Now You Can Be The Hero Of Your Own Story By
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If you have always dreamt of being a well-known writer, but never thought that you’d be able to pull it off and turn your passion into money keep reading because you’re in for a surprise!

Dear Friend,

Did you ever spend hours fantasizing and daydreaming about becoming a superhero when you were a kid? Then you’d take your blanket, tie it around your neck and run around the house, pretending you’re flying.

I know, silly question, who didn’t, right?

We spend our childhood daydreaming about what we want to become, wishing we were the heroes of our own stories, but somehow, this dream becomes fainter and more distant the older we get.

Why is this?

Why do we get so side-tracked as we get older?

Why do we cast aside our innocent wishes of becoming heroes for settling to become just another corporate something?

Is it because people tell us that we can’t be whoever we want or because they discourage us from following our dreams and pursuing our passions because they don’t fit into the typical stereotype of what’s appropriate and will make money?

This happens to a lot of artists, especially writers.

They show interest at a very young age, write these amazing stories, but people later on discourage them telling them that barely anyone makes it just by writing books.

Their writing dreams and talents never die, but those dreams get buried under the weight of responsibilities and the desire to pay the bills.

If this is you - keep reading, because I want to help and show you why you never have to give up on your childhood dreams and how you can still be the hero of your story.

If this is you - I have good news for you…

But before I get to that, let me tell you about myself.

Hi, my name, is CJ and I’d like to think that some of my best friends were
and still are, books...

You can imagine how this made me a little different growing up, but books were and still are my biggest passion.

I grew up reverently admiring books. My grandparents owned a small bookstore which became my safe haven every weekend.

There was something special about flipping through the pages, feeling the scent of old books and reading all of the ones with the best book covers. I loved books with interesting and eye-catching headlines and amazing covers.

These covers compelled me and forced me to open them. I was powerless to their allure.

For some reason I never wanted to write; I was always more interested in other people’s stories. For this reason I decided that I would be the one making others want to read books, so I went to school for a degree in marketing and design.

I was always obsessed with the power that a book has to evoke emotion, make one think and even change lives. I wanted to be a part of that world and hopefully make an impact in it.

I worked my way through college as a plate maker at a local printing press. This further acquainted me with the process of printing, and completely cemented my love for this art form that has the ability to take a thought that only exists inside someone's mind and fine tune and polish it until it lives as a beautifully crafted book, ready to be read and consumed by thousands.

I Always Knew that One Day
I Would Be The One to Help Unknown
Artists Reach For The Stars

Believe it or not, it’s not easy to break your way into the publishing world. I remember going to conferences and asking people at the book tables if I could design a cover for the author, eyes were rolled and I was dis]missed. But I had a dream, and I was confident that if I worked hard, it would come true.

I worked several internships here and there, but my goal was to work with the biggest names in the industry.

I had the right mindset, the right education, an eye for things and strong willpower to drive me to my goal. And let me tell you, it did.

I ended up working on book covers for a pretty big publisher.

I was so happy.

I thought I had reached my goal and that this was it.

I thought that this was going to be the end of my ambitions; I thought I would be content working with established publishers and big name authors.

But a ‘calling’ is a funny thing, you know…

Some people refer to it as destiny, some as fate, I personally like the term ‘calling.’

Either way, it’s something you can’t shake off and definitely can’t escape.

I always thought my calling was to design awesome book covers that would…. be awesome, I guess?

But you can’t escape who you are and you can’t suppress it either.

I was a great book cover designer. I had the skills, I had the talent and I had the ambition.

People were noticing that and I ended up being surrounded by some of the most famous and well-known authors in the world, and they all wanted to get their hands on my designs.

But my keen eye for art and aesthetics wasn’t what was setting me apart.

What was setting me apart was the fact that…

I Was No Longer Just a Designer

I realized that maybe there was more in my future than just designing beautiful book covers.

I mean there were many other people in the world that could design just as well, maybe even better than me, so why were people so anxious to work with me?

I was doing more than just designing covers, I was giving these authors marketing tips and insider secrets.

I decided to review my work a little and see what was this ‘it’ that people kept referring to when they were talking about me.

This is where I realized that I had built up quite the successful track record of turning unknown writers into big shots.

Was this something that happened over night or did I have a knack for this?

