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Everything you need to train your dog...just add YOU!

Hi Dog Lover,

Training your new puppy at home can be a lot of fun.  We’ve got loads of dog training tips for you.

If you are look for some help now you can have full access to over 50 training videos covering:

  • puppy crate training
  • dog obedience
  • recall dog training
  • biting
  • barking
  • puppy training do's and don'ts

... and much more. All the dog training basics and training techniques are covered.

 The commands you will learn are taught be dog training expert, Dove Cresswell

With Dove’s "play method" of dog training games, every lesson is fun. You and your dog will develop a deep bond.  You'll both enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

Watch on your phone, tablet or desktop computer.

 You get full access to the full dog training library for only a one-time fee.


You get immediate, full access to over 50 videos covering...

100% Guarantee

No Risk / No Obligation

Watch the videos and follow the steps we have put together for you. If for any reason you feel this course does not deliver much more than the value you paid for it, then simply let us know within 60 days and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Everything you need to train your dog in one place...just add you.

There is No Shipping Cost and so You Save Money!

This product is 100% digital.which means you pay ZERO SHIPPING and you get INSTANT ACCESS to all the videos that you can view on your smartphone, tablet or PC.  You can Start TODAY!


Will this work for
MY dog?


Since 2005 my training has proved successful for thousands of dogs. 

Explore My Lessons Library

100% Guarantee                Receive full access to 50+ videos for a one-time only payment of just $49.95 

Click here for more details.

Here's what you get with my lessons:

  • CONVENIENCE – you can train at home or outside on your Smartphone or Tablet
  • PROVEN - works for all breeds, sizes and ages. Since 2005 I have trained over 5,000 dogs online
  • FUN & EASY– My "game method" deepens the bond with your pet

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"By the way my rescue pup has come on in leaps and bounds thanks to your training material, really am very grateful, more than worth what I paid, thank you!." Read More ...

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