods convey. You’ll learn about the 6 minerals and trace elements in these foods that diabetics desperately need.

      Compounds in these foods increase your resistance to infections. The beneficial bacteria also correct intestinal disturbances caused by antibiotics and radiation. This improves stool frequency to end constipation! The friendly bacteria also produce substances that eliminate candida albicans and even deactivate carcinogens to suppress the formation of cancer. This is a great issue!

Fungi May Cause Diabetes! Fight Back With PRIMAL Foods, Supplements and Cultured Raw Milk Kefir!
(Vol. 2 # 6)

Researchers have connected certain yeast (fungi) and the mycotoxins (poisons) they produce with both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. One fungus enters your body when you eat a particular food and produces mycotoxins that specifically harm your pancreas. Another fungi is used by drug companies to produce an antibiotic. The U.S. Dept. of Health has evidence that this antibiotic promotes kidney and pancreatic islet cell tumors. Other fungi excrete alloxan that is known to initiate diabetes. Another fungus produces oxalic acid that escalates blood sugar levels.
     A study shows that a simple dietary change revealed here decreased the risk of contracting diabetes from mycotoxins by a whopping 58%! You’ll discover a common, inexpensive vegetable that contains a compound that will actually neutralize mycotoxins.
     You’ll learn about a complete program to kill the fungi and then strengthen your body with specific supplements and certain delicious PRIMAL foods.

How Two Type 1 Diabetics GOT OFF INSULIN! Plus Tasty PRIMAL Food Recipes & PRIMAL Food Sources!
(Vol. 1 # 12)

      This issue actually contains two interviews with insulin dependent, Type 1 Diabetics that got off of insulin!

      After Sergei went on a 100% raw food diet, his blood sugar readings were normal after only 2 weeks without taking insulin!

      Sarah's vision deteriorated to 20/200 in both eyes. At diagnosis her blood sugar was 430 mg/dl. After 3 weeks on an 80% raw and 20% cooked food diet she was down to 20 units of insulin a day from a high of 41 units. She has now discontinued all insulin shots and needs no glasses for reading or distance! Also, in this issue you'll find 8 delicious raw food recipes along with state-by-state PRIMAL food sources!

"AMAZING TRUE RECOVERY: Former Diabetic Loses 185 Pounds and Stabilizes Her Blood Sugar!" — Also, Health Secrets of the Diabetes MASTER MINERAL!
(Vol. 2 # 10)

      In March 2001, Maria E. weighed 332 pounds. Her fasting blood glucose sometimes soared over 500 mg/dl. She was beset with a major arterial blockage and edema bloated her legs with water. She started to eat an American Diabetes Assn. (ADA) diet that stressed bread, bagels, English muffins, baked potatoes, chocolate, candy, granola bars, honey, pasta, white rice and white sugar including unlimited diet soft drinks! 

      Then Maria made a decision we all must make to survive. She began to eat PRIMAL foods, which lead her to lose 175 pounds, normalized her fasting blood sugar consistently below 100 mg/dl, and had her Glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) at 5.4%, which placed her in the non-diabetic category! What's interesting is that she found the foods tasty and the dietary change to be quite easy in practice!

Our Toxic World HARMS OUR CHILDREN & May Bring Us to the Brink of Extinction! —
Learn How to Restore Your CHILDREN'S Strength, Vibrancy & Intelligence With PRIMAL FOODS!
(Vol. 3 # 5)

      Our modern, industrial world is full of processed food so toxic, that children now account for 16% of all new Type 2 Diabetes cases. Fully 25% of US children are overweight or obese.

      You'll learn to avoid an extremely dangerous junk food that has a powerful diuretic which causes children to urinate more, thereby depleting their bodies of water and minerals. It also has an ingredient so deadly that your child's body must steal calcium, chromium, iron, zinc, phosphorus and the vitamins B, C and D from the tissues, bones, blood, muscles or teeth just to metabolize it. 

      You'll also get an extensive list of tasty PRIMAL foods that kids love, which can reverse Type 2 Diabetes, obesity and other illnesses!

The Spark Plugs of LIFE! —
Food, Digestive & Metabolic ENZYMES!
(Vol. 2 # 12)

Diabetics are severely depleted of enzymes. You’ll learn how an over-cooked, enzyme-less, processed food diet puts a great strain on your pancreas. Besides producing insulin, your pancreas also manufactures digestive enzymes. When digestive enzymes are depleted, then your food is not properly digested, and the result is that you now lack the simple raw materials to re-build all your body tissues. You’ll also lack the capacity to produce metabolic enzymes that actually heal your body! Your health will suffer horrendously!
     In this issue you’ll discover which enzyme is critical for transporting glucose into your cells. Revealed is how “systemic enzyme therapy”…

  • Digests blood triglycerides and cholesterol

  • Dissolves blood clots

  • Stimulates the immune system

  • Reduces kidney injury to keep you off dialysis.

