ATTENTION, dog owners and lovers: Your pet dog may be in danger.
It may be in pain… And you may not even know it.

“Unaware dog lover was shocked when she was told that she had been unknowingly harming her own dog, by making this dangerous feeding mistake that 99% of dog owners make… Without even knowing”


  • Find out what this dangerous “feeding” mistake is
    and whether you are indirectly harming your dog without even knowing.

  • Learn proven and effective methods that are used by over hundreds of dog lovers
    to increase their dog’s lifespan and quality of life.

  • Discover how to save a ton of your precious time and money
    when it comes to your dog’s food… and still ensure it stays healthy all year round.

(Read on to find out more…)



Dear fellow dog owner (and lover),

You are reading this because you are a dog owner (like myself), and you want the very best for your dog.

It’s a funny thing really. Sometimes, I get jokingly asked by my friends whether I actually love my dog or my husband more?

And you know what?

I have difficulty answering that question. All the time.

But here’s the shocking truth that nobody ever told you about…

Did you know that most dog owners want the best for their dogs… but yet they are causing it so much harm and pain without even knowing?

Maybe you are making this exact mistake too.

What is it?

Answer: Not feeding your dogs with the right kind of foods.

In fact, here’s the truth that the pet food industry will NEVER ever tell you about…

Truth: 99% of commercially available dog food contains harmful chemicals and preservatives that indirectly contribute to a wide variety of health problems and illnesses in dogs…
And sometimes, they even result in death if the illness goes un-noticed and is not treated in time.


Stop harming your dog with the wrong foods
(I had to learn that the hard way)

I don’t even need to guess.

If you’re reading this… it goes to show that you definitely want the best for your dog, and you want to see it grow strong and healthy…

So that you will be able to spend more quality time with your dog.

I can totally understand… because I have a dog named “Kuma”, and I treat him as if he were my precious child.

I got Kuma when he was just 3 months old, from a local breeder here in California.

It was just love at first sight (something that’s really hard to explain in words. But being a dog lover, I’m pretty sure you can understand my emotions).

Kuma meant so much to me, and watching him grow up everyday was truly a joy and blessing.

Watching him go crazy trying to find the squeakers in his new toys…

Watching him gobble down his food in an adorable (and very messy) way…

And of course, watching him jump and bark in glee after coming home from a tiring day at work.

That just makes your day, doesn’t it?

And things were going good…

Kuma was slowly getting bigger and stronger by the day, and I thought that I was doing everything right (in terms of feeding and caring for him).

Turns out… I was wrong!

(Read on for the shocking truth of what I was unknowingly doing to my dog,
and the pain I had caused it to go through!)

What happened next… was totally unexpected and took me by surprise.

One Sunday evening… before Kuma and I were about to go out for our usual stroll at the local park…

My dog suddenly started growling in pain and fell
unconscious… and the reality hit me that I may actually
lose something that I held so dearly in my life.


And the worst part is… I didn’t even know what had caused this to happen. I thought I was doing everything right.

I immediately rushed Kuma to the nearest vet… and as I held him in my arms and felt his warm and soft fur…

I honestly thought that was going to be the last time I would be able to hold him.

During those moments while our vet was attending to him, my mind went completely blank and the only thing I could recall was all the times and memories Kuma and I spent together.

Bringing him along with me to the park for evening strolls…

Cleaning up the mess he made after each meal…

Helping him clean up after a day out, and both of us getting drenched and making a huge mess of the bathroom…

It pained me to see him in such a state, and I was just not prepared to see him go so suddenly. I was trying hard to hold back my tears.

(As dramatic as this sounds… No, I did not steal this “plot” from a movie.
I’ll leave that to the experienced directors and producers.)

Thankfully… after about an hour of treatment and some remedies from the vet, Kuma regained consciousness and was
able to move again.

“You have been feeding your dog with a TON of harmful
chemicals and substances that caused him to be in such
great pain… And you don’t even know it!”


That’s the first thing that my veterinarian, Jen, told me after she got out of the treatment room.

She explained to me that I had been feeding Kuma with so much commercial pet food…

And many of these commercial products available outside contain a truckload of harmful chemicals and preservatives that are damaging (and even deadly!) for a dog’s health.

