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Wow! I'm on the FIRST PAGE of Google Now!!!


I just wanted to say that this System is worth its weight in Gold... I already had great positioning in Google and the other search engines, however there was one set of keywords that I was only getting about a 3rd page ranking on and in only a few days my site has moved up to #6 on the FIRST PAGE! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about getting high quality one-way links to your website to increase your search engine rankings.

Thank you so much for this Great Product, I will be sharing with everyone who's NOT my Competition..

Jeffray Szczodrosk

Linkserp is a really interesting and innovative way in which to effortlessly add quality links into your website.

All I needed to do was add my domain name, keywords and description, then download one simple PHP file and upload it to my website server.

Then link to this file from my index page.

WOW!! How simple! No Books to read, No in depth video tutorials to follow, Just type, click and upload one file.

My campaign has been active for just two days and my sites already have 38 incoming PR links.

Excellent service that delivers all it claims to do.

A++++++ Rating from me!!


Ken Mathie




...and thank you for the opportunity! I have set it up! It looks simple enough, even I am no HTML wizkid. Some puzzling but then I was able to generate the page looking as if it is one straight from our website. I am really curious!

Kind regards,




I've now got a links page full of links and I didn't have to add one of them. Plus it's growing every day. Easy one off setup, just as the website says and very good support.

Great service,
Thank you,

Ted @ Ted's Software


If you have a website, then you have definitely heard
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Linkserp.com Triangular LinkCampaign Technology
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   Out of the hundreds of factors that search engines use to determine page rankings for different sites, inbound links is one of the most important.
   Inbound links are simply other sites that are linking to yours, and the more quality inbound links you have, the higher your page ranking with search engines like Google and Yahoo.
   The simple fact is that the more inbound links you have pointing to your site, the more important your site looks to search engines, and the higher they will rank you.
   And, the higher your rank, the more quality visitors you will have to your site.
   Well, you get the pictures.
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   How much easier could it be?
Now, the really easy part!
   The process will then run on autopilot.
   You can set back and watch your site start gaining quality inbound links without doing anything!
Here are a few other great reasons
to give Linkserp.com a try:
   The links that your site receives are not reciprocal links. We use a triangular pattern, which means that you won’t be linked to sites that are linked to you. Now, that’s not as complicated as it sounds, it's all handled by our system.
   Your links will be Quality, One-Way Inbound Links, all pointing to your site, driving hoards of traffic to you!
   Linkserp.com Triangular Link Campaign Technology will make sure that the major search engines only see the Real One-Way incoming links to your site. These are the kinds of links that the engines search for and use when issuing page ranking. The more real one-way links you have, the higher your page rank will be!
   You can run campaigns on up to 50 websites! Your sites will NEVER link to each other, only to sites of our other members, who are people just like you. Webmasters who are looking for a legitimate way to increase their page ranking.
   The best reason to join Linkserp.com is - it’s FREE!! You can create a free account, and run a campaign for one website. If you choose to upgrade later, you can add up to 50 websites.
You'll see your traffic go up
We Make Your SE Traffic Go Up
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How Does It Work?
Our Quality Real Links are generated on low traffic time. This way your website will receive up to 6 links randomly every day, so that your links grow slowly. This is the best method for SERP improvement. Growing your links slowly over time will ensure that the search engines give much more credibility to your site.
Nothing on your site will link back to Linkserp.com. There will be absolutely no trace of our network on your site. It will look as if you manually added the links yourself. Only you will know that you used our easy and FREE system, and that you didn’t spend countless hours responding to link requests.
All of our Quality links come from different domains owned by webmasters with their own IP’s. This ensures that your links are spread worldwide in a natural flow. Search engines like to see links that are real and natural, and that’s just how your links will be using the Linkserp.com Triangular Link Campaign Technology.
You will be in complete control over the look of your link campaign. You can even add your own header and footer code to make your campaigns match your websites current look.
The best part is, it’s EASY - FUN - FREE!
Once you have your link campaign set up, it only takes 5 to 10 minutes to upload a php or asp file on your server, link to it from your websites main index page, and Voila! You’re on your way to receiving High Quality Inbound Links!
Our network is made up of people just like you. Webmasters who are looking for an easier way to increase their page rankings
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You Get What You Really Need - TRAFFIC!
Using Linkserp.com Triangular Link Campaign Technology will give the search engines exactly what they need to see to rank your site higher, and it will give you exactly what you need to increase your website traffic, and increase your sales:
   Real, High Quality, One-Way Inbound Links pointing to your websites. Hundreds of links, with the numbers growing every day, even while you’re not online!
   A Free system that runs completely on Autopilot and sets up in only 5 minutes!
   No more pouring over the web looking for valuable link partners. We find them and send them to you!
   You get a comprehensive list of all links pointing to your site so you can see who your linking partners are, And we’ll update the list daily! Did we mention that it’s FREE!
   You have full control over your link campaign.
   You can set it up anytime, change the anchor text, modify the layout, whatever you want…
   You have control over the entire process!
   You can set it up anytime, change the anchor text, modify the layout, whatever you want…
   You have control over the entire process!
   And, best of all, our network is made of up people just like you. Webmasters who are looking for an easier way to increase their page rankings. Well, we have that way - in a Free and Easy System!
It’s perfectly normal to be skeptical, however,
   It’s a proven fact that incoming links help to bring a higher page ranking.
   It’s also a proven fact that our Free and Easy to use system will bring you those links.
   If it only takes 5 minutes to set up, what are you waiting for? It’ Easy and it’s Free!
   You could be gaining higher page rankings within just a few days.
   Give your site the attention and traffic that it deserves, and see profits that you deserve!
   Start your link building campaign today, and watch what happens tomorrow!
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