I’m Chef Steve Urso. I’m middle age and I lost over 100 pounds in less than a year, 10 ½ months to be exact. Then I kept going and lost a total of 125 pounds in 16 months. All while eating delicious satisfying meals and snacks that fired up my metabolism again after years of being dormant and that triggered massive fat burning.

If you are a man or woman who is over 30 and needs to lose a large amount of weight like 40, 60, 80, 100 pounds or more then this is specifically for you. If you want to slow down your biological aging process and improve or even eliminate all of your health prob-lems like I did then keep reading to find out how.

I’m unlike most so called weight loss experts who have never been obese and don’t have any practical personal experience. For years I couldn’t lose any weight at all because I was listening to skinny weight loss “Gurus” who were nev-er fat telling us that they knew how to lose weight. I was 350+ pounds and struggled with obesity for 15 years before I discovered the scien-tifically proven “Fat Trigger” and lost over 100 Lbs. in less than a year.

I know how frustrating and depressing it is to try and try and believe that you’re doing every-thing right, and still not even losing 1 pound. I felt helpless. Not only was it uncomfortable and embarrassing being so big, but I could tell that people treated me differently after I gained so much weight. I felt less respected by some people, professionally and personally.


My confidence and self-esteem sank lower every year as I be-came more sluggish. It was hard to admit to myself but even my job performance was suffering. I wasn’t doing anything fun with my little boy either because of my lack of energy. Now I wish I could go back and do the things with him that I had neglected to do.

One of the worst things about being so overweight had nothing to do with how I looked or how I was treated by others. It was my failing health and relying on so many different prescription medications.

I was insulin resistant and pre-diabetic which means that I was one step away from having full blown diabetes and the possibility of having limbs amputated or going blind. My blood pressure was so high at times that I would have to leave work to go to the doctor because I was in danger of having a stroke or heart attack.

My joints were always stiff and sore from arthri-tis and I was only in my forties. I also had gout so bad that many times I couldn’t even walk without crutches because of the pain, and then I would have to miss more work. To make matters worse I would stop breathing several times a night from sleep apnea and I snored so horribly that the walls would vi-brate. My wife was afraid that one morning I would never wake up. I was a mess and getting worse all the time. It was to the point where I barely had enough energy to get through the work day. Understandably I was unhappy and depressed.

No matter what fad diet, pills, or supplements I tried nothing seemed to work. I just couldn’t lose any weight. If I did manage to lose a pound or two I would always gain back five. Even when I would try to start “eating healthy” and working out I would end up gaining weight instead of losing anything. I thought maybe I was just getting too old to lose weight. Would I be morbidly obese for the rest of my life and eventually die from one of the obesity related diseases. The way things were going it would probably happen sooner than later.


What about my wife and son, I thought, what if something happened to me and I was no longer there for them. I thought about my son growing up without his dad, and my wife struggling to hold every-thing together. Those thoughts were unbearable to me.

There had to be an effective way for me to lose weight and regain my health and energy. But I had tried at least a dozen times and failed. Why couldn’t I lose weight and keep it off?

I got my first clues during the big recession. I was a fine dining chef and at that time country club membership was rapidly declining and high end restau-rants were dropping like flies. So I took refuge in the health care industry as a food service director in an up-scale assisted living community. Thank goodness for “old” money. I ended up staying in healthcare for 5 years and during that time I worked closely with Doc-tors, nurses, registered dieticians and physical thera-pists. I learned a lot about creating specialized diets and meal plans for community residents with all sorts of health issues like , obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, high blood pressure and so on. It was an eye opening experience for me because I saw the end result of decades of stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices all around me every day at work. I also knew that I was heading in the same direction fast un-less I took control of my health right away.


On the brighter side of things I noticed that there were quite a few very healthy active people living there who were in their 70’s, 80’s and even 90’s. The average person might think that these people could attribute their good health and mental clari-ty to genetics and I was inclined to think the same thing at first.However since I was the chef and food service director I noticed something that no one else did. All of the healthy resi-dents had at least 3 things in common. These people were very picky about what they would and would not eat, they all had a normal body weight, and they were also physically active.

