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Yes, Diana, I'm Ready To Take Control of My Life and Succeed on eBay!

Dear eBay Entrepreneur,

It’s your dream … to be finally financially secure and independent. Your own boss. Calling the shots as you see fit, and not standing up and saluting every time some stuffed suit in a corner office says jump.

You look around seeing and reading about all those “eBay millionaires” just raking in the cash, thinking to yourself: “What do they know that I don’t?”

You’ve tried starting your own eBay business, but quickly saw the so-called gold rush seemed to be panned out. The couple of bucks profit you’ve been earning sure isn’t what you hoped for.

Were the others just the lucky ones, jumping in right at the start – leaving the rest of us to look on with envy… and more than a little regret?

Is there even the slightest chance you and I can still cash in on this explosive internet sensation called eBay? Consistently churning out juicy paychecks, day after day – all from the comfort of our own home?

The Answer Is A Loud, Resounding, Booming… YES!

How do I know this?

Because I’m living proof you can!

Time to introduce myself – I’m Diana, and yep! I’m a real, live person and Diana is my actual name (just ask my Mom!). I’m telling you this so that you know there’s actually someone just like you on the other end of this website – and not some marketing icon conjured up by a nameless marketing company in who-knows-where USA.

When I first started on eBay, I was totally clueless. And when I say clueless, I mean it.

·     I didn’t know how to list a product,

·     I didn’t know how to describe a product.

·    I didn’t even know how to choose a product to sell.

·     Heck… I didn’t even know where to find products to sell!


Worldwide, more than a BILLION and a HALF (1,596,270,108) people use the internet, with over 250 million of them in North America alone!

Every single day, more than 11.5 MILLION PEOPLE eagerly log onto eBay to browse and shop.

Hey, that’s a pretty darn big marketplace!


But I knew money could be made from selling on eBay, and I wanted in.

But like I said, I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the eBay shed…

My First Attempt Was a Total Disaster!

There I was, all pumped up and ready to roar. I started reading articles about selling on eBay, and pretty soon thought I had the game plan down pat.

All I had to do was find products that were hot, locate a wholesale distributor that would mail the items for me (called drop shipping), advertise on eBay… and I’d be rolling in the cash.

Yeah, right. Let me tell you this for free… that was one big, fat, expensive learning experience!

You probably heard the expression “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is?”

Well, this whole wholesaler-drop shipping thingy is about as worthless as a politician’s promise.

Don’t Fall Through The Drop Shipping Trapdoor!

So what’s so bad about getting someone else to take care of the grunt work for you? I mean, it sounds like a perfect solution, right? Finding someone who not only has the products you want to sell, but packages and ships them directly to your customer.

Yeah, sounds good but… the first thing I learned was that those “wholesale” prices were mostly bogus. In fact, I learned the hard way I was actually being charged MORE than what other people were selling the exact same items for on eBay!

And get this, those wholesalers are also advertising on eBay. So I ask you, who do you think is going to get the better price – you or them?

Plus, I didn’t have any control over what my customers were getting. If an item was defective,

or broken, or never arrived – I was the one in the hot seat. So even if I did make a couple of bucks on a sale, the extra “convenience” of having someone else doing the work turned out to be one big, fat headache.

Another dirty, little secret most of the wholesalers/drop shippers don’t tell you… most of the time you’ll be selling items that are already outdated. Think about it, why would anyone offer you a big discount on super-hot products?

Newsflash: They wouldn’t! So you’re stuck trying to offload their surplus.

My Fumble Finger Mistake That Opened
The Doors To The Money Vault!

I gotta tell you, one happy camper I was not!

You see – I fell into the trap myself. I had picked consumer electronics (mostly telephones) as my path to riches and fame, and lost over $3,000 when all the dust finally settled.

Like I said, it was one big, fat, expensive learning experience!

So there I was, fuming away… still trying to figure out this whole buying and selling thing on eBay, when my lucky accident happened…

I wanted to keep trying with consumer electronics, mostly because they are some of the biggest selling items on eBay. So I typed in a search phrase about a product I wanted to sell, and bang! Instead of the thousands of hits I expected, I only saw a couple of dozen.

But what I saw had me stopping in my tracks!

