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Discover The One Simple Change That Will Force Your Body To Melt Off Excess Fat Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible...

"It's True: You Really Can Lose 5-10lbs of Fat This Month While Eating The Carbs You Love And Here's How..."

We're in this together
Your trainer and coach Chelsey

Dear Frustrated Dieter,

I was once in your shoes. Tired, confused...HUNGRY. I'm here to tell you something. It's not your fault that other diets haven't worked for you. 

You see, I'm the poster girl for 'been there, done that'. I've done low carb, no carb, the master cleanse, the grapefruit diet and pretty much everything in between. Some would work (and if they did I would put the weight on as soon as I started to eat normally again), most wouldn't and I was always left feeling completely and utterly defeated. I binged on weekends, did excessive amounts of cardio, and felt like I was missing out on life. Does this sound like you?

If You Can Follow Simple Directions, You Can Be Leaner By The End Of This Week

Most people know that carbohydrate intake plays a crucial role in fat loss. The problem? Most people eliminate carbs all together. This is one of the worst things you can do - it slows your metabolism, you lack energy, and you get that unpleasant 'low carb brain' where you constantly feel groggy and moody (trust me, I've been there). Carbs aren't the problem - the way you're eating them is the problem.


Discover How Nutrient Timing Can Strip Your Body Of Excess Fat Effortlessly



It's not only about what you eat, it's about WHEN you eat. Learn the secrets that the diet industry doesn't want you to know. This method has been backed by science and proven by countless studies...but it goes against most things you've been taught over the years.

Discover how one simple change can alter your body composition DRAMATICALLY and in a short amount of time. No boring cardio, no food restrictions. This program is going to teach you to make your body do the work for you.

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Honestly...I Thought It Was Too Good To Be True

I could hardly believe the results myself. Really, I thought it was a fluke. I mean there's no way you can eat such high carb foods and lose weight - right? WRONG.

At first I thought it was just me, but after seeing the results my clients were getting, I knew I had a system that anyone could benefit from.

Carbs After Dark won't only get you leaner than you've ever been - it'll help you stay that way forever. Oh, and this program works best when you enjoy your favorite high carb foods.

Carbs After Dark Requires You
To Eat High Carb Meals

Carbs After Dark makes fat loss easy and effortless because you don't have to cut out food groups. In fact, you'll be surprised to learn how some of your favorite foods can actually help you get rid of that stubborn fat you haven't been able to burn off. The plan is simple to follow and easy to customize to you and your schedule. 

Best of all, Carbs After Dark gets you the results you're after FAST. You'll start seeing and feeling changes your very first week! You'll be leaner, sleep better and have way more energy to help you power through your busy day.


I Went From Tired and Squishy To Lean & Full of Energy And You Can Too!


Just Imagine Finally Being Able To:

  • Eat without restrictions - Learn how the foods you love can actually help you burn fat. No more cooking separate dinners for you and your family or avoiding social outings
  • Have better performance and more energy - No more mid-afternoon crashes so you'll have energy to power through your busy day
  • Learn the best training methods to incinerate fat and build killer curves, all without spending hours and hours in the gym - I know you're already busy
  • Make your body work for you - Take advantage of your body's hormones to lose fat and feel amazing. It's about more than weight loss, it's about feeling incredible from the inside out
  • Achieve food freedom - Stop living by a list of approved and 'bad' foods
  • ...And that's just for starters!


Weight loss shouldn't be complicated. You shouldn't have to live your life constantly feeling like you're on a diet. Learn the Carbs After Dark system and never diet again.

No Counting Calories

Have Endless Energy

Harness Your Hormones

Train Smarter

Stop The Frustrating Diet Cycle and Finally  Achieve The Results You Deserve...

I have been training and coaching women for over 5 years and I know how disappointing it can be to put in so much effort at the gym and not get the results you want.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in weight loss but it doesn't have to be as complicated as all those other diets make it seem. Learn a few simple methods and you'll turn into a fat burning machine.

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Low Carb Diets Are Not The Answer

There's a reason most people fail at low carb diets...

no energy
Low Carb Diets:
  • Slow your metabolism
  • Cause serious food cravings
  • Deplete your energy levels
  • Cause mood swings
  • Mess with your hormones
  • Make your body hold onto fat

Is Your Weight Holding You Back?

I know that losing weight isn't just about what you look like, it's about how you feel.

It's about having energy to play with your kids and enjoy your favorite activities and hobbies.

It's about feeling great about your body and having the confidence to put yourself out there and go after what you want.

When we're not happy with our bodies it can hold us back in so many other areas of life. Get rid of the weight for good and enhance your life - just by following this simple eating method.

