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Choose from these 1-day, 3-day or 7-day packages. Once your package is paid for, we will contact you so you can choose your sport. If you purchase a package before midnight EST, you will be contacted within one to four hours; if you purchase a package after midnight EST, you will be contacted by 10 a.m. the next day. If you have not heard from us in this timeframe, please contact us at info@charmcitysports.club or call us toll free at 800-392-5167

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Real winners think of sports betting or horse racing as an investment. We approach it with the seriousness of the stock market. We understand that it takes in-depth, constant analysis and a long-term, disciplined approach.

Our algorithms take all the possible information and statistics and constantly analyze them. To make accurate picks you need to know how that horse has performed over time at that track, in those weather conditions and against those other racers. Our team is made up of computer programmers, data analysts, statisticians, veterinarians and line experts.

First, you don’t want to bet beyond your means. Just like setting up a retirement plan or playing the stock market, you need to think long-term, set loss limits, and, most of all, have the right information. This is how we approach sports betting: as a business. We want you to win. Just like the stock market goes up and down, you want to invest for the long-term, where you win much more than you lose.

The bottom line is that you want to win. We work with you to understand the risk and overcome it. This isn’t just another “get rich quick” scheme. This is a “get rich over time and STAY RICH” plan. Don’t throw your money away. Invest your money in the races and picks that are going to earn you the most profit day after day, week after week and year after year.

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