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Do YOU have any idea what it feels like to join a dating web site to only be ignored and rejected by women?

I can tell you how it feels because I’ve been there – IT SUCKS!

But What If I could show you how I’m now able to easily attract women on any dating web site and how YOU can do the same, would you be interested in knowing more about it? And you can do it WITHOUT changing the man you already are…”


 “The Attract Her Factor” Will Show You Exactly Why Most Men FAIL With Online Dating… And What YOU Can Do To Successfully Meet Hot Chicks On Dating Web Sites…”


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Re: How To Attract More Women Onlline In A Month Than Most Guys Will Meet All Year


From the desk of: Mack Baxter

Dear Friend in Need…Greetings and Welcome,

Online dating SEEMS like a great idea… doesn’t it?

You sit down at your computer, log on to your dating website, and start emailing all kinds of hot babes… with no fear of “rejection” or to attract and meet women on dating web sites

Next thing you know they ALL email you back because they’re interested in getting to know “the real you”. So, you begin building a relationship with these women in a friendly, low-key way, and before you know it, you’re getting phone numbers and lining up a couple dates…

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if that was how online dating actually worked?

Well, if you’ve ever TRIED online dating, then you KNOW it’s not like that AT ALL.

The truth is: most guys who try online dating at best will meet a few average women and at worst will FAIL miserably.

In fact, if you’ve tried it out, then you know that it can actually be MORE challenging than meeting women in the “real world”.

Why is this?

Well, for starters, there are WAY MORE guys on most dating sites than there are women; in some cases 3 or 4 guys for every 1 lady.

But there’s another reason… a much LARGER reason…

Women know they have the upper hand on dating sites. Especially the hottest women, which makes it MUCH harder to get their attention.

I know what you must be thinking – THOSE STUCK UP BITCHES!!

But, it IS NOT that women are stuck up – you are not connecting with hot women right now for a much different reason. It’s a reason that can be easily corrected so please stick with me here…

It’s common for a woman to get swamped with fifty or MORE messages from men in a SINGLE DAY.

And just like women in bars and clubs, the most attractive women online are experiencing one predictable, boring, lame introduction after another…

“Hi, you’re really beautiful. How about I take you out to your favorite restaurant, then to a movie. I’d like to get to know you better…”


“I realize that I’m probably not your type, but I thought I’d try anyway. If you’d give me a chance, I’d show you that I’m the nicest guy you could ever want…”


“Hello, read my profile and let me know if you’re interested…”

Almost every man online will send women these types of lame ass messages and that’s EXACTLY why most guys get rejected.

You get the point?

Attractive women are SMOTHERED by messages from boring, predictable, lame guys who communicate low self-esteem and approval seeking nonsense. It’s sad really.

But It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way – You Can Show The Ladies You ARE Different Than All The Other Guys On Dating Sites


I’ve met and dated all types of women – from artsy types to professional business women and everything in between… consistently and successfully… all online.

I haven’t always been an online dating success the women you want online

Before I taught myself and discovered a few key and ultra-magnetic online attraction strategies, I was “the shy and lonely loser” – I’ve been the guy who had a better chance of buying a winning lottery ticket than meeting a hot chick on a dating web site and actually winding up in bed with her.

But I learned how to attract even the hottest and sexiest women online.

The question is: Why is it that I now have consistent success online, while most guys struggle to find what they’re looking for on dating web sites?

That’s what I’d like to share with you…

But first of all, let me quickly remind you that I can tell you from first-hand experience that…


A Dating Web Site Can Be A Lonely And Frustrating Community


You know what though? I can also tell you – from first hand experience – that there is HOPE.

You CAN have success meeting women online – I’ve done it, I can show YOU how to do it and it is far EASIER than you might think.

The hell with getting rejected by women - on the flip side, do you know what it feels like to easily flirt with and attract women online and more than likely wind up in bed with them?

I’ll tell you how that feels too because that’s where I am today – it’s F*#!KIN’ GREAT!

And if you’re anything like I used to be – a dating web site loser – and have had ENOUGH with being passed over and ignored by women online, let’s go ahead and flip that around starting right now…


What Are You Looking For On A Dating Web Site?


Are you looking for “no strings attached” sex?

Casual dating or maybe a serious girlfriend?

A friend with benefits or activity partner?

