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"There's no need to spend $60.00 an hour on a strength coach that doesn't have the secrets to improving your strength and power for volleyball..."

"Everything you have been looking for is
less than 2 minutes from your finger tips."


Get your copy of "Volleyball Strength" today!

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Attention Volleyball Players: How would you like to shock your coach and teammates with incredible court speed and superior athletic strength and power?

Sting Volleyball Spike

Here are a few things you'll achieve with my volleyball strength program...

  • Increase your jump for spiking and blocking

  • Increase your strength and power for spiking harder

  • Increase setter quickness and stability for getting in position

  • Increase serving power and consistency

  • Increase first step quickness for making defense easier

Read what others are saying about my program...

“I am using your volleyball training programs to help my daughter, and we just finished the jump program. At the halfway point, we had both increased our verticals (and me being 42, I thought that was quite impressive) by approx. 3-4"...we will retest after the 2 week rest period to see what the final increase is, but for that alone it was well worth the cost of the program. I would whole-heartedly endorse your program, but also warn that the jump program is very intensive...its not for everyone, but you get what you put into it.”

Adam and Hayli Ferguson, Durham Region Volleyball Club DRVC 16u team (Hayli is #7)
Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Durham Region Volleyball Club DRVC 16u team


“I coach junior high girls and I was amazed at the amount of improvement this program produced in my girls. A number of them lack upper body strength for overhand serving and setting as well as lower body strength for leaping ability. This program really helped in both those areas. If you’re thinking of investing in the program, you won't be sorry; it is well worth the investment. I had players who could barely overhand serve a ball to the net, who by the end of the season were sometimes pounding them out of bounds long. I'm glad I discovered your program Dennis. Thanks for the help.”

Jim Shockley,
Junior High Volleyball Coach


“I am working with my 14 year old daughter (5'11"/9'6") who is now playing at the elite level and a varsity starter as a freshman. I use your tips on training and motivation to help her work hard to achieve her goals. Her vertical has increased five inches over the past year. If you love volleyball and if your child is committed to succeeding in the sport, you should follow Dennis' program. Succeeding at any sport, but particularly volleyball, requires dedication and commitment over a long time. Your volleyball training programs are very valuable in helping young players focus and keep working. Volleyball is unique in its demands for individual performance and team interaction. These two are not natural partners so working with your programs helps to develop the individual within the context of the team.”

Robert & Kathyrn Trinka,
Boomers Volleyball Club, Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Download a copy of my volleyball strength program,
"Volleyball Strength" today!

Download now for only $27!

Download Volleyball Strength RIGHT NOW!

Dear Volleyball Coach,

Would you like to...

  • use cutting-edge volleyball training methods to improve volleyball strength, speed, mobility, and vertical jump while also reducing the risk of sports-related injuries? 

  • save time and money from being wasted on strength coaches that don't know how to condition athletes for volleyball?

  • learn how to workout laying the foundation for developing strength and explosive power?

  • get your hands on easy to learn volleyball strength techniques that will take your game to the next level?


Learning how to workout for volleyball can be very fun and exciting, especially when your increased strength and mobility allows you to make outstanding plays seem effortless.

However, the direction you head at the outset of training is very important. You don't want to be doing the wrong exercises, wasting your time, and possibly injuring yourself.

Think all strength and conditioning is the same?

How would you like to improve your vertical jump 4 to 7 inches in the next 12 weeks?

Even if you're an advanced player...

...and even if you have no clue about strength training...

How about stunning your coach and shocking your teammates with mind-boggling court speed and superior athletic strength and power?

It CAN be done and
I'm going to show you how

Because by using this program I'm telling you about right now, you can become a STRONGER, more ATHLETIC volleyball player that dominates your competition regardless of your current AGE or SKILL level.

From: Dennis Jackson
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
Author and Publisher of "Volleyball Strength!"

Dennis Jackson

Tell me if this sounds like you...

