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Hello Paleo Friend,

I know. You’ve heard it all before. Atkins, South Beach, The Zone, Weight Watchers… they all make the same claims. And if you’ve tried them, and they didn’t work for you, you’re probably very, VERY skeptical about this Paleo diet everyone is talking about.

Well, good. Being skeptical is a sign of intelligence. You need more information before you make any decisions. So to start, I’ll tell you the basic idea behind the Paleo diet, the science behind why people lose so much weight on it, and why they’re able to KEEP the weight off.

Then I’ll tell you all about how my new recipe book solves the three main problems with the Paleo diet!
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Doesn’t sound much like a diet, does it? Exactly.

See, the basic idea behind Paleo is simply this: our bodies are not designed to handle all the stuff we have in our modern diet. Modern man (homo sapiens) has been around for 200,000 years, and for almost all of that time, we didn’t even have farms, let alone grocery stores.

For most of our time on Earth, humans lived as hunter-gatherers, moving from place to place and eating what was available in nature. And that was mostly plants (they’re easy to catch). On a good day you’d snag some fish — less often a bird or some red meat — but for the most part, humans ate plants they found.

I could go through the whole timeline, but I’ll spare you the history lesson and just sum it up:

  • Human-like species (hominids) have been on the planet for about 4.4 million years
  • Homo sapiens (modern humans) for 200,000 years
  • Formal agriculture and animal domestication roughly 7,000 years ago
  • Greengrocers/supermarkets and white flour 1800s-1900s; about 300 years ago
  • High fructose corn syrup 1970s; about 30 years ago

Do you see where I’m going here? For 3 million, 999 thousand, 999 years our diet consisted mostly of nutritious plants. The idea of eat-whatever-whenever is less than a few hundred years old. White flour (which has zero nutrition and dangerous chemicals by the way), and crazy unnatural things such as high fructose corn syrup and Cheetos and Coco Pops are even more recent (and diabolical).



Grains and dairy… weird? Really? It seems odd to say it with all the talk about milk and calcium and bones, and the food pyramid recommending 9-11 servings of grain a day, but scientists are realizing more and more that grain and dairy cause a whole bunch of digestive and immune system problems. Yes, even whole grains.

Again, I’ll spare you the long lesson and just get to the point: our bodies don’t understand how to deal with large amounts of nutrition-poor grain and sugars, and dairy wasn’t on the menu until animals were domesticated, so we’re not really designed for that, either. And when we can’t process what we eat efficiently, trouble starts brewing.

I’m already convinced! Take me straight to your super-cool Caveman Paleo Recipes eBook…

Our liver can’t handle the overload and the kidneys have to help out. They get tired. We get tired. We consume so much sugar and carbs that our bodies no longer have to burn stored fat to get energy. Obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue, allergies (inflammation), bloating, insomnia, frequent illnesses, heart disease, even headaches… they’re all signs that beautifully balanced machine that is the human body isn’t working properly. And they’re all modern problems caused by the modern nutrition-poor diet.

So Paleo strives to bring us back in balance by eating foods we’re biologically designed to process. The Paleo diet focuses on eating a variety of vegetables, preferably raw, and going easy on the other stuff, and eliminating or grains and dairy or keeping them to a minimum. Strict Paleo followers completely eliminate dairy, sugar (except from fruit), and all grains, but as I’ll discuss later, there’s some flexibility there depending on your needs.


This Simple Concept Is Why
The Weight Just FALLS Off

Paleo is more about health than weight loss actually, but it works anyway. And here’s the reason why:

For the 4.4 million years we were running around hunting and gathering, the body came up with a great idea – if any extra sugars and carbs came along it would store them up for later, when we needed energy to chase down that mastodon or walk for days to better foraging grounds. (Yep, it came up with the fat battery.)

So now, when we have lots of extra carbs and sugar and we don’t chase anything but a deadline, it all gets stored in that fat battery. And never gets used… ever.

So when you go back to a natural Paleo way of eating, you return to your natural balance. Which means your metabolism revs up. What’s more, your pancreas can produce enough insulin to process the small amount of carbs and sugars that occur naturally in food (angry pancreas = diabetes).

Also, your liver can get rid of toxins without stressing out the kidneys. (The liver, by the way, is also responsible for turning protein into energy, and it needs to burn fat to do that, so if it can get down to business instead of trying to figure out how to process your Sugar Frosted Chocolate Pop Tart it would really appreciate it).

So how does this all equal weight loss?



You stop adding to the fat battery AND your body is forced to start using that stored fat for complex processes like brain functions and breaking down proteins. See? No calorie counting or weighing every morsel or Zumba (though you can if you want, it’s great for you), no meetings or frozen “health” foods. No crying. Just a different way of thinking about food. Do that, and the fat will melt away—I promise. Stick to it, and you’ll never be fat again. It’s that simple.

