Wonder How to Get Over a Breakup?
If you have been dumped, lied to, cheated on, disposed of or betrayed, you are in the right place.

Why? Simple. I am about to share with you scientifically proven techniques and the newest research and strategies known today to get over a breakup.

Whether you are in acute heartbreak or still hurting from an ex three exes ago, these scientifically proven techniques and the newest research and strategies known today will get over the emotional devastation of breakups.

If you are like I was, you've had your heart broken more times than you care to count. The more breakups you have had, the harder it is to recover. It is as if all of the disappointment from all of your exes still hounds you night and day.

Up until now, there wasn’t anything out there to help those of us who were obsessive about love, especially after a breakup.


You have just discovered a cutting-edge Breakup Recovery Guide that will not fail. In fact, using these tried and tested methods, you can go from obsessing over your ex 24/7 to 100% clear of him in both body and mind in just 28 days, guaranteed!

At Last...

No more obsessing. No more stressing.
A Proven Breakup Recovery Method!

Discover the 2 CRITICAL REASONS why most
people trying to recover from heartbreak fail:

1) They only deal with the current breakup and not the many heartbreaks that led up to this one.

"As a woman at the receiving end of a breakup, the most important skill you need to guarantee relationship success in the future is to manage your brain chemistry." ~Dr. Berit Brogaard

Why do breakups hurt so much?

When someone breaks up with you, or you are experiencing severe heartbreak from other situations, you lose something that is important to you.

As far as your brain is concerned, losing something is a threat to your very life! I know it seems dramatic, but it is true.

And when a threat is present, your brain’s natural reaction is to react with fear and tell the body that it should be prepared for action. This is like turning on a faucet so that stress hormones flow through your body and tell it to fight for its life or run for the hills.

The bigger the shock, the stronger the flow of panic and grief neurochemicals. How do you know? Your heart is galloping. Your muscles tense up. You have difficulty breathing normally. Tears flow down your cheeks.

You are literally being traumatized by your own brain chemicals.

2) They do not detox from breakup stress chemicals.

No one teaches you how important it is to physically detoxify after a breakup. Recent research clearly shows that relief from the physical symptoms shortens the breakup recovery period.  You must turn off the inner faucet pumping the stress chemicals through your body and release the natural and soothing neurochemicals that will cool and cleanse your system.

Finally there is a proven method that will help you get over lost love once and for all. 28 Daily Practices to help you detach from your ex in mind and body...for good!

Detox is more important in breakup recovery than in any other emotional transition. This is because the brain chemicals involved in falling in love and breaking up condition your body to freak out when you meet new men. You will stay stuck if you don’t retrain your brain and get your chemical profile restored.

"The number one success strategy in breakup recovery and attracting the best partner is having a strategic action plan and accountability to see it through." ~Catherine Behan

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The Real Problem?

When you get the bad news and the breakup is final, a powerful flood of chemicals released by your brain zooms to your bloodstream and literally shocks your system. The release of these stress chemicals literally paralyzes you. Mind, body and spirit crumble into a weeping mess.

Something you might not be aware of is that from early on, whenever you had a heartbreak, you were building an easier pathway for further heartbreak. Why? Because after getting over a heartbreak, you are conditioned to fear another and another and another.

The real problem? Starting another relationship before you detox from the past!

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With each breakup becoming more painful, this is now one of the main reasons people find it so hard to get over lost love. When activated in your body, stress chemicals give you things like a lack of focus, mood swings, low energy, headaches, stomach pains and other bodily symptoms.

IMPORTANT: You may already have a buildup of toxins in your body!

You can get so hooked on the drama of the stress chemicals that you are unconsciously drawn to one bad relationship after another. Hard to believe but true. You can grow to crave the feeling of the stress chemicals in your body...even if they feel terrible to you.

It never ends.

To recover from your breakup without changing the brain chemistry behind your reactions is a losing battle. Without understanding your addiction to drama and the drama chemicals, your recovery is sure to be long and difficult.

If you are trying to get over your ex but you are thinking of him
night and day, you are doing things the hard way.

