How to Prove Dead-On if Your Lover is Cheating or Not in 2 Minutes Without Risk ...

Are you sick of putting up with lies, yet uncertain on what to do?

If you want the ENTIRE truth about your partner without risking your relationship or marriage...... then read this article immediately.


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By Glen Houston, "Underground" Infidelity Expert
Los Angeles, CA USA   February 27, 2016  9:52 AM


Dear Friend,

You might not know this....

But you can totally catch evidence of your partner cheating (or prove that they were faithful after all), without the risk of opening a "can of worms".

You will find out today what has ever happened ..... who the other person is ..... how long it's been going on .... where they've been doing it ..... and when they're doing it.....

Most importantly, you won't risk conflict or embarrassment if you end up wrong. In fact, what you discover may STRENGTHEN a good relationship ..... you just need covert PROOF. Let me reveal a few things ....



Inside, you will discover .....

2 Micro-facial expression that even professional liars can't get away with.
One EASY sentence that reveals you these sure-fire signs in 3 seconds.
Hear 2 real stories on how spy software can mean big trouble and the exact computer monitoring software I strongly recommend.


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"Was scared... finally caught boyfriend"

Priceless resource. For months, I really didn't know what to do. It was unbearable both socially and emotionally. I went through a ton of advice and nothing even comes close to what your system has to offer ...yes, I was very scared to face the truth at first, but this method had literally no risk. I finally caught proof completely off-guard... thank you

- Rachel S.     Bridgeport, NY


I don't plan to keep this article up forever (especially for cheaters to see and counter) .... here's why the worst thing you can possibly do is procrastinate and not take action ....


About 4 years ago, I was struggling to prove my wife Janice's suspicious behavior. I tried everything and made a few critical mistakes. For example, I screwed up when she did a deep scan to discover my "top-of-the-line" computer monitoring software - I don't trust 99.9% of spy software out there anymore ... knowing what I know now.

Then, I sought out a friend, Sara who worked for a private detective firm.... and together she personally helped me for over 2 months to nail the truth. I was lucky enough to pick her brain and really see how private investigators probe in these uncertain times to help others. Our method is truly unique and extremely easy to apply. I promise this will help you.

Before I reveal how in this article, understand that I've been in YOUR shoes myself  ... So believe me when I say:

I know what it's like lying awake for countless nights, unable to get rid of the repulsive thoughts of where your lover has been, who they might be with and even worse.... the intimate possibilities that run RAMPANT behind your back.

I know what it's like to go weeks (even months!) on end without intimacy, feeling starved of affection. The lack of communication is devastating ... as if a coldness has swept over your entire relationship ...feeling disconnected and wondering "Do they even care?"

I know how excruciating it is to carry this emotional burden all day, while things continue to get worse, at home, at work, with associates, family and friends, everywhere you go, you can't seem to escape the fear, pain, and anger of your nagging suspicion...because it's absolute EMOTIONAL TORTURE ...


Worse yet, we may feel so "in love" that it's scary to investigate further .... I was very scared....

.... even though deep down.... what we fear is sometimes the exact thing we must do .....


.... So let's be sincerely honest with ourselves for a moment ....

~ If You're a Woman:

.... Imagine YOUR man having an AFFAIR with RANDOM women right behind your back and possibly lying that he is 100% single to them.

... as if he NEVER cares for your feelings.

You'd be unfathomably upset after investing your ALL into him! How could he?!


~ If You're a Man:

... Imagine the woman you've loved SLEEPING behind your back with another guy

... only to deny it like it was NOTHING?

You'd be enraged and humiliated. My blood would be BOILING!


Do make sure you ... don't make these 4 common mistakes ...

Yes, believe it or not, so many people (including myself before) mess up when trying to catch cheating .... even for those who already know.

Fatal Mistake #1: Confronting Them Without Evidence

Horrible blunder that's the most common.... don't risk it. Unfortunately, too many people learn this the hard way. Luckily, it's the most obvious and easiest to avoid.