  • you search and search for information on strength and conditioning and can't find anything specific to strength training for volleyball

  • you're a player wanting to make the #1 club team, impress coaches and get an edge over teammates competing for your spot

  • you're a volleyball coach and can't afford to waste time becoming an expert on strength and conditioning for volleyball

  • you're a parent looking to get an advantage any way possible to help your child improve at volleyball

It's time for a change...

So...Think it's too hard to learn how to train right for volleyball?

Maybe you've been strength training for years and haven't achieved the increased vertical jump, speed, or court quickness you so desperately need...

It seems no matter how hard you try, you STILL aren't making the kind of progress you need to make in order to take your game to the next level and FLY HIGH hitting the ball STRAIGHT DOWN like you see top players doing...

You know the players I'm talking about...they move around the court making plays look so effortless.
  • If you want what those great players have...

  • If you want people to look at YOU and think "I wish I had those hops and could move like that" ...



Because I'm going to share with you the 5 ESSENTIAL PIECES to volleyball strength training and pave the way to making rapid gains in EXPLOSIVE volleyball strength and power. You can very quickly improve your volleyball athletic ability...

...even if you are COMPLETELY NEW to volleyball strength training!

And here's the best part...while this specialized training works very well even for those players new to strength training, it works PHENOMENALLY well for the intermediate or advanced volleyball player.

And believe me, I'm NOT naturally strong and athletic...I CAN'T rely upon great genetics and athletic talent...

Check out these pics of me.
This was before I learned how to strength train for volleyball.

Maybe this sounds familiar to you...
  • I used to think I would NEVER be able to play volleyball at a very high level. I didn't think I could ever compete with the best players because I was too small and couldn't jump at all...

  • I thought the answer was to hire a strength coach (there was no way I could afford that)

  • I thought I would be forever weak and slow and my vertical would never increase because I really didn't know how to train!
MAN, did I want to have a bigger vertical to show off on the volleyball court in front of all my friends. I really wanted to jump higher and hit harder...maybe EVEN SIX-PACK SOMEONE.

So where did that leave me?

I decided to start training and experimenting like a mad scientist in the field of strength and conditioning...

I finally started to really LEARN how to get stronger, faster, and jump higher...

and once I REALLY figured out how to apply strength and condition to volleyball workouts...well..

Let's just say I won't hear anyone yelling...
"Be ready for the roll shot" ANYMORE!

If I believed I couldn't discover the right way to train for volleyball, I'd STILL be vertically-challenged...

I fought hard and I WON...

YOU CAN TOO, and I'm going to show you how...

Because FORCING myself to learn the RIGHT WAY to strength and condition for volleyball is how I got started in this business and I want YOU to have the secrets too..

So how DO you develop the strength and explosive power necessary to get up high, hit hard, and make amazing plays?

I'll tell you...

In my experience there are FIVE "VOLLEYBALL EXPLOSIVE FACTORS."

These "Volleyball Explosive Factors" are the things you have the power to change about your own athletic ability that will have an IMMEDIATE and EXPLOSIVE effect on your volleyball strength and explosive power.

When you read these, they are going to fundamentally alter the way you look at how you workout for volleyball.

I have to warn you, though...there's no turning back once you read about these. You'll NEVER look at developing strength and explosive power for volleyball the same way EVER AGAIN...

Improve Neurological Capacity!

Most volleyball training programs, while potentially being effective at improving strength, usually do nothing to specifically address the neurological system which is the KEY to improving power.

To increase explosive power, you MUST use specific techniques and exercises that work DIRECTLY on improving neurological capacity as a major goal.

The brain processes incoming information from within the body and outside the body by way of electrical impulses traveling through the spinal cord.

This is the main pathway for information connecting the brain and peripheral nervous system and the efficiency of this system is key to being an explosive athlete.


You can add tremendous power to your jump and execute faster more explosive movements in volleyball if you focus on developing the neurological system.

Learn How to Move!

When training, most injuries are either completely or for the most part related to poor technique. It’s important to learn how to move well before you try to move with external loading. You need to know how to build a foundation, then properly build ON that foundation. 

The reality is that athletic plays in sports are based on the functionality of movement.

