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From: Donald Hunting

Dear Friend,

I'm going to step on a lot of toes telling you this, but the word's got to go out.

You and I know there are lots of products and programs available on the Internet that promise you, "Thousands of dollars a day without work or effort." Flimsy and bland publications filled with puffed-up descriptions used to pad out the pages in order to justify the cover price!

Maybe you've tried some of them. Correct me if I'm wrong but chances are none of them did for you what was claimed, leaving you deeply disappointed.

Am I right?

Problem is, we live in a world so full of spin and hype it's becoming difficult to know what to believe anymore.

Well, I'm certainly not going to resort to all the usual clichés and ridiculous claims you've seen a thousand times before...

Of course I'd love to help you buy a country mansion, a 50ft yacht or the super car of your dreams. But let's keep our feet on the ground and just set the sights at the more realistic gains you'd be happy to pocket week after week.

The little-known mathematical law you're about to discover offers you a clear and undeniable opportunity to make real profits in the weeks and months ahead, often with little or no risk and always with surprisingly little effort.

It could well turn on its head everything you've ever thought about sports betting, and chances are you may never have come across such an exciting opportunity as this, because...

AT LAST here's a product that really works, and you can
INSTANTLY PROVE IT RISK-FREE in the comfort of your own home!

Let me explain...

Right now you have a chance to use a completely legal product that could transform your income for the better - irrespective of your age, your gender, your education, or what you do for a living.

In just a matter of days from now you could be enjoying significant additional cash gains.

What's more, if you happen to live in the UK, ALL your profits are tax-free!

But before I go on to show you exactly how you can get involved, let me reassure you of something...

This isn't some fly-by-night get rich quick scam. The investment opportunities I'm talking about are real enough and are to be found in the legitimate, respectable and serious sports betting industry that produces billions of dollars of revenue worldwide every year.

What's more, the people who are all set to take advantage of this opportunity aren't dreamers but serious private investors just like you. In fact it really doesn't matter what age you are or what sex you are - and you certainly don't need any specialist knowledge or mathematical ability to benefit from this unique product.

I apologise for being blunt, but this invitation isn't for dreamers or rip-off artists.

It's for everyone who wants to put the odds in their favour and not get scammed by all those dodgy tipsters and unworkable betting systems.

Does that describe you?

Let me ask you a silly question... Wouldn't you like to finally put the odds in your favour?

Of course you would! And I know how much it hurts when you follow a 'proven' system that loses you money. And boy, isn't it hard to admit it when you're wrong?

For too long the bookies have had the odds stacked in their favour. And the biggest culprits are the tired and worn out old-fashioned 'form' betting routines that for years have largely served only to line the bookies pockets at your expense. But you don't have to put up with that any more. Now, at last, there really is something new you can do about it.

The great news is this opportunity is immune to recession, inflation, high or low interest rates and the ups and downs of the world's money markets. There are NO big obstacles to your entry. In fact, you could start with as little as £1, $1, or €1 yet your potential profits could be almost unlimited.

You're About To Discover a Genuine, Profitable, and Legal
Betting Loophole That Is Simply Too Good To Miss!

In a moment I'll give you full details of a product that takes full advantage of this loophole through a little-known mathematical law that exists in a particular sector of the sports betting market. A mathematical law the bookmakers are aware of, don't want you to know about, but can't stop you from using!

And let me be perfectly clear, this isn't anything to do with arbitrage betting!

Of course right now you may be thinking that any form of gambling is too risky, too speculative, and that it's only the bookmakers who ever win in the long term.

And just a couple of years or so ago I would have agreed with you 100%.

But that was before I happened to stumble across a simple but devastatingly powerful mathematical principle which proved to me beyond all doubt that it is possible to consistently profit at the bookmakers' expense.

In fact I'm so confident that this amazing product I'm about to uncover could provide you with regular profits, you can have a full 8-weeks to test it. If it fails to perform as claimed here, simply let me know and you can have a 'no questions asked' refund.

I know, I know! There will be those who'll buy the system and use it successfully but still claim their money back by misuse of this generous guarantee, knowing that they can then continue to use the system for free. There's just something in human nature that tempts folk to try to get something for nothing. Everyone is subject to this influence - and I do mean everyone. The only difference is, some have the moral control not to give in to it and others don't...

But I'm relying upon most buyers having that moral control, and being willing to accept that it's worth the small fee they paid for a system that lives up to the claims made for it.

All right. I'll show you how to start your free trial in just a minute, so please bear with me. I know you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you'll learn and even more delighted when you start making these profits for yourself.

