This jump program will teach you how to jump higher (Add up to 12 inches)

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Do You REALLY Want to
Get Your First Dunk Soon?

Imagine what you'll do after you we show you how to jump higher
And you add 8-12 inches to your vert

You're reading this because you want to get your first dunk, right?

Believe me, I know what it is to try so many times and failing! I know what it is to stay on a court by yourself for hours and miss every time.

You run hard, jump, and you are happy to touch or grab the rim only. But after a few days, happiness turns into disappointment and frustration.

You try so hard, it feels so close - BUT YOU CAN'T GET HIGH ENOUGH TO DUNK THE BALL!


So you start doing things like lowering the rim to start dunking, right?

And if feels great at first. You start doing all kinds of dunks. The East Bay, Windmill, 360... You try them all successfully.

But after a while, you want to get a real dunk on a 10ft goal.

So you try again, and fail!

Then you start doing dangerous things like putting a caddy on the ground to jump on it (Don't do that, a friend of mine almost broke his back doing this when we were younger).

Then you start looking for free jump programs on the internet. And this is also dangerous. Bad training can lead to very serious injury!

So what should you do?


$35 Only

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In 3 months only, you can dunk on people!


And you know what happens when you start doing amazing stuff like dunking on people!

You'll immediately boost your confidence, your coach will play you a lot more. Coaches lie when they say dunking is not important. If that was the case, why would they look at leapers with googly eyes?

That's because athletic players can do a lot more on the court than guys who are slow, weak, and can't jump.

So once you get in the 30+ inches vert club, things change!

Coaches care about you, more opportunities, the teammates will show you love, fans will try to be your friend after the games - even the girls will look at you differently! Everyone is about to see you as a winner.

Vertiskills includes

12 Week Jump Program

The Complete 12-week VertiSkills Program includes the periodization of 3-phases with intense focuses on Strength, Power and Explosiveness. Players will progress weekly through a series of on court workouts authored, designed and tested by Coach John Williams. Supplemented by a Weight Lifting program (included at no additional cost), athletes will spend 12-weeks working towards becoming the ultimate basketball athlete.

Day By Day Guide

Athletes will, in addition to HD demonstrations of each exercise, receive the VertiSkillsEbookCurriculum which includes week-by-week and day-by-day guides to the entire program. Included are the number of sets, reps as well as a weekly schedule for the program. Coach Williams’ curriculum also includes a detailed explanation and How-To Guide of the Sayer’sformula which athletes will use to test their Maximum Power Output at the end of each phase.

Progress Charts and Power Calculations

Each phase is broken down day-by-day with progress charts including the exact number of set and reps that should be performed. Athletes will go to the gym fully prepared to not only work hard but track their progress in the systematic VertiSkills workout regiment.

39 drills (HD videos)

Each exercise in the VertiSkills program is taught and demonstrated in stunning HD. Exercises include teaching points in effort to not only show athletes how to perform the exercise but improve their overall knowledge of strength and conditioning. Partner exercises include modifications so that they can be done individually.

Guaranteed 24/7 Online Access

The entire VertiSkills program is accessible on any computer, tablet or smartphone where Wifi or 4G/3G is available. Videos, your Ebook and progress charts can all be accessed anywhere: at home, in the gym, in transit to the gym, etc. With anytime access, you’re always prepared to get in an extra training session!

Bonus included (value $269)

Free Online Basketball Coaching

You'll be invited to the One More Basketball Academy secret Facebook page to get direct access to Coach Steve and more than 5000 other basketball minds. This platform is a great resource to get tips and drills, have your moves evaluated by Coach Steve, and exchange with like minded players and coaches.

3 Workout eBooks ($42 value)

You'll receive 200 Tips For Superstar Performance, How I added 4 Inches To My Vert In Under An Hour, and Tips To Boost Your Vert.


$35 Only

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Meet John Williams - Vertiskills creator

Reasons why you need to get Vertiskills!

  • Vertiskills will add up to 12 inches to your vertical jump
  • Vertiskills is the only jump program that will improve your basketball skills
  • Vertiskills comes with a free access to our player development platform
  • Vertiskills is safe
  • Vertiskills is not as expensive as other jump programs
  • Vertiskills was created by a real player, not an entertainer
  • You will get 4 workout programs for free
  • You will get free online coaching

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Disclaimer: Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Every effort has been made to accurately represent the potential of this training. Results are not typical, and only represent players who worked very hard. Of course, no guarantee can be made for every single player.