Teaching proper execution of things like lunges, squats, front squats and deadlifts are critical to the development the complete volleyball player.

Dynamic or range of motion style flexibility is proven to be far more important to athletes than traditional static flexibility.

Every workout should have a series of dynamic and activation exercises to wake up your nervous system and prepare your body for movement. Warming up properly is critical because it prepares your body to make quick explosive movements.

A good warm up prepares you to become a stronger, faster, and more athletic volleyball player.


Add dynamic flexibility activities into workouts on a regular basis.

Recovery, Key To Faster Results!

Overtraining is excessive training with the lack of proper rest and recovery.

It’s important to realize the same two athletes can do the same workout, but that doesn’t mean they will recover at the same rate.

There are many important components to quick recovery…
  • Correct exercise warm up and cool down

  • Improving flexibility (both dynamic and static)

  • Soft tissue therapy (i. e. massage)

  • Nutrient timing (consuming the right foods at the right times)

  • Active rest on your days off

  • Hot/Cold Contrasts
Obviously, getting you ready so you can perform your next workout at a high level is important because the more frequently you are able to train, the sooner you’ll get the results you want.

It takes discipline to balance training and recovery. Culture has confused and mislead athletes in to thinking more is always better.

Athletes and coaches need to be taught recovery is important, and sometimes more important than the actual training session.


The trick to improving performance is how well you balance 1) Training and 2) Recovery. How you spend your time away from training has a great deal to do with how quickly you get great results FAST.

Correct Techniques In Correct Order!

There are many important components to a well designed program…
  • Exercise order

  • Exercise selection

  • Rest time between sets

  • Manipulating training with cycles or phases

  • Proper recovery for the next workout

  • Time of year (inseason, pre-season, or off-season)

Do you know what days and how often you should train for speed?

Do you know where in the sequence of exercises to place speed and agility exercises?

What about strength exercises?

Do you perform speed and agility before strength work or does it even matter?

What are your training goals? Do you want to jump higher? Hit harder? Improve first step quickness? Improve mobility? Improve stability? Strengthen your shoulders?

You need to ask these types of questions before designing a workout.


Be SPECIFIC when setting goals. Your program needs to be well-organized and constructed with these goals in mind to get results YOU WANT as quickly as possible.

Don't worry...

you don't have to design your own program...

I've done all the work and created a REVOLUTIONARY volleyball strength and conditioning program for you!

Volleyball Conditioning Done Right!

It continues to AMAZE me to see veteran volleyball coaches still using OUTDATED conditioning methods that have long been proven useless and ineffective. How is thirty minutes of low intensity jogging going to prepare you for the 5 to 15 seconds of high intense action that occurs in volleyball? It ISN'T.

Often the biggest mistake coaches make is not training the correct energy systems.

To be successful in volleyball, you need to be able to perform quick explosive movements such as short sprints, quick lunges to the side, quick approaches to jump and hit, and jumps to block. Rally’s last, on average, for 6 seconds.

A players intensity of effort should be much greater during the rally than between rally's. The time between rally’s is when the player recovers. This is the difference between using your body's anaerobic energy systems and aerobic energy systems.

Aerobics ISN'T going to condition you for volleyball...

Running long distances is probably the biggest mistake volleyball coaches make when conditioning their players.

Running distance is a complete waste of time making players even SLOWER. Running shouldn't be used in conditioning for volleyball and should only be used to help speed up the recovery process of intense workouts.

Exercise machines such as treadmills, ellipticals, and stair climbers are HORRIBLE methods for volleyball conditioning and you won't find any of that AEROBIC NONSENSE in my volleyball training programs.

Machines aren’t functional for the volleyball player because you aren’t using your body the way you would on the volleyball court or in real life.

The goal of volleyball conditioning is to improve your ability to recover faster from intense bouts of effort. You do this by training your anaerobic energy system decreasing the length of your rest periods during intense training. A shorter rest period trains your muscles to replenish ATP faster, which means, you’re training to more quickly reload the fuel you need to make quick and explosive movements.