Here's How You Can Start Profiting From The Loophole
In The Football Sector Of The Sports Betting Industry...

AND THANKS TO THE INTERNET YOU CAN DO THIS IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK, US, CANADA, AUSTRALIA OR NEW ZEALAND - or anywhere else where your computer operating system uses the period for a decimal separator. This is important since the software, which is key to your success, won't function if your computer operating system uses a comma for a decimal separator - as is commonly the case in mainland Europe.

You'll have seen at the beginning of this letter that my name is Don Hunting. I create and develop specialised spreadsheets for a wide range of activities, including serious opportunities for my clients to make money. A percentage of my spreadsheet work is concentrated upon more traditional forms of investing, notably property. However, many of my clients are also interested in alternative investment vehicles such as the lottery and casino gambling. My spreadsheets helping them to succeed in those areas are delivered to countries as far apart as the UK, the US and Australia.

But what I'm about to reveal to you now about the football betting industry could prove to be the most exciting betting investment opportunity you've come across this year, wherever you live.

And I don't use the term 'investment' lightly. As you're about to see, you really can be involved without incurring great risks and indeed can approach this opportunity just like any traditional investment.

Nor do you need worry about the old image of betting - seedy looking folk in smoke-filled bookmakers' rooms using their own special jargon. Those days are gone! What's more, nowadays you don't even need set foot on a bookmakers premises. With the introduction of Internet bookmaking you can do it all from your computer, and betting is now recognised as both an enjoyable pastime and a legitimate speculative investment.

And I'd like to give you the chance to take advantage of this revolution today - risk free - and to see for yourself how the loophole I've discovered could offer you an additional tax-free income.

By now I hope you're at least a little intrigued by this opportunity. But perhaps you're also still concerned about the possibility of there being risks involved. I understand completely.

I mean, isn't betting a mug's game after all?

I'd always thought investing in sports betting was much riskier than the Stock Market. I assumed the only people who got involved were gamblers, and that serious investors were better off steering clear.

Well that might have been the case in the past but as you're about to find out, exactly the opposite is now true. As a serious investor, you really can make money in the sports betting market.

Of course the everyday returns on your investments aren't always huge but I'm sure you'll agree that with the quick turn around you always get, even just a 5% profit over a couple of days could be very acceptable to you.

After all, any profit is great news! Right? Especially when it's paid to you quickly, as it reliably always is.

But, happily, now and again the sports betting market excels itself and throws-up opportunities that are a whole lot better than the everyday...

So what's all the excitement about? What is this product and how could you use it to your financial advantage?

I call it The Merlin Results Radar System™.

Put simply, Merlin is a better way to bet...

It's a mathematically indisputable fact that if you yourself can predict the correct result of just one soccer match in any group of three matches Merlin then absolutely guarantees to capture the correct result for the entire group of those three matches EVERY TIME - and no 'ifs' or 'buts' about it.

Bear in mind you're NOT required to predict the number of goals scored. You simply decide whether the game will end as a home win, an away win, or a draw.

Yes, you read that properly! All you personally ever have to do is to correctly predict the final result of just one game in any group of three games you select - either a home win, an away win or a draw - and Merlin will without fail present you with a short series of possible outcomes for the entire group of three games, one of which is guaranteed to be the correct overall result for ALL THREE games.

You then simply place bets on the entire short series of outcomes produced by Merlin, and if your single game 'personal guess bets' are correct you are guaranteed to have the winning line for the entire group of three games. Yes, GUARANTEED!

Let me emphasise that crucial point again so there's no possibility of a misunderstanding. If you yourself can correctly predict the outcome of just ONE game in your chosen group of three games, Merlin CANNOT FAIL to find the line with the correct results for all three games!


Can you begin to imagine the fantastic advantage that gives you? Can you see the amazing potential for profit you have?

You obviously don't need me to spell it out for you, but your habitually being able to accurately predict the outcome of any three matches taken as a group is a phenomenal achievement you could use for profit over and over again.

I won't go into the mathematical reasoning here. Nothing sinister, you understand. As a matter of fact, a full explanation and examples are given in the product User's Guide.

But what you're probably more interested in right now is how you could pocket the potential profits without any real risk. Well, when you first get your hands on Merlin try 'paper trading'. Just run the games through the software, but don't place any bets, to prove to your own satisfaction that the claims are truthful and to see without risking a penny how much you could be making!

Once you've witnessed the convincing results with your own hands-on tests and concluded you'll make money, go right ahead and invest for real. But don't forget if Merlin doesn't perform exactly as claimed here, you can have your money back any time within 8-weeks of your receiving the product. No quibble!