  • May allow dialysis patients to reduce the toxins in their blood between dialysis treatments!

How to Defeat Insulin Resistance, Aging, Type 2 Diabetes and LOSE BODY FAT! Also, How to Prevent and Treat Osteoporosis!
(Vol. 2 # 2)

This issue chronicles how one doctor opened her eyes, changed her practice and discovered the true way to defeat diabetes. We’ll journey with her as she struggles to find the truth about diabetes, aging, insulin resistance and weight loss.
     You’ll find what foods make diabetics worse and which beneficial PRIMAL foods she replaced them with. Immediately her patient’s blood sugar levels began to plummet!
     Her patients also started losing from one to two pounds of body fat per week! And they began to gain muscle! Many got completely off of injected insulin and/or oral anti-diabetic drugs! As an added bonus, her patients had more energy and their food cravings ceased!


How Bread/Grain Products Ushered In "The Diseases of Civilization" and How to Avoid Being a Victim!
(Vol. 2 # 3)

The USDA’s food pyramid calls for us to consume 6 to 11 servings of bread/grain products per day. You’ll learn the history of the cultivation of cereal grains; wheat, rice, millet, barley, oats, etc. You’ll discover how heart disease, diabetes, dental disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, obesity, cancer and stroke can be traced directly back to the diet of ancient civilizations.
     You’ll learn what comprises a true PRIMAL diet — foods that allowed humans to thrive for millions of years — surviving wild animals, ice ages, floods and famines.
     Next, you’ll learn what proportion of vegetables, meat/fish and fats should occupy your plate. And you get two delicious bread substitute recipes! Lastly, you’ll learn how to forage like a modern day fisher-hunter-gatherer in the supermarket!


Can Sugar Really HEAL DIABETES? Introducing the Science of Glyconutrients!
Enhance Cell-to-Cell Communication, Boost Immunity, Aid the Repair of Tissues and Organs & Help Retain Bone Density & Muscle Mass!
(Vol. 3 # 3)

Researchers have discovered that of the more than 200 known sugars, 8 are now considered essential for optimum health. These sugars are critical in facilitating the communication between your individual body cells. These 8 essential “glyconutrients” (glyco means sugar) confer your cells with the intelligence to form the structure of your body in order to aid in its daily repair of tissues and organs.
     These 8 sugars are incorporated into all your cell membranes and can jump-start your immune system to diminish cancerous tumors and boost the function of your brain and nervous system to normalize sleep, memory, anxiety and depression.
     They also help to stabilize high blood triglycerides that plaque diabetics, and help retain bone density and muscle mass by forming new blood vessels that allow muscles to increase in size. You’ll learn how all 8 glyconutrients lower blood glucose, inhibit tumor growth, help your brain retain long-term memories and treat erectile dysfunction and low libido.


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Take Advantage Of My 8-Week Fair-Trial Offer!

     Believe me, my situation was critical - so I know how anxious you are to get relief. But, please realize that diabetes is not just high blood sugars that you can quickly lower through artificial means. Type 2 Diabetes is insulin resistance that disrupts the functioning of your 75,000 miles of blood vessels and 80 trillion body cells. Your body is a vast, complicated system. PRIMAL Foods and natural remedies are not drugs that suppress symptoms, rather they are natural organic substances that foster the detoxification, repair and nourishment of your entire body from head to toe. So, please give yourself the time you need to heal!

      From monitoring my own diabetic recovery, I found that a real difference in my condition was not apparent until the second month. Similar recovery periods are common with my subscribers and bookbuyers. That is why I urge you to give yourself at least 2 months to conduct a fair test.

My 8-Week
100% Money-Back Fair-Trial Offer Guarantee!

      There's no question in my mind that you're going to flourish when you put to use "How to Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN!" That's why I'm going to make you this unconditional fair-trial offer guarantee:

Read and use the book for 8-Weeks! Try out the dozens of PRIMAL foods, procedures, treatments, remedies, routines, vitamins, herbs, minerals, supplements, exercises and delicious recipes for a full 8-Weeks before you decide whether you benefited or not! Put it to the extreme test!

      Within the 8-Week Fair-Trial period, if your blood sugar levels are not lower, if you're not losing weight, if your energy is not through the roof, if you are not getting better, I don't want you to keep it. 