The focus of volleyball conditioning should be on improving your ability to recover quickly from explosive efforts. In training, you do this by DECREASING rest periods between explosive efforts thereby training your body to replenish ATP faster, which results in it taking longer (or more intense effort) to experience fatigue during the game. This should be your goal for volleyball conditioning.

So THESE are the five big "Volleyball Explosive Factors" that are going to BLAST you to new levels of volleyball strength and power! How do you put them all together?

Well, bottom line, as you can see with the "Volleyball Explosive Factors" I described the RIGHT WAY to train for volleyball strength and power. Your neurological capacity, core strength, flexibility, recoverability and training concepts dynamic movement, low impact plyometrics, speed training, jump training, strength training, recovery work, regeneration, and active rest are important components that have probably never been specifically addressed and ATTACKED in your volleyball training before!

This leaves a LOT of room for you to IMPROVE...with, of course,

Now, you could certainly try and adapt the volleyball training programs you already know to work with these concepts. You could even research each concept individually and try and put something together yourself...

But why do all that work when I'VE GOT THE PROGRAM ALREADY DONE. I'll tell you right now...I've NEVER gotten such amazing results in both strength and explosive power this quickly with ANY OTHER TRAINING PROGRAM.

THAT is why I'm so excited to get YOU excited about using this program!

This is NOT your average sports strength and conditioning program that lists a bunch of sets and reps and bombards you with loading parameters and calculating percentages and all that.

This is a program that systematically takes you through each training phase and RECONSTRUCTS your athletic body from the ground up to MAXIMIZE it for volleyball strength and power.

This program is TOTALLY TARGETED to the intermediate to advanced volleyball player who is ready to explode their vertical to new heights DEMOLISHING plateaus and achieving astonishing strength, mobility, speed, and explosive first step quickness previously thought unattainable.

If that sounds like YOU...then this program is FOR YOU!

I call this program "Volleyball Strength!
Volleyball Strength and Conditioning the Right Way"

and it's going to unleash electrifying speed quickly adding inches to your jump...

So here's what you're going
to do when you're on the
"Volleyball Strength!" program...

  • You'll do exercises that focus like LASERBEAMS on volleyball shoulder strength preventing injuries and increase hitting power.

  • You'll master CUTTING-EDGE techniques that work the scapula stabilizers... the key muscles to developing healthy shoulders.

  • You'll do shoulder strengthening techniques that DRASTICALLY improve hitting power.

  • You'll do ankle, knee, and hip triple extension movements developing the right kind of leg strength and explosive power to fly high.

  • You'll perform the right lower body exercises important for improving athletic leg strength and power.

  • You'll perform single leg strength techniques critical for improving volleyball leg strength and jumping power.

  • You'll improve first step quickness and stability that is so important for getting in position to make plays in volleyball.

  • You'll develop hamstring and deceleration strength so many volleyball players LACK and is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to help prevent ACL and other volleyball related knee injuries.

  • You'll perform powerful plyometric techniques and IMPERATIVE fast feet movements that all volleyball players must learn.

  • You'll perform POWERFUL HIP EXTENSION techniques that's so critical to jumping high and hitting hard in volleyball.

  • You'll work to activate KEY muscle groups and FINE TUNE movement patterns that get your muscles firing in the right order at the right time to get maximum gains in volleyball performance.

  • You'll developing the core's POWER HOUSE, the core center for explosive strength and power.

  • You'll increase your speed, quickness, and vertical jump INSTANTLY by training these POWER ACTIVATION muscles to work right and get your body firing on all cylinders.

  • You'll work your neurological system WAKING UP SLEEPING MUSCLES and training your body to approach faster and jump higher.

  • You'll perform techniques that teach you to ROCKET energy through your body allowing you to take a strong approach, BLAST OFF the ground, and EXECUTE a powerful spike.

  • You'll use the RIGHT strategy for correct ordering of exercises training the right muscle groups, at the right intensity, at the right time.

  • You'll use the correct program structure for ENHANCING volleyball energy, strength and conditioning for volleyball the RIGHT WAY making massive gains in strength and explosive power. 

