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Dear Online Entrepreneur:

Are you spinning your wheels trying to earn additional income online while still holding down your full-time job?

Have you been frustrated and disappointed by products that promise to show you how to make big money fast … only to fall short of the mark over and over again?

My name is Andy Kwong and I know first-hand how hard it can be to build a revenue stream online … especially when you are first starting out.

That’s because I’ve spent the past five years trying to come up with a dependable, effective way that regular folks like you and me can use to earn an easy monthly income online.

So far, I’ve launched a few successful online products … so I’m starting to think that I might just know how to help people like you earn a full-time income with their online efforts.


If You Aren’t Making Money Online Yet … All That Is About to Change!

For my latest product, I’ve built something that is designed specifically for people who have been having trouble getting their online marketing off the ground. I know how hard it can be to stay motivated when you aren’t earning the profits you expected …

So I asked myself a question …

“How can someone who’s had little or no success making money online find the results they are looking for quickly and effectively?”

Rather than trying to rehash old ideas into something new or come up with a completely new and untested new profit blueprint,I realized that the answer was right in front of me!

What if I were to combine the power of affiliate marketing with the unsurpassed popularity of Facebook, the world’s largest and most successful social media platform?!

From there, the rest was easy …

FB Affiliate Commissions

This is it! Your complete, step-by-step blueprint for building high-profit,
permanent profit streams by promoting your affiliate products on Facebook!
Comes in Video Format!

Even if you’ve never made a single dime with online marketing, FB Affiliate Commissions will change your mind about that.

This is a completely new, unprecedented system that was specially designed to show you how to combine Facebook’s popularity with high-profit, high-value affiliate marketing.

FB Affiliate Commissions is a comprehensive blueprint that takes you by the hand and walks you through the process of creating, launching and managing effective, high-profit affiliate products using Facebook the world’s most popular social media site

Here’s what you’ll receive

Easy to Use Video Training

Designed specifically for new Internet marketers, this complete over the shoulder video training shows you what you need to do to start building successful revenue streams using Facebook.

Completely Scalable and Replicable

Users of this innovative, successful affiliate marketing plan can scale their promotions, repeating their success over and over again for as long as they want.

Hands-Free Revenue Streams

FB Affiliate Commissions provides a blueprint for one of the easiest ways to make money with Internet marketing. Once the system is set up, it can keep the money rolling in with little or no maintenance.

How Would You Like to Make Money From Affiliate Marketing?

FB Affiliate Commissions Shows You How!

This is no “easy come, easy go” business model that might or might not make you money. FB Affiliate Commissions is a real, high-profit, money making method that gives you everything you need to make money with Internet marketing.

FB Affiliate Commissions provides you with massive traffic potential, a long-term recurrent profit stream that is built on the undeniable, headline-making global popularity of Facebook.

Take it from me …

Online marketing doesn’t have to be frustration, challenging or next to impossible. Anyone can do it … as long as they have the tools to succeed!

This Is the Complete Package
You’ve Been Waiting For!

Here’s exactly what you will receive with FB Affiliate Commissions:

  • 1 Comprehensive Mindmap Overview Easy to follow mindmap keeps you on track every step of the way. From the very beginning, you will have the entire course at your fingertips so you will always know where your money-making program is leading you.
  • 2 Top Three Affiliate Product Categories Revealed Now you will never have to guess which are the most popular affiliate products or where to find them. In FB Affiliate Commissions, you will learn what are the most powerful and popular products that customers want.
  • 3 Competitive Analysis and Lead Generation You will learn how to turn your competitors into advantages that actually help you find more customers and develop massive leads for you!
  • 4 The Last Ad Guide You Will Ever Need How to set up your Facebook ads they get an incredible amount of click-throughs. Then you will have a permanent revenue stream that you can keep monetizing over and over again!
  • 5 Page Creation Made Easy Even if you’ve never even joined Facebook or created a single page, you will learn how to set up your Fan Pages in just a few minutes. Plus, how to fully optimize them so they get the maximum number of conversions
  • 6 The No. 1 Sustainability Guide Want to know the secret to affiliate marketing success? Testing, testing and more testing! You will learn how to test your campaigns for optimal success, and how to make sure they stay profitable for as long as possible!

The Fastest and Easiest Way To
Make Money Online That I Know Of!


As a long-time Internet marketer, I know what it’s like to dream of a better life for yourself. There’s more to life than the same old boring 9-to-5 grind. Yet for all your efforts, are you happy with your success so far?

Most online marketing platforms have nothing to do with the reality of your life. They require you to devote full-time hours in order for your efforts to pay off … and even then you might not see any money for weeks or months … or ever!

