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Put Your Business On Auto-pilot, Follow-up With Your Hot Prospects At Preset Intervals With Personalized Messages And Explode Your Profits With Our Smart Autoresponder System

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Norabots Smart Autoresponders

Get your Norabots Smart Autoresponder System With:

  • Unlimited PRO Autoresponders and mailing list managers
  • Unique RSS Autoresponders
  • Unlimited follow-up messages
  • Personalized messages and up to 10 additional custom fields
  • Unlimited number of subscribers
  • Automated Message Scheduler
  • Global Message Broadcaster
  • Built-in Ad tracking System
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RE: Put Your Business on "Auto Pilot" and Explode Your Sales, Starting Today!

Dear Friend,

First, What is an Autoresponder?

An Autoresponder is an email system that allows you to tell it what emails to send out and when. Essentially it’s a Sequential, Automated Email system. You write the emails you want it to send out, tell it the timeframe to send each email out, then you get people to either send a blank email to your Autoresponders email address, complete a form on your website or click on a button that automatically sends your email address to the responder which starts the sequence.

An Autoresponder is basically your secretary. The nice thing is that it works for you 24-hours a day 7-days a week, 365 days a year. However, an Autoresponder is much more than a “stupid” email system. It can capture names, user locations, and other information, which can then be used in your responder to personalize emails to thousands of people.

Why should you use an Autoresponder?

There are many reasons WHY you should use an Autoresponder. let’s do a little brain storming session to come up with ways to use one.

You get a lot of email asking the same questions about your product or service. Setting up an Autoresponder “F.A.Q” to answer these questions while personalizing the message to each individual. You sell products or services on your website.

Your visitors aren’t converting into paying customers, Setup a FREE email course on a topic your market would be interested in and have a pop-up or form to capture their information. Every single visitor to your website can now be offered something or FREE. Turning you into the expert on the topic!

After someone buys your product/service you want to keep in contact with them. You want to let them know of updates, additions and changes to your product/services. Of course you want to offer them additional products related to their main purchase.

Since the 80/20 rule states that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers you should be offering them discounts on future purchases or other related products/services or you are losing money.

You are running a contest. Maybe you’re giving away gift certificates or a cash prize. Set up an Autoresponder to grab visitor’s information. Offer them deals and update them on new products. Tell them who won and what they won.

It’s a statistical fact that 50-80% of your sales will not come on the first visit to your website. These sales will come after the 5-7th contact with the visitor. If there’s no way to keep in touch with past visitors then you just lost them as potential customers.

The list can be endless, so I think you got idea :-)

Who needs to use autoresponders?

  • Dentists can send out notice for dental cleanings
  • Theaters can provide show times and event schedules
  • Garages can send reminders for Oil Changes
  • Appliance services can send warranty service reminders
  • Churches can send choir practice reminders
  • Schools can send field trip reminders
  • Teachers can send PTA reminders Sending product updates
  • Online marketers can send training manuals and free ecourses

And many more ...the list is endless!

If you have gotten this far you already know at least one reason you need an autoresponder. Autoresponders help you save time in many ways and can be used for many different occasions, from prospecting to sales, from reminders to FAQs.

How are Norabots autoresponders different from others?

Some Autoresponder services will get your attention and subscription by offering you free or cheap prices on their starter packages (like silver, gold and platinum versions), they will give you limited versions of autoresponders with every different package, but when your business grows and you will need more features you will have to upgrade to more expensive package and of course pay more.

With Norabots you get all the possible features with
one package and one price.


Here's What You Get With Your Norabots Pro Autoresponders...

Create unlimited number of autoresponder accounts. One for each of your product, if you want to. Promote all of your products, services and campaigns without ever having to spend more money!
Enter as many follow-up messages as you want. You can set your autoresponder to follow-up with your subscribers for as long as you want (count in decades!)
Personalize each of your follow-up messages with the prospect's personal information and up to 10 extra customizable fields.

New & Unique feature: RSS Autoresponder ...

"Take advantage of new technology for a 100% delivery rate."