  • You'll work the correct set rep scheme and manipulate program design components such as sets, reps, intensity, and volume to MAXIMIZE your results.

  • You'll have a BLAST using exercise techniques you've never done before which helps avoid staleness and overtraining, encouraging continuous improvement in volleyball strength and performance.

  • You'll go through training cycles CRITICAL to getting the results you want.

Want to grab the program right now?


The Volleyball Strength program is about training specifically to improve strength and power for volleyball and getting AMAZING results by doing it.

You'll be using highly-targeted, strategic changes in training techniques constantly keeping your body off balance to achieve EXTREMELY RAPID RESULTS.

Let's face it...anyone can start mixing things around in their training without any regard to how one thing affects another. This program involves INTELLIGENT change to get maximum results.

So let me tell you a little more about
the program and how it works...

When you first open up the ebook on your computer, you're going to notice that I don't waste ANY time getting right to the heart of the matter. I'll give you a brief introduction to the book then BAM! Right into the program and how and why it works.

I know you don't have the time or the inclination to wade through a 300 page book to dig out the "good parts" that you can apply to your training. You want to know what's going to work and you want to know NOW!

This whole book IS the "good parts."

What I AM going to do is take you step-by-step through a REVOLUTIONARY new approach to strength training for volleyball...

This is NOT an approach where you just lift weights and hope for the best...

This an approach where you methodically train GIVING YOUR BODY NO CHOICE to develop the strength and power you need specifically for VOLLEYBALL.

As you read through the pages of the book, you'll notice that...

  • each and every phase of the program builds on the PREVIOUS phase and also sets up the NEXT phase for maximum results.

  • the nutrition and regeneration tips TURBOCHARGE your recovery leading to FASTER gains in volleyball explosive strength and power.

  • EVERY SINGLE TRAINING DAY is laid out for you from sets to reps to exercises and as well as training techniques and rest periods. I've even included detailed notes with training tips to help you get the most out of your training. You will have NO DOUBT how to train to get the best results possible.

  • the program hits ALL of the 5 "Volleyball Explosive Factors" I listed above using the power of one technique to AMPLIFY the effects of another. The phases literally FEED off each other to MAXIMIZE YOUR VOLLEYBALL STRENGTH AND POWER DEVELOPMENT.

Also, you're going to notice links to a section called the "Exercise Index." This is where you will find pictures of EVERY exercise technique performed in the program...EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Because this program is SO UNIQUE, you NEED to know exactly what you're doing at every stage of the game.

The pictures and descriptions will ensure you have NO DOUBT about what you're going to do in every training session you perform.

How about training equipment?
Do I need to have a gym full of equipment to work this program?

To be honest, all you need to really get the most out of this program are dumbells, resistance bands, a balance ball, and a medicine ball

There's NOTHING in this program that requires fancy equipment. In fact, the bodyweight exercises are the most important part of this program. It's HOW you do these volleyball specific movement patterns that really makes the difference.

When you're doing the program, you're not randomly firing out sets here and there. EVERY REP of EVERY SET has a specific purpose and that purpose is preparing you to develop STRENGTH and EXPLOSIVE POWER.

And, in addition to the program itself, I've got
TWO great bonuses lined up for you...

Bonus #1: JUMP STRENGTH! - "My Powerful 4 Week Jump Training Program"

If you like intense training, then you'll love this workout. Jump Strength! is NOT the conventional plyometric or jump training type of workout.

These workout sessions are extremely intense and will SMASH the body of even the most advanced athlete. The intensity of this 4 week program becomes progressively greater from workout to workout.

If you're not in great shape, it will likely be a challenge just to MAKE IT THROUGH TO THE END.

The JUMP STRENGTH program will get you flying high and the anaerobic conditioning needed for playing at a high level of volleyball.

Bonus #2: WORKOUT AT PRACTICE! - "My Powerful Volleyball Practice Conditioning Program"

This EARTHSHAKING volleyball conditioning program will REV UP player speed, agility, jumping and hitting power. This workout contains important core strengthening movements necessary to become the complete volleyball player.

