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"21 Days That Will Change
Your Life Forever"

Food Rehab On-Line

Watch the video now to discover how to lose 10 pounds in 21 Days...

  • Do you have trouble getting started on a fitness program?
  • Are you confused by claims of pills or magical syrups?
  • Is accountability an issue?
  • Do you simply just not know where to start?
  • Or do you know what to do and just can’t do it?
  • Are you convinced you are too old?
  • Have you given up?

21 Days That Will Change Your Life Forever

Here is what the online Food Rehab program includes...


Making this one of the best online fitness programs available.

The Food Rehab Guidebook contains…

    • Rules of the Rehab so you know precisely what to do to be successful
    • This keeps the process interesting and provides the necessary structure for you get past old habits before they can suck you back in to unhealthy thinking.
    • Master Food List for Men and Women: 35 choices of items to put in your mouth for 21 days
    • People have asked me for this my entire fitness career and here it is. A list of decent foods to choose from that will provide the results you seek. Not fancy recipes or a harder than algrebra nutrition program. Just eat from the list, play the game, and it will burn fat and melt your mind back into sane thinking about food.
    • Ever wonder exactly what those crazy Before and After people eat besides the pills they are selling? The Master Food list is an even easier way to get there.
    • 21 separate days of EXACT combinations of what to eat (for men and women) so you don’t have think about it
    • 21 days of workouts including an easier alternative workout if you need one
    • You can do your own workouts OR I have provided you with a workout if you feel just too tired to think of something to do.
    • If you are sick and tired of the scale kicking your butt I have laid out exactly what to do to get the scale to come around to your way of thinking. The scale is actually a great indicator of daily behavior, but you have to know HOW to behave so it will say what YOU want it to!

    Bonus #1

    21 days of support emails that includes a TIP and a FEEL GOOD MISSION

    This is the favorite bonus of almost every participant. Imagine getting motivated every day with specific coaching instead of white knuckling it on your own. I take great care to make sure that every one of these emails is HIGH IMPACT and will help to cultivate your mind, and your long-term fitness.

    Bonus #2

    4 full length lectures via video that will be in your support emails every 7 days I video recorded all 4 sessions of a Food Rehab Course here in Austin, TX.

    Starting on Day 1, your support email will include a link for you to go and watch me teach the deeper elements of the course.

    Then on Day 7 you will get a link for Session 2,

    Day 14 a link for Session 3, and on Day 21 a link for Session 4.

    Can you imagine receiving a Fitness E-Course online where you could watch the coach explain and teach everything about the program? I hope so, because that is exactly what you are going to get. Just like you were taking the course right here in Austin.

    One of the daily video's

    Bonus #3

    A copy of David’s E-book “Hotter Body in 100 Days” (a $49 dollar value) will be sent free in the Day 21 coaching email to transition you into long term fitness
    The number one question asked of me, (besides “what is on the list man???”) is what am I going to do long term? Well, anyone who knows me, or has been coached by me, knows that I am all about changing people’s fitness lives for the long term.

    Bonus #4

    A copy of David’s “Dirty Dozen Workouts” will come via email on Day 2
    I did not expect how much people would like this Workout Book. It includes my special routines, Glutes Gone Wild and The Fat Stripper. You can use any of these workouts for your daily exercise in Fitness Rehab and beyond.

    Bonus #5

    Unlimited email access to David for questions, concerns, and support for all 21 days

    You will UNDOUBTEDLY have some questions, so I absolutely, positively will not leave you hanging. You can email me any questions (and or VICTORIES) during the 21 days and I will answer them within 24 hours.

    What Graduates are saying about Food Rehab Online...


    Being a dad, I was on corn dog and ice cream autopilot.  I needed a serious wake up call and Food Rehab woke me up on the first day.  I have lost 13 lbs and feel better about my family, my business and my health.

    - Jeff Ellis, Lost 13 lbs in 21 days

    I would definitely recommend this program to anyone in there 50’s. At 55 I was so sure I could only do cardio (walking, treadmill) type of workouts because of my age. BOY WAS I WRONG ABOUT THAT! Food Rehab taught me so many things about myself, both physical and emotional. I was able to eat from the list of foods and be very comfortable, also was able to do every single exercise that was asked of the group. I felt muscles start to develop that I thought were dormant.

    This program was more encouraging then I anticipated too. Daily emails from David with a “Tip” and a “Feel Good Mission” of the day. And if you worked on each and every one you walked away from this program a better person inside and out. All I can say is I Love It.  Thank you David King

    - Connie Davis, Lost 13 lbs in 21 days

    I just want you to know how much you and Food Rehab have impacted my life – for starters, I have lost close to 12 pounds so far, and hope to lower the scale even more Saturday morning. I have felt more confident and my self-esteem has been raised tremendously.

    I have struggled with diets and exercise since I had my twins, 4 years ago. Now with my weight loss, thanks to you, I only have about 30 more pounds to lose to get to my goal weight (the weight I was on the day I got married 8 years ago)! Daily exercise has raised my spirits and I am happier and can get more done during the day around the house and with the kids!

    - Amanda Walkup, Lost 12 lbs in 21 days

    I worked out ALL THE TIME and could not shed the last 10lbs. During Food Rehab I lost 10.5 lbs, learned a ton about my eating habits and feel absolutely amazing.

    I have struggled with diets and exercise since I had my twins, 4 years ago. Now with my weight loss, thanks to you, I only have about 30 more pounds to lose to get to my goal weight (the weight I was on the day I got married 8 years ago)! Daily exercise has raised my spirits and I am happier and can get more done during the day around the house and with the kids!

    - Rebekah Pechacek, Lost 10.5lbs in 21 days

    I feel like this was a good jump start to better long term health. I've always eaten out of convenience and exercised only when I felt energetic. A terrible combination and cycle that I think is now broken....

    The insight gained from your instruction and wisdom on the nuts and bolts of long term fitness and dietary instruction will be a useful tool for years to come. Seriously, thank you.

    - Jonathan Liverman, Lost 8lbs in 21 days

    Food Rehab provided the exact structure, a nice balance between diet and exercise, I needed to lose 10lbs in just 3 weeks.

    I carried around an unnecessary 10lbs for 2 years. David helped me drop that weight in 3 weeks. Dare I say it was almost easy?

    David's philosophy addresses long term weight loss at the core - he's not about short lived results, but life time management.

    - Jen Blake , Lost 10lbs in 21 days

    Lose Weight and Gain Tons of Life…Risk Free

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