Or maybe you’re looking for that one special woman to share your life with…


Whatever It Is You’re Looking For On A Dating Web Site, You Can Find It And It All Starts With ATTRACTION 


You are about to discover several very simple strategies – which you can begin to use immediately, starting even today – which are GUARANTEED to help you attract and meet beautiful women on any dating web site.

You will be shown an approach to “dating web site attraction” like nothing you’ve ever seen before – a very simple approach that will work for you no matter how unsuccessful you may have been in the past.

So go ahead and take just a few minutes to read the following very important message…


How I Developed A SYSTEM That Got Me One Date After Another – ALL On Dating Web Sites – With Interesting, Attractive, Hot & Sexy Women…


I have to admit something to you though – I never even CONSIDERED online dating as a “real” way to meet women.

I’m once divorced and currently separated – I don’t come from money and I started going bald at the age of 21.

Believe me when I tell you – there really isn’t anything too special about me – I’ve never been “the stud” when it came to meeting women and dating.

And for years I tried to meet women online because . . . well . . . I had no other choice – being a single dad, that’s all my busy schedule would allow for.

Like you, I’m a very busy guy and I just don’t have the time to go and hang around in bars and clubs.

But the trouble was – on dating web sites – I found it almost impossible to make a connection with a decent woman.

I mean, I was able to land a few crappy dates with what turned out to be crappy women but it this is how you can easily meet more women on dating siteswas frustrating…it sucked and I wanted more than that.

No matter which dating sites I’d join, my results – or lack thereof – would always remain the same . . . nothing!

That was it, I had enough! One day I decided I was gonna stop wasting time and money on crappy dates with crappy women!

So, I knew I had to do something different – something other than lying about myself – to try and meet good women online.

So one day I figured I’d shake things up a little bit and try a few new things on my profile.

What the heck, I had nothing to lose – I wasn’t really connecting with any quality women anyway.

Well, to make a long story short, the changes I’d made to my dating site profile started to make a difference!

Over time, I discovered a number of key techniques I now use which consistently attract women on any dating web site I joined.

Most importantly, I’d discovered that meeting beautiful women online IS NOT a matter of luck!

Many of the things I’d tried on my site profile were well thought out. Some of my strategies, however, I’d discovered completely by accident.

Either way – whether it was by luck or on purpose – I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to finally see some dating web site success!

Now I’m not kidding you here when I tell you this… For every one strategy I’d discovered which actually worked to attract women online I tried 50 things which didn’t pan out.


Meeting women on any dating web site I joined became fun, easy and predictable.


But That’s Enough About Me, Let’s Now Talk About YOU


Would you like to start doing the same?

Look, doing those things that will bring you online dating success are not rocket science.

But, without knowing what these things are, you stand to waste a lot of time – and money – and endure a lot of frustration in trying to figure these things out for yourself.

I learned a couple of very important concepts while I was developing my system…


If You Want To Be Successful Meeting Women Online, You Need To Understand Two KEY Things:

1.  STOP doing what every other guy is doing – you NEED to show chicks that you are different from everyone else on that site; show her you ARE unique and a guy she would WANT to meet


2.  You must find a system that works for ATTRACTING women, and STICK WITH IT - and NEVER go dateless ever again


Just like the “real world”, there are common, predictable PATTERNS of behavior that occur consistently.

If you’re an attractive woman who has a profile online, the responses you’re getting from men are PAINFULLY predictable.

If you’d like to give yourself a GREAT education and prove this to yourself, then create a profile as an attractive woman on Plenty of Fish – it won’t cost you anything.

Then sit back and look at the responses you’ll be getting during the FIRST DAY or two.

You’ll be floored at how LAME the messages are that will wind up in your inbox. You’ll laugh… you’ll shake your head… you’ll actually get MORE CONFIDENCE as well. Trust me, it’s a great “science experiment”, and every guy should do it.

One of the most IMPORTANT things for you to notice as you’re reading through the responses and introductions that guys send is how similar they all are.

Take note, and DON’T DO what all those guys are doing!learn the right way to attract girls online

After you’ve learned what NOT to do, it’s time to take hold of a SYSTEM that works predictably and consistently…

So many guys are contacting attractive women… with the SAME INTRODUCTIONS… so YOU must do something DIFFERENT to set yourself apart.


