How to Overcome The House Edge and Flip The Roulette Odds In Your Favor…

Turn the Zero on it’s Head, and Beat the Casinos at Their Own Game

Player wins

Normally when you play roulette, that little green zero is the thorn in your wallet …eating away at your profits the more you play.  It’s there to give the house an edge, and it makes them millions.

The casino knows that they might lose money to you in the short term, but if you keep on playing, you will eventually come out a loser…and quite often a big one!

Blue casino chipBut what if YOU had the edge, and the odds where on YOUR side?

Yellow casino The Reverse Roulette system gives YOU that edge, and puts you in the driving seat.

Red casino chipNow it’s YOU who will win in the long run, not the casino!

You’ve Found It

Remember Today's DateENJOY THIS MOMENT and remember this date …because you’ve just discovered the Holy Grail of roulette systems, you thought you’d never find!

Unlike all the other roulette systems and fancy software out there, which lose money in the long run, ‘Reverse Roulette’ uses a totally unique betting formula and staking system, which turns the law of probability in your favor, not the casino. YES, you read that right!

“I Had Given Up, and Thought I’d Never Find a Roulette
System Which Worked In the Long Run…”

I’m not going to try and fool you into thinking that I’m a master mathematician with a PhD, or that I’m cleverer than Einstein …because I’M NOT!

I’m also not going to pretend…that some mysterious millionaire gambler shared his secret roulette system with me, with his last dying words on his deathbed.

For the longest time, I really thought I was never going to discover a genuine roulette system, that would keep on winning in the long run, week in week out.

I’d totally given up on the idea, and written off roulette as just a random game of chance like everyone else. With the odds stacked in the casino’s favor, it was foolish to think I could ever make money playing it …it just couldn’t be beaten!

Frustration with roulette

Then one night there was nothing on TV, and I was dead bored. So I decided to have one last crack at trying to devise a roulette system, to beat the house edge…

“Wondering What The Hell I Was
Wasting My Time On This For…”

I went over about a dozen system ideas that had shown some promise in the past. I tried mixing ideas from one system with another, in the hope of finding something different I hadn’t thought of before.

I practiced playing them with ‘fun’ money at an online casino, but nothing worked, and I kept losing all the fun money bankrolls, and had to keep starting again.

I was numb from losing (even though is was just fun money), and I just sat there without moving, ‘staring’ at the roulette table for about 10 minutes. Wondering what the hell I was wasting my time on this for.

Roulette Eureka Moment

A Roulette Eureka Moment,  I Couldn’t Believe What I Had Discovered!

I was focusing my eyes on a certain part of the table, and suddenly I began to see a moving pattern emerge around it.  It was like dropping a stone in a pond and seeing the ripple effect …but in REVERSE!

I knew instantly I was onto something, so I worked out a betting plan to test the system.  It took some refining, but I finally found a formula that worked.  Test, after test, after test, it kept on winning …and it keeps on winning week in, week out!

So Why Sell The System if it Works So Well?

On one hand it will be really great to hear how my Reverse Roulette system has made you a lot of money.  But truthfully, that’s not my only or main motivation.

When I first started playing and testing roulette systems, I never did it for the entertainment, I wanted to make lots of money. I’m sure that’s why you’ve read this far down the page too 😉

It Won’t Affect My Own Winnings

I know that even with thousands of people using my system, it won’t effect my own winnings. The only way for that to happen would be if they completely changed the game of roulette, by adding in another few extra zeros or something. There’s no way the casinos are going to do that.

Honestly, if you had information that was worth a lot of money, and you knew it wouldn’t effect your income if you sold it …would you keep it to yourself?

I sell this system on complete autopilot, with every order being processed automatically. So it’s extra free money for me.

“I Just Couldn’t Keep It To Myself…”

I spent so many hours trying to come up with a winning system, and now that I have I just can’t keep it to myself.

I also feel proud and a sense of achievement, by beating the game they all said couldn’t be beaten. I want people to know what I have discovered, and I did consider giving it away free.

But as I said, I got into roulette to make money and I just couldn’t give something this valuable away for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

No big bets neededA. NO, aggressive progression systems are doomed to fail. They are also very stressful to play with, because you are often betting huge amounts of money on a single spin, just to make back a single Dollar profit.

The Reverse Roulette system uses a unique betting plan, which relies on betting with the same chip amount on each spin.

A. NO, it’s very easy to use and not complicated at all. I provide full step-by-step instructions (with diagrams) on how to use the system, including a simple staking plan. You can print this off or write it down, and have it next to your PC for reference. Most people will probably have the system memorized after one or two sessions at a casino – even a complete roulette beginner.
A. NO, some roulette systems are really boring and time consuming to play with. Even if they did work, most people would give up on them because of the effort involved.

Reverse Roulette is super fast and designed for simple play. All the information you need is taken from the spin history window, which typically displays the last 13 spins. It will only take you a few seconds to work out what to bet on each time.

A. Unfortunately NO. There is no system or method in existence that makes you win every time, in any form of gambling or investing. The casinos never win every time either, but they win in the long run because of the house edge.

The Reverse Roulette system flips the edge in your favor. So although you definitely won’t win every time you play, because that’s impossible, you will win in the long run. The more you play, the more you will win.

A. I’m afraid I can’t reveal exactly what you will be betting on here, because that would be giving too much away. The Reverse Roulette system incorporates a number of different bets around the table, which is what makes the system so powerful and effective.
A. YES! The system will work in either online or offline casinos.

100% Money Back Guarantee

And You Can Test The ‘Reverse Roulette’ System With Free Money

Money back guaranteeI’m super confident that if you give my Reverse Roulette system a good test, you will see that it keeps on winning in the long run.

BUT, until you try it yourself you’ve only got my word for it, so I completely understand that you might be feeling very skeptical right now, and worried about wasting your time and money on it.

You don’t have to worry, because the risk is all mine. If the system doesn’t work as I said it will, or if you are just unsatisfied for whatever reason, just let me know, and I’ll give you ALL your money back in full.

NO special conditions, NO hassles and NO abuse…just your money back.

I urge all of my customers to test the system as soon as they buy it, by playing in ‘fun mode’ at an online casino. That way you can see how well it performs before risking any real money.

So you see, there is absolutely no risk on your side to get my system and see how well it works for yourself, first hand.

Download the Reverse Roulette System Today
and Starting Winning Immediately

I’m not going to be shy about this; I’d love to charge you thousands of pounds for this system because I know it’s worth it.

Reverse Roulette is the ONLY roulette system which flips the house edge in your favor. Every other system being sold online is relying completely on luck, and only wins in the short term.

The problem I have is people are very skeptical about roulette systems and sellers, because there are so many charlatans out there. So to begin with, I won’t be able to sell it for what it is truly worth, until word gets out that this system really does work.

This gives you a huge advantage, because you are here right at the beginning and can get the system for next to nothing at $39.95 …If you act now!

Be warned, as soon as word gets out that Reverse Roulette is the real deal, I will be hiking up the price by as much as I can, and as fast as I can.

So grab it now while it’s still available at this low price…

Winning at the roulette table

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