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Affiliate Scripts

You can integrate our cgi-bin Perl affiliate scripts into your existing website or use them to create standalone websites.

With our scripts you can quickly and easily promote products from over 180 different merchants (see list below).

Script: Products: Posters (dynamic script)
Associate Engine
DySE::AqAM Catholic products
DySE::BettyMills Janitorial & Office Products
DySE::Calendars Calendars
DySE::CFB Sleepwear
DySE::GirlyChecks Feminine-Themed Personal Bank Checks
DySE::Hono Vitamins & Supplements
DySE::KimmyShop Cartoon Characters Merchandise
DySE::Hayneedle network: 175 merchants
DySE::Rockler Woodworking Posters (static) Janitorial & Office Products (static) Google Sitemap Generator


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Designed For
  Our affiliate scripts are built upon our expertise and also upon our experience as affiliates ourselves of the following merchants:

In association with:

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About Us

We are a software company in Toronto (Canada) specializing in affiliate tools and website design.

We are affiliates of several merchants, some since 1999. We have been designing websites since 1995.

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