Never Get Rejected By Women Online Again…It’s Time To Go From Dateless And Desperate To Literally Being Able To Consistently Attract Hot Chicks


And the good thing for you is… You don’t need to be a dating expert to become successful with women online.

Even with no previous experience – and no matter how unsuccessful you may’ve been in the past – if you can point and click the mouse while following simple instructions, you’ll soon be sitting down at your computer reading message from HOT women!


**  It’s time to STOP getting rejected by women and finally start getting more dates than you can possible handle.


**  In less than 5 minutes from now, you will be able to use my strategies and secrets of how I attract hot ladies online.


**  It doesn’t matter if you have money, nice looks, or nice cars – you can do this WITHOUT changing the guy you already are!


My name is Mack Baxter and I have created an amazing online dating system – and put the entire system into a book – that will give you the secrets of creating attraction with any kind of woman online.

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“Why In The World Should I Listen To You, Mack?  What Makes You An Expert In Online dating?”


I’ll tell you why: Because I’m already enjoying the dating success that you want for yourself, and I can help you get there in record time.

And the best part? I’m not some super genius who can do things you can’t do.

the attract her factor by mack baxterI’m just a regular guy – a single dad – who uses dating web sites to connect with women and yes, those photos you see there on the left are really me.

The only thing that might make us different – at least at this point – is I used to have trouble meeting women online too. . .but not anymore. Dating web site struggles and frustrations are now a thing of the past.

So Why Would I Want To Share All Of This Great Information With You – A Complete Stranger?

Look, I know how “sucky” it is to go without sex – that crappy feeling of loneliness without a hot Saturday night date – or being out with friends and watching other guys chattin’ it up with chicks while being too shy to approach a girl.

I know how much it sucks to email a hot chick on a dating site then going day after day hoping to see a response in my inbox…but that response never arrives.

As I’m sure you may already know – it’s a shitty, shitty feeling!

I’d finally figured out how to use dating web sites to find the women I want in my life – it wasn’t easy, it was a long road – so I wanted to document everything I was doing to finally get women.

So I decided to write a book on the topic of online attraction and I’m thrilled to bring all of my experience to you.


Once You Learn How To Attract Women Online, You Can Then Turn That Attraction Into Whatever You’re Looking For – HOT Sex, A Relationship, Casual Dating…It’s Up To You


If you’ve spent any amount of time on a dating site, how would you describe it?

Fun or frustrating?

It rocks or it sucks?

Are you getting enough or have you had enough?

Ask a group of men to describe their online dating experience and most all of them will tell you “it sucks!”

If you’re not having great success with women online right now, it’s NOT YOU, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT…

But, there is definitely something wrong with the techniques and approaches you’re using.


Whether You’re Divorced Or Separated – Have Been Out Of The Dating Scene For A Long Time – Are Unfamiliar With Dating Sites – A Busy Single Dad With Limited Time – Or Have Just Never Had Much Success Meeting Women – Then YOU ARE In The Right Place


The reason most men fail with online dating – or, at best, only connect with “average women” – is because they have no idea how to build an ATTRACTIVE dating site profile.

And at this point, you have no idea how easy it is to appear alluring and intriguing to women on dating sites – keep reading, you will soon discover everything you need to know!

Here’s the big problem: As a man you’ve been conditioned to think it’s your job – it’s your responsibility – to pursue women.

It’s been your understanding that chasing after women is how to “get the girl” – but nothing can be further from the truth.

You see, here’s the thing – when you chase after women you are leaving yourself wide open for rejection.

Think about it…

Whether it’s in a bar or on a dating web site, if you approach a woman you are giving her the opportunity to reject you.

But if you don’t approach them, then how can you possibly connect with women?

In a word – ATTRACTION!

When you ATTRACT women – when women are checking you out and initiating contact with you – then rejection and frustration will vanish.

And again, attracting women on dating web sites is a cinch – once you know how to do it that is.


You’re Not Alone – Most Men Suck At Online Attraction And Now It’s Time For You To “Un-Suck”


Are you making “fatal mistakes” on your dating site profile?

Like so many other men, I’ll bet anything you’re making at least one of these mistakes that would cause a woman to not even notice your profile:



  • Your photos make you look like a typical guy – just another lame choice on a site with THOUSANDS of men to choose from.


