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I also consult with emerging designers and brands. Please email me at mail@boutiquebuyers for further details.


Textile/Accessories Design Assistant at Jimmy Choo, Owner of Shoe & Accessory brand, Ming Ray.

"Super knowledgeable, dedicated, kind and fun to talk to, Renato is the one and only consultant you need if you have a fashion business". 

Ming Ray





Now with 30 years experience in the fashion industry and counting, below I share my knowledge, experience & contacts which have led to outstanding & continuing achievement in the fashion industry.This is the right place if you seek the know how, advice and fashion contacts needed for success, the wrong place for fashion news, gossip & pictures, there are many other sites and blogs which offer that.




You are mere steps away from unspoken information which will open many fashion doors for you. Whatever you read below become's irrelevant without real endoresement from those creatives who have already taken it on-board and made the adjustments before you, so don't take my word for it, read for yourself below and you be the judge.


But first, goto my free trial & buyer list page, download all the free stuff then come back and read all below.






 has been created by an industry specialist with 30 years experience within the fashion business. It is for emerging fashion & accessory designers, all creative individuals, brands, labels, students & graduates. It is for those who want true success & understanding within the real fashion business. With the knowledge, understanding and contacts below, you will be able to translate your creative flair into commercial success.


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"Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled." 


Professor Howard Stevenson



Take 5 minutes to browse this page for amazing insights.


 'Successful people do the things un-successful people don't want to do'




This site provides a vital resource which will hugely assist emerging fashion & accessory designers, fashion students & graduates, creative individuals, brands and labels with the area's of the business least studied or focused upon, yet are imperative for success in the real fashion industry.



These area's include fashion buyers,showroom sales, agent sales, distributorship deals, PR, exhibitions, e-commerce and sales admin ( boring yet vital!) I can assure you that without any sales orders, all  PR, promotional work, runway shows, exhibitions, fashion shoots and sample collections produced will be wasted if no sales orders are secured for your merchandise. Even your stunning website will be wasted if there is little interest and traffic is not driven to it. It is therefore vital to focus on these area's with the same dedication and enthusiasm as developing the collection and I am going to show you how. This is all about what to do, what not to do (very important) and also to provide you with everything you must know and be pretty savvy about, in order for success.


When it comes to PR, most believe any PR is good PR. Let me tell you this. Good PR is not cheap so initially keep it done by yourselves and in-house. Editorial PR is okay if you want to read a story about yourself/brand/label. It's good for the ego but the best PR, aside from advertising, is product placement in magazines or online, which is free but requires much work on your behalf. Product placement drives SALES on whatever is chosen to feature in the magazine/online shoot, however fashion editors will not give you product placement if you cannot list  good, usually city based, stockist(s) for your merchandise and in particular, the pieces of yours used in the shoot. Why? Because what's the point if they cannot direct their readership to the stores that are selling your styles featured in the shoot? It defeats the object if their consumers cannot buy what they are featuring because you have little to no stockists for it so it's not readily available.  Bottom line,they won't use it in their shoot.


Simply put, if you want to save an enormous amount of time and money whilst at the same time developing real success in the fashion industry, then you are at the right place and at the right time.


Furthermore, I am going to give you a complete, full contact detail, men's, women's and accessory buyer database and fashion editor database. You are going to see what a professionally written press release looks like and much much more. Why produce collections and samples that nobody orders? All that happens with those collections is that they are cleared at sample sales, a complete waste of time and money. I am going to show you how it is done by professionals, just follow our footsteps.


Want to know how we get in front of buyers and take orders? Read on.






I have worked in the fashion industry for 30 years and still am today, supplying the very best mens, womens, childrens and accessory large bluechip fashion multiple retail groups, premier independent retail groups and e-tailers. Everything contained in my e-book stems from many many years of first hand experience and I have tried to leave nothing out.


The e-book/guide/databases (which all download automatically and instantaneously from this page at the bottom) are not specifically about just me or my life in the business, but are detailed blueprints for what I have learned in my 30 years which is required knowledge for success. It has both full and detailed explanations and examples. It comes complete with a comprehensive menswear buyer, womenswear buyer and press contact directory containing over 1050 full detail contacts and outlines what we do, as professionals in the fashion industry, to not only attract the biggest and brightest retailers but to also secure orders with them, which is the lifeblood of our business and our goal.


Compliments from buyers,PR's, acquaintances and friends are welcome and nice but without actual signed orders behind them, they mean little!






The business is not difficult to understand, however without precise knowledge you will be at great risk of losing a lot of money, for example, if you do not have certified & legalised terms and conditions on the reverse of order sheets you will be asking for trouble. Also if you don't know your DDP from your CIF or FOB (shipping terms) you could even end up selling merchandise at a loss which would be a cardinal sin!


