Chakra Manifestations
Uncover The Hidden Potential Within You & Unlock The Gateway to Personal Power, Creativity and Amplify Your Intuition!
Do you believe that there are no limits to the human potential?
Ball of light
This is a ball of brilliant white energy.

And in just a few minutes I’m going to reveal to you...

How this energy along with 6 others, holds the key towards manifesting your wildest dreams and your deepest desires effortlessly!

These balls will help you to unlock the secret code towards helping you create all the wealth, health, love, success, personal power and creativity you could want and amplify your intuition

Once you unlock this secret code, you will be able to access proven methods that will lead you to manifesting your dream life easily and quickly.
Imagine For a Moment The Kind of Life You Can Live as You Create More Wealth than You Can Ever Imagine
Share mind blowing intimate love with your partner
Share mind blowing intimate love with your partner
Gain more personal power and confidence that you can ever imagine
Gain more personal power and confidence that you can ever imagine
Attract deep, loving relationships with people around you
Attract deep, loving relationships with people around you
Communicate, speak your mind and always be heard
Communicate, speak your mind and always be heard
Make the right decision in your life every time and be connected to the greatest source in the universe to manifest your dream life
Make the right decision in your life every time and be connected to the greatest source in the universe to manifest your dream life
You can have this life, just as I have experienced.
Saira Salmon
Hi my name is Saira Salmon.

And I am about to reveal to you my amazing discovery of how I’ve learned the secret to effortlessly manifesting anything I want in my life and how it can be yours for a small investment.

Have you ever wondered why some people just cannot get ahead in life even though they work really hard, and really long hours?

Throughout my life, I’ve seen people who have practiced The Law of Attraction but all they have ever attracted into their lives are more debt and worries and people who speak affirmations in the mirror till their face turns blue - yet they still feel swamped by limiting beliefs.

I’ve also seen people who have started many good businesses and failed and even people who no matter how many books they read, how many CDs they have listened to or how many seminars they have attended, they just can’t seem to find the missing ingredient they need.

They are unable to find the breakthrough they need to take their lives to the next level or dig themselves out of the rut they are in. It’s not their fault. Something is in their way that prevents them from achieving success no matter what they do.
Discover the ancient secrets to manifesting an abundant and prosperous life easily. It’s the missing link to the “Law of Attraction”
I wasn’t always a ‘master manifestor’ or a prominent speaker.

In fact, if I told most people now that at one point I was overworked to the point that my health hit really critical, life-changing levels, they wouldn’t have believed me.

I wasn’t always this good when it comes to manifesting all the good things in life…

In fact, despite all the negative things I manifested earlier in my life – and some of it was really bad - I have now learned to manifest the exact opposite.

My childhood was difficult, living abroad, feeling isolated and alone, having difficulty making permanent friends.

But that wasn’t my biggest trauma.

I had my innocence taken away at the tender age of 8 years old when I was sexually abused for a whole year by a caretaker at my school.
Never telling anyone of this I carried the shame and the fear of this through my teens and into adulthood, affecting my ability to trust and form good relationships.

Over the ensuing years, my life took a turn for the worse.

I was in the corporate world working long hours, always stressed, sleeping badly, eating badly and hanging on with my fingertips.

Office politics became a part of my life as my stress levels were sky high and my health suffered badly.

The doctor had no answers – he had no pill for fear, or shame, or stress or hating yourself. I spiralled down into a pit of despair.

I even watched The Secret and practiced the Law of Attraction, visualizations, affirmations and positive thinking, but nothing seemed to work.

Burning the candle at both ends, eating on the run, barely relaxing and maxing myself out both physically and emotionally, my body started to break down as I couldn’t take any more, and I wondered how I was going to manage the next 5 years, let alone make it to old age.

By a stroke of mercy, I was ‘forced’ to leave all these stresses behind and that was the start of a journey to heal myself and begin to get my life back on track.

The path to wholeness involved many years of searching and I found answers in places I would not even have dreamed of looking at one time, but it enabled me to stumble across a ‘secret’ method that gave me the answers I had been seeking.

Remember the ball of brilliant white energy earlier?

I’ve learned through my years of research that 7 of these brilliant balls of incredible energy held the key towards manifesting my dream life.

These balls are called chakras.

When I was first told about them, I thought it was some new-age mumbo-jumbo such as hippies and people who play with crystal balls use.
Boy was I wrong!

This is the true secret behind the things they never told you in The Secret.

My research showed me source after source that revealed how each ball or ‘chakra’ is like an invisible powerhouse, and engine which drives our lives.

If they are closed or blocked, you cannot manifest or attract anything - it is a universal energetic law like gravity. No amount of affirmations will change this.

I’ve learned that even one blockage can clog up the whole system.

No wonder my life was messed up - because my chakras were blocked and out of balance!

My health was suffering no matter how much medicine I took because I wasn’t working on my Chakras.

Now I understood why the Law of Attraction didn’t work for me. If even some of your chakras are blocked the flow of energy needed to attract things to you doesn’t work and you can’t manifest what you want.

That’s what the teachers of The Secret didn’t tell you.

However, with the right guidance and training, turning on your chakras is as easy as turning on a switch.

And once I started to master this everything fell into place beautifully, everything began to flow.

After years of research and practicing on my own chakras I started to share this knowledge in a practical, results-orientated course, helped by my years of experience in the corporate world.