Are You Addicted to Your Own Stress Chemicals?

Obsessive love can lead to painful breakups that leave the heart and mind in shambles. There is an energetic residue left behind, and the body stores the residue in the tissues. Symptoms in the body may include achiness, stiffness, lower back pain, shoulder pain, uncontrollable crying, loss of appetite and social withdrawal.

By changing the chemical pathways in the brain and releasing the pleasure chemicals that bring restoration to your emotions, you can let go of past love once and for all. This is light-years easier than trying to fight with your own thoughts, feelings and created desires in trying to get over your breakup.

Finally there is a proven method that will help you get over lost love once and for all.

What is the best way to recover from your breakup?

This scientifically proven method of breakup recovery is the only method out there
that comforts your mind, body and brain.

Once you have detoxed your brain and the residue of past heartbreak is flushed from your body, you will no longer crave the drama and trauma. You will find yourself thinking of your ex less and less...naturally.

You will be amazed at how much better you will feel!

Imagine having a clear mind, increased energy and better health—and not only that, but a new ability to turn your pleasure chemicals on when you want, even though it is difficult for you now!

You now think of your ex less often and on your own terms—or not at all. All this because of understanding your brain chemistry and balancing your stress and pleasure chemicals.

The point is, you will now have the power to make the decision.

"Thank you thank you thank you. Amazingly, it really truly did work. I was skeptical at first because it seems a little like magic. I suffered for almost two years and then 28 days!?! No way... But I was so desperate to get to feel better that you could have made me stand on my head for 10 hours a day if that's what it takes. But your explanation of why it helps even makes sense and uses science. I still hope one day he regrets and calls; it's not like I think it will happen, just can't get rid of that hope, but at least I'm not hurting like I was before."


"Thank you SOOO much for your help and your brilliant material! Thought nothing would work to make me forget Peter. Wish I had contacted you sooner. I would probably still have had my job now. Oh well, I am positive about finding a new job soon. Or maybe I will find a rich man... LOL :-D"


Are you in pain and don’t know how to get on with your life? Do you wonder if there is a way to get your ex back? Do you wish there were a little pill that could erase all memories of your ex?

breakup cleanse

The Big Secret of Getting Over a Breakup

Here’s the big secret: Your brain chemistry is playing tricks on you, and you can do something about it. A slow and steady stream of novel information and creative process is the very best way to train your brain to let go and move on from your ex.

Don't forget, it is your brain that is controlling how you feel right now. The only way to recover is to detox from the tsunami of stress chemicals that have been flooding you since your breakup.

The 28 Daily Practices in The Breakup Cleanse take all the thinking out of the equation. You simply step into the breakup recovery as you complete each day's processes.

"Of ALL the cleanses and detoxes I have done, this has been the hardest but also one I needed most. Haven't heard from David and can't say I'm over him; if he did call, I am sure I couldn't resist, but I don't wake up drenched in sweat. Sometimes I even go a couple of hours not thinking about him. I do the negative associations every day, like you told me. It's pretty gross but I feel better each time."


Do You Need The Breakup Cleanse?

You do if you are...

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This guide has proven to work and it will work for you—guaranteed! Just as sure as a new man will attract your attention, The Breakup Cleanse will free you from toxic love patterns every time, for every single person struggling to let go of lost love.

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breakup cleanse guarantee

Let us take all the risk! We are so confident this will work for you we offer a FULL 100% 60-day money-back guarantee! If you follow The Breakup Cleanse and you're not convinced it has helped you—just ask for your money back! That's over 8 weeks to try it out! Hey, I will even let you keep the guide!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

From: Berit Brogaard

Being brokenhearted and obsessed with someone who no longer loves you can be devastating.

Like a lot of things in life, it is hard to change your actions after many years of habit. But once you get to enjoy a clean life, and you are no longer a victim to your own brain chemistry, you will feel the difference.

You can think clearly and quickly, you look and feel better, and you enjoy more confidence in your life compared to anything you will experience when your stress chemicals are dominating your body.