Fatal Mistake #2: Trusting That Your Relationship is "Special"

This is always the result of an ego that can't let go for it's own good. Remember how you can always analyze someone else's drama and relationship troubles?

You just can't do it well for yourself - and it's not your fault. It's our own emotions controlling us. No one thinks this can happen to them - but it DOES!

You might also indulge in anything positive your partner throws at you. Don't fall for it. This is a trick... like an oasis appearing in a desert because they have starved you so BADLY of physical affection and/or emotional care. This nourishing trickery can be in the form of sudden physical intimacy from a woman or romantic and thoughtful words from a man.

Realize that you're being manipulated against your will here, both by your own mind and very likely them as well ... break the scheme before it's too late.


Fatal Mistake #3: Fearing The Consequences And Willing To "Live With Lies"

Don't read any further and leave this page right now if you aren't willing to demand respect for yourself... because DEEP DOWN INSIDE ... you know you need the TRUTH for any HEALTHY relationship, even if it's one you want to save. You're doing yourself a major disservice by being treated like a doormat.

DO NOT expect a cheater to come clean, they simply will hurt you further if you stay passive... I've seen enough cases!

I've been that scared "whipped" spouse and it was sickening because the cycle ANNIHILATES your self-assurance subconsciously. This creates a tremendous cost on your emotional, social, and even physical health later. Do something about it.


Fatal Mistake #4: Believing That You Can Solve This On Your Own Using Some "Catch Cheating" Tools

Yes, I've made this disastrous mistake by believing that I could get what I wanted by using semen kits, "private eye" tools, and amateur surveillance cameras. Several times, I remember being terrified that I'd get caught... and the evidence was still not found with these tools.

Trust me, most of these take a significant learning curve to execute the "remote monitoring" or "evidence extraction" in a non-risky manner. That's why real, QUALITY private investigators charge thousands for their services. It's not easy and you don't have time to waste nor care.

That's what I call "playing Russian roulette with your life" 


Now here's my secret tip for you....

Every time you accidentally "freak out" on suspicious emotions, you're partner will sense these and greatly tighten up his or her "clean up" act. This makes your job twice as hard.

They know you have suspicions now..... and their manipulations will get stronger to deflect your attention....

... and it strangles an otherwise-good relationship if your suspicions are wrong.

The key is to make your partner feel so confident that they can get away with cheating ... as if you are ignorant and naive of your own traps that you will set for them!

Only by uncovering the truth completely, can you proceed with options such as deciding to break up or salvage the relationship or marriage... BUT without the TRUTH first, you can't make this decision accurately at all!

There's An Easy-To-Copy, Effortless Method That They Don't Want You To Know!

GET THE TRUTH NOW or see the Free "Sure-fire Signs of Cheating" Report.

( Listen to real, live voice testimonials about this system. Yes, anyone is welcome to record as there's nothing to hide. This proves that my method is truly helping people. )


Spamming will be deleted. Concerns or questions? Contact Me Here


Listen, you can go buy a few of these same "catch a cheat" books or "covert semen kits" yourself.

Go ahead and try them ... and when they DON'T DELIVER at getting you REAL proof easily with after-guidance .... then come back to see why this system is the ONLY real deal that won't place you at risk!


"The methods are just absolute gold!"

"I was scared to even use these at first.... the truth had to be let out as my suspicions were just too strong about him. The methods are just absolute gold. I urge anyone in this frustrating situation to try this material now. The evidence came in minutes"

- [name withheld], California, USA 



What amazed me the most was that even elite private investigators sometimes use similar EASY-to-copy techniques that give instant red-handed TRUTH.

Most of which had nothing to do with the risky, problem-prone techniques you read about in some of those damn "catch infidelity" books or relationship advice columns.

What I discovered made me so mad that I decided to take a stand. I didn't want any other person to have to go through what I went through because of some bogus "relationship" information.

I set forth to create the ultimate system for people who want to find the whole truth easily without risking screwing things up. It works... and you get the answers FAST without shelling out $1,000's to private investigators.