I call this - Chakra Manifestation.
It Is The Missing Key To "The Secret" & Making Affirmations Work For You
This is the true secret behind the things they never told you in The Secret.

Remember the ball of brilliant energy? You have 7 of them within you and in each of these chakras hold the invisible energetic power towards manifesting your dream life.

Being unaware of the existence of these 7 powerful chakras will severely hinder your ability to manifest – no matter how much willpower or positive thinking you have.

So what are chakras and why are they so important?

Chakras are 7 circular vortexes of energies which are mini-universes in our bodies. They are the life force that sustains us daily and connects us to everything in the Universe. The key towards living a balanced life is by balancing all these chakras.
Bill Gates
1st Chakra

Have you ever wondered why multi-millionaires are able to manifest money almost effortlessly?

That is because they have a strong 1st chakra which controls their career and finances.

A blocked 1st chakra will result in a person feeling unsafe, insecure and lacking the ability to manifest any wealth.
Leonardo Da Vinci
2nd Chakra

Ever wonder how some people have mind-blowing passionate love making many times in a single week?

Or how people come up with the greatest ideas all the time?

The 2nd chakra controls their sexuality and their creativity.

If your 2nd chakra is blocked sex will be a chore, lacking in pleasure or full of shame and guilt, or even unnatural desires.
Elon Musk
3rd Chakra

Have you seen people with unwavering confidence and a very strong belief in their personal power?

That’s the 3rd chakra at work.

A blocked 3rd chakra makes people feel ineffectual, impotent and constantly filled with anxiety at getting things done.
4th Chakra

If you meet some people with the most heartfelt energy who are wonderfully compassionate and loving, they probably have a very strong 4th chakra.

A blocked 4th chakra will cause you to sabotage your relationships with others and make you closed and distrustful of others.

That’s no way to live your life. Understanding and mastering this Chakra will allow you to live a full, loving and guilt-free existence.
Winston Churchill
5th Chakra

People with the strongest communication skills are often people with a strong 5th chakra and their voice is always heard.

A blocked 5th chakra causes you to feel unheard – even when you speak it falls on deaf ears. It will also impact your ability to communicate well.
Napoleon Bonaparte
6th Chakra Have you ever seen people who seem to make the best decisions for their lives?

Those are people who work well with their 6th chakra where they have this uncanny ability to trust their gut feeling or their intuition and with this insight make the best choices.

With a blocked 6th chakra you will lack the necessary insight and understanding when it comes to difficult issues, and the wisdom the 6th chakra brings will be missing from your decisions.
7th Chakra

Finally we come to the 7th chakra.

People who are strong in this chakra are the most spiritual people who are connected to source energy or a higher power.

A blocked 7th chakra makes you feel disconnected, abandoned, and with an uncomfortable, ever present feeling that the higher powers have abandoned you.
Now that you understand why each of these 7 chakras are so important, it is time to know what you can do to activate in the right way, so that they work for you rather than against you.

And until you balance all 7 of them, any unbalanced chakra center will create difficulties that will potentially sabotage your efforts to create what you want.
The Chakra Manifestation System Uses Proven Methods To Align Your Chakras For Greater Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Abundance
This is truly the ‘lazy man’s way to success’.

The real secret behind The Secret that no one will tell you about.

Because hard work, in and of itself will not guarantee you success.

You will also find the ability to love and be loved comes easily to you.

And The Law of Attraction alone will never work if your chakras are not aligned properly within you.

This course will help you to understand the root problems that are keeping your chakras closed or blocked.

Working closely with your energy body, the knowledge and strategies in this system will all help you to unlock, understand and ultimately control the deep, unconscious issues that are holding you back from your success.
The Complete Chakra Manifestation System
Chakra Manifestation Product You will get a complete manual teaching you how all your chakras work, as well as 7 customised courses on balancing and empowering each chakra.
Now It’s Time For The All Important Question. How Much Will This Cost?
I’ve taught these techniques to people who have paid over $1,000 for a 3 day session with me.

That’s $333 for a day.

Instead, you get all my knowledge right here today, only on this page for a TINY fraction of the cost.

Why am I doing this, you ask?

Well, you’ve heard my story. I’ve had my fair share of struggles and hardship. At my lowest point, I even wondered how I was going to keep going.

Thus, I’ve made it my MISSION to change as many lives as possible – so that you won’t have to go through what I’ve been through.

In fact, my friends and family had reservations with this. They said I could very well charge 10 times more and you’d still be leaving with a total bargain.

But it’s not about the money - it never was!

Helping people to avoid the mistakes I made, to understand what they want and how to get it, these are the things that motivate me. It took me years to figure it out, and everything I learned that made such a HUGE difference to my life is here – within your grasp.

I’m confident this WILL work for you, just like it has for hundreds of others.

So here’s what I’m prepared to do for you, ONLY ON THIS PAGE.
Today, you will get everything - for the one time price of: $47
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Before I close, I’d like you to close your eyes and imagine your DREAM LIFE for a momentl. Your dream life where you have all the money, success, relationships, love, abundance, happiness, personal power and connectedness to everything that you want.

Would it be a life worth living for you? If so, secure your copy now.

You won’t regret it.
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The decision is yours to make.

Remember those times you let you mind wander, and dreamed of fate giving you an amazing opportunity to change your life.

Well this is it.

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Well, it’s here right now. This is the key to open the door to a whole new life, if you want it.

Don’t let fear or indecision hold you back. Go ahead, click the button below ... and realize your dreams.
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Saira Salmon