The item I was looking for was there, along with other ones like it, but at ridiculously low starting prices and almost no one bidding on them.

I thought I did something wrong, but what actually happened was this: I discovered a back door to deals and discounts to die for, all because of a simple typing mistake!

Once I Knew The Secret,
My Business Virtually Exploded!

Of course, I immediately put a bid on some of the items. And guess what… I won!

But then came the clincher… could I resell them at a juicy profit? There was only one way to see. As soon as my goodies arrived, I put them up for auction, and then… Wham! They were bid up and snatched up like nobody’s business. I knew I had found the golden key I was looking for – unlocking the door to eBay’s treasure chest.

And that golden key kept on turning for me… churning out sale after sale, day after day, week after week, month after month!

Just take a look at my most current eBay sales report!

Actual $diana$ (that’s me!) Summary Sales Report From eBay

See those figures in the bar chart? Those are real numbers representing real sales! Over $5,600 a day…over $32,000 in a single week! And for the last 4 months? A cool $325 grand (that’s 325 with three more zero’s tacked on the end!).

I’m not going to lie to you and say these results just happened overnight. I don’t care who you are or what you are selling, you gotta work at it. But here’s the thing – you can make as much (or as little) as you want – it’s all up to you.

Part timers or “dabblers” can add a couple of hundred of bucks to their income a month. Go into it full time like me – and the sky’s the limit!

Your Complete Guide To Awesome eBay Success…
My Step-by-Step System Revealed!

Since I began just 2 years ago (was it only 2 years ago? Wow – even I can’t believe it at times!) I’ve learned a whole bunch about the ins and outs of successfully selling on eBay.

And for you newbies out there (just like I was)…

Nothing is left to chance, and I haven’t held anything back. Some other sneaky eBay guides conveniently “leave out” important tidbits that can make or break your business. Not here and not with me!

You’ll be getting “The Full Monty”over 51 pages of no-nonsense, hard hitting SUCCESSFUL instruction! All from someone who not only follows her own advice, but isn’t afraid to prove it as well.

REMEMBER! My system works for ANY CATEGORY. You choose what interests you most, and this guide will show you the rest.

“The Insider’s Guide To Awesome eBay Success”

OK… you read this far, so I’m assuming you’re interested! Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty…

What will my awesome guide set you back?

How about $277? Sounds pretty reasonable… especially for everything you’re about to get. But no, it’s not gonna cost you that.

$197 then? Nope!

$147? Hey – now we’re talking – but it’ still not good enough for me.

Now catch this… every secret behind this incredible business model and all the methods I personally use to nail down those monthly 6 figure payouts you saw is available to you for…

(drum roll please…)

OK – stop rubbing your eyes – because you read right. My step-by-step blueprint for eBay selling success is yours for this small, one time outlay. No tricks, no gimmicks, no gottchas.

But you have to order now, because this huge discount is only good until midnight tonight – 12:00 PST . After that, well… you’ll still be able to get the guide, bit it’ll cost ya more.


You Gotta Love It 100%

Satisfaction Guarantee!


Grab your copy today with my instant download. Tear into it for a full 8 weeks. If I haven’t lived up to every word you‘ve been reading, just say the word.

I’ll refund every dime you paid.

No-Risk, No-Nonsense, No Hassles.

You have my personal word on it!

Fair enough?

And what’s more…

Here's Where I’m Going To Make The Deal Even Sweeter!

BONUS OFFER #1 – Customized Spreadsheet

Order right now, and I’ll throw in my very own Excel Customer Tracking and Profit Spreadsheet.

This is the EXACT same one I use in keeping my business running smooth as a baby’s bottom – enabling me to locate any purchase, any seller and any item with incredible ease.

With this indispensable tool, you’ll be able to track over 10 different ways, including:

  • Item Number, Item Code, Date Purchased
  • Seller Name, Cost, eBay Item Number
  • Transaction ID, Seller Address
  • Status, Days Since Purchase


I can’t begin to tell you how much time & effort this handy spreadsheet has saved me since I’ve been selling on eBay full time. It’s yours – FREE – the moment you order!