  • You’re letting your nickname and tagline “go to waste” – what you REALLY need to do is start using this part of your profile as “an ultra magnetic hook” to pull chicks into checking you out.


  • Your profile write up is boring – you may not think so but what YOU think doesn’t matter – it’s how the ladies see your profile that counts.


  • You’re coming across as too passive or even worse, like an over-the-top cocky asshole – once you learn to strike the right balance women will feel an inner sense of comfort about saying hi to you.


  • You’re sending women lame email messages – and those lame ass messages are being deleted almost immediately or aren’t even being opened.


And the above is just a partial list of the COMMON mistakes – the list is endless about the dumb mistakes guys make on dating sites…

Fact is, most guys have no clue about the mistakes they’re making and even more alarming, don’t know how to fix them.

The great news is that my online dating e-book can teach you all you need to know about how to easily attract and connect with hot chicks on any dating web site.

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It’s Time To Master The Keys To “Automating” The Process Of Online Attraction… And Meeting More Women Every Single Month Than Most Men Meet All Year…


Wouldn’t it be nice to know that anytime you felt like it, you could simply jump online and score yourself a date with an interesting, attractive woman… with almost ZERO effort on your part?

Well… let me tell you… when you have this system in place – and when you KNOW the simple strategies of attracting females online – it really is just that easy.

The only real “work” involved is developing the system itself and I’ve already done that for you!

And as you probably know if you have ever joined a dating site in the past… it’s not an easy task.

Starting from scratch, it can take YEARS of trial and error, and a little luck… and that’s if you ever figure it out…

But fortunately… this doesn’t have to be the case for YOU.

I want to give you the details of my system to easily and methodically meet one hot woman after another on any dating site … again WITHOUT having to lie about yourself or change the man you already are.

The Skills Required To Intrigue And Attract Women Online Can Be Broken Down Into 4 Basic Categories

1.  Craft Killer Emails That FORCE A Woman To Read Them And Respond


2.  Design Your Profile To MAGNETICALLY Attract The Type And Quality Of Women You Want


3.  Use Your Nickname And Tagline Like “A High Powered Chick Magnet”


4.  Turn Responses Into Phone Numbers, Phone Numbers Into Dates, And Dates Into Intimate Relationships


We’ll Touch On Each Of These Skills Just Below


Mastery of just one of these categories will give you a distinct advantage over the other men who are trying to meet women online… but only when you master all 4 does the REAL magic begin to happen

Upon learning the skills I’m about to share with you, you will have the ability to go onto any dating site … and essentially cast a “magnetic net” that will pull attractive women to checking you out.

Here’s how they break down:

1. Craft Killer Emails That FORCE A Woman To Read Them And Respond

As you now know… attractive women who post profiles on dating sites get DOZENS… even HUNDREDS of emails every day.

Even a woman who doesn’t post her photo will typically get TEN or more…learn the real strategies of how online dating works

The bottom line is that you need to do THREE things to even give yourself a half a chance:

Strike Fast – With so many emails coming in every day, attractive women get overwhelmed quickly… often “giving up” on the whole thing because it is so time consuming to weed through them all. Eventually they either delete their profiles, or simply forget about it altogether.

What does this mean to you?

You must STRIKE FAST—and preferably FIRST—in order to get an attractive woman to respond.

Fortunately, it’s EASY when you know how to…

Stand Out – Have I mentioned that attractive women—and even unattractive women— get A LOT of emails from men?

If you don’t stand out in a BIG way, you’ll be lucky if your email even gets opened… let alone replied to.

Think about it: If you received 100 emails tomorrow… and you were pretty damn sure that 99% of them said exactly the same thing… how many of them would YOU open? You’d probably go through 5-10… hoping for something that caught your attention.. and then give up.

This is what attractive women do as well.

But if one email has a subject line that JUMPS OUT at her… you better believe she is reading that one first…

MOVE HER To Respond – As you know… in the “real world”, simply asking a woman if you are “her type” is NOT going to get her to “like” you.

Nor is telling her that you think the two of you would be good together.

You need to spark ATTRACTION… and make her WANT IT.

The same holds true for online dating… TIMES TEN.

Simply asking a woman to “check out your profile” is not going to get her to write you back…

Nor is telling her that you think the two of you have something in common, or that you would be a good match, or some played out bullshit like she has nice eyes or a nice smile.