This workout doesn't need much equipment... just a medicine ball, 5 cones, and 30 feet of space.

This workout is for coaches that have less time available to focus on conditioning. This powerful conditioning program contains all the essential volleyball athletic movements and can be done before or after practice in a shorter amount of time.

Plus, you'll get my ROCK-SOLID 60 day,
full-satisfaction, money-back guarantee...

You see, I'm in the business of helping you get results from your training. I have NO desire to give you information that I don't stand behind 100%. If I were standing in front of you right now, I would look you straight in the eyes and tell you, with no hesitation whatsoever, that if you put this program to work in the way I've laid it out in this book, this information will get you where you want to go in your training.

You have my word on this and it's not something I take lightly.

I believe customer service and customer satisfaction are the two most important things when running a business and I want to make sure you know my level of commitment to you when you purchase this book. I also want to take away all the risk to you so you can experience the power of this program for yourself without any worries.

I know this is not a small investment for you or something that you take lightly either, so if you're not satisfied with the quality of the information in this book at anytime within the next 60 days, just let me know and I will give you a prompt and courteous refund.

No questions asked.

That's my promise to you.

As with anything to do with training, you'll get out of it what you put into it. I can give you the best information I have but if you don't DO anything with it, you won't make the extraordinary progress I know you're capable of. All I ask of you is that you give this program an honest try. You WILL be amazed at the results you get.

So How Much Does This Program Cost?

I'll cut right to the chase. Because I want to get this information into the hands of as many serious volleyball players and coaches as possible, I'm going to practically GIVE this REVOLUTIONARY program to you for just $27. Don't wait a minute to order at this low price! I know this is an unbelievable deal and I'm raising the price up to $47 real soon!

Like I said, I want to get this information into the hands of as many serious players and coaches as possible and I DON'T want price to be a "sticking point."

In the not too distant future, this program may only be available as part of a membership/mentoring package which will probably cost at least $197.00

Buy with confidence from Clickbank, the authorized retailer of "Volleyball Strength! - Volleyball Strength and Conditioning the Right Way", where your transaction will be handled by a secure server. Clickbank currently sells more than 10,000 digital products online, and the number is growing daily.

If you happen to ask for a refund, it is Clickbank’s policy to
send money back immediately.

Once you place your order on Clickbank's secure server, you will be directed to a download page, where you can download the program and get started IMMEDIATELY.

So I want you to think about this...
  • The next time you go to workout for volleyball, after reading everything that I've told you about here today, will you be absolutely certain that the volleyball training program you are doing is going to give you a 100% return on the hard work and effort you're putting in? That it's going to attack all FIVE of the "Volleyball Explosive Factors" I talked about and set the stage for MASSIVE GAINS in volleyball strength and explosive power?

  • You're ALREADY training hard...if given the opportunity, would you gladly squeeze more results out of every single rep you do in your very next volleyball workout without any more effort than you're putting in right now?

  • Do you want the next 12 weeks to be the MOST PRODUCTIVE of your ENTIRE VOLLEYBALL CAREER?

Volleyball Strength! You owe it to yourself to get this information as quickly as possible and put it to work immediately.

You could be wasting precious time and energy working with volleyball training programs that don't work.

For only $27, you will have full access to the most powerful volleyball strength and conditioning program available INSTANTLY.

Order your copy of "Volleyball Strength! Volleyball Strength and Conditioning the Right Way" NOW and experience training for volleyball the RIGHT WAY making MASSIVE GAINS in volleyball strength and power.

For Your Instant Download...


Order your download now for only $27! Your payment is processed through Clickbank, a well-known, trusted online payment service. Your transaction is processed by a real bank and is 100% secure. You will then be taken to your download immediately.

I'll tell you right now, if you're looking for fast results to volleyball strength and power and are willing to work for them, this book is EXACTLY what you've been searching for.

Yours very truly,

Dennis Jackson
Strength and Power for Volleyball LLC

Copyright 2015 Strength and Power for Volleyball LLC. ©

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