BONUS OFFER #2 – Item Return Form

Yes, it’s a fact of life for ANY business – from time to time you’re gonna get some returned merchandise. In fact, experts say if you’re not getting at least 3 – 4 % returns, you’re actually doing something wrong!

It’s how you handle the returns that matters.

·     First off, you want to make sure you’re refunding to the right person! (Very important!)

·     Then you’ll want to know the reason why your customer was dissatisfied. Hey… you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken! By finding out why the item is being returned, you can avoid those problems in the future.

·     You’ll also want to give your customer a choice: Refund or exchange. Maybe the item has a hidden defect that you didn’t detect. If possible, send off a replacement – keeping your customer happy and coming back for more!

The very same form I use is included for you as well, completely FREE!

BONUS OFFER #3 – Thank You For Your Purchase
Feedback Request Form

Keeping your customers happy should always be your main concern – And when your customers are happy, it reflects on your feedback score and detailed seller rating. This is the very same letter that I personally send out to every single one of my customers.

Why you absolutely must have this letter:

·     You want the buyer to know that their purchase is appreciated – not just another number in your accounting spreadsheet.

·     You establish some rapport right from the beginning with the buyer with almost little to no effort on your part. This way – in case there ever is an issue with the purchase – they'll feel more comfortable contacting you before leaving any negative feedback.

·     This letter was specially worded by a Marketing/Consumer Behavior Expert! It was made with an exact science behind it. There is no better way to ensure that your customer is 100% satisfied and show that you are willing to go that extra mile to make them happy.

A lot of time, money, and effort has gone into this letter – and I can't believe I'm going to do this, but it's yours for – FREE – if you order today!

Okay, now make sure you're sitting down for this one...


Seriously, at this point you're probably thinking: "Wow, What else is there?"

Honestly, I think that I've lost my mind on this one – BUT – you will also get my eBay Auto-Pilot Cash System.
Completely FREE!

Let me break out the bells and whistles on this one – Here goes...

Results speak for themselves. And I think mine are yelling... a bit too loud actually... I can't sleep from all the noise! Order ASAP, and start your eBay business today!

Order the Ultimate eBay Guide Now


“The Insider’s Guide To Awesome eBay Success” is the one take-no-prisoners field manual you simply MUST own. Here’s why…

·     You choose how much (or how little) to invest in selling. If you want, you can buy just one item and resell it – or 100’s if the spirit (and the paydays!) so moves you!

·     You’re always on top of the competition – if the market changes you simply change with it!

·     You’re in total control of what you are selling! Since it’s going through your hands first, you can test it, describe it, and ship it - ensuring very, very happy customers.

·     Your profit margins stay consistent - regardless of changes in the market value or market conditions. The economy sinks even further into the mud? No problem - you're making just as much money!

·     Where ever you are, there’s your business! No more hectic mornings, no more lousy commutes, and no more idiotic bosses!

·    You choose what you want to sell – any item in any category. Whether it’s cell phones, computers, clothes… whatever… my system works for ALL of them!

·   Plus, order now for $147 $47and SAVE OVER $100! (Pretty cool, eh?)

It’s Your Turn Now!

Ready to kiss your boss goodbye and your new life hello?

To toss that daily grind into the trash pile and start looking forward to each new day – knowing that whatever you earn will be going into your bank account, and not the coffers of some soulless corporate master?

Then take advantage of this opportunity now, because tomorrow has a way of never coming – until it’s too late to change the outcome.

OK Diana – I’m Ready to Order!


Now… let’s make some money!

- Diana

P.S. If you’re at all hesitating, this is what I want you to do…

Next time you’re in the local discount store, take a good look at the greeter by the front door. Or when you’re doing your food shopping, really notice the senior citizen behind the free samples kiosk, struggling to stand as she smiles through her pain.

Do it, and then ask yourself this…

Is this where I want to end up? Was this the entire purpose of my time here on earth… wearing a silly smock for a couple of dollars an hour, just to be able to survive another day?

That’s not living… it’s a prolonged and disgraceful death.

You truly have zero risk by taking me up on this offer. But I promise you this, by doing nothing, you’ll certainly get what you asked for: Nothing.

Thanks again…

I’m More Than Ready – Sign Me Up!  

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