She gave Kuma a full examination, and found that his liver was filled with so much artificial chemicals (from the commercial food that I had been feeding him…

Thus causing an infection and eventually led him to break down because of the amount of pain he was in.

Kuma was suffering in silence as he couldn’t tell me that he was in pain, and I was slowly “poisoning” my own dog without even knowing it.

If things had been worse… he could have even lost his life, because of the harmful commercial pet food that I was feeding him… and I wouldn't have known what happened!

It was time to find a solution that would allow me to
have full control over what I was feeding my dog.

I wanted something that was not only healthy and
clean… but also beneficial for my dog’s health
(which equates to a longer lifespan and quality of life)


That’s when I started looking for recipes that would allow me to create healthy, clean, and natural meals for my dog.

I consulted veterinarians, food experts and even dieticians …

And after months of searching for answers, I finally found a solution (read on below for the details).

IMPORTANT: Before I go on to share this solution with you, please take note…

Your dog may not faint (like mine did), and it may not even show any signs or symptoms of pain, or discomfort.

Heck, you may even think that what happened to my dog was overly dramatized, and will probably never happen in real life.

But the point I want to drive home here is not what happened to my dog.

This isn’t about my dog, nor is it about me.

This is about YOU and YOUR DOG.

Your dog may look like he or she is perfectly healthy and strong, with no signs of illness. But beware, the stuff that you are feeding it cannot be seen on the packaging of commercial products.

The additives, chemicals, and preservatives will slowly harm your dog’s health, and they can do nothing about it but suffer in silence.

So… don’t wait till the symptoms appear to realize that it’s too late.

Wouldn’t it be so much better if you can take control of your dog’s diet… and feed them natural and healthy ingredients that is not only more nutritious, but also much cheaper than the typical commercial foods?


The “Cookbook for Dogs”
(You will NEVER need to buy another can of dog food)

“You will be able to create healthy, nutritious, and tasty meals for your dog...
with minimal time and effort required.

You no longer need to waste your hard-earned money on expensive
commercial pet foods (that are filled with harmful chemicals and additives)...

But instead, you can easily whip up a sumptuous meal for your pet dog…
Anytime you want”

Sounds too good to be true?

That’s what Juanita thought to herself as well, when she first came across the “Cookbook for dogs” recipe manual.

But after giving it a try and seeing the results for herself, this is what she had to say:

"My Dogs Really Love These Recipes"

My dogs really love these recipes.
Especially the treats in the Summertime! Its fun to prepare these meals and knowing that they're good for them too, is a huge plus!
If something isn't safe enough for a human, why would you want to feed it to your dog?
Also, thanks for including a list of toxic foods to avoid. It was a huge eye opener!
Thanks again for the great recipes and attention to detail!

Juanita P.

What will “Cookbook for Dogs” do for you
(and your beloved pet)?


When you use the “Cookbook for Dogs” recipe manual to create meals for your dogs(s)…

You will be able to massively boost the nutritional content of EVERY SINGLE MEAL that you feed your dog… because the recipes consist of the most natural, healthy, and content-packed ingredients that have been recommended by over dozens of pet dieticians.

You will be able to increase the lifespan of your dog, and watch it grow strong and healthy… with little illnesses or health problems (which can be pretty costly and emotionally taxing on us dog owners)

You will have complete control over everything that goes into your dog’s mouth… and you will know that your dog is eating only the healthiest, cleanest, and highest quality of ingredients (no more of those toxic chemicals or preservatives that degrade your dog’s health)

You can easily create a healthy and sumptuous meal for your dog, even if you know nothing about pet food (the recipes are super simple, and have been created with speed and ease in mind. Even a complete newbie like myself was able to use these recipes to get my dog salivating!)

You can create specific meals and diets for all types of dogs (even if your pet has special diet needs, or is trying to lose/gain weight… You will still be able to find suitable recipes for it. We’ve got you covered every step of the way, with nothing left to chance J)

You will be able to save a ton of money on commercial pet foods, which can equate to massive cost savings over a sustained time period (Why waste money by feeding your dog with toxic and unhealthy commercial products… when you can spend so MUCH less and still ensure your dog has a clean, safe, and nutritional meal)

You can easily come up with recipes and meal plans for any dog… without worrying about specific problems or needs (our recipes are catered to fit dogs of all breeds, shapes, and sizes. Nothing is left out!)

