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VBFX  |  Value Bands Forex System

VBFX | Vertical lines on lower Cycle Shift Indicator for illustration only


"Private Equity Trading Group's Algorithm" Awakens, Ruthlessly Butchering Trades... Carving Up PIPS into Piles of Profit...

VBFX  |  Trade Any Market Conditions

VBFX | Trade Any Market Conditions | Vertical lines on lower Cycle Shift Indicator for illustration only


Scalp Trades Like a Stealth Sniper & Only Pull The Trigger On Laser-Targeted Trading Trends with a Secret 1 Shot - 1 Kill Method!

If you want to "quick scalp" all day on lower time frames or trade for those 50 to 75 pip position trading moves... this is the system for you. Our time frames are adjustable through the extremely flexible Renko candlestick charts. By use of Renko candlestick charts we have crystal clear system signals... regardless of the speed of the market action.

VBFX Trend Following!

VBFX Trend Following! The vertical lines on lower Cycle Shift Indicator for illustration only.


All Good Trading Systems have Measured Losses. But with the VBFX System Occasional Losses are Absorbed by WINS at Lightning Quick Speeds!

This is specifically engineered to make steady profit without taking any unnecessary risks so it keeps losses at a minimum.

VBFX  |  The breakthrough "Value Bands" establish the value areas where we BUY or SELL.

VBFX | The breakthrough "Value Bands" establish the value areas where we BUY or SELL.


Don't Torture Your Trading Accounts With Complicated Strategies.  Master The Art Of Successful Trading With Our Simple "Step By Step" System.

How To Trade With This Shockingly Simple System: (also shown in the images on this page)


  • BELOW the GREEN Value Band Trend Line while it's also sloping UPWARD.
  • At close of a GREEN renko candlestick and bottom indicator turns GREEN.



  • ABOVE the RED Value Band Trend Line while it's also sloping Downward.
  • At close of a RED renko candlestick and the bottom indicator turns RED.


We Provide Simple Step-By-Step Video Training Tutorials & UNLIMITED FREE SUPPORT 24/7 by email.

Tap into the Multi Billion Dollars in Profits, Every Day, and Siphon off Your Slice of Success to Secure Your Future for Good!

VBFX  |  Simple rules for scalping and position trading!

VBFX | Simple rules for scalping and position trading! The vertical lines on lower Cycle Shift Indicator for illustration only.


Discover How To Defend Against Danger With "Under-The-Radar" Tactics To Prevent Losses, Reduce Risk & Avoid Rapid Trend Reversals!

VBFX  |  Clear rules and only one indicator below price - now this is SIMPLE DAYTRADING!

VBFX | Clear rules and only one indicator below price - now this is SIMPLE DAYTRADING!


Set Logical Tight Stops, Near Recent Renko Candlestick Pivots, And Stop Large Amounts of "Cold Hard Cash" from Quickly Vanishing Into Thin Air!

VBFX  |  Scalping or Position Trading on flexible Renko candlestick time frames!

VBFX | Scalping or Position Trading on flexible Renko candlestick time frames!


Stop Getting Piss-Poor Trading Results with Sub-Par Systems.  Make The Smart Decision To Get Started With Us, Right Now, And For Once Achieve The Results You Truly Desire.
VBFX  |  3 pip to 9 pip Renko charts for all styles of trading!

VBFX | 3 pip to 9 pip Renko charts for all styles of trading! The vertical lines on lower Cycle Shift Indicator for illustration only.


If You're NOT Using A System to Find Wildly Profitable Trades at Will, You're Doomed for Failure.

It's only a matter of time before those lying Forex Market Bottom Feeders you bought recycled junk from in the past frame you for your Financial Murder, or worse, help you Commit Trading Suicide with Russian Roulette... Trading Forex at Random!

VBFX  |  Detailed Trade Entry Example!

VBFX | Detailed Trade Entry Example! The vertical lines on lower Cycle Shift Indicator for illustration only.


"Become an Unstoppable Trading Titan" by following in the footsteps of other successful traders who use this exact same system to trade!

VBFX  |  "Trade Simple" and follow trends for maximum profits!

VBFX | "Trade Simple" and follow trends for maximum profits!


After You Decide To Start Using Our Simple System in a Moment, You'll Put a Halt To Your Treacherous Trading Techniques Today and Transform into a Top Trader of Tomorrow!

VBFX  |  Trade Entry Simplified

VBFX | Trade Entry Simplified | The VERTICAL LINES on lower Cycle Shift Indicator for illustration only

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The Entire VBFX Forex System ($2,591 Value)

1)  ALL Custom Indicators: including Renko/Range bar charts, Value Bands & Cycle Shift Indicators. ($1,997 Value)

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  • Ongoing One On One Support 24/7 via email from traders with over a decade of trading experience. ($497 Value)
  • Digital Resource Library revealing the best trading times, stop loss strategies, and more. ($297 Value)
  • "Dynamic Money Management" Methods (ie: how to increase your share size on a trading winning streak) ($297 Value)
  • TOP SECRET MYSTERY BONUS WORTH KILLING FOR... - (HINT: It's Time Sensitive... but it's Timeless.) (Do you know about hybrid Renko charts?  PRICELESS!)