Just like the “real world”… you need to generate emotion. You need to MOVE HER to respond.

The good news is that doing this online is actually EASIER than in “real life”.

The really nice thing about connecting with chicks online is you can choose your words carefully… and don’t have to worry about “stumbling” or freezing up.

It’s as simple as taking a proven formula and customizing it to fit and attract the woman you want… and in a moment, I’ll show you how to do just that…

2. Design Your Profile To MAGNETICALLY Attract The Type And Quality Of Women You Want

So now that you’ve caught her attention with your email, the very FIRST thing she is going to do is check out your profile.

And guess what?

If your profile sucks… your great email just became WORTHLESS.

On the other hand… a strong profile will not only get a woman to write you back… it will also get a woman to write you FIRST.

A great profile is a PRICELESS ASSET to attracting women online.

Think of it like owning a vending machine…

You can simply place your machine in an area where people want snacks… and it will sit there and MAKE YOU MONEY, 24/7.

A great profile works the same way…

Put it in a place where women want dates (like ANY or even ALL of the dating sites)… and it will sit there and GET YOU WOMEN… 24/7!

Do you see what I’m getting at here?

And here’s the best part…

Unlike a vending machine that has competition from convenience stores and other machines around it… when you use the secrets I’m going to share with you, your profile will be the VERY BEST on the block.

Think of it like being the only guy in your high school who drove a FERRARI!

That’s right my friend…The ladies will be attracted to you!

With so many clueless men out there, it really is that simple.

I’m going to show you how to put your profile on STEROIDS… everything from proven sequences of photos that spark interest and curiosity… to the hidden psychological triggers that make a woman feel like she would be CRAZY not to email you, or to respond to one of yours.

3. Use Your Nickname And Tagline Like “A High Powered Chick Magnet”.

Virtually all dating sites allow their members to create a nickname for themselves and a tagline – when you learn how to use your nickname-tagline combination the right way, it will literally “magnetically pull” chicks into checking out your profile.

I’ve created a very simple formula you can use to create the PERFECT nickname and tagline EVERY time…

When you see what my formula is, I swear it will make you wonder why you hadn’t thought of something so simple yet so clever yourself…

But this goes back to the point I made before – by reading my book it will take YEARS off of your learning curve – you can begin using this formula IMMEDIATELY…

You will see your nickname and tagline for what it is – your GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to attract women to your profile.

4. Turn Responses Into Phone Numbers, Phone Numbers Into Dates, And Dates Into Intimate Relationships

You will develop your own “Perpetual Dating Machine” that lands you one woman after another… with surprisingly little work on your part…

It never surprised me that many of my friends who were the BEST at meeting women in “the real world” seemed to have NO LUCK with meeting women online… and quickly gave up.

The fact is that if you don’t know what you’re doing… meeting women online is a BITCH.

Forget about the thousands of other guys competing for the woman you want.

Even when you DO finally get a woman’s attention and get her interested in you… getting her to actually meet up with you and making something happen is an entirely different story…

The reason is that online dating is DIFFERENT.

It requires an entirely different set of skills than meeting women in more traditional ways.

You have to go about getting phone numbers differently… and when you’re on the phone with a woman you’ve met online, you have to handle the conversation differently than you normally would if you want to get her to actually meet up with you…

And even when you do end up getting together, it’s a very different ballgame.

Expectations are high, and barriers are even higher.

Most men are far too lazy to put in the time to learn the differences and make things work for them… and I don’t blame them… it’s not easy.

But the guys I do know that eventually figured this stuff out—myself included—have discovered something very interesting…

We’ve discovered that meeting and dating a woman from the online world is actually FAR EASIER than meeting a woman the “regular way”… because the entire process can be made so SYSTEMATIC.

Think of it this way – hot women who go to bars and clubs are in “defensive mode”; they put upstop chasing after women and learn how to attract them instead barriers EXPECTING to be hit on.

But those same women will join dating web sites with only one thing in mind – MEETING MEN so the barriers are much smaller and even non-existent.

Since you are meeting each woman in essentially the same way… with the same variables and circumstances… it’s fairly simple to develop a successful “routine” that works nearly every time.

For example, I have several “standard profile write ups” I use which work amazingly well to get the conversation started… then once the conversation starts flowing it becomes very easy to get a woman to send me her phone number right away!