You can easily get your dog to eat his/her meals (without any force or hassle)… because our recipes don’t just focus on being healthy and clean, BUT most importantly… they are tasty and will engage the taste buds of your dog like how a Scooby snack engages Scooby doo!

You will save yourself from a ton of worry and hassle (and also eliminate emotional stress)… knowing that your dog is consuming only the cleanest and healthiest foods, and thus will not be affected by any of those dangerous bacteria or harmful substances found in commercial pet meals.

You will get to enjoy the great joy and satisfaction of seeing your dog feel energetic, healthy, and strong… every single day (To me, this is the best part of being a dog owner – knowing that my actions have helped to make his/her life so much happier and livelier… because of the clean and nutritious food that I’ve made)

You are NOT alone.

Dozens of dog owners have already used the delicious recipes
in “Cookbook for dogs” recipe manual to get their dogs salivating… over a clean, healthy, and nutritious meal


"Thank You For Providing Us With Safe, Nutritious And Delicious Options"

What a fantastic solution to the potential dangers in processed dog food!
If Geoff had his way, he would eat Turkey Stew and Bow Wow Biscuits for all his meals and snacks!
Thank you for providing us with safe, nutritious, and delicious options to enjoy throughout the year!

John K. and Geoff
Milton, FL

"Best of All, She Really Enjoys It!"

After my first dog Mia passed away from cancer, I began looking into healthier foods for my second dog, Gidget and found Cookbook for Dogs.
It's nice to know exactly what's in the food she's eating and best of all, she really enjoys it!

Nancy M.

"The Recipes Are Very Easy To Make"

It seems like everywhere you turn, there is more news about pet food warnings and recalls due to dangerous ingredients.
Soon, I plan to adopt another dog and want to make sure that he only gets the best from me.
I found that the recipes in Cookbook for dogs are very easy to make and they're healthy too.
Thanks Connie!

Edgar A.


This is NOT for every dog owner under the sun


Let me be clear on something…

This is only for those dog owners who are ABSOLUTELY serious about their dog’s health and quality of life.

Over the years that I’ve met tons of dog owners, you have no idea how many of them actually couldn’t care less about their dogs.

Some of them get dogs just to not feel so lonely (and they don’t really care about its well-being)…

Some of them got it as a gift from their friends (and they know nothing about caring for dogs)…

Some of them even got dogs just to look cool and have a great topic for conversation at house parties (this is ridiculous!).

Seeing all these examples just pains me, and I feel really enraged that an innocent dog has to suffer because of such irresponsible and selfish actions.

So please, before you move forward… Please read this carefully.

This is NOT for:

People who have dogs but only tend to it once a week (you are someone that either throws the responsibility to your family, or you just find the most convenient way to feed and
take care of it)

People who are lazy, not committed, and not serious about their dog’s health
(you see this as just a joking matter… and it’s not an absolute MUST that your dog gets the best food and quality of life)

People who are irresponsible, and see a dog as “just a pet” that entertains you or helps you to kill time when you’re bored

People who will not bother to take some time and effort to prepare these healthy meals for your dog… and you’d rather spend a few dollars on commercialized pet food because you are simply “too busy” to care

People who get dogs just to look “cool” (I’d rather not waste my time with you… and you’d be better off giving the dog to someone else that actually cares)

Alright… you are absolutely serious about
your dog’s health and nutrition.
BUT, how much is this worth to you?


To be honest…

I didn’t want to make this too affordable at first.

Because I only wanted the MOST committed and serious dog owners on board – people who actually care for their dogs and want the best for them. Nothing less.

This next sentence may scare you (but I’m still going to say it)…

Many of my private customers have paid up to $100 just to get a copy of this “Cookbook for dogs” recipe manual.

And I actually wanted to charge the same price this time.

But, over the past few months, I have actually got a ton of feedback from past customers…

Telling me how they have truly benefited from my “cookbook for dogs” recipe manual, and how it has helped them to see massive changes in their dog’s health, fitness, and wellness.