(I know some of you are nervously wondering about bread and pasta right now, but just stick with me here and we’ll get to that…)


Other HUGE Benefits Of Going Paleo…

As I’m sure you can see by now,The Paleo diet isn’t just a great way to lose weight. It’s also a great way to ensure a proper balance of nutrients. Here are just a few of the health benefits you’ll get in addition to losing that all that fat:

  • More stamina
  • Better sleep
  • Better mental health
  • Tons of energy
  • Better athletic performance
  • Fewer allergies and colds
  • Libido (not-fun fact for you men: the more grain you consume the smaller your testicle size— I’m not kidding, the University of Missouri in the U.S. did a study)
  • Better mental performance
  • Lower risk of diabetes
  • MUCH lower risk of all other health problems associate with being overweight (stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even cancer).

So, go Paleo and you’ll be a lean, mean, human machine.

I want to be a lean and mean super-healthy Paleo machine… let me order the Caveman Paleo Recipes book now!


Okay, Paleo Will Obviously Make Me Thin
And Healthy. But What’s The Catch?

Ah, the smart skeptic strikes again. There are three main problems with the Paleo diet.

1. It can be rigid. As I mentioned before, going strict Paleo means no grains, no dairy, strictly limited fruit, and absolutely no sugar or sugar substitutes. Vegetables, nuts, small amounts of meat and fruit, raw honey, and eggs. That means no more soda and bread and pasta and Coco Fruity Sticky Treats or whatever.

Don’t run screaming, I have a solution for you…

2. It can be hard to maintain. Say you decide thin and healthy is how you want to be, but your whole family is against it. “NO!” they scream, “We want to be fat and sick!” So you’re stuck cooking two meals or eating by yourself in the closet…

Don’t run screaming, I have a solution for you…

3. It can get expensive. The Paleo diet’s focus on natural, healthy foods that are as close to what our ancestors ate as possible can get pricey. Because let’s face it: the kinds of foods the Paleo diet recommends are not the kinds of things you can just buy and pop in the microwave. It can require shopping at specialty food stores, or at least taking a trip to your grocery store’s more exotic sections for thing like grass-fed beef, no-hormone chicken, organic vegetables… it can really bust your food budget.

Don’t run screaming, I have a solution for you…


How Caveman Paleo Recipes Solves
The 3 Biggest Problems With The Paleo Diet

I have yet to introduce myself! I’m Ben Newman. I originally started on the Paleo diet because I needed to lose weight and get some health issues under control, and this way of eating made the most sense to me. Plus a buddy of mine had tried it and lost a couple stones pretty fast.

But there was a problem. I’m a professional chef. I LOVE food. I wasn’t so much into the junk because as a chef I valued quality ingredients, but of course I enjoyed breads and pastas and cheese and sugary desserts like anyone else…

Honestly, it was a struggle for awhile. But then I had a brilliant idea — I’m a chef! Why not create my own recipes that satisfied all my cravings but stuck to the Paleo diet? I had already been adjusting Paleo ingredients to fit my food budget, so I realized I could make the recipes finance-friendly at the same time…

So, over the past two years I’ve been creating and testing delicious, affordable Paleo recipes until I perfected and collected them into….drum roll please….


The Caveman Paleo Recipes eBook!

Caveman Paleo Recipes has over 100 chef-created-and-approved recipes in every category: breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner, and desserts.

The recipes in this book are:

  1. Made 100% of Paleo diet ingredients
  2. Are SIMPLE to prepare
  3. Are affordable
  4. Taste GREAT!


Please don’t make me eat that frozen diet meal! I want to order Caveman Paleo Recipes NOW!

Now, before I go on to tell you how Caveman Paleo Recipes solves the 3 big Paleo diet problems, I want to take a second and talk about flavor. Flavor has NOTHING to do with “empty calories” and everything to do with mixing different items so that they complement each other.

So, if you know how to do that (and I do), even the lowest calorie dish can taste like Heaven! After all, top chefs aren’t getting paid to serve you canned beans, so there must be something to this whole flavor thing…

So how exactly does CavemanPaleo Recipes solve the 3 biggest problems of the Paleo diet?

Well, let me address each in turn…

PROBLEM 1: Paleo can be rigid.

SOLUTION: Caveman Paleo Recipes makes following the Paleo diet easy.

If you make all of your meals and snacks from this recipe book, you’ll be 100% Paleo, and you won’t feel deprived. I have over 20 desert recipes, including brownies, chocolate mousse, and a “cheesecake” made of cashews that’s so good you’ll want to serve at your next party. I have recipes for bacon and avocado omelets as well as macadamia-crusted fish. And since I started with using recipes I haven’t had any of the old cravings.

HOWEVER, I recognize that some people will not be able to go full Paleo and give up bread and pasta and cheese. And that’s okay. Really. Don’t throw out the whole idea over a couple of favorite foods! (A slice of bread once in awhile isn’t going to kill you, it’s the waffles and sandwich and slice of bread with your white flour pasta every day that will). So go ahead and have Coco Fruity Sticky Saturday. As long as you follow the Caveman Paleo Recipes most of the time, you’ll still get the benefits.