Cheat Sweeper's Safe Instant-Proof System

It's Been Featured On:


Finally... Discover a safe, guaranteed method to instantly uncover the truth of your partner ...almost effortlessly with no risk to your relationship if there was no cheating to begin with!

Forget about shelling out thousands for the method they don't want you to discover and finally move on with your life.

Cheat Sweeper has helped hundreds of people... and in some cases, even saving relationships by giving convert proof that there was no cheating involved.

The system is fully accessed online and includes the confidentially downloadable book manual, software bonus, and my full guidance.

Get Your Proof Now  OR  Free "Sure-fire Signs of Cheating" Report.


Try It Today & You Are Guaranteed The Following ....

Imagine having 100% certainty and guidance about what to do next .... even if your partner currently controls all the finances and power in the relationship...

Imagine feeling fully in control of your self-dignity like it should be....


Get Ready To Discover Step-By-Step Today ....

3 "Sexual Fire" sentences that will FORCE him/her to SPILL their entire guts in 25 minutes from now (and if they were actually faithful, they will do another thing I'll show you!)

5 Body language mistakes that EVERY cheater makes and how-to instantly TRIGGER this 'slip-up' on DEMAND... Trust me... this works even if you've already freaked and tightened up their defenses!

See 6 low-key internet resources to see that will reveal who the other person is and what relationship they have as fast as 5 minutes!

One 4-letter word that gets them to instantly reveal their past to you... this is genius subconsciously.

A 4-step FAST action for "sizing up" your partner - either way (they won't be able to hide after this) This section is VITAL even if you have 1% suspicion. Update: Proof that shows they will stay 100% faithful or not in the future.

2 everyday questions that will instantly become your own 'lie detecting tools (they expose even the hardest to catch liars not just in cheating but other areas of your life as well ...). You will never fear being lied to, ever again.

My own brainless "ANTI-Infidelity Quiz" (compare to so many BS "infidelity quizzes" ... trust me I've tried all that over and over - 99% only bring confusion!)



"Much needed truth ... saved my life."

"I now know what she did to manipulate me by giving me sex whenever i got inquisitive... this was undeniably useful and shows how important her subtle nuances really are. I wouldn't have found the much needed truth about my fiance - now ex- without your help, not to mention the other guy and what really happened. Thank you so much, it's like you saved my life."

- [name withheld]



4 ultra-easy phone calls you can employ (from anywhere on the planet!) that automatically gives you a remote "binocular" on your partner, even while they are OUT OF TOWN..

The FREE device to collect SOLID semen evidence of an affair without shelling out a penny. If this fails, you can feel 100% secure there was no sex.

A BRUTALLY HONEST opinion of why you shouldn't use "surveillance devices" in 99% of cases. There's just 4 exceptions....

My 2 super secret sources to safely reverse track ANY person's phone line records .... This alone is worth a few hundred bucks.

An UNTOLD trick to get all your partners credit card statements FAST (the exact person you must ask and the secret 'phrase' you must say... EASY) The system guarantees you don't mess this up.

The FOOL-PROOF method to ensure every email, online messaging, and all passwords will be COVERTLY sent to you for inspection. Use a secret "buddy" to help you snoop.


If you get proof of infidelity, the system will HELP you immediately decide whether to break up or to try saving the relationship or marriage .....


Sexy emails? A highly-guarded "Mail Cloak" method that will instantly show you the person who's behind all those messages (and it's 100% FREE)

Exactly how the unfaithful attempt to cover the paper-trail of their affair (how to instantly spot this, and expose a cheater without them ever knowing!)

7 Killer limiting beliefs that stop us from ever discovering the truth and how to CRUSH these FOREVER. I'll bet you never experienced this type of personal power that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Two reasons why seeing a marriage or relationship counselor is usually a catastrophic mistake (discover the dirty secret that they really, really don't want you to know)

My 3-step "Remote Screener" trick that contacts the exact person they've been seeing and has yet to fail!

Already have proof of cheating? See divorce court scenarios that will give you an UNFAIR edge (saving you massively in costs, just in case!)