The fact is that once you have a “routine” like this down for yourself, meeting women online becomes almost TOO EASY.

It’s plain to see why some of the guys I know that are good at this are now too lazy to even leave the house to meet women. I mean heck… unless they were looking for a challenge, why would they?

And now… I want to show you how YOU can do the same


These Proven Attraction Strategies Can Work For Any Guy – You Do Not Need To Lie About Yourself Or Pretend To Be Something You’re Not


Now for the REALLY good news…

I’ve just put the finishing touches on my revolutionary new e-book designed to quickly teach any man how to use the internet to successfully attract, meet and date DOZENS of new, attractive women each and every month.

This eBook is the very first of its kind… and I want you to be one of the very FIRST to have it…

It’s going to allow you to skip all of the hard work… and show you how to create your own unique system for meeting women, getting responses to your profile write up, how to get responses to your emails, strategies to keep the flirting going … and proven ways to build attraction with the women you meet FAST.

And that’s just the start… it only gets BETTER from there.


Here is YOUR “Secret Weapon” For Dating Site Success – It’s ALL You Need For Attracting And Meeting Hot Babes On Dating Web Sites



what men need to know about meeting women online



access the attract her factor immediately


This book takes ALL of the mystery out of how to attract beautiful women online.

Being painfully familiar with the frustrations of online dating, I went to work on writing a book that could teach any man how to attract and connect with women online.

And that book is “The Attract Her Factor – what every man should know about how to attract women on dating web sites”.

The book stems from years of trial and error and applies a proven magnetic approach that’s blown the doors off the way men attract and meet women on dating web sites.

Now these cutting-edge strategies are being brought to you.

The strategies in this book are easy-to-learn – and even easier to use – and will give you immediate results that will help you “stand out head and shoulders” above all other men on dating web sites.

Attracting more hot chicks online means you’ll be going out on more hot dates…it’s really that simple.

In “The Attract Her Factor”, here are just a few of the powerfully magnetic strategies you’ll learn –

    1. How to easily attract beautiful women onlineput an end to the frustration and rejection that comes along with chasing after women and learn how to attract them instead 
    2. How to use simple yet powerful, magnetic strategies to capture female attentionlearn how to pull women into initiating contact with you – it’s MUCH easier than you might think 
    3. How to create a default profile photo that will grab a woman’s eyes and stop her dead in her tracksthe right photo is the VERY BEST way to grab her attention so she stops looking other male profiles 
    4. How to create an alluring profile write up guaranteed to “lock up” a woman’s interest in younever be left out again – start connecting with more women no matter how unsuccessful you may have been in the past 
    5. Discover the “buttons” you need to push which will cause women to email you immediatelyinstill a sense of urgency to get women emailing you NOW – not tomorrow, not next week – but RIGHT NOW 
    6. Learn all the secrets to coming across like a confident manwomen WANT to meet confident men online NOT insecure wimps 
    7. Discover 5 killer – and I do mean KILLERtips for flirting with the ladies so they will WANT to email you back 
    8. It’s so easyhow to do all of this – and so much more – without changing the man you already are!


access the attract her factor immediately


Wow! All This From One E-Book?

Actually… YES! Attracting hot girls and becoming an online dating success is easy, but only if you learn it from the right person… someone who:

  • Is already getting more dates than he can handle
  • Has the right online dating strategies and is ready to offer it to you
  • And someone who understands how to coach you, so you can duplicate his results

You see, I also will teach you the techniques and strategies that will make a difference right away. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is for you to get as many ladies as you want online

Now, I realize that you might be skeptical. You might even be saying to yourself…


“Mack, This Looks Great, But Are You Sure Your Strategies Will Work For Me?”


The short answer is – absolutely, YES these strategies will work for you! I guarantee that they will – find out more about my 60 day guarantee by clicking here or see below for the details.

The fact is, some guys will see a substantial boost in the number of women they’re connecting with while others may see a smaller jump. Your actual results will depend largely on your own efforts.

You have to actually USE these techniques – I have no control over that part, only you do.

But, as long as you take advantage of the strategies in “The Attract Her Factor” I guarantee you will kiss your dating worries a final good bye, in no time at all.

Are you a newbie to online dating? Welcome!