      You must be able to go anywhere, do anything, gardening, play with your grandchildren, shop till you drop and accomplish any task!

      It's simple: either this book lives up to its promise and your expectations, or you can request a refund and receive all your money back - no questions asked! You have a full 8-Weeks to decide!!

      Why can I offer this fair-trial guarantee? Simply because I know that with this knowledge you can restore your pancreatic function, you can eliminate insulin resistance, you can regulate your blood sugar level, you can lose up to 2 pounds of body FAT per week, you can reverse or prevent damage to your eyes, nerves, gums, kidney, heart and blood vessels, you can prevent or eliminate the threat of gangrene and amputation and you can reduce or eliminate insulin shots or oral anti-diabetic medications!

Listen. Type 2 Diabetes is a nutritional condition and the only way to reverse it is to consume the whole, PRIMAL foods that your diabetes-FREE ancient ancestors ate! "How to Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN!" is the only book that contains this information! It's so valuable; you'll want to clutch it close to your heart!

So please, let me take all the risk. Test this information at my expense and eliminate all worry. Get this program now and apply a few of my proven techniques.

      If, for any reason, you're not 100% convinced that PRIMAL Foods and natural remedies will normalize your blood sugar, abolish insulin resistance, help you lose body fat, control numbness, tingling & nerve PAIN, and protect you from diabetic complications - simply let me know within the 8-Week Fair-Trial Period and you'll get a prompt and courteous refund and owe nothing. That's more than a guarantee, that's a personal promise.

And since you took the time, effort, and faith to give my program a try, I want you to keep all 3 Super Bonus Issues free of charge, even if you decide to take advantage of the 8-Week money-back fair-trial guarantee. So this offer is better-than-risk-free!

     The diabetes secrets you learn during your 60-day Fair-Trial will be yours to keep and use forever!

So you really have nothing to lose (except high blood sugars, and body FAT) and everything to gain (especially radiant health) by trying "How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN!"

Order FAIR-TRIAL Within 10 Minutes -
Get These 3 SUPER Bonus Issues Absolutely FREE!!

With your prompt order, you'll also receive 3 of my best newsletter issues.
Each is over 12-pages long and delivers time-tested, fully researched
information on how to heal diabetes naturally now!

Purchased separately, they are valued at $14.97, but they
are yours FREE if you order within the next 10 minutes!

Your Guide To Vitamins & Minerals
Critical For Type 2 Diabetes!
(Vol. 3 # 6)

      Diabetes has become such a huge epidemic that many supplement producers attempt to sell nutrients that claim to be effective. They play on your desire to just make this nightmare go away. Don't give into it! What you need is the knowledge to choose the correct supplements. This issue details what specific vitamin and mineral supplements are critical for healing diabetes.

      First, you'll learn about the 13 essential minerals and trace elements, which form is the most bio-available and also what kind to avoid. This is no mere listing, but a detailed explanation of how each mineral specifically benefits diabetics along with precise dosages. For example...

  • A lack of one mineral is said to cause diabetes all by itself.
  • Another is so effective many doctors actually prescribe it as an oral anti-diabetic drug.
  • A third mineral is known to increase insulin secretion.
  • A fourth eases diabetic retinopathy and aids in healing hardening of the arteries.
  • A fifth is active in helping to regulate blood sugar and pancreatic beta cell function.
  • One mineral is involved in so many biochemical reactions that it's called the "Diabetes Master Mineral"!
      Then you'll discover the 15 vitamins and vitamin-like compounds crucial for diabetics.
  • One duo is necessary for eye health and increases insulin sensitivity.
  • Another provides significant protection to your arteries.
  • One is a co-factor in transforming glucose into energy.
  • Another is helpful in alleviating eye disorders such as cataracts.
  • One increases beta cell function and may be useful for Type 1 diabetics.
  •  Another helps you lose weight by stimulating the burning of fats.
  • One critical vitamin has reversed diabetic neuropathy in a small study.

The KING OF Diabetes Nutrients!
(Vol. 1 # 8)

      You'll be privy to information about a natural substance found in many PRIMAL foods that one researcher calls "The Master Nutrient". I refer to it as "The King of Diabetes Supplements" because it makes all the other diabetic supplements work much better. Just look at what this nutrient can do.

