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Hey Clint, I'm glad to be subscribed to you and found your first ebook quite useful indeed. I have just bought Dance Better Now.

Derek Long

(AKA Dancing Derek)

Specialist freelance dancing tutor



Hi Clint. I have been subscribed to your email for years and have your e-books. I like how you focus on helping students learn. I have found your information really helpful.

Ann Marie Harper - social dancer, dance competitor and dance judge for the Maggie Cancer Centre



Do you want your body to move like a real dancer's without the years of dance? 




















Buy Dance Better Now now*


I will show you how you can have this.

Do you know what real musciality is? 























Buy Dance Bette Now now*


I will tell you how fundamental it is to dance and how you can develop for better dance.

Clint Steele

Do you want to learn and master partner dance faster?

  I am certain that you will find this information useful.


  No matter your problem I am sure that I can help. You can email me anytime and ask me about any issue you have. I will then dedicate myself to find a way to help you.


  This way you know you will get the benefit and help that you're looking for.



Dance Better Now - the e-book



Who are You and why should I listen to you?

   Hi, my name is Clint Steele.


   If you have already read some of my work, then you know who I am.


   You also know that I am a specialist in making it easier for dance students like you to learn and improve your partner dance skills quickly.


   I am always looking for ways to make it easier to learn and master partner dancing, and everything I have learned I have put into my e-books and this site.


   The best information for a dance student is in this e-book.


   If you haven’t heard of me, then you can read more about me here and I strongly suggest that you sign up to my email list here. All you need do is sign up to a newsletter and you get an introductory e-book at no financial cost.




Well what do you have for me, Clint?

   Dance Better Now is everything I know about techniques that improve your partner dance ability.


   This is ideal for all partner dance students.


   However, you can also use this to be a better dance teacher too. Especially if you’ve been dancing from a young age, and you find it hard to remember how you learnt to dance. Buy it  and dance better now.




And what exactly will it do for me as a dancer?

You have already read my first report for you and you have read my emails on how to dance better. After putting this into practice you have experienced benefits.


   However, this is just the begining!


   I have a lot more to share. And it is the best stuff that I have tested on myself and others to make sure that it works.


After reading Dance Better Now you will:


  • Have a freer moving body that is capable of the dance moves you’re currently having trouble with

Dedicated exercises are detailed from page 51. Think about how much better you’d dance if your body just moved like a dancer’s.


  • Increase your ability to maintain balance and stability

Pages 71&72 covers easy techniques to increase your balance and prevent dizziness. We probably all have issues with balance and dizziness at some stage. How often does it hold you back slightly, or even more? No more when you get Dance Better Now.


  • Understand how to manage your dance teacher so that you get the most out of them

Pages 81-85 cover theory on how people can forget what it is like to be a student and how you can use this to first of all choose a good teacher and to make the relationship as productive as possible. If you’ve ever had issues with a dance teacher of found it hard to understand what they are trying to tell you, then this will help no end. Imagine if you just got what the dance teacher says straight away. Imagine the money you could save on dance lessons and how much better you would be dancing now


  • Improve your dance ability quickly and with minimal effort

Pages 90 to 105 explains how the brain processes information and how you can use this to work with your natural process so that you can learn faster, more efficiently and with more pleasure. How often do you get frustrated because you just don’t seem to get something? What would it be like if you could overcome all dance problems within 15 minutes or less? No matter how late in life you started to dance, you can still pick it up quickly.


  • Do more than just be in time with the music

On pages 107 to 111 the basics of musicality from part 1 are expanded upon. Musicality is more than just keeping time. It is about understanding the character of the music, absorbing it and then expressing it in your dance. This is real musicality: when you have it your dance simply feels better and looks better. Have you ever been taught musicality in your dance class? Imagine being one of the few people who really get it.


  • Dance with confidence

Chances are you can dance well, but not so well under pressure or when you really want to. Pages 113 through to 120 summarizes a diversity of techniques to manage stress within dance so that you can dance confidently, and enjoy yourself. Do you feel you lack confidence in dance at the moment? Well Dance Better Now will help that - buy it now.


  • Get more value for money from your lessons

Think about the amount you pay per lesson. It can all add up. For a lot less than the cost of a private lesson you will be able to accelerate your learning and get us much out of every lesson you have. Dance will be much more affordable for you -invest in this excellent e-book now.


   Dance Better Now will give you a collection of attributes that will enable you to be a much better student. You will learn partner dance faster and you will make the most out of every class.


   Dance Better Now will also make dance more enjoyable, more satisfying and more affordable – both time wise and money wise. Do you want to increase the enjoyment and benefit you get from your dance lessons? Imagine if you left every lesson feeling better about your dance!


   Imagine having a book that you could refer to anytime you had troubles with dancing.


   One that would tell you how to overcome any problem you face. It would let make the most of every dance lesson so that not a cent was wasted.


   Each lesson you would see yourself get better.


   Not only would this book help you dance better faster, but it would be an investment by saving you money in dance lessons.


   That's what this e-book will do for you



So what should I do now?

   Imagine how much happier and satisfied you would feel if you could learn and master a dance figure in a single lesson.


   Imagine also dancing the way you want to. And feeling the confidence that comes with knowing you're a good dancer.


   Hit the buy button below now and get ready to become that great dancer. The kind of dancer that others admire and want to dance with.


   But before you do, think about how much you have spent on your dance lesson. Now think about how much you would pay for a workshop that showed you how to learn to dance better: how much would you pay for a book that did the same? Now click on the Buy now button below while you think about that.




   Because dance is international, I have people all over the world with different fluctuating currencies buying Dance Better Now. So I understandably dislike showing a price in any one currency. No matter which I choose it will probably be different from yours. 


  However, consider the following:


  • How much is a private dance lesson? $60 an hour in the US is common

  • How much have you spent on dance shoes before? 100 British Pounds for a standard pair of mens dance shoes is not unheard of.

  • How much have you spent on your dance so far? I know people who have spent more than $10k a year in Australia.


   This e-book will cost you much less than any of that and help you get your money's worth from what you do spend on dance. It will easily be an investment.


   If you want to know the price in your currency, then click the BUY NOW button below. It gives you the price. 

And become an even better dancer


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