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Would You Like To Own / Drive A Free Car?

Gas Prices got you down? Well, how about a Brand New Free Car to subsidize your situation... We show you how!

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Would you like to get a Brand New Car For FREE? We already know your answer..... With our free car location program we will find BRAND NEW FREE CARS right in your area! These Cars are given away to normal people every day!

How It Works

  • Companies will Sponsor you to drive in their Cars or they will give you between $400-3200 per month to get a New Car. We introduce those Sponsors to you so you can drive a Free Car too.
  • You get a Free Car. No Leasing or Payments out of pocket!
  • Program can be used with your current car earn extra income per month.
  • This program is available to residents in the USA, Canada, UK and more. Check your area for a Sponsor.

Free Car Version

3.0 Just Released

Included when you join the Free Car Program:

  • Unlimited use of our Free Car Sponsor Location Program for your personal use.
  • Award Winning Guide on getting a Free Car.
  • Applications for Free Car Sponsors, just fill them out.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Read Testimonials from Participants Already in the Free Car Program.

Corporations Currently Sponsoring Free Cars Drivers in our Program:

Taco Bell, HBO, ABC, Mobil Engine, Sega, Pringles, Microsoft Xbox, Ihop, Sprintbiz, Primeco, Virgin Records, USA Films, Lipton Tea, Lycos, Yahoo!, Sony, Toshiba, Rawlings, Matchmaker, HotJobs.com

Plus many more sponsors!

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One time fee only - You will never be billed again.

Free Car Lookup Tool

This tool checks to see if Free Car Sponsors are in your area.

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Did you Know?

Already, over 1,000,000 are currently driving Free Cars in the USA with the Sponsorship Program. And our Sponsors are Hungry for more Participants!