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Body Language Project is proud to announce that it has teamed up with The Science of People to bring you a crash course on body language! This course will give you all the tools you need to read people quickly, efficiently, and all in one place.

Best of all, we’re teaching with video so you’ll really SEE what we mean. Get all the tools to read people with a much quicker time investment!

Now, permit me to introduce our course.


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- Instantly become a better speaker and negotiator!

- Learn if your partner or lover is lying!

- Project an image of total confidence and don’t get taken advantage of again!

- Quickly and efficiently learn everything you need to know about body language over a visual medium, as body language was meant to be taught!

Hi and welcome, we’re so happy you’ve found us!

Have you ever been told “You need to build a better relationship?”

That’s tough right?  What does that even mean?

Well, here’s the set of videos that will help you succeed in ALL aspects of your life.

With better communication You’re going to get a lot of benefits!

  • Able to more effectively “read” other people’s non verbal signals, and help you get what you want when you can tell they’re subconsciously objecting.
  • Able to communicate with the opposite sex.
  • Once you know a person’s baseline behaviour, then you can learn their “tells”.
  • Don’t get taken advantage of.  Does a confident person ever get bumped from an over capacity airplane?

You might even be able to talk your way out of a ticket the next time you get pulled over!

Don’t be overwhelmed if you don’t understand some of the these terms, we’re going to step you through the process of learning.

Let’s have some fun! You’ve joined an eager and supportive community.

Content we’ll cover together is listed on the sidebar, you’ll get MANY hours of video to watch and learn.

Support: Contact us anytime with *any* question at or use the contact form.  Or post a comment on any of the topic pages for the community!

Mobile: Can I watch these on my mobile phone?  Yes!

Money Back Guarantee: We offer a 60 day no questions asked full refund policy. If we can’t make you happy, or explain one of the concepts, then just email us for a refund.  Or you can initiate a refund via Clickbank by yourself.  (you’ll need details from your email receipt from them when they process your Credit Card)

Comments are welcome!  Let us know what you want to learn!

- Course1. What is the cost?
- $47, much cheaper and easier than attending a full day seminar.

2. What am I going to get from this course?
- Over 23 lectures and 2 hours of content!
- How to read body language
- How to be a human lie detector
- How to read people
- How to detect hidden emotions
- How to spot lies
- Body language in business
- Body language for women
- Body language for men

3. What is the target audience?
- Employers
- Employees
- Parents
- Daters
- Public Speakers
- Doctors
- Lawyers
- Poker players
- Entrepreneurs
- Business Owners
- Unemployed
- Daters

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The Secrets of Body Language Course Overview

Section 1 – Introduction 1. Introduction to the Course (00:57) 2. Body Language Challenge (05:23) I have 2 body language challenges for you: I want you to test your skills from the beginning to the end of the course. We are going to watch 2 videos now and then watch them again at the end of the course, where we will slow them down and dissect the body language. 3. Materials for Secrets of Body Language (00:45) Here are the materials you will need for the course in addition to the videos and quizzes. Don’t forget to get the free practice videos we post on our blog: The slides and PDF are right next to the video in the Supplementary Material Tab, see the screenshot: 4. Why Is Nonverbal Behavior Important? (08:47) In this video we discuss why nonverbal behavior is important to study and incorporate in real life. 5. Science Based Body Language Research (08:51) Is body language science based? How do we know what is ‘real’ and what is just ‘opinion.’ Find out where the body language research comes from. Section 2 – Foundations of Body Language 6. Foundations of Body Language (05:56) Let’s Review the foundations of where body language science comes from and how we study it. 7. How the Brain Views the Body (02:31) This video gives an overview of how the brain reads body language. 8. Where does Body Language Come From? (3 questions) Section 3 – The Face and Microexpressions Contempt - small 9. The Face and Microexpressions (12:19) This video talks all about the face and the seven universal microexpressions. Be sure to check out the example articles with Lance Armstrong and Amanda Knox’s microexpression leaks. 10. Eye Behavior (09:10) While we are on the face, let’s talk a little about eye behavior and what kinds of emotions and symbols arise from the eyes. 11. Head Behavior (05:43) Since we are starting at the top of the body, it is important to talk about some interesting head behavior and what it means in body language expression. 12. The Cycle of Body Language and Emotions (07:08) How do emotions affect our body language? In this video we discover how body language and emotions are cyclical in nature. 13. How much do you know about the face and nonverbal cues? (3 questions) Section 4 – The Body and Emotions Power Body Language 14. Nervous Body Language (07:50) In this video we review the signs of nervous body language–what to look out for in others and what to avoid yourself. 15. Power Body Language (05:34) What is the body language of alphas? Power body language is great to use and watch out for. Here we learn the body language of power, confidence and alphas. 16. Positive Body Language (03:01) What are some positive body language cues that you can observe in others and adopt yourself in the right moment? In this video we review positive body language. 17. Rapport Building Body Language (02:14) Rapport building body language when used properly can help with connections in both the business and social world. 18. Proxemics (05:05) Proxemics is a sub category of body language that has to do with how the body interacts with others, objects and the environment. How can you use proxemics to your advantage? 19. Haptics (06:00) Where does touch fall into body language? Haptics is the subcategory of body language all about touch. 20. Emblems and Punctuators (03:06) Here we describe two new body language cues called emblems and punctuators and how they help with reading and communicating with people. 21. How well do you know body language and emotions? (4 questions) Section 5 – Human Lie Detection and Body Language 22. Body Language and Lying (03:41) How can you use body language to detect deception? In this video we review how closely human lie detection and body language are linked. 23. How does body language affect lying? (3 questions) Section 6 – Conclusion 24. Body Language Challenge Re-Visited (09:59) Remember that body language video we watched at the beginning of the course from Shark Tank? Let’s watch it again and see how many body language cues we have learned–and how many cues we can see in such a short clip! Shark Tank Videos are owned by and courtesy of ABC: 25. Bonus: Britney Spears (08:59) Here is the video of Britney Spears and some lying red flags. We can see some body language cues we learned as well as I give a sneak peek and free clues into my lie detection science. Video owned by and courtesy of Dateline: 26. MORE BONUSES! (00:58) Color Psychology, Conversation Starters, Survey 27. Conclusion (01:03) Thanks so much for watching this course! Please see more information and free tips at Again, purchase link is closed: $47<!script src=””><!/script>

Support: Contact us anytime with *any* question at or use the contact form. Or post a comment on any of the topic pages for the community!

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What People Are Saying About Vanessa and her Courses:

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“This body language course ROCKED my world! It’s the only tool you need.”
–Camille Hollingsworth

“Vanessa is a dynamic and polished speaker. We would definitely ask her back for more presentations.”
–Emily Ediger, Portland State University Business Accelerator

“ speech to our club of hundreds was a welcome break from the standard speech. It was always engaging, at times uproariously funny and very informative. As I looked at the audience, everyone was leaning forward and feeling each moment together. We all came away feeling more light-hearted and armed with insights about human behavior that we didn’t know at the beginning. It was a treat to hear her speak!”
–Mike Pendergast, Business Development Consultant and Rotarian

“Vanessa’s presentation style is so engaging and entertaining that I believe everyone in any job function will get something extremely useful out of it. “
–Monica Enand, Founder of Zapproved

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