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bad credit resource for personal loans

Bad credit loans, credit repair, filing bankruptcy, government grants


We strive to be your one-stop resources for Bad Credit Loans, Credit Repair, Filing Bankruptcy, Government Grants, and Government Auctions. We are committed to helping you to get your credit back on track, OR get loans or cash that you need. The following is a brief list of what we offer:

1. Guaranteed Bad Credit Loans up to $25,000

What we do is quite simple. After years of research and through exclusive relationships with little-known lenders, we are able to guarantee ANYONE a bad credit loan of up to $25,000. Perhaps you need a loan for debt consolidation, home improvements, a new or used car purchase, a new home, or even a vacation! We are affiliated with many lenders who cater especially to people with bad or no credit. These are experienced and trusted lenders that value your business, no matter what your credit situation is. Our database includes the following lists:

  • Bad Credit Personal Loan Lenders;
  • Bad Credit Auto Loan Lenders;
  • Bad Credit Home Loan Lenders;
  • Education Loans and Small Business Loans;
  • Unsecured Credit Card Company List;
  • Secured Credit Card Company List;
  • Merchant/Retail Store Credit Card Company List, and much more.

    2. Credit Repair

    Not only do we help with loans for credit-challenged individuals, but we also help with repairing your credit. And, this does NOT involve the current scam floating around the internet where you are told to apply for a new Social Security Number or EIN. That method is completely illegal. Members of our website are given online access to a very unique and exclusive credit repair kit. It is nothing like any credit repair kit you've ever seen. It contains completely legal methods that WILL show you how to remove negative marks from your credit report, even if they are true. Our credit repair kit will show you how to remove charge-offs, bankruptcies, judgements, etc. You will learn the latest, closely-guarded methods that attorneys are using every day. These methods will also help to increase your FICO score, which is the score lenders use to evaluate your creditworthiness.


    3. Filing Bankruptcy

    We also provide members of our website with access to our do-it-yourself bankruptcy kit. This kit is for people who have determined that they need a fresh start. It contains all of the forms needed to file, step-by-step instructions, as well as a list of each state's exemption policy. If you are considering bankruptcy, this kit will save you money! Lawyers typically charge over $1,000 to help you file. Our kit will show you how to easily file on your own for a fraction of the cost lawyers typically charge, and how you can pay the filing costs in installments.


    4. Free Government Grants

    Anyone thinking about going into business for themselves, or wanting to start are expand an existing business should rush for the world's largest "one-stop-money-shop" where FREE MONEY is being held for you by the Federal Government. It sounds incredible that people living right here in the United States of America wouldn't know that each year the world's largest source of free business help & free MONEY delivers billions of dollars!


    5. Government and Police Auction Resource

    Millions of dollars of seized/unclaimed properties are auctioned every week at Government Auctions and Police Auctions. And most people don't know where and when these auctions are held! That is why houses, commercial properties, cars, trucks, boats, computers, TVs, jewelry and many other items are being sold to bidders for pennies on the dollar.

    We will show you when these auctions are taking place all over the US and where to bid on these great bargains, and how to be the winning bidder just paying a fraction of the actual value..

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    If you would like more details regarding our program, please click on one of the following links:

    Bad Credit Loans - Credit Repair - Filing Bankruptcy

    Government Grants - Government and Police Auctions

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    When you become a member of our website, you will receive immediate online access to our Exclusive Bad Credit Resource, Government Grant Resource, and Government and Police Aution Resource, including all of the following:

          A. Bad Credit Lender List;
          B. Credit Repair Kit;
          C. Do-It-Yourself Bankruptcy Kit;
          D. Government Grant Resource and Application Guidance;
          E. When and Where Government and Police Autions Resource.

    You will also receive lifetime updates to our list of bad credit lenders absolutely free.


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