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Vicki V.
"You rock!! You
are sooo informed, so
Thank you!!"
Brian J. (Trainer)
"He is dead on! - One of the BEST teachers online... PERIOD! You are one of the few people who actually are correct on everything you say. I have been in the fitness industry for 25 years, and hold 3 National Certs. USA National Baseball, IFPA, ISCA, CPT, CSN (BA)"
Onizuka E.
"Absolutely brilliant stuff mate.
Really informative and very effective! Great stuff!"
Chef Rob
"Yeah, he really packs in a whole lot of information in a short period of time. What this guy just told you in 7 min, others make a complete DVD about it.
Nik C.
"Great stuff, Doug! I've been a gym rat from birth and this stuff is great! "
J.B. (Massage Therapist)
"The Super 7-Week Shape-Up is a phenomenal training tool, unlike any other program I’ve ever seen on the market.
Doug’s attention to detail is excellent and I now know exactly how to perform each exercise in the proper manner. I know exactly which exercises to use for each muscle group and I can honestly say that, after 15 years of exercising regularly, there are now no questions left unanswered. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to exercise properly and get results quickly. Doug explains everything in a simple and down-to-earth manner, and his light touch of comedy makes it enjoyable and easy to watch."
Rose E., MSPT (Physical Therapist)
"I have been approached by many “fitness specialists” to sell their products. Until now, none of the products had the quality and information necessary to allow beginners to use on their own with a safe and gradual methodology. The information contained in Doug’s program is perfect for clients who have sustained injuries in the past and need to restrict certain movements in the future. I will continue to suggest the Super 7 System to my patients."
Kasey A.
"Astonishing! Simply amazing! Sir, I'm a specialist of kinesiology and sports physiology with 7 fields of related study completed. It’s truly a remarkable thing when I meet someone else like me, someone who at least seems to know the science of exercise!"
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