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Have You Struggled to Make Sales Online?

“Just as with all the gold rushes throughout history, only a few will profit from the Internet gold rush while the rest frustratingly pan for nuggets.” – Tom Sandone

If you have tried selling anything on the web I probably don't need to tell you how difficult getting high conversion rates has become. If you have been struggling it's not your fault. There is such a barrage of information how can you be expected to figure out what works and what does not? And there are a dizzying number of choices for marketing.

People are trying everything to drive traffic and sell their products and services; email marketing, newsletters, blogs, Twitter, Pay Per Click, video, Social Media, SEO, and more.

Yet the number one *FAIL POINT* is SALES COPY. Most sales copy is failing. And I am talking about the sales copy hawking one eBook or the Fortune 500 company marketing the next big thing.

Your sales copy is failing if:

  • you are not getting the optimum conversion rate.
  • you are not making the sales numbers you want.
  • you are not getting enough people to take any other type of action you desire.
Working to Get More Traffic to a Web Page that is Not Successfully Converting is; "Continually doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results."

Do you know the Number One Reason most people think their websites are not converting? They will say they are "not getting enough relevant traffic."

This might SURPRISE you: Most websites are not failing because of a lack of relevant traffic to the page. They are failing because the sales copy is NOT WORKING. While there are websites that get inadequate traffic, if your website is getting traffic from affiliates or organic search results you are getting relevant traffic. How do I know?

As hard as all this might be to hear there is $350 billion backing up the fact. That's what Google is worth at this time.

The sole purpose of Google's search engine has been to provide the best possible search results for their users. They constantly spider the web with algorithms they continually improve. They are spending a fortune to make sure you are getting relevant traffic.

And if you are getting traffic from affiliates? Most do not spend their time or money foolishly to promote products. They are also sending you relevant visitors. They will eventually move on if they are not getting conversions from pushing your product or service.

You Are Spinning Your Wheels Feeding Your Time and Money Into a *Broken Hopper*
THIS IS SIMPLE: If you are not happy with your sales you are not converting enough. If you are trying to get more traffic to any website that has a record of a sub par conversion rate you are spinning your wheels. Why?

FACT: If your conversion rates are not satisfactory at smaller amounts of traffic they are not going to get better with more traffic.
And getting more traffic COSTS MONEY and eats away at profits. I have seen this again and again: Marketers working their tails off while traffic acquisition costs continually reduce profit; frequently to the point of suffering a loss.

You are not alone. The majority of businesses and website owners continually dump more money into trying to get more traffic than into getting more conversions. PROOF: Look at how many websites and landing pages NEVER if hardly ever change and look at how the SEO/SEM industry has exploded.

Most website marketers set up a site or other advertising that does not follow the Cognitive Domination Sales Copy System™ and then stop. If they do split test and make changes there is commonly inadequate data and misinterpretation of that data. Then they are forever spinning their wheels feeding more energy, time, and money into a *broken hopper.*

What can you do?



Hello Visitor and New Friend,

My name is Tom Sandone from Colorado and I am here to help you make sales online. I have good news: conversions are f the time.

Whether you are just beginning or a veteran of selling online, my Cognitive Domination Sales Copy System™ will help you do just that. Help you make more sales...or whatever action you wish people to take on your web pages. While the vast majority of people are struggling online, there are people making sales... loads of sales.

So what separates the people that are making tons of sales online from you?

Please read the following and let this sink in:

The majority of people making the big sales online have done so with the same tools you have right now; a keyboard and mouse. So how are they doing it? What is the one thing they have that you don't? Is there a secret code? Well YES! So to speak.

Think of it this way: A computer mouse functions basically the same on all computers and laptops. A typical computer keyboard has from 80 to 124 keys give or take with various buttons. There are no keyboards specifically for creating sales copy with secret keys. So everyone generally has the same tools.

So what is the secret to making loads of sales online? Is it fancy graphics? While graphics do have influence, cognitive messages are communicated with language or words:

  • Words that had to be created or written for content or video scripts.
  • Words that must be specifically chosen and placed in the exact sequence to be the most effective.
  • Words that are entered into a computer with a keyboard by typing in an exact order.

So 'YES' there is an Online Selling *Secret Code so to speak!



The System That Is Making Loads of Conversions for a Select Few Revealed for the First Time Here


The online selling code for using the right words in the right combinations to communicate and cause action.