The Merlin Results Radar System™ includes a detailed User's Guide which explains, with examples, exactly how everything works and the principle that underpins it all. But be assured you don't need to be a mathematician to understand exactly what's going on. Everything is laid out in crystal clear fashion.


Fig.1: Merlin's clear and easy to use
Input Selector Panel.

And best of all, you mercifully don't in any event do the calculations yourself because Merlin is the gutsy purpose built spreadsheet engine that drives the whole thing for you. Merlin runs in Microsoft Excel and is so easy to use. You simply enter your predictions into the Input Selector Panel (Fig.1) from top to bottom using the symbols 1-2-X to denote, respectively, a home win or an away win or a draw. Hit the 'Enter' key, and before you've time to blink Merlin performs the calculations and highlights with one or more red arrows the column or columns you are to bet.

It's as quick and as easy as that!

At the same time Merlin instantly calculates and displays your total stake and your profit and loss amounts for each and every bet and highlights with a colour-coded red, amber and green 'traffic light system' those bets that would make you a profit, those that would breakeven, and those that would lose you money. (Figs. 2 & 3.)

Fig. 2: A section of Merlin's Play worksheet,
showing profitable bets.

Fig. 3: The same section of Merlin's Play worksheet,
showing an unprofitable bet.

This means that with Merlin YOU ALWAYS KNOW WHEN TO BET AND WHEN TO WALK AWAY... and THAT is the critical difference between controlled-risk investing and high-risk gambling.

The amount you win is then dependent upon the odds you get, and the stake you place. An example of this is in Figs. 2 and 3. In both instances the stake was just one unit of currency - £1, $1, or €1 per bet - and there were just six bets giving a total stake of £6, $6, or €6. The odds used in Fig.2 were real odds from the Bet365 website and resulted in all six bets being profitable - the lowest profit being the 3.92 of currency shown in column A; the highest profit being 15.84 of currency, shown in column Y (not illustrated).

Fig. 4: Part of Merlin's Odds worksheet
showing odds entered in the Home Win and Draw Panels.

Fig. 5: The continuing section of Merlin's Odds worksheet
showing odds in the Away Win Panel, and the column stake amount.

Purely for the purposes of illustration, the false loss shown in Fig. 3, was forced by considerably shortening one of the genuine odds. In practise, of course, you would move in exactly the opposite direction by seeking out the longest odds, and the effect you would achieve would be to increase your potential profitability.

Only Merlin gives you such fast, precise,
reliable, and highly visible pin-sharp accuracy!

And all you have to do to enjoy this high level precision and safety is simply to enter your part-correct predictions as shown in Fig.1, and your stake per bet and the odds as shown in Figs. 4 & 5. That's all there is to it! And immediately Merlin lays out before you your top bet selections and your EXACT and complete profit and loss position, as shown in Figs. 2 & 3.

And remember, when each of your input predictions includes JUST ONE correct game result - be it a home win, a draw, or an away win - one of Merlin's red-arrowed forecasts WILL BE THE CORRECT RESULT FOR THE ENTIRE GROUP OF THREE GAMES. Guaranteed!

There are many sources of input data you could use, each of them with a 70.4% simple odds chance of being at least part-correct. And even if you did nothing more than to guess at the overall outcome of any group of three football matches you'd still have the same 70.4% simple odds chance of correctly predicting the result of at least one game in the group every time you guessed.

And every time you enter exclusively part-correct data lines into the Input Selector Panel, Merlin will reward you by capturing for you the actual winning result of all three games in your group.

Look, if you can use your computer to type your name you can use Merlin. It couldn't be simpler!

And as I said before, you have a full 8-weeks to check this out for yourself. No pressure! No rush! No risk! That gives you plenty of time to put everything to the test and to PROVE Merlin does exactly as claimed.

The Merlin User's Guide covers it all, and makes it easy for you to start and to expand. You can be up and running within 24 hours. Frankly if you wanted to do it faster you could, but 24 hours is a sensible time scale to work to.


All you ever have to do is to personally correctly predict the result of just ONE soccer game in every group of three game predictions you choose to enter into Merlin. Your predictions don't need to be for the same game.

Using your input as a benchmark, Merlin will in an instant generate a number of columns for you to bet.

FACT! If the outcome of only one game in each of your groups of three input predictions proves to be correct, Merlin WILL ALWAYS capture the overall winning result for ALL THREE games in your chosen group. In other words, YOU WIN.

NO 'ifs' or 'buts'. NO small print...


Unbelievable though that may seem,

The Voice of Experience ~ The Ultimate Demonstration of Customer Satisfaction & Product Performance?