How to proceed in the case of divorce and fear of finances. We'll go through my personal rolodex of top resources to keep you safe and informed all the way through.

A SUPER EASY psychological trick that will have a cheater kissing your ass and begging you for mercy in 5 minutes from now- the way it's meant to be if they know they are GUILTY!


Written Testimonial from Winona Rasheed of Washington DC, USA - Click below to view


"He wasn't cheating after all.... this gave me all the proof to feel secure"

Looking back I wish I had this when I went through my first breakup. This really clarified things.... how to watch out for infidelity prone people.... thanks so much for the help as well.

in my case, he wasn't cheating after all :) and this gave me all the proof plus piece-of mind i needed to feel secure

- A. D., Tualatin, OR

GET THE TRUTH NOW or see a Free "Sure-fire Signs of Cheating" Report.


I've Learned These Are Very Important As Well....

EFFORTLESSLY REVERSE the DISGUSTING lowlife tactics cheating partners use to lower your suspicions (and how to GUARANTEE you never fall for these despicable tricks)

Discover how to 24/7 SPY on your partner like an eagle on its prey EFFORTLESS - you'll be shocked how easy and fast this works from the comfort of your pajamas!

The shocking truth about how women and men lie differently (use this to spot their lies before they even finish telling them!) Examples included!

How to completely survive any affair after the flames and even restore FULL trust if you wish.... how to save it for the sake of a family.....

How to take back your independence FINANCIALLY and EMOTIONALLY. Once you discover the truth, this system will help you 100% through. Yes, even if they control every CENT of your finances .... I'll show you what to do.


Click Here For Instant-Access To The Truth

As you can see, these safe, sure-fire tactics have been packed into this potent resource. Nothing is left to chance. I've gone to great lengths to present each of these 'tactics' in a way that makes them incredibly easy to implement.

And I'm so confident that these tactics will get you the truth, faster and easier than anything else, that I back this with an unheard of guarantee:


Get instant-access to your Safe Instant-Proof System. Take your time and apply this system for instant results.

If this doesn't enable you to quickly and easily find out the truth about your lover - if it isn't the most foolproof, hassle-free method you've experienced - then I don't want your money. I actually don't even need it because everyone who applies the system will see how effortless and effective it is.

I'll even place a second condition ... if you don't save at least TEN times the amount of money had you hired private investigation, spy software etc, then you deserve to have this for FREE.

Just let me know and I'll immediately issue you a full refund of your entire purchase price - and here's where I'm laying the entire risk on myself.....

I'll even let you keep the system and all the bonuses as my way of saying sorry for wasting your time. That's how confident I am with this system's ease and power to uncover the WHOLE TRUTH for you.


I'll Personally Make Sure You Get The Truth And Concrete Evidence Instantly & Effortlessly As Possible, As If Your Trouble Happened To Me Today. I'm That Serious.

Did they CHEAT on you or did they stay FAITHFUL? You get PROOF of EITHER ANSWER and HOW to handle it afterwards.

For a limited quantity, I'll Even Give You.....

** 5 Bonus Gifts FREE For The Next 27 Truth Seekers:

The next 27 people who try this method will also receive the following valuable bonus items absolutely free of charge. I'm going to be selling these items separately in the very near future, but as part of our goal to collect more testimonials:

** BONUS #1: Super Spy "eSnooper" Computer Surveillance Software

NOTE: This software is for immediate download for your secret use. You can use it secretly on any computer. Accessed 100% online - no shipping costs

We do not encourage violation of someone else's privacy and this software is not endorsed or affiliated with any of the above brands or companies.

Record their every move 24/7. Not only is this the only one I trust, but I'll show you exactly how to use it so no registry scan or deep control panel mining can ever detect this.

This is one of the very few spy software on the market I'd ever trust!

Because, trust me, cheaters will use "ANTI-snooping services" to detect if you are using software to monitor them... I'll show you augmented ways to counter their counter on you!

