WARNING: This Maybe Your Only Chance of Survival! Don't Get Caught Off-Guard By This Inevitable Threat!


Since the authorities were frozen and powerless in front of the bitterly cold that affected our nation last year, YOU are the only one who can protect you and your family during this year’s SECOND WAVE and AFTERMATH of the POLAR VORTEX.

That’s right! I hate to break it to you, but the Polar Vortex isn’t going anywhere! At least not yet! Meteorologists have already issued many warnings regarding a new wave of arctic glacial cold that’s about to hit the US.

And the bad news is yet to come! Because, according to weather experts, this upcoming deep freeze will last for a considerably longer period of time…

Just imagine: It’s midnight and it’s suddenly getting colder and colder, your hands cringe and a shudder of chills is sent down your spine. The power is off. Again! Only this time, it doesn’t seem to come back. The storm outside is terrifying. You just sit there in the dark, watching your children shivering…

“It’s just so darn cold!”

Instead of Happy New Year, those were the words on the lips of thousands of Americans in the first days of 2015. The Polar Vortex is real and it took us by surprise, just like many other natural emergencies that our country has suffered lately.

At least 21 deaths have been blamed on this cold-weather event, according to CBC News. More than 100 million people in 22 states have struggled with stinging below zero temperatures that many of them have never thought would experience in a lifetime. The combination of extreme cold, snow and strong winds found the authorities overwhelmed, while children and elders were shivering inside frozen homes…

This year, a powerful, sprawling winter storm buried the eastern US in near-record snow, claiming 19 lives. 48, 000 people were left without power, hundreds stranded for hours, 7,600 flights cancelled...Complete chaos!

Sure, some of you may still be sitting warm and cosy in front of your TV, but trust me, NO ONE’s safe anymore. Because the aftermath of the Polar Vortex is even more dangerous than the phenomenon itself.

Here’s what a Polar Vortex can do:

  • Bring record-low temperatures
  • Send devastating snow storms
  • Paralyze transportations
  • Paralyze the grid
  • Bring extremely dangerous Arctic Air – deadly for the vulnerable ones

A piece of what’s expected after the Polar Vortex:

  • Street flooding due to poor drainage, drains being clogged with ice and debris
  • Freezing rain phenomenon
  • Extended power outages due to poor transportation
  • Temperature fluctuation harming millions of people

Don’t wait until everything freezes!

Most people don’t ever think about preparing until disaster strikes and makes them absolutely necessary to continue living — unfortunately, it’s often too late.

When you know how to meet any situation head on, you will not only be calmer and more prepared for the worst, your chances of surviving increase dramatically.

Extreme Cold Fact:

There's a lag-time effect on deaths caused by cold weather, the researchers concluded: Flu, asthma and other diseases associated with extreme cold weather may cause deaths several days or weeks after low temperatures.

That’s why I urge you to prepare! Don’t count on people around to save you. They’ll be busy saving their own families or even harm you if that guarantees them a few more minutes to live…

But you’re here now and if you keep reading this crucial message… you will discover how to guarantee your family`s safety and health during the frosty cold that’s about to come… how to react with light speed to the deadly situation that may endanger you and your loved ones. Also, you`ll be the only one keeping your calm and acting in full confidence when everyone else is losing their minds.

Who am I and Why do I care?

Because I’ve seen how freezing cold can take lives in seconds…

My name is Leon Wilde. You may know me as the owner of Survival Arena website or you may have seen me talking in survival camps all over the country.

My survival guides have already helped over 11,560 people around the world to overcome the most life-threatening situations you can think of.

In my survival experience, I was trained to think and to fight!

But what I always need to mention is that I learned not to take for granted the fact that I’m alive.

I’ve learned that when you’re dealing with emergency situations, every second matters, every detail.

When the Polar Vortex hit, I knew exactly what to do to protect my family. By reacting right away, our lives suffered no dramatic change during the event. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for our neighbors…

Before we knew it, our house was full of people trying to get warm, looking for a hot drink or meal and sadly, a lot in need of medical help…

Hypothermia attacks primarily
the elderly

The most serious consequence of extreme cold is Hypothermia. The victim no longer feels any chills or shivering, the muscles begin to stiffen and the person’s lips and extremities turn blue. Pulse and breathing gradually slow down; feelings of confusion and indifference begin to manifest, followed by drowsiness, then loss of consciousness and eventually a coma…I know that sounds pretty disturbing and it is!

