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Open Letter from Andrew Fox

Dear Future Super Affiliate,


You've probably seen a ton of websites "claiming" that they are making money online but how do you know if they are actually real...


So why is mine different?


Let me tell you my story...



"From Hopeless College Drop Out Earning $5.50 Per Hour At The Local Car Wash To Internet Millionaire"



At 18 years old I dropped out of college, started washing cars for a lousy $5.50 per hour and was barely able to able to afford rent, food and electricity.


Living each day on a financial knife edge, I was depressed, miserable and used to spend over 12 hours crawling through the Internet knowing there was better way to live my life.


My friends and family used to laugh at me saying..."You can't make a living online - it's just a fairy tale. Go and get a REAL Job."

I had tried everything I could think off and nothing seemed to work.


Every day I was getting more frustrated angry and on the verge of giving up.


I tried using Google Adwords and sending traffic to affiliate programs but got totally wiped out by expensive advertising costs
I tried posting on forums to get traffic that way - but it just wasn't worth my time and effort
I tried using paid ezine and classified advertising but just got 'ripped off' with terrible results.
I tried purchasing high priced home study courses from the so called 'guru's and found the information to be poorly laid out, out of date and quite frankly a waste of time



After so many false promises, lies and utter frustration I was on the verge of saying "I Quit - there no truth to this Internet Lifestyle"

After enough mental harassment I was on the very teetering edge of finally giving up my dream...


But I 'finally' cracked the system and started making immediate 'fast cash' gains...

$1,063.05 in a single day

$677.12 another day

$1,752.42 in another day!



"In The Last 90 Days This System Has Generated $42,342.00"




It's generated me $470 per day of hands free automated income


$42,342.00 in the last 90 days...

Or $169,368 in a year!


All by using using the new 'step by step method' called Nuclear Affiliate - the system that I am going to GIVE YOU today that will put you light years ahead of everybody else and obliterate your competition.

The best part is...


I'm going to show you today how can have this system up and running in as little as 48 hours.


Imagine being able to live the life YOU deserve...


No more "having" to go into work and face your boss every day.


Being able to afford first class travel, stay in luxury accommodation for you and your family.


Having the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, buy luxury cars, being able to afford the best health care possible and live in a debt free environment.



Affiliate Marketing Is The Modern Day Goldrush But It Won't Last Forever...


Which is why you need to take action and stake YOUR share in the fortunes being mined online today.


After years of trying anything and everything out there, I've found a simple system that produces fast cash gains without needing to be a technical genius or even have a ton of previous experience online.

Using my Nuclear Affiliate Marketing system I've been able to live the dream lifestyle.

I've been able to travel the world first class, buy luxury cars like Ferrari's and live life on my own terms.





Introducing The Nuclear Affiliate System -
The EXACT System I Used To Make My First $677.12 day, $1063.05 day $1754.42...




I'm about to simplify the "puzzle" of making money online and hand the whole formula to you on a silver platter.


Watch over my shoulder with 3 hours of cutting edge, step by step videos as I give you the same system I'm using to make daily cash gains of over $1,000 per day


The two types of market that contain rapid, hungry buyers who spend money that want to buy on your every recommendation and fill your account with FAT affiliate commissions.
How to validate that a market is spending money and how you can get your slice of it
How to use Clickbank's incredible FREE market place function to pick *KILLER* products to promote and make sure you score a winner every time.
Creating a highly optimized landing page, to start building your customer database, beat the 'Google Slap'
Why there are still markets 'ripe for the taking' because some affiliates are still in the 'dinosaur age'

The 'insider secret' to recouping a large percentage of your investment immediately'

The 'Insider Method' I personally use to spy on the competitors in the market, steal their best campaigns and take them to the cleaners every time.
How to enter your customers mind, form INSTANT bonds with them and make them feel like they have known you all their life.
The critical mistake 99% of affiliate marketers make when "talking" to their customers
How to format your emails, use capital letters and symbols correctly to distinguish yourself from the competition (This is so incredibly simple but will have a MASSIVE impact on creating a relationship with your customers)
The crucial psychological triggers that will 'force' your customers to trust and bond with you
How you can make money without appearing to 'hard sell' your customer.
Why you can destroy a customers trust instantly if you create the 'wrong' bonus package.
How to create original, audio recordings for just 'pennies on the dollars' with a leading expert in your market place that will EXPLODE your profits.
How to pre sell your bonus package to your customers and get them screaming to buy your recommended products.
How to add the magic 'fifth element' to put the icing on the cake and almost force your customers to buy from you
The mysterious secret behind the 'review' website method and how you can make it work for you.
How to dramatically lower your advertising prices with pre sell pages
I give you my best 'tried and tested' profit pulling pages that have worked over and over again
How to use my 'tried & tested' anti link formula to drive conversion rates through the roof. Most affiliates shoot them self in the foot because they never know about this.
The launch sequence that will have your subscribers waiting for your command to buy.
- **Very Important** - What times of day work best to generate the most profits (I've tested this on ten different affiliate promotions)



It's Easy! - Just Copy, Paste and Profit


Imagine being able to watch over my shoulder live as I show you how to set up each part of the sequence.


Nothing is left as I walk you through everything each step of the way.


Want Even More PROOF Of This System Working?



