Quick Fat Loss Program

Target Your Trouble Spots, Increase Your Energy, And Lose 8 Pounds In 5 Weeks

This 5 Week Makeover system is the end game for your troubled fat spots, and the secret to helping you get a fit, slim body that you deserve.  No more "starve yourself diets", long hours doing cardio in the gym, or stressful weight loss programs that promise the world but don't deliver results.

Follow this easy and fun scientifically proven weight loss system for 5 short weeks and if it doesn't help you melt away that unwanted ugly fat, feel great from the time you wake up to the time you fall asleep,  and all around feel better about yourself and look better you won't have to pay a dime.

Blast Away Stubborn Fat - Short sessions in the gym using the 5 Week Makeover full body plan with scientifically designed rest periods between exercises will help you blast away stubborn fat that you've been trying to lose for years.

Target Your Trouble Spots - Well known strength coach and nutrition expert, Dan Garner, has created a strength program that will work specifically on the four biggest trouble spots on women - stomach, arms, legs, and butt, helping you slim down in these areas quickly.

Fresh Energy All Day Long - Feel great and full of energy that you've never felt before from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed.  Following the nutrition guidelines you will be able to eat delicious nutritious meals and fat burning smoothies that will keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

Lose 8 Pounds in 5 Weeks - Shift your metabolism into a "fat burning furnace" mode that will have you burning more calories around the clock.  Watch the scale drop week to week as you lose 8+ pounds over the quick 5 week program.  If you aren't satisfied with the number of pounds you've dropped by the end of the fat loss program you won't have to pay a dime.

"I Now Feel Confident in a Bikini"

3 Reasons You're Struggling Losing Weight
(And How We're Going To Fix It)

It isn't your fault that you struggle to lose weight and burn away your body fat.  Most magazines or online blogs you read about fat loss are all based around marketing and promoting companies such as fat loss pills, protein bars, or meal delivery services.  They don't provide any real, scientific backed information that is going to help you actually lose your stubborn fat and keep it off for good!

Fat Loss Struggles - Reason #1 = You Can't Find A Diet That Is Easy To Follow AND Works!

Any diet that does seem to work is usually a diet that is impossible to follow, and especially for weeks on end.  They are often diets that make you practically starve yourself, and lead to stressful, grumpy days where you literally have no energy.

Fat loss and your "fitness journey" should be enjoyable, and that's how we make it with the 5 Week Makeover program.  You won't even be following a diet, but rather "The 12 Rules of Good Nutrition" which is easy to follow, allows you to eat great tasting food every 2-3 hours, and will have you burning away your fat in no time.

Fat Loss Struggles - Reason #2 = Your Workouts Aren't Designed For Blasting Away Fat

Have you ever heard someone say this... "Lifting weights is for skinny girls, and will just make you bigger and bulkier."  This couldn't be FURTHER from the truth!!

Not only does lifting weights help women burn more calories while you are working out, but it will also help you burn more calories throughout the day while you aren't even in the gym.  YES - you're going to be burning fat 24 hours a day when you're following the 5 Week Makeover fat blasting workouts.

Fat Loss Struggles - Reason #3 = You Don't Have The Time or Energy To Go To The Gym

Life can be tough.  Whether it is work, school, taking care of your family life can be tiring and stressful.  Making it to the gym a couple times a week can sometimes seem impossible, let alone the 5-6 times a week you need to get there to successfully get rid of that fat.

Well I've got good news for you.  When you're eating properly and following a fun workout plan getting to the gym a few times a week suddenly becomes easier.  You'll find the time for the gym, and you'll even want to "escape life" for 45-60 minutes while you go to the gym.

On top of that you will only need to visit the gym 3 times per week with the 5 Week Makeover plan (with an optional two more "Booty Workouts" that can be done at home).  As funny as it sounds, most women that follow the program tell me they look forward to every day they get to workout!

When you're full of energy, losing weight, and feeling sexy getting to the gym suddenly isn't a problem.

The Fat Blasting, Feel Sexy:
5 Week Makeover System

You will get access to the complete full body transformation program that is going to help you lose unwanted body fat, tone and shape your muscles, feel and look healthier, and overall be more confident in your body!
fat-loss-packageIncluded in the 5 Week Makeover Program:

A Full Body Workout Program - This is a full body workout program that integrates with the Booty Builder Workout.

Video Exercise Demonstrations – An online library of all exercises in the workout program, so you know how to perform each exercise.

Fat Loss Nutrition Guide – 12 in-depth nutrition tips that will help you lose unwanted fat fast, while still enjoying food.

Skinny Supplement Strategies – Information on how supplementing with quality products can help you lose fat and have an overall healthier body.

Slim Smoothie Recipe Booklet – Nutritious and healthy smoothie recipes that you can enjoy daily.

Delicious Healthy Meals Recipe Booklet – A 30+ page ebook full of great tasting meals and desserts that are actually going to help with your fat loss efforts.

I'm Ready To Lose My Fat!
What Does The Program Cost?

A full body workout program, fat loss nutrition and supplement guides alone normally cost clients of mine a couple hundred dollars.

As a special one-time offer I am offering an online version of those three PLUS other bonuses for a fraction of the price. The investment for the 5 Week Makeover Upgrade, that is going to help you burn fat and sculpt and tone your entire body, isn’t going to be $300, or even $200.

Before I tell you the price let me first tell you this.  I only want you to pay if you absolute love the program, and see the fat loss results you're hoping for.  If you don't absolutely love everything about the program and your new body after the 5 weeks you can email me and say "Hi Dan, I'm sorry but I didn't see the results I was hoping for." and I will refund you the price you paid.

The full program is yours today for just $47, and one more payment of $47 in one month.  Again this is fully backed by my 60 day guarantee.  I am so confident you will love the results you're going to see that I'm offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  The risk is all on me here providing you with a program worth a couple hundred dollars and offering a full guarantee on it.  Get access below and lets get you started on your fat loss blitz!

Just $47 x 2

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60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

I know that if you follow the plan you will not only absolutely LOVE your new energy throughout the day, but after a few weeks you will love the results you are seeing in the mirror too! If you try out the 5 Week Makeover Program are not 100% satisfied you can email me and ask for a refund within 60 days. So if you can honestly say you didn’t enjoy the program, didn’t notice any results after a few weeks, or it just wasn’t for you feel free to email me within 60 days and let me know and I will refund you the price of the program. I am committed to helping you find enjoyment in incorporating fitness into your lifestyle to help you live a healthier life and enjoy your healthier looking body!

"I Shed Over 3% Body Fat!"

Natalie“The creator of 5 Week Makeover, Dan, takes care in explaining how and why each exercise will deliver results. With each new phase of training, together we look at what I need to work on, and then he builds a portion of my new routine to work on improving that area. In just 2 months I gained 10 lbs of (healthy) lean muscle mass and shed over 3% body fat! This truly exceeded my expectations of what my body could do. Not only do I look and feel the best I ever have, training with Dan has allowed me to set new fitness goals and gain a great friend.”

Natalie, London ON

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