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"So You Want an Exciting Job on a Cruise Ship?"

Here is what you need to know to avoid wasting time and money.

  Urgently required:
  • Are you highly motivated and up for a challenge?
  • Do you have a strong desire to work on a Cruise Ship?
  • Do you get on well with other people?
  • Are you happy to work away from home for long periods?
  • Do you have a helpful and patient customer services manner?
If you can answer YES to more than one of the above, you are definitely the type of person our Employers urgently want to speak to. You can join the thousands of successful people living and working on board the fastest growing tourism market in the world.

The best online solution to finding a job in the cruise line industry
Imagine sending your CV / Résumé to hundreds of cruise ship companies many of which are hiring right now. Our CV / Résumé service will get your cruise line career off to a flying start! We have been helping people gain employment in the cruise industry since 1995. offers you the most comprehensive recruitment service available online. You can not get your job search off to a better and faster start. click here...

Getting a job on a cruise ship is not like getting a job on land, you need to know what to do differently or you are wasting your time! Get Your Free Report Now!
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I am blown away by your site! As you know I got the job. It's all happened so quickly! I'm so excited I just can't wait.
Ms. J. Winters (UK)

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Submit Your CV/ResumeWe keep in regular contact with the top 300+ (click here for exact total) cruise liner companies. Their employment department e-mail addresses are regularly updated within our systems. Currently there are (click here for exact total) companies on our lists. Our computer experts have developed a program to send your CV / Résumé to all these main employers at the touch of a button. As soon as you hit the submit button our systems get into action. You will get replies today!

Click, Click. Sit back! Your CV / Résumé has just landed at the in-box of the whole industry in just a few moments.

Give your CV / Resume the extra professional touch, add your photo with our easy automatic Up-load. Create an account for further details.

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Got an interview. Thanks for the advice.
Miss. J. Duncan (Canada)

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I was unsure at first. Not being a computer buff... ...It was quite straight forward and I had no problems. I got a fantastic response from my applications... ...It is all done so quickly and it works.
Mr. L. Berkly (UK)

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Our service takes the time and hassle out of applying for jobs on cruise ships. You could waste many weeks or months trying to gather the information that we make available for you today.

Our visitors tell us they just want an honest service which is plain and simple and most importantly totally transparent. Let us help you realise your dream of working on a cruise ship.

Submit your CV / Résumé today ... is the number one Cruise Ship Industry Employment service. Use our services to blast your CV / Résumé to 300+ (click here for exact total) Cruise Ship Industry Companies. We have years of experience and want to help you successfully get a job.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You will only regret it if you do not try. Take your first step now. click here...

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You saved me a lot of time and I am delighted that I got a job. I tried for over a year with no luck before using your service. Thank you.
Miss. F. Dyner (Dallas TX)

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Just wanted to let you know I've gotten a job. I appreciate your help so much!! After contacting you I had a job in 3 weeks!! I'm now working for Clipper Cruise Lines out of St. Louis, Missouri. Thanks so much for your help. You saved me at a time in my life when I need a job and need to get away!!
J. Brazell (SC)

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Positions Always Available:
The Cruise Ship industry has a huge employee turnover. People leave for new ships, companies or countries. Others leave mid journey for various reasons, including personal or family reasons. Our Employers need to fill vacancies from experienced and non experienced people all year round.

We have been helping people gain employment in the cruise industry since 1995. offers you the most comprehensive recruitment service available online. You can not get your job search off to a better and faster start.

Apply to over 300 Cruise Ship Employers today. 100% Guaranteed. No waiting. Instant access. No Fuss. No complicated computer systems.


Our service delivers your Resume / CV fast, to every major Cruise Line Employer in the world.

++ In Addition ++ If you sign up today, we will also send your Resume/CV to hundreds or thousands of Recruiters and Employment Agencies. You choose a country from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, NZ, SA or Ireland and then choose 3 states/regions and we blast your CV / Resume. We can not give you an exact number of additional companies that we will blast your CV / Resume to as this depends on where you want to work. We have over 21,000 companies in our database. Full details after you send your details to the Cruise Ship companies.

Even Better

After we blast your CV / Resume to all the Cruise Ship companies, we keep on helping you: Once a week we will send you a Job Application Update.

Best of All

Why wait? Our systems send your details to the Employers that are currently looking for employees or want to receive Resumes / CVs for the near future. They will receive your details immediately after using our service. Click here...

Imagine getting paid to sail the world and meet amazing people in amazing places. This job is for life or can set you up for life.

"I Just want a job for the summer or a year or two at the most?"
No matter what career you end up in, if you have "Cruise Ship Worker" in your Resume / CV your employer will be impressed. "Why?" For one, they probably wanted to do it but never got past the daydream stage. You must be someone up for a challenge. You will have gained useful people skills, a wealth of experiences and maturity. You will have interesting conversation topics for every job interview. Every employer will want to ask you about your times on the ocean waves. This will greatly improve your horizons and prospects.

"I want to see the world."
The Cruise Line Industry is one of the best industries to get paid to travel. It is also the easiest to get in to, especially if you have no previous experience.

"All that sounds great, but what I want to know is can you get me a job?"
Yes we can. We genuinely have helped many people find work in the cruise line industry. Our service is simple to use and offers the best value for money. Our service gets to work for you instantly.

"How long does it all take"?
Ten minutes from now your applications will be with every Cruise Line Company in the world. There is no quicker or more effective service available anywhere. Click the button below.

 Free Services
Take this important first step:-
  • Create Your Resume.
  • Resume Webpage.
  • Job Vacancy Resource List.
Build your Resume Let us get you working.
click here...
 Professional Services - Get the competitive edge.

Getting a job in the cruise line industry is not like getting a job in any other industry. Our full membership professional services are designed for this industry and they really work.

Get your job search off to the fastest possible start.

Here's what you get:

  • We send your Resume direct to the E-mail inbox of over 330 companies, agencies, contractors, employers, recruiters and a whole lot more.
  • Saving you time. Ten minutes from now your Resume will arrive at over 330 industry recruitment addresses.
  • Due to constant staff turnover and regular new contracts there are always vacancies.
  • Saving you money at less than 10 cents per contact.
  • Lifetime membership - once only payment - 100% guaranteed.
  • At no extra charge we then continue to send you further Job Application Updates.
  • You can go on using your account with us for your entire career.
  • Make back the money you invest in us in your first few hours of work.

Beware of Imitations!

The chance of a lifetime for only $29.75

Pay by Credit Card for immediate access.




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