Merlin has its list of devoted users' but here's one hot and entirely unsolicited product endorsement that clinches the very real essence of Merlin's vital value. This highly experienced user actually...

bought Merlin TWICE!

Here's what happened...

On 1st September 2007 Tony Glew, a satisfied long term user of Merlin, sent me this email ~

"Hello Don. Hope everything's OK for you. It's a long time since we spoke. The reason for this email is that I have been hit by a virus sent by some mindless moron and I have lost virtually everything I had installed on my pc (including Merlin). Therefore is there any chance you could send me another to download please?"

Well... as it happened I was away at the time and so didn't reply to Tony's email until two days later, on 3rd September, when I emailed him and told him I would be happy to send him a replacement copy of Merlin.


...Tony replied almost immediately. Here's what he said ~

"Thanks for the reply... As regards Merlin, I decided yesterday that I was lost without it and so purchased it again... so now there is no need for the replacement!"

To buy Merlin, only to be subsequently deprived of it, and over time to have become so impressed by Merlin's key attributes that after just two days without it you find yourself so "Lost without it..." that you voluntarily lay down your money a second time to buy it again, speaks volumes in unsolicited user support of Merlin's immense credibility and performance reliability where it really matters - at the sharp end of betting.

And when, after long-term use, you willingly put your money down a SECOND TIME for the same product, that's surely got to be the final word on customer satisfaction!

Don't you agree?

(Extracts used with customer's permission. The original emails are held on file.)

Now I'm not about to insult your intelligence by dragging you through a lengthy justification for the price. I'm not going to get into telling you about how many months it took me to create Merlin - although it did take months - and then ask you how much you think you should pay for it.

And I'm certainly not going to patronise you by going into some sort of reverse auction routine, starting off at $200 and progressively coming down to, say, $150 then $97 and so on...

You know the pitch! You've probably seen it a thousand times before on the Internet.

I'm not going to beat about the bush. You get the complete Merlin Results Radar System™ - that's the system User's Guide and the software - for a total of just $69.99. And, yes, I do realise it's worth a lot more...

Simply click on the order button below to enter the secure purchasing environment. It's quick and easy, and once you've made your payment you'll be taken to a page where you'll find the download link. Click on that and moments later you'll have the magical Merlin Results Radar System™ in your hands.

Be aware that this is a 24/7 fully automated ordering and delivery service so whatever time of day it is, on whatever day it is where you are, you're only minutes away from owning the complete and spectacular and fully guaranteed Merlin Results Radar System™.

And please don't be alarmed if you've never before used an online automated downloading procedure. It's a very straightforward process and you'll find full easy-to-follow instructions on the download page to help you.

To say Merlin is worth its weight in gold is no exaggeration. Without a single word of promotional hype, having such a resource at your disposal - one that you can dig into time and time again - is like sticking your hands into a mountain stream filled with gold nuggets and catching what you can.

I very much look forward to sharing the sensational Merlin Results Radar System™ with you. Take a look at it right now, completely risk-free, and you too could come to realise that you'd be... "Lost without it."

With my best wishes,
Donald Hunting

PS. The exciting and undeniable hard fact which puts you ahead of the profits game is this... Whenever you key into Merlin your home win, draw, or away win predictions for any group of three games, you need get ONLY ONE prediction in every three correct. Do that simple thing, and Merlin will reward you handsomely by giving you THE CORRECT RESULTS FOR ALL THREE GAMES every time! Guaranteed!

In other words, YOU WIN! And before you ask, no - using Merlin is NOT hard work! On the contrary, it is so easy to use. The User's Guide explains in clear and non-technical language exactly what to do every simple step of the way. Remember, with Merlin you never again have to rely upon blind hope or luck.

PPS. Click on the order button now, and in just a few minutes you'll have magical Merlin in your possession. Then perform the simple tests described in the User's Guide and you'll have immediate, absolute, and undeniable proof right then and there that Merlin performs exactly as claimed.

It's true, Merlin actually works! Prove it for yourself... At just $69.99 Merlin is the genuine 'must have' tool you can easily afford and, don't forget, you've got the safety net of a full 56 days money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

System Requirements: You need a PC with Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program installed, version 95 or more recent, before you can use The Merlin Results Radar System™ software. The Merlin Manual is a PDF file, for which you'll need the FREE ADOBE ACROBAT READER on your computer. The entire download folder is zipped and you'll need the WinZip tool or similar on your computer to unzip the file before use. Get your FREE TRIAL of WinZip Here. Nothing else to install on your computer. Just launch Excel, open Merlin, and you're on your way to a wonderful adventure!

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