How To Talk To Women - Conversation King Book By Rachel Davis

"You Walk Up To The Girl Of Your Dreams..."

How To Talk To Women: Conversation King

"Within 5 Minutes Of Talking To Her...
She's Smiling Because You Have Her Number And She's Going On A Date With You Tonight!"

MEN: Here’s the “REAL” Truth About How to Talk To And Pick Up Beautiful Women ANYWHERE (In the Bar, Club, Park, Store, Gym, Library, College Or Anywhere Else...) Using Simple But Powerful Words...

A step-by-step guide on how to have the most sizzling conversation in any situation that gets women begging YOU for your number and gets you more hot dates and sex than you can handle! 

Finally Made Available To YOU! - By A Beautiful Woman!

100% Mind Blowing results, NOW! 

100% Tested and Proven!

100% Money Back Guarantee! 
If not completely….. “

"Hi, I followed your step by step conversation flowchart on my date last night, like you said, the conversation was VERY easy, I wasn't nervous at all and we're going out again tonight! She really really likes me! I've chased this girl since high school with no luck. I've tried everything from being a bad boy, to making her jealous, to buying gifts. If only I would have just talked to her and used your simple formula for conversation, I could have had her years ago! Thanks again!"

Scott R.

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Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

Hot Babe sells out the sisterhood and spills the magic beans!  That’s right guys, this “Premium Piece of Prime Real Estate” is singing like a canary. She’s willingly opening her flood-gates and is ready and able to teach you, step by simple step, exactly how to get all the tail you ever wanted to score.

Just how much better is life going to be, when you have the confidence and self assuredness to approach any woman that catches your eye or your fly, and talk her up one side and down the other, with such ease and finesse, that she ends up asking “YOU” for a date, in only a few short moments of your very valuable time?

We're talking about YOU, “Mr. Grunt and Point,” strategically transformed into a gentleman whom all the hottest chicks will soon refer to as,

The Conversation King!”

Yes, this lusty little lady is blowing the cover off of all her girlfriend’s dirty little secrets, and has now put it all together for YOU, in an easy to understand game plan, that explains point by point, the strategies that will have YOU hitting “Home Runs” every single time you step up to the plate.

Learn How to 'Talk' to a Woman With REAL Confidence and Charisma
And Make Her Want You SO Much That She Demands You Take Her Number and Call Her Tonight!

Now, as easy as painting by numbers, learn the secrets incantations that work like Alli Baba’s “OPEN SESAME,” and watch with utter amazement, as the previously bolted doors to the treasure chambers of the world, part like the proverbial “RED SEA” for your pleasure! Here is a game plan that is laid out so simply and is so damn easy; it’s literally like stealing candy from a babe!

That’s right. You’ve known it all along, haven’t you?

Women love to TALK!

Come on, you and your friends have been complaining about it since grade school, but what you didn’t understand until now is, “It’s not a problem,” if you’re fully cognizant of what the rules to the game are, then this, my friend, is actually a Golden Opportunity to personally visit “Heaven on Earth,” on a regular basis!

Can you see it now, you walk into the hottest club in town and stroll up to the bar, looking like you own the place. You see her, and she is “Smokin’ Hot,” but she’s gonna have to work for it a little, before you let her have what it is that she really wants! You give her that half interested glance, directly into her eyes, and then look away, fully confident of what you’re about to say, and then you open your mouth …..and it’s like Pure Magic. 

If you read only ONE BOOK this month,
it has to be THIS BOOK!

If you read only ONE BOOK this year,
it has to be THIS BOOK!

If you read only ONE BOOK this lifetime,
it has to be THIS BOOK!

You Will Be Amazed By How Easy You Can Pickup Hot Women - Anywhere And Everywhere You Go - With Ease and Finesse Using Simple Words!

Even If You Are Low-Paid, Ugly or Overweight!

I’m telling you dudes, the answers are all here, and they can be easily learned in no time flat, so instead of spending your evenings home alone, or just hanging out with the “BUDS,” playing cards, video games and smashing beer cans on your foreheads till 2:00 a.m.,

YOU Could Be Making Time, Making Out, and Making Love...
With The Most Gorgeous Little Piece Of “Action” Who Thinks You’re The Greatest Thing Since The Wonder Bra!

Now, with this easy to apply knowledge, comfortably under your belt, you’ll finally come to understand why you don’t need looks, money, a great physique or even hair to get the female companionship that you’ve always desired!

Discover: How to confidently and casually talk to “ANY WOMAN”

No matter where you are: The bar, the club, market, library, park, office, school, wherever!

  • How to talk to any woman, anywhere, step-by-step and make sure that not only is the conversation amazing, but that you never run out of great things to say!
  • When and when not to make “THE BIG MOVE!”
  • What to do to get women to ASK, even sometimes BEG you for a date!
  • The importance of listening and watching for the “Signals” to proceed forward!
  • How a woman actually decides whether you qualify as a candidate for a good romp in the sack, or NOT! and how to use them to your advantage
  • What she “REALLY” means when she says “THOSE THINGS” that she says - read her real thoughts like you are telepathic!
  • How to show just enough interest to get you in the door, but not too much to kill the deal!
  • What women really want, believe, think, fear and desire most in a partner!
  • How to control the direction and length of any conversation, with your goal always firmly in mind!
  • When and IF you should ask for the lady’s telephone number!
  • How to turn the shy, quiet wallflower into a wild tigress!
  • Why they play those stupid games, and how to beat them with their own rulebook!
  • How to survive those uncomfortable moments of silence.
  • How to say “ALL” of the “RIGHT” things and avoid saying “ANY” of the “WRONG” ones!

