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Developing proficiency in all aspects of MMA is probably easier than you think, but it does require instruction, practice, and repetition.

As a member of our online academy, you'll get access to proven techniques.  These are highly effective moves we've learned and refined over many years of private lessons and workshops with some of the top Mixed Martial Arts trainers in the world (the same coaches who have produced numerous PRIDE and UFC champions).


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Members from all over the world subscribe to our training program and rave about how effective our training is.

Here are some of the reasons why they love being a Damage Control MMA member, and why you will too:

Understand MMA theory and strategy, not just techniques. We don't just show moves but explain the theory behind them that makes them so effective.  Our massive technique library has over 500 detailed technique videos with new ones added every week.  Browse by category, search by keyword, or follow along with structured lesson plans.

Train on your own schedule with 24/7 access. Watch videos anywhere on your Smart Phone or Tablet. Train from the comfort of your home, while commuting, or waiting in line.

Save hundreds of dollars in gym membership fees and private lessons.  We've spent a lot of time and money traveling and training with the top coaches in the world.  We created this academy for those who don't have the same opportunity to travel and train like we do but are just as passionate about developing their Mixed Martial Arts knowledge and skills.

Develop a complete MMA game through our structured program.  Learn Muay Thai, BJJ, Combat Submission Wrestling, Catch Wrestling, and Boxing.

Get answers to questions with direct access to pro instructors. We have trained fighters at every level, from amateur events to the UFC.  Send videos of yourself training or competing for helpful feedback, ask questions in the member forum, or request specific techniques to be added to the library.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

I’ve been trained by the best in the world, but coaches Brian & Brandon of Damage Control MMA always have new insights into the fight game to teach me.

Khru Cade 'Sakit' Anderson

Randy Couture's Muay Thai Coach for his Heavyweight Title victory in UFC 68

"I learn something every time I come here."

Brandon 'The Murderer' Melendez

The Ultimate Fighter Quarter Finalist

"The techniques shown here at Damage Control MMA helped me achieve a 3-0 MMA record. The videos are packed with details, and the multiple camera angles are extremely effective in helping me learn."

Aaron Okura

Amateur MMA Fighter

Here's A Taste Of What You'll Get Inside Our MMA Training Academy

  • Instant victory with 4 different quick-kill takedowns that go directly to submissions.
  • Brutal locks that make them tap in pain even when you're in the most vulnerable positions.
  • Master octagon control with our essential footwork drills.
  • Drastically reduce your risk of getting KOed with 3 critical tips.
  • Learn how to improvise new, unseen chokes through a method proven to win cage fights.
  • Be unmountable with 9 different Houdini escapes to handle any energy thrown at you.
  • Destroy "technique inbreeding" by introducing new moves to your training partners.

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60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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Your initial charge will be $9.95. You will then be charged $9.95/month.
You can easily cancel at any time.

We look forward to personally guiding you while you drastically improve your MMA game over the next 60 days and beyond.

Thank you,

Brian Yamaski & Brandon Kiser