With the Cognitive Domination System for Sales Copy ™ you find out how to start making MORE SALES using nothing more than your keyboard and mouse.


Discover How to Lead Your Prospects' Cognitive Processes So That Buying Your Product or Service Becomes an Almost Subconcious Event!
Cognitive Domination™ appeals to 'cognitive serial processing'. Cognitive serial processing is how our brains work. Serial processing effectively means one process has to be completed before the next starts, based on a number of factors. In the case of sales we are processing information in a number of ways based on the communication, presentation, perception, and individual bias. And in order to work, to get results, the stimuli for serial processing when selling must be done in specific sequence.
Cognitive Domination™ increases conversions for Sales Copy, Video Sales Letters, Sales Funnels, Email Marketing, and Advertising'

See How to Turn Even the Toughest Skeptics Into Believers So Convinced They Will Not Only Buy From You But Be Willing to Fight to the Death to Defend You!

Rather than opposing or attempting to eliminate your prospect's objections Cognitive Domination™ capitalizes on your prospects' existing cognitive biases to collaborate your sales copy and offer. Cognitive Domination™ selling is not about slinging BS. Selling is rooted in behavioral science whether happening in person, over a phone, in a commercial, in a letter, or online.

Cognitive Domination™ for sales copy bridges the gap between psychology and technology for selling. I have been developing Cognitive Domination™ for several decades by studying human behavior, cognitive psychology, sales copy, linguistics, conversion data, and human response triggers.

My passion for selling and human behavior spawned a dedication that proved quite intense and sometimes costly. I have created a million words of sales copy and conducted thousands of split tests to evaluate reactions and results. And I have a host of people to thank for their work and inspiration including the great Zig Ziglar, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Joe Girard, Seth Goden, and more.


Learn How to *Short Circuit* the Mind's Cognitive Mechanisms to Make People Skip the Decision Making Process Altogether and Go Right to Buying!


See how to use trigger language to spark emotions that OVERRIDE the mind's decision making process. By activating emotions related to specific congitive thinking and serial processing paths you can quickly move people PAST decision making. Their minds will say YES before they realize they have made a decision!

The Cognitive Domination System for Sales Copy™ is easy to use and: THIS WORKS! My online marketing and sales copy using Cognitive Dominance™ has produced millions of dollars in conversions.


Learn How to Create a Vision About Your Product That Makes People Move Mountains to Get It!

“Tell a man about a gold mine on the other side of the mountain and he will come up with a hundred reasons why he cannot go to the other side of the mountain. Get that man to envision living his dream bought with that gold, and he will move the mountain to get to it.”
– Tom Sandone

Most companies and marketers miss the mark on why people are buying their products and services. And the majority of people do not fully understand their problems. Find out how to overcome this disconnect and how to ignite a powerful cognitive vision of your solution so strong, people will move mountains to get it.

Your text can create mental images and Video Sales Letters can feed images into your prospects' minds. Either way your words must be used in conjunction to create the vision of ownership that causes passionarte motivation.


Discover the 'Secret Sentence' That Overwhelms Prospects with Trust While Melting Away Their Fear and Sends Them to Click on Your Buy Button

No kidding! During my research on behavioral science and while split testing I discovered one now coveted sentence that skyrockets conversions. You can use this sentence in ad copy, sales letters, email and more to blow your conversions up! I will show you the sentence, why it works, and where to place it in your copy.

Imagine Seeing Your Sales Pour In Every Day!
You have no doubt worked hard to build a business and create a product or service to sell. When you began you must have had a vision of success like mine. I now wake up every morning and before I even start the coffee I rush to see how much money I made while sleeping. I even programmed the 'CHA-CHING' sound on my phone every time I am notified of a sale. I'm the guy on the golf course that keeps ringing with 'CHA-CHINGS' with a BIG SMILE on my face.

Whether you are part of a Fortune 500 Company, a seasoned online veteran, or just beginning. give your business and products the opportunity they deserve to succeed for you. I have used the Cognitive Domination System™ to make a full time income and have helped others do the same.


What is the Cognitive Domination System™ going to give you?

