This Program Is For You!

“Angela Took Me From Songwriter to Singer / Songwriter”

Is Your Inner Diva Or Rockstar Still
Waiting For You To Get With The Program?
WAYNE DYER said it best…
“Don’t Die with your music still inside you”

Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your soul.

And you’re ON THIS PAGE NOW because you KNOW it’s time to SING.

  • There’s no use denying it. Singing is an AMAZING thing to be able to do well.
  • You ALREADY know how awesome it is. And you already know what it takes.
  • You simply have to get started, keep learning from experts and DON’T QUIT.

When you jump into my “5 Point Singing System,” you’ll be awestruck, with how quickly your voice will improve and you will gain the confidence to sing anywhere, anytime, in front of anyone.

Nothing but the FEAR of not really knowing how to sing, is what kept you from getting out there and doing it.

The “5 Point Singing System” gives you EASY to follow steps to become the singer you know you can and WANT to be. Your friends will be blown away by the change in your singing! But that won’t even matter, because you’re not learning to sing for them… you’re learning to sing because of how YOU WILL FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF!

(But a little bit of proving them all wrong, never hurt anybody).

You Can Have ALL The Power
You Need To Become Fabulous!

  • You already know you love to sing and want to exceed beyond what you thought was possible
  • You want to step up to the microphone, not sit in the audience and miss out on the amazing “HIGH” of performing
  • Be the first in your singing circle to learn all the singing secrets from the “5 Point Singing System.”
  • You will really enjoy the new questions from your friends about your courage and your new vocal knowledge and prowess

5 Point Singing System - Add to Cart

“It’s Just Brilliant…”

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • This beautiful 116 page E-manual to easily guide you through every step of the “5 Point Singing System”. All the knowledge I’ve collected in my 30 year professional career packaged up for you now
  • Oodles of video tutorials to SHOW you how to perfect each POINT to reach vocal goals you have always hoped for

  • Bonus Chapters on Studio Singing, Background Vocal Singing, Stage Performance Tips, Creating Emotional Moments and MANY more

  • Access to “Ask Angela” any questions you may have about the system or your vocal challenges on the website

Angela Kelman's 5 Point Singing System - Add to Cart

Not 100% sure? I’ve Got You Covered With My…

It’s Time You Took The Leap & Learned The Secrets That Only Real Rock & Pop Stars Know About Singing…

Angela Kelman's 5 Point Singing System - Add to Cart

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