This is where I realized that the years of working with the largest publishers and authors in the world had started to sink in. I understood both the market and the method of taking unknown authors from obscurity to new heights.

After sitting in meetings with marketing directors and VP’s of fortune 500 companies, I started to view the marketing process through new eyes. I started to see patterns and began understanding the things that truly made a difference.

I continued taking on more authors not just to do book covers but to help them with their marketing plans. After offering these services, all my knowledge and experience finally began to click and I started to see shocking results as first time authors were getting international exposure for their books.

I was pretty excited about this huge revelation, so I started making lists, notes, questionnaires, talking to colleagues, all with the single goal of making the ultimate marketing strategy that would do way more than just turn an unknown writer into an author that sells.

I was far past being satisfied with just being a book cover designer.

A new door had opened for me and a new hunger had been awaken inside of me.

I wanted more and I wanted it all bigger.

I had triggered new ambitions and unraveled the veil of my true calling.

I had a new goal…

Create The Ultimate Marketing
Strategy That Would Turn

I took notes, I asked some questions and I wrote a strategy.

It was solid and I knew that this was ‘it.’

I realized that I had a million dollar idea in my possession.

So I decided to take my chances and turn my attention to this, because I finally realized that this was my calling and that this was what I was supposed to do with my life.

I had a safe and silent approach at first.

I continued working freelance, pretending to be just a regular book cover designer, but actually, I was there figuring out whether or not my strategy would work.

So there I was, pretending to be Clark Kent, even though I possessed a strategy that could’ve made me into Superman.

Client after client, my methods were so successful that unknown authors were lining up to have me work my magic on them.

This is where I knew that my days of being Clark Kent were over and that it was my time to shine and be the Superman all authors needed me to be!

I soon stopped doing book covers myself in order to pursue my goal to bring success and fame to new authors at levels that they never even dreamed of!

So, after hearing all of this, is this something you want?

Do you want me to show you my magic tricks that can make your dreams a reality?

Do you want to know how you can finally be a hero in real life, and not just on paper?

I want to show you my secret formula that can turn a Nobody into more than just a Somebody. It can turn you into a Superstar, but you’ll see that for yourself

Ok, ready? Here we go, this is my super secret…

Launch Success

Discover How To Become A Writer That People Won’t Stop Talking About Through My Extremely Simpl]e, Yet Brilliant Marketing Plan

This is a step-by-step video course that is actually a customized marketing plan, which reveals everything I have worked on for years and that has brought my clients results and success, turning them from a zero to a celebrity.

This course is designed in a way that is easy to follow, yet it is also thorough because I don’t intend on keeping anything from you. I want you to know all of my secrets, because I firmly believe that once you know all of the juicy details that make my clients so successful, you won’t have any trouble becoming a superstar!

But before you get started, the first thing that I’m going ask you is to fill out a questionnaire that will provide the info I need to create a tailor-made marketing plan, just for you and your desired target audience.

Once we get that straight, here’s exactly what you’ll learn further into the course:

  • How to use Good Reads to instantly get free exposure to your eBook
    even if it’s brand new
  • My specific tips and tricks for getting a ton of good reviews
    on Amazon quickly
  • Proven techniques for getting shelf-space in niche-specific bookstores that guarantee quick and easy sales
  • How to get your hands on a creative and eye-catching book cover that is bound to get people interested in reading it
  • How to avoid the time-consuming process of having to constantly
    revise your book
  • How to design the inside of your book so that the readers perceive you as
    a modern author
  • How to use social networks for creating awareness and building
    a long-term brand
  • How to build your own e-mail list of laser-targeted readers
    with my simple formula
  • How to push your book’s positive reviews into local
    newspapers and magazines
  • My secret for using radio interviews for drawing attention to
    your upcoming book
  • How to successfully launch your very own book and know exactly what to do every step of the launch

Once you start getting into my system and understand my elaborate plan, you’ll understand that it really will do exactly what it promises in it’s name – it will launch your book into a success!

And much, much more!

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Even Though All Of This Might Seem
Too Good To Be True, I Have

Look, I know all of this sounds too good to be true. I mean if it were me and I was a writer struggling to even get my book published, I wouldn’t believe some guy on the Internet telling me that it’s possible to become a famous author without the hassle others had to go through.

I don’t keep repeating “New York Times Bestseller” for no reason - I WORKED with NY Times bestsellers.