How I first noticed this it was because it was kind of a pain in my rear end. They would constantly hound me with special food requests. Since they were all healthy they didn’t have a doctor’s ordered specialized diet, so they got the “regular diet”, but they wouldn’t eat 90% of what all the other people ate. I would always accommodate them though because of my back-ground in fine dining where special requests are never refused as long as I had the ingredients. I had compassion for all of my other residents also and always went above and beyond the call of duty to give anyone what they wanted, even if a diabetic wanted a regular dessert, besides it was their legal right to eat whatever they wanted. I’m not the food police after all.

My healthy people were not all in a click though or even sat at the same tables together. They just didn’t eat certain things that I soon found out are making millions of us in this country obese and sick. They also didn’t spend all of their free time sitting around watching TV or mess-ing around on a computer. Most of them walked down to the beach or around to the different shops down town every day, or they went on day trips, and participated in group activities. They lived vibrant happy lives and where sharp as tacks. One amazing 92 year old man was still active in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and looked like he was in his healthy 60’s.

Our modern youth culture tends to devalue older peo-ple, and believe that they don’t have any wisdom to offer us. Many in our society feel that all of the answers are in new technology and that simple and natural ways are antiquated. I believe that if you want to live a long healthy life that the best place to find out how is by observing what healthy old people do. I simply asked many of them,” what’s your secret” and they proudly told me. And if you want to finally conquer your weight problem and turn your health around then find out how from someone like me who has lost 125 lbs. and rejuvenated his health. Don’t fall for the advertising hype with fitness mod-els falsely promising six pack abs, yet really have no idea how to overcome obesity and the related health issues.

I started digging deeper to solve my weight and health problems once and for all. By spend-ing hours poring over scientific research papers, case studies, statistics and nutritional information. I discovered and verified some truly remarkable things.

One of the amazing facts that I uncovered was published peer reviewed scientific research showing that the human body has a “fat trigger”. It’s a survival mechanism dating back to our ori-gins that causes us to automatically slow our metabolism and produce and store fat for famines or long winters when certain foods are eaten. When these foods are abundantly consumed no matter how much we exercise or diet it is impossible to burn fat. This fat triggering substance is so com-mon in the American diet it is even found in so called “diet” and “healthy” foods. It’s no wonder that there’s an obesity epidemic raging out of control. It has also been proven that consuming exces-sive amounts (normal amounts in the US) of this causes or contributes to the most common chronic diseases that millions of people todays are suffering and dying from. Conditions like Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, heart attack and stroke, high blood pressure, gout, metabolic syndrome, ADHD, depression, candida and others. Once this common substance is reduced to be-low a specific amount per day that the body will automatically trigger fat burning. In The Fat Trigger System I’ll reveal what this common and dangerous substance is and how much of it you can safe-ly consume on a daily basis and still trigger your metabolism to burn fat. The Fat Trigger System is not only about cutting back on one food though, it’s a holistic approach to weight loss and health.

Research also shows toxic chemical food additives and pesticide residue are stored in our fat cells as a way to protect us from toxic overload that we can’t eliminate fast enough through sweating, urination, and bowel movements. This is another big reason why so many people today can’t lose weight, because of a steady stream of toxic chemicals being brought into the body via most processed foods, junk food, and fast food. With the Fat Trigger System you will learn what foods will naturally detoxify your body so you can start melting away fat and improve your health.

The Fat Trigger System is a 7 step holistic health and weight loss plan that takes the mystery and guess work out of losing weight and burning fat.

Because I’m a chef and I love to eat, food has been a passion of mine for 25 years. Now my passion is focused on healthy, delicious and satisfying food. After I left the health care field I opened a restaurant that served only the best healthy clean food. I have in-cluded dozens of my personal recipes with nutrition in-formation. Many of them are from the restaurant, which I ate to lose so much weight and still eat till this day. There are meats, vegetables, fruits, side dishes, starches, grains, and snacks. I also prepared a 7 day sample meal plan with corresponding recipes that you can follow or customize to your liking.

 Stress is also a key factor not only in disease, but also in obesity. According to the CDC two thirds of family doctors office visits and half of the deaths in America of people under the age of 65 are stress related. And The American Medical Association contends that 75% of all ill-ness and disease is also stress related. It is a documented fact the hormone cortisol which is re-leased during times of stress causes weight gain as well as over eating.

Many of us don’t really un-derstand what stress is though. Every time we get angry or agitated that is stress. When we worry about money, paying bills, or being late for work we are experiencing stress. Of course job related pressure to perform and coworker drama is a huge stressor. We are so bombarded constantly by stress on daily and hourly basis that we hardly realize it is stress, or take it seriously that it is not only making us gain weight, but the accumulative effect is causing many of our diseases and may even kill us.