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Carbs After Dark Is Right For You If:

You Want To Lose Body Fat Fast

If you're ready to start losing weight today, Carbs After Dark makes the process simple and easy to follow all without the headache of traditional diets and the monotany of boring cardio.

You Want To Gain Lean Muscle

Building lean muscle will raise your metabolism and give you some killer curves. Which means you get to eat more and build a better booty - win.

You Want More Energy + Better Performance

Carbs After Dark takes advantage of your body's natural rhythms and functions which will help you feel great and give you lasting energy.

You Actually Want to Maintain a Social Life

What good is a diet if you can't enjoy social situations? Carbs After Dark is so easy to integrate with your everyday life you won't ever be a party pooper again.


I'm so excited to share this brand new system that I'm offering it at an incredible discount for a limited time only! For being an early bird buyer and taking the step to better your health you'll get significant savings and some pretty sweet bonuses too.

What's Included With The Program?

Carbs After Dark Diet

The Carbs After Dark Manual         $49

The meat and potatoes of the program. This manual goes over the how and why's of Carbs After Dark and explains why it's so effective. You'll learn to eat in a way that keeps your body burning fat around the clock. Plus, you'll also find various ways to implement the system so it works for you and your lifestyle. This manual makes getting started and understanding the system incredibly simple.

Bonus #1 - Meal Ideas Guide    $19

I know sometimes it can be tough to come up with meal ideas. This guide will help teach you how to swap out various protein, carbs and fats for one another so you'll always have plenty of options. Once you learn what makes up a fat burning meal this guide will help you keep things interesting and provide you with inspiration.
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Bonus #2 - The Workout Guide    $27

I want you to get the most out of this system so I'm providing you with some of my favorite strength training routines to get you moving. This guide will give you a solid plan to follow so you don't have to guess what you should be doing in the gym. No gym? I also provided some of my favorite at home workouts that require little to no equipment. Feel the burn.

Bonus #3 - Protein Treats     $19

I know getting in enough protein can be tough for some people so I've provided some of my all time favourite protein treat recipes that are so rich and decadent you'll forget they're packed with nutrition. With recipes like chocolate chip banana muffins and double chocolate chunk cookies, I promise the whole family will love these recipes.

You Are Just A Quick Click Away From:

  • Seeing noticeable changes to your appearance in less than a week
  • Enjoying delicious carbs everyday while burning fat
  • Turning your body into a fat burning powerhouse
  • Experiencing dieting freedom - no food restrictions or crazy supplements
  • Having endless energy - no more afternoon crashes
  • ...And so much more!

Try The Program Risk Free

I'm so confident you'll love this program that I'm offering a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee. 

Try it for 60 days and SEE the results for yourself. If you don't look and feel incredible, request a refund, no questions asked. But I'm guessing you'll have friends and family asking for your secrets after they see your amazing results.

60 day guarantee

Grab Your Copy Of Carbs After Dark

Take advantage of early bird pricing and get your copy plus all of the bonuses for only



I know you're gonna love it!

After purchase you will be immediately emailed a password so you can download your product and get started right away! This is a digital PDF product that you can view online or download for offline access. If you have any issues with your download please feel free to contact:

Please note your credit card or bank statement will show a charge by ClickBank or CLKBANK*COM, rather than a reference to your specific product.

We're in this together
Your trainer and coach Chelsey

P.S. I don't want you to miss out on this special pricing I'm offering. This system has worked for countless individuals and now it's your turn! Stop with the traditional diets that don't give you lasting results - Carbs After Dark will get you lean while enjoying the food you love.

P.P.S. You have two options, you can buy the system and finally achieve the results you've been wanting or you can keep spinning your tires trying methods that don't work. If you're really ready to make a change, it's time to get serious about your results.


I'm not an athlete, is this plan right for me?

You don't have to be an athlete to take advantage of optimal nutrient timing as laid out in Carbs After Dark, it's for everyone looking to lose fat and build lean muscle

I've tried other diets, what makes this different?

I really don't consider this to be a 'diet' in the traditional sense, it's a way of eating that allows you to take advantage of your body's natural hormones and insulin levels. Once you learn the system you can control your body's fat burning.

I'm follow IIFYM, can this work for me?

Absolutely! In fact when I first discovered this method I was counting macros. This is all about nutrient timing, so you can count macros while using this protocol. I even included suggested macros in the guide!

Does this plan require special foods or protein shakes?

No! I'm a firm believer that we should love what you eat. Don't like protein shakes? No biggie. There's no restrictions or requirements on this plan.

When Can I Start?

You will be able to download the products immediately after purchase so you can get started right away!

Don't Miss Out! Get Your Copy Today for Only $9.95

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