"I Enthusiastically Recommend This To All Dog Lovers"

Absolutely love this book!
This is such a wonderful cookbook, there are so many very easy, wholesome recipes.
I enthusiastically recommend this book to all dog lovers.

Kelley C.


These are the exact same recipes that have:

Helped dozens of dog owners create appetizing and delicious meals for their dogs… that feeding and getting them to eat isn’t a problem anymore.

Helped several dog owners treat their dog’s dietary illnesses… and become strong and healthy (as if they never had a problem in the first place!)

Helped dog owners to save a ton of money on commercial dog food (which can be pretty expensive if you add up the costs)

Helped dog owners prolong their dog’s lifespan (longer than the average lifespan of dogs their breed)… and enjoy more quality time together with their dogs.

And thus, I have decided to make this available to all the dog-lovers out there… for much much less than the original price.

For a limited time… You can get hold of these recipes to create healthy and nutritious meals for your dogs…

For only $27 (Yes, you didn’t read that wrong. It’s not the usual $100 my past clients have been paying

But that’s not all…

I am going to take away all the risk from you…
With my “No worries, No nonsense, and No hassle”
money-back guarantee

I know what you’re thinking…

“What if these recipes don’t work?”

“What if I don’t like the recipes and it doesn’t suit my dog?”

“What if my dog doesn’t grow wings after eating this?” (kidding here)

These are real questions that many of my past clients have bombarded me with before they got the “cookbook for dogs” recipe manual.

And my answer is always the same…

If you’re not 150% satisfied with what you learn in this cookbook…

Just shoot me an email within the next 60 days, and I will refund you the full amount of money you paid for.

No worries, no nonsense, and no hassle.

You get your money back in full… with ZERO questions asked.

I want to make this fool-proof for you… and no way you can lose anything from this investment.

You even get to keep the recipes… as my way of saying thank you for trying.

BUT… that’s NOT all
(More ‘awesome-ness’ is in store for you… AND your dog)


I want to make this special for you.

Look… I know how much your dog means to you, and how committed you are to ensuring that your dog gets the best treatment and care.

The fact that you’ve read this letter till here only goes to show that you are absolutely serious about your dog’s nutrition, and you want the best for it.

No additives, no chemicals, no harmful preservatives…

ONLY the cleanest, most natural, and highest-quality ingredients are allowed to be on your dog’s bowl. Nothing less.

Thus, to reciprocate the commitment and dedication shown on your part…

I am going to be offering 3 fast action bonuses, for the first 100 customers who pick up a copy of my “cookbook for Dogs” recipe manual.


Remember… these fast action bonuses can NOT be found elsewhere… and I am only going to be sharing them with the first 100 customers.

Once the first 100 copies of the “cookbook for dogs” recipe manual have been snapped up… these bonuses will be taken off the market. Forever.


So, HONESTLY ask yourself these questions…

“Are you truly serious about your dog’s health, nutrition, and quality of life?”

“Do you truly desire to give your dog the best that you can offer?”

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the following questions…

Then you will definitely want to grab a copy of the “Cookbook for dogs” recipe manual, because after applying these recipes…
I’m sure you will see a huge positive difference in your dog’s health and quality of life.

So… take action right now, and get a copy of “Cookbook for Dogs”:

Click Here to Purchase


"Must Have For Dog Owners!"

Awesome cook book for dogs!
Being in the Organic and Natural food industry I love knowing what's actually in my dogs food now!
Recipes are easy and book does a great job of explaining how to make them!
Must have for dog owners!

Stephen G.

Yours truly,

Connie Hogan


P.S Like I said…

This cookbook is only for dog owners who are truly serious and committed to their dog’s health.

If you want something that can massively improve your dog’s nutrition and ensure it eats better (clean food that’s free of harmful chemicals and additives)…

Then the “Cookbook for dogs” recipe manual will definitely benefit YOU and YOUR dog.

Besides… you are backed by my 60-day guarantee…

So even if you are not 150% satisfied with the recipes you learn, you can just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund for your money (and you even get the keep the recipes!)

Just like dozens of other dogs… YOUR dog can be my next success story.

Click here to get a copy of “Cookbook for dogs”, and start feeding your dog with the healthy and nutritious meals it deserves.

(Oh… did I mention, that these meals are delicious too?)

See you on the other side!


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