“The Attract Her Factor” is exactly what you need to make your online dating experience successful from the first time, without getting rejected!

Have you gotten rejected time and time again? No problem!

This e-book will help you regain your confidence and set you on the path to consistent online dating success.

Are you already successful with women online? Fantastic!

Now use proven online dating strategies like mine to hone yourself into a chick magnet.


access the attract her factor immediately


Still Skeptical? See What People Are Saying About “The Attract Her Factor”

Awesome stuff Mack – so smart! I realized I don’t have a problem in person but online – my ridiculousness is easily mistook – you are brilliant!Marco W-N, Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Hi Mack! What you write in your book I had used to actually get a date with a quality woman! I think most men try too hard and don’t realize that a normal honest profile and the right message works. And thanks to your book I’ve learned how to do both and much, much more. Thanks again!Sebastian P., Helsinki Finland

Thank You Mack for the great info. I need a person like you in my corner. I dig your style (a lot like mine) and I believe in your philosophy. I really appreciate what you’re doing.Ronnie S., Las Vegas, NV

Hi Mack – Thank you for your great info. I purchased your book and already started using your strategies. Good stuff! Thanks.Ibrahim Y., London, United Kingdom


Let me show you one more…

Here is a fun email I’d recently received from a REALLY foxy chick from my POF account – her real name is Rita. As we were flirting and trading emails she asked me what I do – I told her I wrote a book for men about how to attract women online.

Her response to me says it all…

expect to get emails like this from women on dating web sites


“WOW! So This Looks Really Great, Mack! How Much Does The E-book Cost?”


So here’s the deal; I could easily charge at least $49 for this book and still sleep very well at night, because it’s worth several times that.

Heck, one of my competitors sells a similar e-book package for $197.

But I’m not going to charge you that much, and for a very good reason – I just LOVE what I do!

I LOVE discussing and sharing the topic of online attraction and dating with other men…

I was a lonely, desperate guy not that long ago and I know how much that sucks. So if I can help other guys meet some chicks online then GREAT!

Plus, there are sooo many beautiful women out there – plenty for ALL of us – I have no fear of missing out on my next date to some other guy :-)

OK so how much? What am I charging for my book? Believe it or not…


I’m Going To GIVE You A Chance Get Your Own Copy For ONLY…$19.97


But along with your purchase you will also be receiving a number of KILLER bonuses. So for ONLY $19.97 you will get…


greencheck“The Attract Her Factor” – this is THE BOOK which WILL help YOU get the women YOU WANT on any dating website – a $19.97 value


greencheckImmediate download access – start using all of these killer online attraction strategies in only minutes from now. Remember, you DO NOT have to change the man you already are so as soon as you start reading through this book you can put ALL of these strategies to work.


greencheckA 60 day unconditional, no questions asked, no bullshit money back guarantee – it’s like getting all of these strategies for attracting beautiful women on dating web sites FOR FREE. Read my book and use ALL of my ideas and if you’re not seeing an increase in the number of women you meet online just forward to me your original        purchase receipt and you’ll get an immediate refund.


greencheckAn audio version of the book – listen to all of these attraction strategies – anytime, anywhere – and put them to use when you’re back in front of your computer – a $99 value


greencheckFree book updates for life – every time the book is updated with new attraction techniques and strategies you will receive the new edition absolutely free of charge. You need to do nothing to receive new book revisions – they will be emailed to you automatically. A minimum $199 value

free dating coach advice for 30 days


I REALLY give a damn about your dating site success and will therefore offer the following unprecedented support bonus –


For a very limited time you will also receive a full 30 days of unlimited email support directly from me.

You ask me any questions you have about attracting women online and you will get a personal response directly from me – not my assistant and NOT from some unknown guy in the Philippines!

I’ve NEVER offered this type of bonus before but I MUST limit it to only the next 50 or so guys who buy my book. Hey, I’m only one man and if I start getting too swamped with emails then I WILL remove this bonus offer.

Think about it – this will be like having your own dating coach but much, MUCH better. You see, a dating coach charges hundreds of dollars a month or more. You will be getting my support FOR FREE as part of your purchase today!

When considering that you would pay at least $700 a month to have a personal dating coach, this is AT MINIMUM a $695 value!

I’ve never offered this bonus before and I never will again!

So, to take advantage of this offer, you must act right now.