  • You'll find out how to harness the power of cognitive psychology to make people buy from you.
  • How to use the 'Three Absolutes of Sales Copy' to hit the target and maximize sales (If you miss one of these you have a SLIM to ZERO chance of getting great conversions.)
  • You will learn to write headlines that jump off the page and jolt anyone with a pulse.
  • Discover how to use cognitive psychology to turn even the toughest skeptics into believers so strong they will not only buy but would fight to the death to defend your product or service.
  • How to Use the FULL POWER of Persuasive Language WITHOUT crossing over into the BS zone.
  • See how being an honest person with a great product can actually work against you (Assumptions of Legitimacy) I will show you how to make ethics prevail and your customers love you.
  • You'll see the methods you can use that capitalize on your prospects' cognitive biases and skyrocket your sales!
  • Discover how a simple diagram drawn in 1943 by a ‘mentally unstable’ man can help you put more money in your bank account than you ever imagined.
  • See how you can create a vision about your product that makes people move mountains to get it.

  • Cognitive biases are Serial Processing Interruptersthat wreck havoc with your sales. Learn how your sales copy can make cognitive biases work for you. How to open your prospects 'serial processing path to persuasion' and maximize conversions.
  • How to make prospect objections *disappear* so the only cognitive option left is to BUY NOW. Prospects become so convinced they are at your mercy.
  • You'll learn the little known closely held secrets of how increasing the price of your product or service can increase conversions. If that isn't the best of both worlds! Most people under price and undervalue their products and services. This one concept is worth the investment of the entire Cognitive Domination Selling System™ many times over.
  • How to Short Circuit the Mind's Cognitive Mechanisms to Make People Skip the Decision Making Process Altogether and Go Right to Buying! I will show you how direct response sales copy can trigger emotions that cause the brain to accept that a decision has already been made. Your prospect will then take action to buy to meet his or her own cognitive expectations.
Here's Exactly What You are Getting...
The Cognitive Domination System™ For Sales Copy:
6 Modules
Module I: Cognitive Domination and Serial Processing
This is Like Being Able to Read Your Prospects' Minds and Then Take Control of Their Thoughts!
Serial Processing helps you see what is happening in your prospect's brain from the time they arrive on your page to the time they respond or act. Learn how to avoid the Serial Processing Interruptors™ that destory conversions.

Module II: The Three Absolutes of Selling
Every Website That Misses Any of The Three Absolutes of Selling Will NEVER Achieve Satisfactory Conversions:
You must know and apply these Three Absolutes for cognitive processing to result in actions or sales. When your sales copy meets all three absolutes and you apply the principles of Cognitve Domination™ there'll be NO STOPPING your conversions.

Module III: Prospect Cognitive Mapping
Discover How Cognitive Mapping Your Prospects Can Send Your Sales Through the Roof!
See how your sales copy can have more predictable results with higher conversions. When you trigger your prospects' *established serial processing paths* you watch your conversions jump by leaps and bounds.
Includes Capitalizing on Cognitive Bias and Objections
How to Turn Even the Toughest Skeptics Into Believers Willing to Fight to the Death to Defend You!
Module IV: The Vision
How to Create a Vision About Your Product or Service That Makes People Move Mountains to Get It!

Your text stimulus can inspire powerful mental pictures during the input and evaluation processes. See how to stimulate visions deep within a reader's mind that are indelible and irresistable.

Module V: The Sequential Selling System™ for Sales Copy
Discover How to Lead Your Prospects' Cognitive Processes So That Buying Your Product or Service Becomes an Almost Subconcious Event!
Headline Stimulus Find Out How to Create Headlines That Trigger Selective Attention and Almost Force Your Prospect to Continue Reading or Listening! Learn how to create headlines with stimulus so strong your prospects cognitive process cannot resist.
Timing is vital to keep your prospects' cognitive serial processing on track. Sequential Selling is about timing. Every step in the system leads to the next, or more importantly leads your prospect to buy.

Module VI: Cognitive Value Processing
See How You Can Raise Your Prices and Make More Sales!
You'll learn the little known closely held secrets of cognitive value perception and how increasing the price of your product or service can increase conversions. If that isn't the best of both worlds! This one concept is worth your investment in the Cognitive Domination System™ many times over.
No Matter What You Are Selling You can Repeat Your Success with 'The Cognitive Domination System™' Again and Again
“If insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results, than reason is doing the same thing repeatedly that achieves success. ” – Tom Sandone

Why does McDonalds™ sell more hamburgers than anyone else on the planet? Not because they have the World's greatest hamburger. They were successful with one hamburger stand and Ray Kroc was smart enough to realize systems that produce great success only need to be repeated to achieve more success.