If your plan involves supplying the bluechip multiples as I do, M&S  Next, Arcadia etc, then do not even consider this if the factories who produce your merchandise are not fully SEDEX or SGS audited at the very least. The bluechips and their in-house QA departments (Quality assurance) will not touch you! Better you know now than waste much time and money later. Dealing with bluechip multiples means you must have a complete production department who are fully trained in all QA compliance procedures including  fabric/washcare/dying testing to 'REACH' standards, broken needle policies etc. It is a technical minefield so initially my advice is not to even try to entertain these types of multiple retailers at the outset.


The e-book, databases and information have fast become a discussed underground success story by providing an established blueprint to follow. It has been endorsed by those in the industry and also by fashion students, emerging designers, brands and labels worldwide. If you seek further knowledge regarding the business then you have found it, as well as a buyer directory containing over 1050 fashion and accessory Buyers and fashion editors/  assistants for all the major publications in the world.


5.0 out of 5 stars Support From The Trenches, 3 Mar 2013
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I bought this book based on the previous reviews as we are a new label in luxury fashion and are determined to get things right from the start. Renato's book is his condensed wisdom - support straight from the Trenches!. Having read the book, I agree wholeheartedly with the recommendations of previous reviewers and would add that if I was a Buyer - I would want to be approached by people who had complied with the advice in this book. Renato, thank you - I'm a total convert!



Sent: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 13:21:55 -0000

Subject: A thank you from Julia Brendel Limited

 Dear Renato,

 Your book, "Some buyers will, some buyers won't" was delivered to us this morning and has already been read!

 We're a new fabrics and soft furnishings design company and really wish we'd seen your book a year ago!

 Slowly but surely, we're gathering some traction but it's taken a huge amount of work so far and having read your book, we've clearly made some errors on the way but nothing too terrible thankfully.

 We have a number of stockists, a great website, have been nominated for a number of major awards, receive a lot of press and trade online as well as via our sales people. We exhibited at Decorex last year and are shortly to do so at Interiors UK in a few days. What we've learnt from the book will stand us in good stead as we develop and (very) gradually expand. Just wanted to say a real thank you for the book and its contacts which we will use as our bible going forward. 

 With kind regards,

 Gerry and Julia

Gerry Lee

Senior Partner/Co-Founder,

 Julia Brendel Limited


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The e-book is now also available in Paperback. See bottom of homepage for details. Also you are now supplied with an added excel spreadsheet with buyer details as well as the database in the e-book.


Hi Renato,

 I bought your book and have so far found it amazingly helpful. I am currently in the process of putting together my debut collection of high-end ladies wear dresses, hoping to sell to designer boutiques and department stores for SS13. It’s so wonderful you have written a book giving advice on what no-one has done before. I found it refreshing, to the point and a reminder to all the small detail that I could have otherwise overlooked.

 Thanks again,

Laura Henning



Here's a free sample of a PR Fashion editor list. This one is menswear specific Fashion Editors Mail.xls 



Hi Renato,

Thank you so much for all the information that you have provided me. Ive
spent my whole holiday away reading, and it is loaded with information. I
have recommended it to so many of my friends and previous collegues who I
have worked with in the luxury industry.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences, its very kind and thoughtful of
you to do so.

Kind Regards


 I read the e- book page by page and was extremely impressed.

You obviously have the insight from the buyers point of view and what they are looking for.

I have read many of the books on starting a fashion business but found your book to come from the heart and real experience.  I found your advice quite specific and to the point, you have obviously been there.

Yasmine Karim




Dear Renato,

We bought your e-book yesterday and wanted to thank you so much.  We started our business, Oscar London 6 months ago and this is the first piece of truly inspiring and informative advice we have come across, so thanks!

Kate & Raina




Dear Renato,

Wanted to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight in such a well-packaged presentation so promptly. It was most beneficial, I hope that in the near future we can work with a professional like yourself. Please keep in touch and contact me if you ever need anything, I would be most happy to help.


Liucia Japan






Possibly you have a natural flair for fashion & would love to be a part of the industry?

Maybe you already design & want to see your merchandise sitting alongside the major designers in stores and e-tailers such as Matches, Barneys, Net-a-porter, Mr Porter, ASOS, Selfridges, Neiman Marcus, Liberty, Harvey Nichols or Browns or the best independent stores & boutiques in the UK such as Dover Street Market, Start, Cricket or Jules B.