FB Affiliate Commissions is different. It’s designed precisely for people just like who you want to reap the benefits of Internet marketing but don’t have the time or energy to treat it like a second full-time job. And you won’t have to work like a dog for months before getting your rewards.

Thanks to FB Affiliate Commissions, your luck is about to change!


Instead, You Can Setup The System In Less Than 30 Minutes!

So how much would you be willing to pay for such a system that brings you this
kind of high-value, high-profit success with a minimum amount of effort?

Well, you could pay some of those so-called "gurus" thousands of dollars to teach you
the secrets of their success … but do you really think they are going to give you anything of real value?

Or, you can get FB Affiliate ommissions for the special introductory price of just … $47


That's right!

With this one-time-only price, there are no recurring
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Plus, you get the complete money -making system that takes the power of affiliate marketing and pairs it with the popularity of Facebook!

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Still Not Convinced?
How About If I Remove All Risk from Your Decision?!

I want to make it easy for you to decide to let FB Affiliate Commissions to help you make money online. That's why I'm about to remove any risk whatsoever from your decision. So I'm backing up this offer with a 100% Rock Solid 60-Day Money Back

Get FB Affiliate Commissions, try it out and if you don't like it …
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That literally brings your risk level down to ZERO. Either you love FB Affiliate Commissions and use it… or you contact me within 60 days and let me know you didn't like it and I refund every penny of your purchase. It's that easy!

With FB Affiliate Commissions …

  • Your purchase is 100% risk free.
  • It's guaranteed to work for you or your money back
  • There are no hidden fees or additional costs

In addition to being one of the safest and smartest investments you will ever make, FB Affiliate
Commissions takes the three most important core issues Internet marketers should be concerned about
and knocks them down one at a time:


It's Fast
You never have to wait to see your profits. You can start making money within few weeks, depending on how quickly you get your system implemented


It's Easy
Making money online shouldn't be a second full-time job. It should be fun, exciting and easy. And that's what FB Affiliate Commissions is! With this system, you don't have to spend hours per day away from your life. Just set it and forget it!


It's Ideal for Beginners
Even if you haven't made any money yet with Internet marketing, FB Affiliate Commissions can get you started. It's easy to follow video tutorials will show you every step of getting your program up and running with minimal effort and maximum profits!

It's also great for experienced IMers who want to supplement their income.

So if you are finally ready to take the first step toward making the most important investment you will ever make … there's just one question left for you to answer …


"What Am I Waiting For?!"

Get the system that more than pays for itself by showing you exactly
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This may be a good time to talk about the reality of Internet marketing, which is this …

About 98% of people who try Internet marketing fail.

That's because most Internet marketing products are not actually designed to make money online. Instead, they are made to give you the feeling of success before you actually make the purchase. It's this feeling that the "gurus" are trying to sell you, not the product itself. And it becomes a vicious, self-defeating downward spiral.


Why work hard for success when you can feel successful just by clicking on a buy button, right?


That's exactly why 98% of online marketers get fleeced by the gurus who laugh their way all the way to the bank. They know that nobody in their right mind wants to slave away for months before they see any money … Instead, people will just go for the next big thing in Internet marketing so they can get the momentary pleasure that comes with the hope that success is right around the next corner.

Does this sound familiar to you?

FB Affiliate Commissions Finally Provides a Way Out of this Trap and Gives You a Fast and Easy Way to Make Money that Can Be Used by Anybody!

Don't be part of the 98% who fail … be among the 2% who succeed. Let FB Affiliate
Commissions show you how to stop being a victim of the online gurus and start being
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Here's to your online future,
Andy Kwong

P.S. If you've been trying to make money online for some time now and are fed up with the results, here are some astonishing critical facts that show you not just what you are doing wrong but what you can do better


Most internet marketing require you to invest a lot of time, the equivalent of having a second job, and to work for months before you start to make any money at all.


98% of Internet marketers never achieve the success they expect because they can't stay motivated long enough and end up buying product after product just to get that momentary feeling of hope that success is around the next corner.


The "gurus" exploit these top two facts to keep the vicious cycle going and take your money over and over again.

Not a pretty picture, is it?

But I can tell you honestly that it's not as hopeless
as it seems. FB Affiliate Commissions can be used
by newbies and IM veterans alike to make money online
the fast and easy way!

This is not wishful thinking.

This is a fact.


When you get FB Affiliate Commissions, you get a system that lets you get
started right away so you won't need months or even years to get started!

If you are tired of systems that don't work or take too long to show a profit, FB Affiliate
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