But it’s also as real as it can be and you must know exactly how to prevent or treat it in case you or a member of your family is in danger.

Take note that hypothermia primarily affects elderly people because of their lower metabolic rate, decreased ability to detect changes in the temperature or chronic medical conditions. Small children are also vulnerable…

Sure, there are other risks that we are all facing when the penetrating cold arrives, but they can all be prevented or ultimately defeated if you’ve got the PROPER know-how.

And I insist: PROPER! Because, after reading tens of books and guides that supposedly protect you when disaster strikes, I’ve noticed they not only offer basic and most of the times, totally useless advice, but also tend to spread the wrong instructions, that are more likely to put you in higher danger.

Are you willing to risk it?

Luckily for you, I’ve acknowledged their mistakes and have now developed a complete shield guide against the unimaginably dangerous extreme cold that DID this January and WILL affect the lives of thousands of fellow Americans this winter and maybe the next, and the next…

YOU can be amongst those who are safe and warm and virtually eliminate any chance that you will be caught unprepared.

I’ve called it Bitterly Cold Defense Guide.

This system is guaranteed to teach you everything you need to know to survive any Polar Vortex situation or threat, as well as protect your friends and family from this cruel emergency event.

I know that’s a bold promise and it might sound a little “over the top” …but it’s true, and I can back up every word.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll discover inside the Bitterly Cold Defense Guide

  • Find out the simple secret that keeps you from losing heat fast. Most people don’t know about this trick, that I learned in one of my private survival training courses.
  • Freezing cold item selection – This exclusive list is as complete as it is simple to acquire. Any insanely cold situation can easily be overcome by having these at hand.
  • Clothe properly. If you think wearing a huge fur coat and covering yourself with 7 blankets will protect you from freezing to death, keep dreaming! When we’re dealing with extreme temperatures, clothing requires extreme care! You’ll find the full instructions inside the guide.
  • How to prevent and treat extreme cold consequences like hypothermia, frostbite and others. One mistake can be fatal!
  • How to build a proper stockpile with items you won’t find in any other guides. I’ll also tell you exactly what to eat and drink to keep your health strong every winter
  • How to keep your house warm, even if the power is out
  • How to keep your car safe during the freezing cold
  • Plus many more

And because one disaster leads to another and because my promise includes the know-how for the Polar Vortex aftermath, I’m going to add a special bonus for you to be safe when the shivering is all gone and not only then, because…

Did you know that floods are the most common natural disaster in America? The Red Cross reports that, every year, floods take more than 100 lives and cause more than $4 billion in damages.

I’ve seen people with homes dramatically damaged by flood and it’s really depressing, but that doesn’t have to happen. That’s why I developed a plan to successfully meet the inevitable.

I give you:

How to Overcome the Flood Nightmare

This is a complete flood defense plan, no matter where you or your home is located, no matter how critical the situation appears to be. I’ll also guide you in case of evacuation, so you and your family will have the situation under control and don’t feel frustrated.

Now look, I’m not gonna ask you to put a price on your survival or the safety of your family…It isn’t about money for me. It’s about getting sick and tired of seeing people unprepared, seeing children and elders freezing every winter (yeah, experts say this phenomenon will be here year after year).

As I mentioned before, this is no ordinary survival guide that you can find online. So far, I put in about 2,500 hours of research on this deadly natural disaster. I’ve read tens of books, trying to perfect my guide and give you everything you need to have bullet-proof safety, as well as peace of mind.

Of course, I’m not gonna stop you from following the freely available information that you can find online or any other sources you might have access to. But with all that to be found everywhere, deaths are still happening, people are still struggling every winter and the Polar Vortex is merciless. Are you willing to take that risk?

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That’s my 60 Days Money Back Guarantee; personally, from me to you. However, you must act quickly. This can strike you…SOONER than you could imagine.

Think about it:

What if, God forbid, your wife suddenly feels sick because of freezing cold, you have no possibility of getting medical help and you have no idea how to help her?

The truth is…only YOU can save her by getting your hands on this one of a kind guide that covers any dangerous situation that may occur during the biting arctic cold waiting around the corner.

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