Cognitive Domination Sales Copy System™ can be repeated to duplicate success time and again. What that means is that you can use this system to sell more items and services and create ad copy that works every time.

  "Just a note to let you know we got your system and made a new sales page. Our conversion rates have more than doubled. Thanks." - Barry Dunn

What is a System That Will Increase Your Conversions Worth to You?

If I can show you how to increase your sales by raising your conversion rate, what is that worth to you? Some marketers are experiencing terrific conversions with Cognitive Domination™. How much money would you pocket every year if you doubled or tripled conversions?

I ask you; what is a system that would raise your sales by just 10% worth to you? Depending on your traffic and profit per sale, a system that could easily put thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Personally I would be happy to pay $500. for such a system:

  • A system that is proven to work
  • A system that could pay for itself ten thousand fold
  • A system that you can use again and again to repeat success and make money.

But I am not asking you to invest what this system is worth to you. Not half of what this system is worth. In fact far less than that. Not the SRP of $279. At this time the investment is only $199. Now only $47. for a limited time.

'Cognitive Domination™' is an investment. When you follow the system this is an investment that has the potential to pay you many times over. In fact people are making a full time living selling products online using Cognitive Domination™. You get all the information you need to put the power of cognitive psychology to work for you.
3 More Reasons Why $47 is a STEAL for Cognitive Domination™  

How much SEO work can you really get that pays off big for only $47?

Besides lottery tickets where else can you buy anything for only $47. that could blow up your conversions and bank account?

People are spending tens of thousands of dollars to get a college education to get a $15 to $20 an hour job. You could make hundreds of dollars an hour selling your own products and services online and learn how for only $47.
  "After struggling to sell my book with a sales page I had outsourced, I bought and followed the Cogniitive Domination System. It took me a few days to create a new sales page and I could not be happier with the results. All I can say is this system really pays."
 - Linda Williams


GUARANTEED To Increase Your Conversions or Your Money Back

Put it to the Proof for NO Risk!

If for any reason you are not competely head over heels ecstatic about The Cognitive Domination System™ for Sales Copy I will refund every penny of your purchase price no questions asked. Just contact me any time up to 100 days from your purchase date.
AND YOU GET The 'One Year Double Your Money Because I Whole Heartedly Believe in This System' GUARANTEE
The One Year *Double* Your Money Back Guarantee: Use my Cognitive Domination System™ for a whole year and if for any reason you are not satisfied on the one year anniversary date of your purchase, contact me: If you have followed every step of my system and can prove it, I will personally consult with you for NO CHARGE by phone or Skype for up to one half hour, a $100. value. If you are not elated with my recommendations in our meeting, I will then also refund your original purchase price.

Why Do You Need 'Cognitive Domination™' Right Now?
If you are already Selling Anything Online This is an Emergency! Unless you are using my 'Cognitive Domination System™ you are losing sales right now and every day.

If you are just getting started in online selling, whether an eBook, service, or other product STOP everything you are doing and get The Cognitive Domination System for Sales Copy ™ right now. Why? Because you will save yourself from wasting tons of time and money going in the wrong directions and losing opportunities.


The PRICE DISCOUNT is for an extremely limited time. This because I want to LIMIT SALES so that I can provide clients with personal attention when needed. The moment sales reach the QUANTITY LIMIT I will throttle back by RAISING THE PRICE.

P.S. Please allow me to talk to you for a moment as if you are my brother or sister, (whom I cherish.) The vast opportunities generated by technology have also created enormous competition. If you miss out on using The Cognitive Domination System™ there is a good chance your competitors will not. And almost no matter what you sell you have competition either directly or indirectly; meaning for your product or service or the dollars for your product or service.

Using Cognitive Domination™ Could Be Worth A Fortune to You; Not Using Cognitive Domination™ Will Be Worth ZERO to You. In fact not using the Cognitive Domination System™ could COST YOU because if your competitors use this system I GUARANTEE they will be getting your sales.

Thank you,
Tom Sandone


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“You got to be prepared to act fast these days. When opportunity knocks on your door it runs.”
- Tom Sandone

  "I have used Cognitive Domination to create sales copy for a ton of different digital and tangible products that have made me a passive income fortune." - Liam Baker
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