PROBLEM 2: Paleo can be hard to maintain.

SOLUTION: Caveman Paleo Recipes will fool your family.

You won’t have to give up your new healthier way of eating because your family isn’t supporting you. Don’t mention the changes, and they probably won’t notice. Instead of a sandwich for lunch, serve up some coconut chicken fingers. Replace cereal and milk with Paleo spiced pumpkin bread (it uses almond flour) which you can make ahead of time for a healthy breakfast when everyone is rushing off to work or school. And no one is going to complain when you prepare wine-braised pork chops for dinner, trust me.

These recipes are so good you can even put together a 100% Paleo dinner party and none of your guests will be the wiser (but they’ll be healthier).

PROBLEM 3: Paleo can be expensive.

SOLUTION: Caveman Paleo Recipes are budget friendly.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, when I started the Paleo diet, I found myself having to substitute less costly ingredients for some of the things I couldn’t afford or find. I created these recipes with that in mind. Almost all of the ingredients are commonly found at the supermarket. If you can afford to get all organic veggies and get the more expensive, grass-fed, hormone-free meats, that’s great! If not though, just do the best you can.

Here’s a good example with a recipe from the book:


All the ingredients are affordable, and easily found. But if for some reason you can’t find chorizo or it’s too expensive, regular sausage or homemade chorizo will do nicely.


Here’s What Other People Are Saying About Caveman Paleo Recipes!

I’ve just recently started selling my eBook, but the fan letters are all ready coming in! Here are just a few…

“I’ve always been a fan of the Paleo diet, but before Caveman Paleo Recipes, I just didn’t know how to follow the plan while staying within my budget… Well, thanks to Caveman Paleo Recipes, I’m doing just that! Thanks!” — Sarah, New York

“It’s a miracle! I’ve lost 100 pounds eating foods that I love! I can’t believe how much this recipe guide has changed my life!” — Heather, Canada

“This book is just great… I’m just LOVING these dishes, I’m eating them for 3 meals a day, plus snacks!” 3 Week Diet


Okay, Okay! I’m Convinced! How Do I Order?


It’s simple! Just click below and you’ll be taken to the order form. Because I saved on costs by making this an eBook, I can pass those savings on to you. That’s why Caveman Paleo Recipes is only $14.99! Once you order you’ll get INSTANT DOWNLOAD of the eBook!

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The Caveman Paleo Recipes exclusive Member’s website also gives you access to fun and informative video recipes.

See first-hand exactly how to make some of the recipes from the eBook. You can also access them online any time or even view them on your laptop or tablet for a step-by-step guide!

Plus, your membership never expires, so if I add another bonus or more videos down the line, you’ll have free access to everything!

Now I’m Going To Tell You Why You Can’t
Afford NOT To Buy Caveman Paleo Recipes!

I know. You’re probably thinking, “Of course he’s going to say that, he wants me to order his book…” Well, yeah, I do! But that’s not the reason I’m telling you this. I’m saying this because I know first-hand the terrible health problems that come from being overweight and eating junk food. You may feel fine now, but if you continue to put stress on your body, it WILL catch up with you.

So if you’re not sure about the whole Paleo thing or you don’t think you can go 100% Paleo, you should still get this book. Because even if you replace just a few of your old recipes with your favorite Caveman Paleo Recipes every week, your health will improve. You’ll spend less time sick, waste less money on over-the-counter pharmacy drugs for colds and headaches. You’ll drop weight and feel better, have tons more energy. You’ll miss less work, enjoy your life more because you won’t be so stressed and tired.

Isn’t that worth $29.99….$9.99?

And guess what? I’m so confident you’ll love these recipes and that you’ll feel better when you start following the Paleo diet, that I’m offering a full money-back guarantee. Order the book and try the recipes, and if you’re not completely satisfied that Caveman Paleo Recipes was well worth the money, I’ll refund every dime, no questions asked.


Caveman Paleo Recipes Is The Best And Only Paleo Recipe Book You’ll Ever Need!

  • Caveman Paleo Recipes eBook contains over 100 original recipes created by me, a professional chef.
  • They are very easy to make (most you can whip together with a half hour or less prep time) and require few ingredients.
  • They’re 100% Paleo and therefore full of nutrients and easy on your body’s systems.
  • Every recipe is leaps and bounds more flavorful than what you’ll get in takeaways, junk food, and tinned or frozen food.


Get your body working the way it’s supposed to and lose weight quickly (and keep it off) without crazy programs or exercising until you drop!

Order Caveman Paleo Recipes Today!

special999Remember, you get the Caveman Paleo Recipes eBook, the Paleo Drinks Bonus eBook, and LIFETIME ACCESS to video recipes and all future bonuses for just $9.99. And remember, I offer a 100% 60-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk for you to try it! The sooner you order, the sooner you can start losing weight and feeling healthier!