EVERY keystroke pressed .... this tells it all, yes including deleted IM conversations :)

EVERY password or website URL entered ... generates an ultra-comprehensive log file for you. Myspace, Facebook, Bebo,, chatrooms, AdultFriendFinder, Youtube messaging, you name it. This baby records it all!

EVERY video recording of computer/mouse activity to the grain ... including virtual world cheating possibilities.

EVERY historical event and email from the past as messages are archived in many email clients (bet you didn't know this hidden feature since we think deleted means "permanent")

  <--- record every folder they access, create/delete, or modify!

They will not be able to discover this as only you know the assigned "hot key" to unlock it. Built to spy even on the most savviest computer users.  NOTHING OUT THERE COMPARES and you'll know how to un-install it without them ever realizing.

(Normally Sells For $149.00  - Yours FREE If You Act Now!)

** BONUS #2: "How To Never Get Cheated On Again" Audio Report

Groundbreaking discoveries made by relationship experts have finally confirmed that certain people are actually 'wired-to-cheat', and that there are certain, easily recognizable behavior patterns and tendencies that will let you know if your potential partner is 'wired-to-cheat', before you invest your life in this person!

You will not find this cutting-edge info anywhere else, but you get instant-access to this amazing guide with your order of the Safe Instant-Proof System, but ONLY if you're one of the next 27 customers.

($97.00 Value - Yours FREE If You Act Now!)

** BONUS #3: Unlimited Support To Catch Cheating GUARANTEED

- REMEMBER that I'm here to guide you and make sure you catch 100% EVIDENCE ... you are not alone in this BATTLE and I'm the only person out there offering this type of service for FREE! I won't leave you until we got what you're looking for.

- Free lifetime updates on new editions of the Cheat Sweeper System & all future promotional bonuses plus updates over time! There will be a lot more coming that you won't want to miss.


($1500.00 Value - Yours FREE If You Act Now!)

** BONUS #4: "How To Get The Truth Out Of Anyone" Fast eCourse by David Lieberman, Ph.D.

- This is the guide you can instantly use when they give you trickery... if you're a woman, they will soothe you with an "I love you" line just to cover themselves..... if you're a man, she may start giving you sex when you suspect infidelity. These all calm and manipulate you to not investigate their affairs further!

This guide will reveal how to detect if these manipulations are REAL or not - clear cut.


($97.00 Value - Yours FREE If You Act Now!)

** BONUS #5: Ultimate "Cheater Spy" Updating Resource List


This is exclusive, master list of every single infidelity tool and resource you'll ever need. It updates and includes:

- The best reverse records lookup directories

- Covert spy tools for free

- Updated list of online places where infidelity can be found... you'll have every block covered!

PLUS .... a complete run through of "Sure Fire Signs" (you can get a free glimpse here)

You simply CANNOT go wrong with having this in your back pocket.

($67.00 Value - Yours FREE If You Act Now!)


Simply ask yourself:



People pay THOUSANDS for private investigations on their lovers, and you don't have to be one of them! When you compare all your options, this package is a PRICELESS investment for the fast guidance people are getting.

I know everyone today that's tried it has actually gotten results on how to proceed.

Furthermore, I offer 100% FREE PERSONAL support to this INSTANTLY downloadable system with whatever else I can provide along the way. You simply CANNOT go wrong.


... If You're Scared (Like I Was) To Take ACTION, Just Remember This Mantra Of Personal Strength ...

"You Deserve More Self-Respect... Do You Consider Living With Lies A Sign Of Real Love And Understanding?!"

Trust me ... the system requires very little work and never any jumping out of your comfort zone to execute...


Now, obviously you came here to end this worry and suspicion - yes?

And I'm sure you see the SENSE in making a tiny investment for a nearly EFFORTLESS, RISKLESS system that unravels the TRUTH and gives FULL GUIDANCE on life ahead - yes?

What if it works even HALF as good as I claim it to be? Wouldn't your piece of mind and self-respect be worth investing in?

Of course it's MORE than worth the emotional costs. Frankly, imagine how crazy it would be to stay miserable with this uncertainty and pain.

