How many times have you started a new "breakthrough" diet only to fail 3 weeks into it?

Trust me I've been there too.  Regardless of what the diet was I'd always crave the "forbidden" foods and fall off the wagon.  That's when I came up with The Bonollo Diet.

This is me after incorporating the Bonollo Diet into my eating habits.

For years I had strugged with different diets and ways to lose belly fat.  Instead of getting depressed and succumbing to late night infomercials amazing weight loss pills, I found a way that works for me.  Then I wrote it down and it became the Bonollo Diet.

The Bonollo Diet is more of a process than a diet.  Unfortunately, I don't think the Bonollo Process would sell as well.

The Bonollo Diet focuses on three main points:

  • Meal Portions
  • Small Changes
  • Allow for Mistakes

Everyone knows what they should be eating, but flipping the switch from what they eat to what they should eat is too difficult.  Don't blame yourself, blame human nature.

The Bonollo Diet introduces small changes over a period of time.   This means unnoticeable daily changes over time. It's a better way of making weight loss and dieting easier for you!  And really that's what we all want.  The simpliest way is almost always the best way.

This equals more progress to losing that stubbon belly fat while slowly introducing you into a new healthier life style. It's time to take your life back and find an easier way of eating healthy.

Keep eating the food you love!
Lose stubborn belly fat!
Unnoticeable Changes!
Get Healthy

We all know where we are supposed to be, let the Bonollo Diet show you how to get there.

Here is what some people had to say about The Bonollo Diet...

I was able to lose 20 lbs in a month while on The Bonollo Diet!* Jacquelyn
I can't believe how good I feel after 4 weeks.  I haven't felt this good in years!* Steve
I already tried different kind of diets, but it seems that I still have some fats on my belly and arms. I never heard Bonollo Diet before, but my friend recommended this book to me and said that this diet is effective from her experience. And yes, I can literally see the changes on her body.* Bella

We all know what is making us fat but how do we stop it?  Stopping cold turkey to hard and causes "food withdrawls".  Skip the torture of stopping cold turkey and use the process that was developed in the Bonollo Diet.

Kick that processed food habit and fill it wth fruits, veggies and real meat instead of this stuff.

How many times have you tried to flip a switch and start a new diet only to fail within a couple of weeks? You have good intentions that this will be the last diet to lose that belly fat or get healthier only resulting in failure. You fail because you're supposed to stop everything you have been doing and start something totally new. People don't change that fast and neither should you.
The Bonollo Diet is a new way to approach dieting. Rather than flipping a switch and restricting all the foods you are used to in one day.  The Bonollo Diet introduces small changes over a period of time which equals a more unnoticeable and better way of making weight loss and dieting easier for you.

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When looking for the next diet what do we all look for?

  • It works. Check!
  • It's easy.  Check!
  • Sustainable.  Check!
  • You can still eat the foods you love.  Check!

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Why do something that will only result in failure?  Stick to something that is sustainable. Try The Bonollo Diet.

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