All because you decide to learn HOW to turn on the pleasure chemicals naturally present in your body, rather than just keep trying to talk yourself into feeling better over and over again like so many do.

Have you had many breakups and struggled to move on?

And failed!?

More than once?

Want to know exactly how to do it properly?

I have studied brain chemistry and love now for over 6 years. In this time I have researched experts from around the world, many heartbroken clients and even scientists who have helped me research and develop the best breakup recovery programs on the planet! Now, I help people recover from breakups every single day.

Nobody deserves to make the same mistakes over and over again!!!

You will enjoy a new freedom: to think and decide quickly about your choices with men without panic and stress! A strong way to take control, right now! All I can say is this: "Anything is possible—once you understand your brain chemistry."

Heartbroken women have some serious untapped potential inside them! I know for a fact, as I see it every day, if you have an ex from a long time ago, you actually have a different view of the world than most people.

If your brain chemistry has been working against you for a long time, this can be a powerful and good thing! Once you know how to turn on your pleasure chemicals and detox yourself routinely from life’s pressures, you will have no problems starting a new relationship.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to take control? Are you ready to ACTUALLY get over that guy once and for all?

You have just found a FOOLPROOF plan to recover from your breakup and move on for good. This guide is bursting with tactics on how to get over lost love and build confidence for your next relationship.

We constantly refine what works over time, always testing, upgrading, listening to our customers and improving our techniques. The result is a scientific system that actually works.

Plus we are currently including an entire self-esteem audio course at no extra cost! This combination will help you resist any urges you have to slide backward into obsessing again, from your body and your mind.

Although there is now so much added value in this guide, I have not raised the price just yet! I want EVERYONE to have a chance to get over lost love easily and systematically.

If you are honest with yourself, how much does being depressed and obsessing night and day cost your life, really?

In your friends and family?

In your finances?

In your health?

In your career or education?

In your life direction?

In you?

It's sad, but when you are controlled by your stress chemicals, it really plays a big part in your whole life. The worst thing is that you sometimes can't even see it. This is because you are in it! When you learn to balance your brain chemicals, your perception of the world will change for the better.

This guide works on everyone! Don't think you're a special case who can't do it.

From my experience, people who follow The Breakup Cleanse end up proactive people with good ideas and success in not only relationships but all of life. Let's see how life changes around you and what the world really offers you when you 'wake up' and you are finally finished with this breakup phase of your life.

Let's get started!

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P.S. Imagine...28 days from today you will be full of energy, your mind will be clear AND your body will feel healthy. You will have no cravings for your ex and you will understand the stress chemicals that have trapped you in a vicious cycle of breakups! This will make a difference in your life. 100%. You will recover from your breakup—guaranteed!

P.P.S. Remember! This course has a full 8-Week Guarantee because it works! "If you do not get over your lost love and enjoy a better life, you have 8 full weeks to ask for your money back. Take advantage of this risk-free way to seriously change your future for the better!!" - Dr. Berit Brogaard and Catherine Behan

If you have any questions, please contact: drbrit [at] lovesicklove [dot] com

Who are Dr. Brit and Coach Catherine?

Dr. Brit Brogaard, D.M.Sci, Ph.D. is a professor of philosophy at the University of Miami. She is the author of more than 100 refereed journal articles and some 500 popular articles. In her academic research, she specializes in psycholinguistics, perception, brain disorders and emotional regulation. She is also a freelance writer for various popular magazines and sites, for instance, the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LIVESTRONG) and Psychology Today; an editor of the academic journal Erkenntnis; the president of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology and the administrator of LovesickLove.com.
Catherine Behan M.S. is an author, coach and leading authority in the Law of Attraction and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  She has empowered hundreds of people to re-discover their natural born magnetism.  A magnet to long time singles, she delights in releasing her clients from the drama and trauma of breakups once and for all.  Catherine is the Founder of The LOA in Love Club, the world’s only $10 per month all-inclusive Love Coaching Club http://EFTCupid.com and the Creator of the End Love Sabotage Training System. 

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