Don't wait another day. Take action and TRY IT NOW to finally end the humiliation, hurt, and take control in minutes from now.

After You Try This, You Are GUARANTEED To Be In Total Control Of Your Life & Relationship. You Will Be 100% Confident Of Where To Take Matters Today Onwards.


To try the Safe Instant=Proof System CONFIDENTIALLY RIGHT NOW, simply press the access button down below. All orders are processed by 100% secure 3rd-party Clickbank, the #1 online retailer. You can also pay with Paypal the largest and most secure online payment processor. You can even order by check if you don't have a credit/debit card - just select "eCheck" on the secure checkout option.

Rest Assured 100% Secret & Private Billing.

No one will ever know because the entire system is accessed INSTANTLY online.

If you order securely via credit card, debit, or even check ... your statement will only show: CLKBANK*COM (nothing more!) as no further information about this will be revealed to anyone ever. I understand how sensitive and crucial the privacy issue is here. Contact me if you have concerns


The Safe Instant-Proof System costs only $97.95, and yes, that's a one-time fee. That $97.95 gets you the entire System (with fast audio instruction) and the $1,746.00 worth of INVALUABLE bonus tools that will collect a cheater's EVERY TRACE OF PROOF whether or not.

This is an incredible deal for a PRICELESS fail-proof system that's far cheaper than hiring a private investigator or expensive spy software. Plus, this gives you exactly what to do afterwards even if your partner has all your financial power.


Actually, the worst thing you can do is wait and procrastinate... because I don't want everyone to discover this method (especially cheaters) and this offer may be gone any moment.

Let's admit it ... life is miraculously short. Who likes living powerlessly?


I genuinely don't you later regretting, "Why did I not try that system, end the pain, and get peace of mind earlier?" The future begins right now....



( Accessed 100% in online format instantly for maximum secrecy )

Regular Price: $97.95

Temporal Internet Discount: $37.99



NOTE: This launch offer is used to gather positive testimonials.
 I am highly considering to pull this package off the public altogether.

** REALITY: That's merely the price of a few movie tickets ... a family dinner ... or just 48 CENTS a day for 60 days. It's a wise investment and practically a steal ....


To your peace of mind and wishing for your strength,

Glen Houston, Researcher & Underground Infidelity Expert

As Seen On:


Contact for questions? Click here of see our Frequently Asked Questions


P.S. No wasting your time. I'll share everything I know about how to end this HUMILIATING UNCERTAINTY, revealing CONCRETE evidence about him or her and then guiding you towards a new life. You'll get 100% proof that he or she was either entirely FAITHFUL or actually did cheat.

Although I give you 2 months to use this method, I want you to use this system TODAY with exclusive 5 bonuses FREE for the next 27 truth seekers. Don't forget that this offer is TRULY RISK FREE - if you're not happy for any reason, YOU DON'T PAY PERIOD and even KEEP my entire system plus bonuses. Try it today with the limited-time discount! DO NOT sleep on this. Act today because this webpage will be gone any moment.



"2 months of monitoring... She didn't know I had this up my sleeve."

"Everything came out after I used the Snooper software combined with the "online covert" tactics. I knew she was chatting with 2 other men online and even erases her trace files.... but she didn't know I had this up my sleeve. I can't thank you enough"

- [name withheld], Adelaide, Australia


See more testimonials mailed to me plus recorded praises about this system

P.P.S.  If you've wondering why I am revealing all of this. It's because I want to teach something valuable and earn from my years of experience (at least I'm being upfront and honest with you).

Furthermore, I genuinely enjoy seeing others get over this nightmare due to my efforts. I LOVE collecting success stories. So remember, I look forward to YOUR testimonial! Once again, I keep a 100% discreetness promise because I understand the concerns.

P.P.P.S. Now let me ask you .... is this the day you decide to take FULL CONTROL back? Or is it just another day of pain and fear passed?   The choice is yours. Access this fail-proof system CONFIDENTIALLY & get INSTANT ANSWERS about your lover within minutes  ... or first see the 100% free "Sure-Fire Signs Of Cheating" Report.


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