We all have tons of dangerous fat producing stress to deal with, so in the Fat Trigger System you will receive a stress busting MP3 meditation audio download that uses the latest brainwave en-trainment technology called binaural beats. You simply listen to it and relax. First there is a quick 10 minute guided weight loss audio of relaxing music and nature sounds and a soothing voice guiding your thoughts towards, weight loss, health, and rejuvenation. The binaural beats technology ac-cesses your subconscious mind in a way that will increase your will power and help you form new habits allowing you to lose weight quickly. Next for stress relief and total relaxation there is an addi-tional 15 minutes of beautiful nature sounds, relaxing music, and binaural beats imbedded into the soundtrack. These audios should be listened to with headphones for full effect. They are very pow-erful and should never be listened to while driving because they are intended to place you in a re-laxed trance like state of mind.


Exercise is also one of the best ways to re-duce stress as long as you don’t push yourself to hard. Although you simply cannot exercise your way out of a poor and metabolically "toxic" diet, regular exercise is vital for weight loss and health. However it doesn’t have to be long grueling workouts at the gym or trying to run on a treadmill. In fact the easier it is, especially in the beginning, the better it is for you because you will stick with it and then it be-comes habit. In The Fat Trigger System there is a whole chapter on which exercises are the best for you to lose weight. I also included a 30 minute ex-ercise video download where I demonstrate my beginner routine of easy exercises specifically cho-sen for the person who is seriously overweight, possibly middle aged like me, and has been seden-tary for years. Once you’re familiar with this easy routine you can get it done in about 15 minutes in the privacy of your own home. You’ll never have to be self-conscious or go to a germ filled gym. I still do this routine almost every morning as a warm up to other exercises that I enjoy doing now that I’ve lost 125 lbs. I regularly ride my bike 10 miles to the beach and back in the morning and swim a mile in the ocean when it’s calm. I also practice Shaolin Kung Fu and Qigong now and I’m 50 years old. And at one time I could barely even walk for 10 minutes without sitting down to rest.


Getting my energy and physical abilities back all started by doing the easy exercises that you’ll be getting in the video. The transformation I’ve gone through is amaz-ing. But you don’t have to do Kung Fu or swim in the ocean. I do those things because I enjoyed them when I was young and I enjoy them now. For now the easy begin-ner exercises in the video will jump start your metabolism, get you limbered up, and energized so that in a month or two you will be ready to do whatever form of exercise that your heart desires. The key is to get moving and have some fun. I’ll go into more detail in the program

Another important part in successfully losing weight is having support from people who have been through the challenges and know what you’re going through. Also camaraderie with those who are on the same weight loss journey as you are on right now. In other words a community of like-minded individuals who support and encourage each other. Co-workers, friends and family mean well, but aren’t really 100% interested whether you lost a pound or not, or in the healthy lunch you just had. Sometimes these friends might even push food on you like when someone brings a box of donuts to work and try to convince you to have just one when really you don’t want it. I know what it’s like, and day after day it was my online weight loss pals that cheered me on when I lost a pound or posted that I fit into a smaller size shirt. And they encouraged me on many dark nights when I was feeling down, and ready to say the hell with it and devour a whole pizza. I did the same for them. Support from those online friends truly played a big part in how I was able to stick with it and lose 125 lbs. And it will help you tremendously as well. People who have your back and sup-port your weight loss endeavors could be the difference between giving up forever or finally reach-ing your goals. That’s why for The Fat Trigger System owners I have a private online support group as part of the program. I’m online everyday as well as others, and I will personally coach and sup-port you because I believe it’s that important for your success.

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The Fat Trigger System includes

  • 250 page pdf E-book - $25 value
  • 7 step detailed weight loss plan
  • Optional quick start plan to lose up to 10 lbs. the first week
  • Advanced calorie cycling technique
  • Dozens of my delicious and healthy recipes with nutrition infor-mation
  • 7 Day customizable meal plan with corresponding recipes and nu-tritional info.
  • MP3 Download - 10 minute Guided weight Loss binaural beats audio - $20 value
  • MP3 Download - 15 minute Stress Busting binaural beats audio - $20 value
  • Video Download – 30 minute Easy Beginner Exercise Routine - $30 value
  • Online Weight Loss Support Group and personal coaching with me and other members

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