The e- book contains subject matter such as:

  • The Type of mail out I personally send to buyers.
  • Follow the exact same strategies to take orders as the pro's do.
  • How to ensure you take great order's pretty much everytime.
  • Why not to email buyers initially!
  • The easiest way to get appointments
  • Why never to call on Monday mornings!
  • Why in- house PR works
  • How to ensure you get paid on time!
  • What exhibitions to do.
  • what trade journals to associate with and why.
  • Why do you need return & credit notes
  • Why issue delivery notes with invoices.
  • What are costing sheets & why they are vital.
  • What are cutting dockets & why you must issue them.
  • What information must appear on your invoices
  • How to avoid late payment.
  • How to ensure your website does not conflict with your stockists
  • Why some labels succeed where others fail.
  • Fully legalized & certified UK terms & conditions.
  • Trade reference form
  • Costing sheet template
  • Top tips & Tricks
  • Over 650 full & current contact UK Boutique buyer details. Men's & women's.
  • Full current contact details for all the Department store Buyers. Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Liberty and the very best & most prestigious boutiques throughout the country
  • 400 fashion editor details for all the major publications.
  • Excel spreadsheet containing the buyer database also.






Dear Renato

I would like to express my appreciation for the advice I have received from you.I sent out an e flyer today and I already have strong interest and order talks from two different boutiques, one in ireland and another in harrogate.


Thanks a million as this is the best start for Robe.

Best Regards

Tobi Hannah

Robe Dress






I am often asked " Where do we show the collection from?" or "Can i show from home?"


Showrooms are expensive, even short term showrooms on a 4 - 6 week let are expensive. If you plan to show your collection in central London, showrooms are very expensive and if you don't have fixed appointments there is nothing worse than sitting around in your paid for showroom waiting for buyers to show up! It would be much more cost effective to either take part in a well attended & recognised trade exhibition, where buyers visit en masse.


Great to fix appointments with buyers at their stores also. Buyers don't mind this initially as it's a zero risk/outlay for them. I tell you the terminology we use, as well as tricks we employ, to get us in front of them.

The only affordable & easy to follow fashion resource available on the internet which includes full & current address & contact details for over 650 UK Department store fashion & Accessory buyers, lifestyle boutique buyers & top end e-tailers, plus 400 fashion editors for every major publication.




My advice, don't invest in a showroom unless you have guaranteed fixed appointments with buyers & if you do take a showroom, double book your appointments! Buyers cancel at the last minute, forget completely, get delayed or take extended lunches. You would be better off having multiple buyers in the showroom at the sametime! I have done this numerous times and it actually has the effect of creating such a buzz around the collection, buyers feel as though they are missing out if they don't place an order. Ideal for us.


For short term showrooms in central London, contact Kelly Myers at The Langham Estate on 020 7580 5656 or email  I have found Kelly to have reasonably priced showrooms in W1 but still expect them to be in the region of  £2400.00 plus VAT per month (That's about £85 per day) This is for approx 500sq ft which can accommodate about 4/5 6ft garment rails, holds about 350 hanging garments/Accessories & bags. He handles UK showrooms for designers worldwide wanting a central London UK base whilst showing their collection in London.




 Much more of this type of advice in the e-book.




I loved reading Some Buyers Will Some Buyers Wont.  It was informative and very easy to understand.  I loved the way it was written and straight to the point.  I do intend on using the contacts that you have send me.  Usually this information is very hidden and expensive.  If you have anything else and would like any feedback I would love to read it.  I have been learning everything on my own and it is nearly impossible to find someone like you who shares their knowledge with people like me.  


Nadia Ivanova







This e-book is delivered immediately. It downloads to you instantly. No waiting, no fuss & don't forget the freebie bonus! See below

When I started in this business as a 19 year with no knowledge & even less contacts, I was told, by so called industry experts, I would not survive in the fashion business! They thought because I was just a 'regular' guy that I didn't have what it takes! Great proving people wrong & making them eat their words.


I did just that & proved them all wrong. From a starting point of selling t-shirts & knitwear to Topshop & Miss Selfridge for Jeffrey Rogers, I ended up traveling to all the major fashion weeks around the world & selling couture dresses, via Harrods, to Saudi princesses by Maria Grachvogel. I had to drive to 10 Downing Street to deliver dresses & suits by Sara Sturgeon to the then Prime Ministers wife! Today, in 2012, I still sell high fashion & I still travel all around the world exhibiting at Fashion weeks.


Along the way I have supplied some of the best department stores in the world including Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Brown Thomas,  Neiman Marcus, El Corte Ingles, Bloomingdales, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks, Lane Crawford, David Jones, Harrods, Liberty to name a few & hundred's of the very best fashion & lifestyle boutiques in the UK & around the world. If I can, you can, it is the knowledge & confidence that counts.