So there you have it…


$993 Worth Of Value!!!


Today, you’ll pay only a token sum of ONLY $19.97 for all of this.

Is that fair enough? All you have to do now is click the button below immediately because the price above is just a drop in the ocean compared to what you are going to get

But you need to HURRY UP because I don’t think this price will last for long. This is a “test offer” and I can raise this price at anytime – I am in the process of testing price points.

And I’m dead serious! The price may increase at anytime from now!

No matter what however, it’s a bargain for you RIGHT NOW.




OK, just a few last things I’d like you to know…

Why Meeting Women Online Is EASIER Than In “Real Life”… And How To Take Advantage Of It…

I’m not kidding when I say that meeting and dating a woman from the online world can be MUCH EASIER than in “real life”… once you know what you’re doing.

Here’s why:

Reason #1: The Web Is The ONLY Place Where Women Feel Comfortable About Approaching YOU

How many times in your life has an attractive woman approached YOU because she was interested in getting to know you?

If you’re like most guys, you can probably count on one hand. And that’s if you’re lucky…

But on the web, it’s an entirely different story…

When you use the secrets in this e-book, you’ll probably (realistically) receive AT LEAST 2 or 3 unsolicited emails PER DAY from women who want to find out more about you.

Some will be from women who aren’t your type – and that ’s ok – because chances are you’ll also receive notes from about 2 or 3 women each week who are what you are looking for… and sometimes EVEN MORE THAN THAT.

You’d rather be choosey about the women you connect with, wouldn’t you?

Combine that with all of the women you’ll meet that you emailed first, and you can see just how wild and exciting this can get…

Reason #2: The Supply Is UNLIMITED… And You Have The Resources To Take Advantage Of It

As I write this right now there are TENS OF MILLIONS of women on dating web sites… and guess what?

They are ALL looking for guys!

Now in real life this would be useless – even if you were tossed into a stadium full of models, you could realistically only talk to 10 or 20 of them in a night…

But on the web, things are different.

You can easily talk to DOZENS of these women at a time.

Once you get your “system” down, you can “scale up” and join other dating sites… and multiply your opportunities each time you do.

You’re not limited to those you see out on the town or those you meet through your circle of friends… you can meet women from all over your state, country, or even the world.

You’ll never again worry about being lonely while traveling… simply search for ladies in the city you want to meet and line up some dates while you are there.

And as I mentioned before… if you’re new to the whole online dating scene, “The Attract Her Factor” is the best way to start.

You’ll hone your skills WHILE you are getting dates… instead of while you are just trying.

Reason #3: You Can Meet High Quality Women You Simply CANNOT Meet Anywhere Else

It’s a simple fact: I know more men who have met “keepers” on the web than any other one single place… myself included.

If you’ve spent any time at all going out and meeting women, then you know that a woman of quality is a rare thing indeed.

Many of the intelligent, attractive women who have it together are done with the bar scene… and your chances of meeting a woman like that through your circle of friends is VERY slim at best.

Sure… you might bump into someone you like at a coffee shop or grocery store… but why leave it up to chance?

If you are serious about finding a high quality woman to have a great relationship with – or GREAT sex with – the web is the best place to start.

And if you think you can’t meet a woman who is attractive online, you had best think again…

I’ve met many “over the top gorgeous” women online… and of course, many very attractive “regular” women as well. So have my friends (I’ve seen them.) And so will you.

So let’s do the math:

An unlimited supply… of high quality women… that approach YOU constantly?


It’s easy to see why online dating is the best thing going… for a select few of us that is.

Now, it’s YOUR TURN to join in the fun… and join the tiny 1% of men who have turned the internet into an endless supply of effort-free dates and excitement.

And “The Attract Her Factor” makes it possible.




OK – so there you have it – I’ve now done all that I possibly can … the rest is up to you!

To your online dating success,





P.S. OK, so if you’ve read this far and still haven’t made the decision to take advantage of my risk free offer then clearly you’re still skeptical. Maybe you’ve tried other dating site advice books and still find yourself searching for a girl and you have your doubts about about whether or not I can actually help you.

If that’s the case, then go ahead and find out more about me and why I’ve written this book – I’ll bet my story sounds a lot like yours.

Need some real proof that my strategies work? Then click here – you want proof? You got it!




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