  • Simple to use... even if you don't know "RSS" from quantum physics.
  • Use the RSS Autoresponder instead of, or in compliment to, your regular autoresponder.
  • 100% delivery rate... because it bypasses email.
  • Syndicate your follow-up and archived messages.
  • Perfect for single opt-in, unlike email autoresponders that can get you in trouble.
  • Works identical to email autoresponders.
  • One-click turns the RSS feed on or off for each autoresponder.
  • RSS Statistics lets you know the total number of registered users at any time.
Blog RSS broadcaster that will allow you to have your new blog entries automatically emailed to your autoresponder subscribers.
Automatically remove a subscriber from a follow-up sequence if he/she chooses to subscribe to a new autoresponder. Great feature for after sale follow-up.
Send text or Html formatted messages to your prospects.
With the overwhelming majority of people now able to receive HTML email, you can drive your message more effectively and add life to those plain text emails!
One click unsubscribe link allows your subscribers to automatically remove their email address from your database or edit their personal information.
The follow-up autoresponder is linked to the mailing list module making it possible for you to contact your prospects whenever you want, whether they have completed their follow-up sequence or not.
Create and automatically maintain as many lists as you want.
Collect unlimited number of subscribers.
Customize the double opt-in confirmation email as you like.
Ip address, date and referral url of subscription is automatically logged in the database. A proof that the person had indeed subscribed to your list in case someone accuses you of spamming.
Get notifications when a new subscriber joins any of your list. This feature can be turned on and off through the admin area.
Personalize your messages with the personal information of the subscriber and up to 10 additional custom fields.
Manually add, edit and delete subscribers through your admin control panel.
Search for a particular subscriber based on however little information you have in possession.
Automated Message Scheduler allows you to enter your newsletter/message and let the software do the mailing at any preset date. Great feature to keep in touch with your subscribers even if you're away!
Global Message Broadcaster allows you to broadcast a single message to all your subscribers even if they are subscribed to several of your autoresponders. This will avoid you of sending duplicate messages.
Automatic unsubscribe link is included in all outgoing message making it easy for the subcriber to remove himself/herself from your lists.
Allow your subscribers to edit their contact information by themselves. This is a great feature to keep your list up to date without having to do any of the work.
Ban subscribers based on a particular domain name or email address.
Export subscribers lists.
Automatic bounce management allows you to keep your list clean by flagging bad email addresses.
Automatically log the number of people who have unsubscribed and see the list at the click of your mouse.

Built-in Link Tracker

  • Track unlimited links.
  • Rotate unlimited links for each tracker. Great feature for split testing a sales page and know which one is pulling the most.
  • Add, edit, delete and reset your link trackers through the admin panel.
  • Both unique and raw hits are counted and logged.

O.K, now that I know everything about autoresponders, how much it will cost me?

How much do you think it will cost you to put your business on auto-pilot, follow-up with your hot prospects at preset intervals with personalized messages and explode your profits with our smart autoresponders system ?

While other autorespnder services will charge you up to $20/monthly recurring payments, your investment for a Norabots PRO account is only a minimal recurring billing of $14.97/monthly!

Keep in mind that new features are being added all the time! And as a Norabots® Pro user, you will be updated and have the opportunity to use any new features that come along!

All of these features are yours to use and profit from when you sign up for Your Norabots Pro Account.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Order your Norabots Pro account, fire it up and use it to your advantage.

If you're not 100% satisfied, or it doesn't make any improvement in your sales and work, just let us know within the next 56 days and we will refund every penny you spent.

No hassle, no forms to fill out. We are taking all the risk away from you. You even keep the free bonuses. We are that convinced you'll love Norabots smart autoresponders!

IMPORTANT NOTE: We DO NOT allow our autoresponder service to be used for importing leads bought in bulk or emails collected from FFA websites.
These are a constant source of spam complaints and so we've decided not to allow these types of leads to be imported in our system. Your list SHOULD be 100% opt-in.

Get your Norabots smart PRO autoresponders account NOW!!!
For Only $14.97/month

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Here is what you will get absolutely FREE of charge
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Turn Your Autoresponder Into A Cash Cow.

52 professionally written sales messages to sell YOUR product, service or business opportunity. Simple, easy, hassle free!

Each professionally written message has been tested, adjusted, tested again, adjusted some more and tested until it sold whatever was being offered. These messages have successfully sold products, services, subscriptions and business opportunities.

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This course will show you not only how to write a killer autoresponder series or course, but how to sell without the customer even knowing they are being sold! When it's ok to send ads to your list, what day of the week is the best to place an offer on the table, and guess what? They will THANK YOU for sending them an offer.

The Great Ezine Experiment

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Get the resources and know-how you need start your own online business with just a simple, free newsletter. It doesn't matter what industry or market you align yourself with, the formula laid out in "The Great Ezine Experiment" will work.

Power Profits and Free Advertising email courses that you can place in your autoresponders and start profit from them immediately.

Two powerful autoresponder courses to generate more leads and sales. All of the work has been done for you. The only thing you need to do is insert your own contact information and ads into the courses and you're all set. It just doesn't get any easier than that!


So, What are you waiting for?

Get your Norabots smart PRO autoresponders account NOW!!!
For Only $14.97/month

IMPORTANT NOTE: We DO NOT allow our autoresponder service to be used for importing leads bought in bulk or emails collected from FFA websites.
These are a constant source of spam complaints and so we've decided not to allow these types of leads to be imported in our system. Your list SHOULD be 100% opt-in.

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Thanks for reading,


Grid Marketing Team

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P.S Do your research and you'll find that you could easily pay up to $20/Month for the services you will get here and with only up to 500 subscribers... With Norabots you get unlimited subscribers plus all the other great features as described above for a measly investment of $14.97/Month ... Grab your Pro account right now!

P.P.S. Remember, you can automatically follow up on an unlimited number of prospects with just a click of a button. You'll boost your sales while saving time and money Get You PRO Account Now!

P.P.P.S. you've got a full 56 days Iron-Clad, Risk-Free, 100% Money Back GUARANTEE! If, for any reason, you're not satisfied with what you get, we will gladly refund 100% of your purchase - No questions asked!...


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