  • Provides energy to your brain, heart, liver, kidneys, etc.
  • Renews Vitamin C and Vitamin E and CoQ10.
  • A superb antioxidant that protects against free radicals.
  • Used to treat nerve damage in Germany for over 30 years.
  • Approved to treat diabetic neuropathy since the 1990's.
  • Lowers blood glucose and blood insulin levels.
  • Decreases insulin resistance.
  • Boosts insulin sensitivity.
  • Allows your pancreas to secrete less insulin.
  • Allows less body fat to be stored in your fat cells.
  • Reduces your Hb1Ac levels.
  • Diminishes the risk of diabetic complications.
  • Lowers the incidence of muscle wasting.
  • Improves circulation to your arms, legs, eyes and brain.
  • Prevents formation of cataracts.
  • Reduces stroke occurrence and stroke death.
  • Combats sexual dysfunction.
  • Substantially reduces sciatic nerve pain.

     You'll also get instructions on the best form, the correct dosage and what other supplements are synergists.

Diabetes HERBS That Balance BLOOD SUGAR
& Reverse Insulin Resistance! 
(Vol. 1 # 11)

      Herbs form the foundation of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs, but herbs are much more effective, inexpensive and vastly safer than any drug.

      The herbs detailed here have the ability to...

  • Protect your eyes from retinopathy by strengthen the capillaries that deliver blood and nutrients.
  • Reduce swelling of your lower limbs.
  • Increase circulation to the brain to enhance your cognitive function.
  • Make your skin more elastic to give you a more youthful appearance.
  • Diminish PAIN and rejuvenate pancreatic cells.
You'll also learn how one supplement actually allowed one diabetic to heal his feet and cancel his scheduled amputation!

Not Just Another eBook!
This Took 4 Years To Research and Write!

If you've purchased other eBooks in the past that left you dissatisfied and wary, please have no fear! "How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN!" originates from the monthly Diabetic Warrior newsletter that my subscribers gladly pay to receive. The book draws from the best of 4 years of thoroughly researched issues that are extremely useful and written in a lively, engaging manner. The topics have archival value, which means they will be as relevant years from now as they are today. Each issue is written from the point-of-view of a diabetic who fights the condition every day just like you. I know what it is to have neuropathy, poor circulation, high blood glucose, etc. I know what it is to be sick! That's why each issue showers you with an abundance of PRIMAL Foods, recipes, remedies, therapies and treatments that you can use right NOW! If you truly want to get well  Order TODAY!

Your "Secret Weapon" Against Diabetes!

      This eBook is designed with a host of special features that you'll find particularly useful. First, each of the chapters is partitioned into sections. Just click on any subhead and you're taken to that section instantly. You can also link to each chapter from the Table of Contents or go back and forth between chapters. Also, if a website is mentioned, you can instantly link with that site for more information. In addition, each chapter can be printed out for later reading at your convenience. Lastly, the "Find Option" allows you to quickly locate any topic for further study. Listen... I know how tough it is to beat diabetes. That's why "How To Fight Type 2 Diabetes & WIN!" is designed to be your "secret weapon" in your struggle against diabetes. Order NOW!

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PRIMAL Foods Allow You To Heal Diabetes!

      You may not think you are up to the task of healing your own diabetes. Here are some secrets. Controlling blood sugar levels and healing diabetes is automatic - if you remove the bad foods and the bad habits that block your recovery. Losing body FAT and getting down to your correct weight is also automatic - if you eat nutrient-dense PRIMAL foods that fill your nutritional deficits and act to banish hunger cravings. YES! If you eat the right kinds of PRIMAL foods then your body cells will be nourished with vital nutrients and will not crave the junk that keeps you FAT, diabetic and sick!

      It sounds simple doesn't it? That's because being healthy had to be simple! If it weren't simple, the human race would have died out long ago. Our ancient ancestors did not have doctors or pharmaceutical drugs. What they had were PRIMAL foods that their bodies were designed to thrive on. And our ancestors ate these foods for millions of years before we became "civilized". Experts claim that our "pre-industrial" ancestors had no diabetes, no cancer, no heart disease, no arthritis, no stroke, etc. Their constant dangers were drought, famine, floods, the ice age, wild animals and infectious diseases - but they had no degenerative diseases because nutrient-dense PRIMAL foods kept them healthy. You can regain that vigor, that vitality and become robust and healthy again.

      For many years I was so FAT and diabetic that I believed I would never wear normal sized clothes, or live a regular life. I used to exercise like a crazed animal, but all I did was build muscle under the fat. Then I found about PRIMAL foods. By eating this new, delicious way, I lost weight and also stabilized my blood sugar by doing less exercise!

      Join me and the 412 buyers of my book to learn how easy and delicious it is to regain your health. You can do it! You are a Diabetic Warrior! Order Today!

Health & Vigor Always!

Patrick I. Lecky

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