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Dear Small Business Owner,

There's a lot of noise on the Internet about how to "properly" market your business online.

Some gurus are pushing social media, some are pushing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and others are pushing paid traffic.

And these are all fine marketing tactics; however, they're not the solution.

They're simply a piece of a much larger puzzle.

See ... the problem is that you don't own or control any of those tactics.

Take Facebook for example, if you spend all your time growing your audience on their platform and they decide to change their organic reach algorithm like they did in early 2015, and even less people see your posts ... well, that sucks and there's not much you can do about it except pay them money to reach your audience. Lame.

Or, what happens if they decide to delete your page? Albeit, this doesn't happen often; however, many small businesses tend to run contests in order to grow their audience, and if you don't follow Facebook's strict terms and conditions to a T, they can delete your page without warning. Kinda scary.

And how about SEO? If you've done any research on the topic, you've probably come across various animals like Penguins, Pandas, and Pigeons ... all names for Google's algorithm updates that have massively affected their search engine results ... rendering some SEO tactics as useless or even unethical.

What happens if your business's site falls victim to one of these updates and your search engine traffic dries up? Would that devastate your business?

Even paid traffic is just a piece to the puzzle as it has its problems too. What happens when your competition starts bidding on the same keywords or starts targeting the same audience as you ... driving your price per click up, and up, and up until it doesn't make sense to continue?

You Need A Home Base

It's not all doom and gloom out there.

Facebook and Google aren't changing their algorithms around just to try and destroy your business. They have to change and grow too in order to keep their customers happy ... and sometimes that comes at the expense of your business ... it happens.

Which is why you need a home base.

You need something that's entirely yours. That you control.

What's in a home base?

Two things:

  1. Your Website
  2. Your Email List

Your website is your piece of property on this huge World Wide Web. You own it. You control it. You do what you want with it and no one can tell you otherwise (unless of course you're doing something illegal, but we're not going there.)

Your email list is your list of leads, prospects, and customers that you have a direct line of communication with. No one can take this from you. Nothing can change its algorithm to affect how many leads, prospects, and customers you can reach. It's your list. They're your people.

Use The Puzzle Pieces To Build Your Home Base

The point is that you never want to solely depend on a 3rd party to support your business.

Facebook, SEO, and paid traffic are all very solid marketing tactics that I recommend taking advantage of; however, they should never, ever be your home base.

They're simply tools and resources you use to build your home base.

While Facebook is hot ... use it ... send people to your website, get them to join your email list, start making those connections and building those relationships.

Once Facebook changes its algorithm, either adapt to those changes or move onto the next platform and continue sending people to your home base.

As long as you have a solid home base to send people to ... it doesn't really matter what happens in the world around you because your goal will still be the same - send people to your home base.

The Vault Will Help You Build Your Home Base

A collection of step-by-step video courses, checklists, cheat sheets, guides, tutorials, and more ...

Step-By-Step Video Courses

Interest Driven Sales Funnel

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Small Business Website Course

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Top Converting Email Series

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Membership Site Course

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Lead Magnet Course

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9 Pre-Written Autoresponder Email Series

Pre-Written Email Autoresponder Series

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The Sales Funnel Book

The Sales Funnel Book

The Sales Funnel Book is essentially our newsletter than spans across 60+ days, consolidated in one, easy to consume, PDF document. This book will rapidly accelerate your sales funnel and marketing automation comprehension level, allowing you to start planning, building, and optimizing a more effective sales funnel more efficiently than ever before!

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Technical Support Forums

Courses and resources are great on there own, but sometimes questions pop up.

Maybe you need help relating the course to your particular business. Or maybe something isn't quite clear and you need a little more detail.

It happens, which is why you can expect prompt replies (usually within the hour) and to connect with the actual creator of the course, not some 3rd party.

We'll even go so far as to login to your website and/or autoresponder tools to make things right.

Your success is our success.

Monthly Updates

Every month we add new content to The Vault. Everything from new courses, to checklists, to cheat sheets, to systems. They're big updates with lots of new content. No simple, little, blog posts in here.

How Do I Get Started & How Much Does It Cost?

Let me summarize real quick ...

There are 6 full blown courses (over 16 hours of video instruction) that teaches you everything you need to know to bring your small business online, establish your home base, and maximize your customers' lifetime value. (courses valued at $495 if purchased individually)

Four of the courses are literally there to show you how to make more money by using email automation ... they're going to more than pay for themselves.

There's 1 mini-course (1 hour of video instruction) that walks you step-by-step through the various aspects of your sales funnels and marketing automation setup. They're the "quick fixes" your sales funnel needs to perform at its optimum level! ($7 value)

There are 9 pre-written autoresponder email series (28 individual emails) that make your email writing copy & paste - saving you hours of time. ($17 value)

The Sales Funnel Book is the one resource you need in order to rapidly accelerate your sales funnel and marketing automation comprehension level, allowing you to start implementing something that works, quickly! ($7 value)

There are technical support forums where you'll receive quick replies from the actual course creator.

Finally, you'll receive access to the BIG monthly updates without having to spend a penny or lift a finger.

If you purchased all of the courses and resources separately you'd spend $526 OR you can just join The Vault for ...


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What kind of sucks tho is that they're enrolled in individual courses ... they paid to join just a single course ... whereas, with The Vault, you're able to gain access to all of the courses and extra content ... past, present, and future.

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What People Are Saying

Outstanding! Nathan shows how to create each part of the sales funnel and gives several examples that are easy to understand. Hands down ~ one of the best classes I have ever taken!
Michaele Downey
This is like taking your laptop to your friend's house and listening to him talk. Nate is easy-going, casual, informative, interesting and most of all, helpful. Nate knows what he is doing. In 38 lessons he goes from A-Z about installing Word Press, widgets, social media and more. Just follow his 38 steps to get your site up and running.
Jack Sweeney
Nathan makes membership sites very very easy to make if you are serious about it get this course - it should be priced at $199. Thanks Nathan. (that's just for 1 course!)