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From: Michael Stone

If you are reading this then I assume that you have the same problem as I did a long time ago and that is you suffer from a condition called Folliculitis. For a long period of time it made my life hell. I had 'Hot Tub Folliculitis' which would not go away.

I bet you already know too well what it feels like to have red itchy skin, and you probably know what it feels like to go out in public with a HUGE rash on your neck which resembles really bad acne. I bet you even know what it feels like to scratch it, thinking it will relieve the pain, but then, it comes back even stronger all of which are the folliculitis symptoms.

Well with any luck you have found this site before your folliculitis gets worse and more severe. People who have severe folliculitis have more red icthy skin and more rashes on their body, this is because they haven't done anything about it and have let it get worse.

If untreated then folliculitis sufferers can become prone to other infections and bacteria, which can bring a host of new problems which could be very difficult to deal with. These are some folliculitis pictures which show a few of the worst cases of folliculitis which you can see are extremly disgusting, painful and irritable.

As you might know there are different types of folliculitis like, eosinophilic folliculitis, pityrosporum folliculitis, hot tub folliculitis ,staphylococcal folliculitis, pseudomonas folliculitis and gram negative folliculitis. All of which are and can be serious if left untreated.

hot tub folliculitis

This Condition Was Making My Life a Living Hell, Bringing my Self-Esteem to the ground, and Ruining my Life

My name is Michael Stone, and I suffered from hot tub folliculitis, just like you, for a very long time.  It ruined my life because I was constantly itching, and had an unhealthy red color on my face. The problem first hit me when I first started to shave, which was around my late teens.  The problem was very difficult for me, becase at that age, bullying and being made fun of were very common and I would often come back home crying because of the folliculitis.

It wasn't just in the day that my folliculitis was annoying me, but at night time as well. I would wake up, almost every night, and feel the burning sensation, and feel the need to scratch and scratch and scratch, until I drew blood.  My Mom would come in the next morning too find blood all over my sheets

Finally, I went to see my local GP who said I had extremely dry skin, and that I simply needed to keep it moisturized.  So I went out and bought some moisturizer from my local drug store, and applied it to my infected area 3-5 times a day. Amazingly, the irritable itching had resided, but over time so had the moisturizer, and it was very expensive.

Slowly but surely the itching had come crawling back, and with it the red unhealthy color on my face. I tried loads of different medications, but none of them seemed to work. I went from doctor to doctor, and they all said the same thing, it was like they all knew each other, and they wanted to make my life a living hell.

As i got older, moving on from high school into college, and eventually getting a job, I thought the bullying would stop, however I was so wrong. The bullying, if anything had gotten worse, and what I experienced in high school was nothing compared to what work colleagues had in store for me.  Everyday coming into work I would hear,  "Look out here comes spotty, dont touch him you'll end up looking like him!".

Be Folliculitis Free for Good!

Although diet plays a major factor is almost all types of human diseases, proper hygiene and sanitation are the main contributors to determine whether you’ll be out of folliculitis or not, especially if you like shaving constantly.

In this e-book, you’ll learn the proper way of shaving. This activity is a common trigger for most adults acquiring folliculitis. Meanwhile, we also discuss that this skin disorder also occurs in children. Although children DO NOT SHAVE, they do acquire this skin condition. As a parent, it helps to know that your children can develop this skin
disorder without the right level of cleanliness.

Now, You Have a Solution, You Can Finally Get Rid All the Physical and Emotional Pain Folluculitis Has Caused You

This one of a kind product, and the only complete information package available to the public, contains a full step-by-step guide on how to soothe and cure all types of folliculitis, while prevent the disease from ever coming back. This book will drastically improve the quality of your life.

Here is just a small selection of what is contained in this 65 page guide!
  • Folliculitis, Monster Under Your Skin
  • What causes or triggers this skin conditions?
  • Does Folliculitis Barbae run in the family?
  • What can you do to help?
  • Where can Folliculitis grow?
  • Why does it begin to occur?
  • How do you diagnose folliculitis?
  • How do you treat it?
  • Who are prone to get Folliculitis?
  • Who gets folliculitis?
  • Causes and effects of Folliculitis
  • What are the symptoms?
  • Types of Folliculitis
  • Battle of the Cures: Which Side Do You Take?
  • Medications and Diet
  • Diet
  • Proper Skin Hygiene
  • Alternative Treatments
  • Allopathic Treatments
  • How to Choose the Best Laser Treatment for Folliculitis
  • Which One is Your Folliculitis? Getting to Know Your Monster Beneath
  • Scalp Folliculitis and Food Allergens
  • Types of Folliculitis and Their Corresponding Treatments
  • Actions to Take: Remedies to Try at Home
  • List of Preventive Measures and Remedies for Folliculitis
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Proper Skin Care and Folliculitis
  • Medications
  • Topical Ointments or Antibiotics
  • Superficial or Mild Folliculitis?
  • Deep or Severe Folliculitis
  • More Cures, Folliculitis, and You
  • Step-by-Step Guide to Treating Folliculitis
  • When Is The Right Time To Call a Doctor?
  • Healing Psuedofolliculitis and Folliculitis
  • Children and Folliculitis

Folliculitis Doctor

Here is what you will learn in the 65 page Folliculitis Doctor guide

  • Learn how to eliminate Folliculitis without the use of medication
  • How to stop the itching
  • How to get rid of dry skin
  • Focus on the root of the problem rather than the surface
  • How to be free from itching
  • How to have that healthy look back
  • Learn the causes of Folliculitis
  • and many more

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