It’s all here, spelled out in easy to understand language, with examples and case studies for you to go over, step by step, until you're ready to ACE the test!

Guys, this is like going into a football game, when you’ve got the opposing teams playbook. It’s like playing baseball while your competitor is allowing you to steal all their signals. Hell, let’s be honest here, this is really a lot more like shooting fish in a barrel with a 12 gauge shotgun. You’re definitely gunna get some!

"talking has always been my biggest problem. i knew how to eye chicks up. i just didnt know what to say after the first few words. everything would go quiet and id get more and more nervous and id get quieter and quieter. the only way i could talk to them was by getting drunk first and they always left me ever so quickly when i was drunk cos they could tell and no woman wants a drunk. well. everything is great now. i just followed your advice and women seem to want to stick around now. i dont have to get drunk anymore and i dont just pick up chicks in the bars, i get them in the mall, on my street, anywhere. its great. please thank rachel for making this possible."

S. W.

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It’s a veritable “Gold Mine” of vital information about women and what they are truly looking for in a guy, written completely, 100% from a woman’s perspective! Now you can finally get everything that you’ve been secretly praying for all your life. A step-by-step, follow the leader, tested and proven system that drives you straight into the “Promised Land!”

  • No more wasted nights, paying for expensive dates, only to get blown out of the water at the moment of truth.
  • No more saying the wrong things that instantly turn you into an enemy or even worse, a friend!!!”
  • No more necessary  “Last Call” adjustments to your beer goggles, in order to avoid depression, while settling for choice #163 of the evening.
  • No more going home alone at the end of the night, unless it’s because you want to, in order to get some sleep, after spending the last 4 nights banging babes into oblivion.
  • No more watching fat, ugly, older dudes, with “Primer gray 73 Pintos,” walking out of the club with the hottest little honeys, and you smacking yourself on the forehead in total disbelief, wondering why not me?

No More Stuck Up, Smart Ass Comments From Chicks That Don’t Even Rate a 6 ½......

And That’s On A Scale Of 100...

Now you can get the inside scoop. Finally know what women really want, cause we had the balls to go out there and get the answers straight from the “Whore-ses Mouth,” and then we were smart enough to write it all down for you! 

Hundred’s of hours of meticulous question and answer sessions, with the real deal, one hot, bodacious babe, willing to open up and tell the truth about exactly what gals are looking for in a guy, in a conversation, and in a partner! Every little secret that women have been hiding from men, over the centuries, has been cracked wide open and bluntly addressed in full frontal, “bare-assed” terms!

Dude, if this isn’t the most important literary discovery of our entire lifetime, I’ll eat my date! This is by far, the greatest book ever written in the history of mankind, for man-kind! Your wet dream has finally come to be a tangible reality, at last! If you miss out on this one, you’re gunna want to kill yourself, that much I can guarantee!

Finally, Your Chance To Get That “PRICELESS Inside Information” That You Were Never Allowed To Know Before!

Hear precisely “What’s What” when it comes to talking up a lady, as this sensuous, sultry, seductive woman, shares the most personal, powerful and amazing secrets that men were never supposed to know!

This Is NOT Some Stupid Old Book From Under Your Father’s Mattress, Filled With A Bunch Of Weak And Pointless Pick-up Lines,

No My Friend... Pick Up Lines Died Off With Disco Music and Large Gold Medallions...

This is tried and true, thoroughly tested, consistently proven “GOLD”, straight from the “Mother Load” lips of a gorgeously attractive woman.

Now you gotta be asking yourself WHY!  I mean, why would she want to give away all the secrets that women have clutched so strongly between their thighs all these years?

            The answer is really quite Simple! She has a need to fill! She’s finally desperate enough, after searching everywhere for some confident, self assured MEN to spend some quality time with, that she’s willing to lay her cards on the table in the name of lust!  She knows she’s not going to be a beautiful Babe forever, and she wants to have her fun, NOW, while there’s still time.

For her, and most of the women on this planet, it’s an absolute emergency, Priority RED, that every single one of us gets a hold of this book, and reads it, learns it, and lives it!

"...5 dates with women I didn't know less than 7 days ago. That's good going for 1 week don't you think? I'm a very busy (but happy) chappy right now. Thanks! I've just stopped being a sleazeball and started talking to women, they warm to me really quickly and I'm just talking to them about normal stuff. You said you'd tell me that Internet pick up technique, please send it to me. Thanks."

Jonathan M.

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How do we know that this system actually works as well as we claim? Easy, because our expertly trained staff of technicians have spent months bumping and humping their way through thousands upon thousands of case studies, testing and perfecting each and every concept exposed in this book. These courageous and dedicated men, selflessly gave it their all, purely for the benefit of science and to make your sex-life, simpler and more fulfilling! Sure it was tough job, but damn it, someone had to do it!

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