Now I know you've probably got one burning question on your mind...


"Andrew, I've No Real Experience Online. Can This Really Work For Me?


I've set the Nuclear Affiliate System up so you can get started with zero previous experience at all.

In fact you don't need to have any of the following...


You don't need to have any technical skills
You don't need to be some sort of sales expert
You don't need to have an existing email list to make it work
You don't need to be a 'guru' or 'expert' in ANY niche
You don't need to have a blog
You don't even need a website...


....All you need to do is being to follow instructions is laid out in a 'step by step' system.


And the best news is...


Affiliate Marketing is getting bigger every single day, meaning even MORE opportunities and different ways to cash in to this virtual goldmine


But you need to take action now


FREE Mega Bonus #1 - The LIVE Million Dollar Secrets Webinar Series in August 2010 (Value $3997)


Ok I won't bore or insult you with any 'gimmicky nonsense' here.


Here's the reason why this bonus is worth at least $3997.


One of the most common questions we get is..


"Andrew, I don't understand if all these so called experts are making money online then why do they charge $2000 for a course when we can never afford it?"


Well guess what...


I agree with you!


So Im going to effectively give you a HUGE live course for no cost at all as part of the Nuclear Affiliate package.


I'm going to do is a four week live video series where I am going to go cover ALL your most common questions.


And here's just a tiny fraction of the mind blowing stuff we are going to cover..


MASSIVE sales. Below is a screen shot of how one of my companies generated sales of $2 million in 15 months. I'll talk you through how I did it

The $39,514 Affiliate Pay Day that changed my life and why it can help you
Why you MUST the 'Psycho Selling Funnel' to potentially quadruple your sales by 400%
How I've sold over 10,000 items on Clickbank using the same rinse and repeat formula that works everytime
Video Marketing Magic - I'll show you how to create profit pulling videos just like the ones at the top of this page without using any fancy equipment



FREE Mega Bonus #2 - Millionaire Yacht Video How I Made $70,697 From A Product I Didn't Even Create


How a $1995 license 'printed' over $70,000 in cold hard cash!

The 'magic' number anyone involved in Reprint Rights must know and why this number could make or break your business.

How a simple postcard empowered a one-man business to bring in over 300k a month!

What the 'average joe' is NOT doing with his Reprint Rights License and w hy it's costing him big time!

3 secret fulfillment resources to have your customers literally gushing over your customer support department.

A little known technique to use Reprint Licenses as a 'branding' campaign.

The little critical 'extras' anyone who owns a Reprint License could undertake for additional profits!

The truth about ebooks and multimedia products and how you could make them massively profitable with some simple tweaks.

The $10 investment that brought in a staggering 1700% ROI






How Much Is This Nuclear Affiliate System Worth To You ?


Think about finally getting your hands on the system that pumps affiliate money into your bank account.


A step by step "System" that you can start using today and give you the life you deserve.


No more going into work or having a boss to answer to. Going on luxury holidays, being able to afford the best for your family and being finanically free.


Imagine seeing affiliate commissions come flooding in your account on a daily basis just like this...






For a LIMITED Time You Get Everything Including The Bonuses For Just $97, $37 Discounted price.


Oh... and that's a ONE TIME fee, with no more payments!


No fancy gimmicks or trickery.


I could easily have charged over $497 for this product and sold the incredible bonuses at an even higher price..

So why am I offering everything at such an all time low bargain price?

I've decided I really want to help the 'little guy' out and finally give you the chance you've been waiting for.


But now it's your decision... You need take take action now before this opportunity disappears.


Today you get everything, no strings attached for just $37.


And I'll even make this offer 100% risk free, I'll



ROCK SOLID Guarantee - It Works Or Your Money Back Within 56 Days




Listen up... I've proven that I've been able to generate up to $1752 instant affiliate cash gains in a single day.


I know this system works and you can be up and running within 48 hours.



YES Andrew! I want INSTANT access to the Nuclear Affiliate System and get started in less than 48 hours.


I understand that you are giving me the same system that you've used to make daily cash gains of up $1752 in a single day.


YES - I want to discover the HOTTEST market's that are spending $100's million of dollar online and get my piece of the action
YES - I want your profit pulling templates that have been responsible for generating $10,000's of affiliate profits
YES - I understand these videos are laid out in totally step-by-step fashion.
YES - I understand that as soon as I order I can download this system onto my computer immediately
YES - Finally I understand that I am fully covered by your 56 day no quibble money back guarantee


Finally I understand that I'm totally covered by your 56 day "No Quibble" Money back guarantee




It's really boils down to this...


How long have you been waiting for a system that FINALLY delivers.. that makes generating daily affiliate commissions finally possible.


Think about the time and money you're currently wasting on PPC, or hiring SEO experts, or writing articles, blogging, facebooking, social marketing and backlinking...


Don't you wish you could spend your days having more fun and freedom? Don't you wish you could actually make a profit instead of burning money all day long?


Secure your copy of the Nuclear Affiliate System today, get your exclusive bonuses now.


See you on the 'inside'.



Andrew Fox


P.S. This offer really will expire... There's highly limited copies available of Nuclear Affiliate available . They could sell out in the next hour, 24 hours or even 48 hours. We can't give any assurances that this site will still be up next time you visit. Take action now


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