I worked with Wall Street Journal bestsellers, with USA Today authors, with Academy Award winning producers and Oscar nominated screenwriters.

I helped authors who have written speeches for the president!

I remember when I was in college and there was a book that made such an impact on me, it literally changed my life. I was desperate to get in touch with the author and ask to do an internship, but his company only had room for someone to pack books in the warehouse.

I declined since my college required my internship to be in the design or marketing sector.

I was pretty bummed out then, but little did I know that the author himself, the CEO of this 100+ million dollar a year organization would contact me years later, begging me to help him relaunch their flagship book.

I never let them know I was that ‘desperate’ college boy from years before.

I could go on with my achievements and my client list, but I won’t.

I’ll let you decide whether or not you want to struggle or you want someone with experience to help you become a superstar.

I’m no fool, I know that I could literally make a fortune by selling my services to aspiring authors all around the world.

But honestly, money isn't that big of a drive for me.

I want to help people. I want to fill the bookstores with new books that some other kids can enjoy just like I did.

I want my calling to embody that emotion that I had as a child while admiring and enjoying the very scent of books.

I want to help unknown authors create someone else’s tradition and to help them create books that will one day change someone else’s life and inspire them to chase their dreams, just as they did for me.

This is why I won’t charge $2,000.. not even remotely close to that!

I won’t charge you a $1000 even… not even $800.

I’m actually selling it for $97…. yup, $97 for the whole thing!

Why? Well because it’s not about the money - it’s about the dream, and I want you to be able to afford the very opportunity that can make your dreams a reality!

However, this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg, since that’s not all I have to offer you today.

On the top of the course itself, I’m offering a few very special bonuses for anyone who decides to take action and join me on this journey, by getting access to Launch Success.

Special Fast-Action Bonus #1:
Tested & Proven-to-Work WordPress Theme

Over the years I played around with many different website styles before I created one that just works. If you’re not a techie and are not sure how to create your website, then my WordPress theme will help you save thousands of dollars that you would have to waste on expensive designers and developers. Simply download it, install it and your site will be ready for traffic in no time.

Special Fast-Action Bonus #2:
Exclusive Amazon Reviewers Rolodex

You’ll get access to my exclusive Rolodex of Amazon top reviewers that you can contact for a review of your book. Getting a positive review from one of these reviewers will definitely help you get traction and more sales from people who are on the edge about buying your book. I am only giving away this Rolodex to a limited number of customers, because if this gets in too many hands – it can get “saturated”. So act now before I remove the bonus forever.

Special Fast-Action Bonus #3:
“Insider Secrets” Demographics Report

Understanding your demographics is crucially important for the success of your product. As a special bonus, you’ll get the “Launch Success Insider Secrets” demographics reports in which you’ll find out the most important information about your audience. The demographics reports we’ve prepared inside the members area will work for both fiction and non-fiction books.

Special Fast-Action Bonus #4:
Launch Success Independent Bookstores List

In order to quickly get your book in bookstores without a major publisher behind you, the best way to go about it is through Independent Bookstores. I’ve used my connections to create a list of independent bookstores that have worked in the past for many of my clients. As a Launch Success customer, this list is yours for FREE.

Special Fast-Action Bonus #5:
Promotional Material Generator

Creating promotional material for your book can be an expensive and tedious process. That’s why I’m giving away my very own software for generating promotional material. This software is exclusive to Launch Success members and it can help you create anything from business cards, sales sheets, bookmarks, postcards to rack cards and more.

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No risk, no questions, just your money back!

Trust me, I won’t take it personally, who knows, maybe you’ll hate the sound of my voice or the colors I used in my presentation. Either way, I assure you there is nothing you have to be afraid of.

Remember, I’m here for you and your dreams - not money.

Simply click the button below to get immediate access to the Launch Success members area and start building your very own book empire started
only a few hours from now.

Value $2,000

Only $97

I sincerely look forward to seeing you become who you’ve always dreamt of becoming. Never give up on your dreams, especially now when they’re so darn close to becoming a reality!

  • ŸCJ McDaniel
  • P.S. I really hope you don’t miss out on an opportunity to turn your passion into profit! You are being offered a chance to learn the tricks that turned ordinary people with a big dream into big shots. Don’t waste your skills, talents and ambitions!