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Just email a screen shot of a losing trade week (five days) while trading our system within 60 days of your purchase date to receive a full refund.




What is included with the "VBFX" Forex trading system? The VBFX Forex System training modules cover all aspects of currency (forex) trading with our system. This easy to follow training material covers our proven system that is explained through live market action charts and trade example training videos. The VBFX Forex System training is designed so that you can learn the entire trading system in only one day... simple rules and effective training!

What trade platforms can I use to trade the VBFX Forex System? At this time, we have the VBFX system tested and set up for the MT4 platform. This platform is free from most all major Forex brokers throughout the world. The VBFX Forex System will work in MT4 Build 670 series and above. The VBFX system ONLY runs in the newer Build 670 series or higher versions.

Does the VBFX Forex System cover both intra-day trading and longer term swing trading? Yes for sure! The VBFX training includes trading examples for both intraday scalping and longer term swing trading. The VBFX system was specifically designed for trading a flexible range of time frames through our use of unique Renko/Range bar charts. Traders who don't have time to sit in front of the computer all day can still successfully trade the VBFX Forex System. You can use our flexible system to trade 1 to 2 hours a day or you can trade our system as a very active trader, monitoring the markets for signals as your full time job... your choice!

Will I be required to buy additional products or trading tools in order to implement the VBFX Forex System? Not at all! All you need to run the VBFX Forex System is your broker supplied MT4 trading platform and broker supplied data feed. We are not affiliated in any way with any software provider, brokerage house or any other investment services company. Everything you need to trade the VBFX trading system is included in your system purchase... no additional trading tools required.

I live in Asia, the USA or in Europe, will the VBFX Forex System work for me in my country? The VBFX Forex System, and the information explained in the step by step training modules, can be utilized anywhere in the world. The system has been built for the MT4 platform. All you need is an internet connection, your MT4 platform, and your broker supplied data feed.

What currency pairs can I trade with the VBFX Forex System? The VBFX Forex System has been designed for and tested on over 30 pairs. The simple to trade system will be effective for trading any major currency pair such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, etc. The examples in the training modules typically cover the EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CAD, AUD/JPY, and GBP/USD, however our tested system can be easily applied to any currency pair. I have not yet found a currency pair in testing that showed any significant deviations in performance from what we have listed above.

Can I trade instruments other than spot market currencies while using the VBFX Forex System? Our VBFX Forex System can be used for additional financial markets like Gold or Oil. The predominance of our system testing was done in the Forex markets, but we did find the VBFX system effective in a range of additional markets during testing. With the excellent Renko chart time frame flexibility, we suggest if you trade additional markets, to spend a day or two finding good time frames that will suite your trading objectives. Binary options traders can even use the VBFX Forex system to "time" their trade entry points.... a very effective approach to trading options!

What prior trading experience or Forex background is needed to trade your system?

Actually, no prior experience is required. You can learn and then trade the VBFX Forex System as a brand new "newbie" trader or someone who has prior trading experience. Since the VBFX Forex System is built around a core design of simplicity, this allows traders at any level the ability to trade our system with minimal training. Even brand new traders will find the VBFX Forex System one of the most easy to follow trade systems available... it just does not get any more basic than the VBFX approach to trading!

How much money do I need in my MT4 trading account to start trading the VBFX Forex System?

You can start trading our system with an account size as low as $500 USD. Of course, starting with lower trading capital levels will limit you to trading small share lot sizes (micro lots). This is not a bad thing and is a smart way to trade for the newer or developing trader... why risk a bunch of money until you have built up some experience. For the experienced trader, you can fund your account and trade our system as you see fit. With the quick learning capability you have with the VBFX Forex System you can be a very active system trader in short time!

What kind of Internet connection do I need?

The internet connection that you use will be determined by your style of trading. The very active intraday scalper or position trader requires high bandwidth, high performance and reliable internet connection. We always recommend that you to use either Cable or DSL internet service... if it is available at your location. For swing trading the lower bandwidth cable or DSL internet service should be workable. Many in our group travel frequently and we all scalp with the VBFX system, even at a typical chain coffee shop or Hotel on WiFi. Always be sure to test any public WiFi you might use, to make sure your MT4 platform data is flowing properly without any lag issues prior to live trading.


Attention: Stop Suffering Demoralizing Daily Losses with your Current Method and take Immediate Advantage of this Money-Getting Forex Trading System!


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