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Are you too busy earning a living to make real money?


Secrets revealed for how to make profits of $300 to $3000 per car when buying and selling used cars



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5 Ways To Make Money Buying And Selling Cars For Profit







5 Ways To Make Money
Buying And Selling Used
Cars For Profit


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15 year used car business veteran says...

"I've been in the car business for nearly 15 years and I still learned a lot from your book. The info saved a lot of headache, frustration and money. Thanks so much. We are surviving during this recession using some of the concepts I picked up from your book. Very well written."

Shad Daily, Utah

From: Stephen Hobbs


Dear Reader,

You can make good money buying and selling used cars in small towns, big cities...during roaring economies...and deep recessions...and you can do this anywhere in the free world.

The really cool thing is that the demand for used cars is ever-green, which makes the business of buying and selling used cars for profit one of the few true recession proof businesses.

How is this possible?

Well, when you buy a new car and factor in the monthly payments, full-coverage insurance, gas, maintenance and repairs, its easy to see why even a "cheap" new car costing only $15,000.00 out the door has become totally out of reach for the average consumer.

So its no wonder that more and more buyers either can not afford to buy a new car, or they refuse to buy something that will lose HALF its value in the first 3 years!

And due to those factors (and common sense), the demand for used cars will never go away.


I’ve received a few angry emails from people telling me I’m a scammer and full of BS because they say there is “no way anyone would sell a car for less than its worth.”

Okay, so maybe you don't sell your stuff for less than its worth, but here are...


9 reasons why people sell cars for less than they are worth...

1) Seller doesn't know car is worth more: If a seller doesn't know how to price a used car (and few do), then the tendency is to throw an asking price out there based on a guess without knowing if its over or under-priced.

2) Seller knows car is worth more but they don't care: People lead busy lives and cherish what little free time they have. That means some sellers don't want to spend their entire weekend fielding phone calls and showing their car just to make an extra $500.00 or whatever. So they sell it cheap and fast just to get it over with so they can enjoy the rest of their weekend.

3) Seller is desperate: I don't know about you, but I've faced situations in my life where I was low on cash and had to pay bills...now! Well, sometimes the only way to get out of that bind is to sell something fast and cheap, and sometimes the thing being sold is a car.

4) Seller thinks car needs major repairs, but it doesn't: I’ve bought lots of used cars for less than what the sellers could have sold them for because the seller assumed their car needed major repairs...but it didn't. They panicked and unloaded the car cheap because they thought “Oh my gawd, I better dump this pile now before it breaks down and won’t be worth anything!”

5) Seller knows car requires minor/major repairs and is open and honest about it: If its obvious a car needs repairs then most sellers know they will have to sell it for less.

6) Sellers car needs repairs and tries to hide that from you: Thats not a problem when you learn how to know the difference between expensive and inexpensive repairs.

7) Sellers car is stolen and seller will disappear the moment they get your money: Again, you can easily learn how to never fall prey to this kind of stuff.

8) Seller doesn't care about making more when selling car: Believe it or not, there are some car sellers that just don’t care about making as much money as they can when they sell their car. Its mind boggling to me because some of these sellers are struggling with low paying jobs and could really use the extra $500.00 or $1000.00 they could have gotten.

9) The seller lacks intelligence: I guess you could argue that most of the reasons I just mentioned are due to a lack of intelligence. But hey, its not my place to pass out IQ tests to sellers before I buy their car.


Stuff gets sold all over the world for less than market value. That stuff includes farm equipment, motorcycles, boats, houses, parcels of land, computers, businesses, toys, surfboards, bikes, snowboards and a million other things.

The bottom line is that learning how to buy low and sell high is THE rule for making serious money at this.


And even though the used car business can be really profitable, and the demand is evergreen...


There are 3 big issues with the used car business...

1) Crooked Used Car Sales People: The used car industry is populated by many (not all) sleaze bag crooks that would rip off their own mothers to make a quick buck.

2) You Need a Car Dealers License: The used car business requires that you have a car dealers license and it can be difficult and expensive in some areas to get one.

3) Secretive Business: The used car business has been shrouded in mystery for a very long time -- thus making it a very difficult business to learn.



So lets deal with those 3 issues head-on...

1) Crooked Used Car Sales People: Well thats easy, just don't be like those guys...be HONEST!

2) You Need a Car Dealers License: Hold on their cowboy. Would you be interested if I could show you a simple, inexpensive and totally legal way to have ALL the advantages of operating with a car dealers license without actually having one?

3) Secretive Business: Its true that THEY don't want you to know about the hugely profitable used car business, but I don't care what THEY think, and besides...



And who are THEY?


THEY are the people quietly making hundreds of dollars a day from buying and selling used cars.

THEY are usually known as used car dealers. Some are licensed used car dealers...and some are unlicensed used car dealers...but licensed or not...

The thing that matters at this point is that THEY don't want you to know about the used car business because THEY selfishly fear the competition...and THEY have been doing a good job keeping this unique business a secret.

But the reality is that with proper guidance, anyone can make good money buying and selling used cars...and even if you don't know anything about cars (like me)...because at last count...there were a staggering 806 MILLION passenger cars and light trucks in the world...and that survey was taken over 4 years ago.


And what happens to all those new vehicles after a few years?

Their owners sell them (at a huge loss due to depreciation) and they too become part of the immense global used vehicle market...that YOU can profit from.


Here is a small sample of a few of my own profitable used car deals...



Sold For

My Profit


































Please Note:

  • The "Investment" column above was the total cash I had in the cars at the time I sold them. 
  • My total time involved for each one of those car deals averaged 2 to 6 hours each. 

I'm going to reveal a lot more about the secretive used car business, but first I want to tell you how I discovered this business...


Most people are too busy earning a living to make money


Sound familiar? Oh man, that was my life. I used to work long grueling hours in construction 5 to 7 days a week. By the end of the week I felt beat up, burned out, exhausted and hopeless.

Beat up and exhausted because of the incredibly taxing physical and mental aspects of my work (custom cabinetmaking)...and hopeless because I was so unhappy with the treadmill of a life I had created for myself.

My two kids were growing up way too fast, and even when I took a weekend off, I was usually too exhausted to do much with them because I had to rest my body in preparation for the next exhausting work week.

And besides being exhausted, I had developed severe and sometimes crippling pain in my back and neck. The pain was so bad sometimes that I could hardly get out of bed in the morning...but I had to. I mean, who else was going to pay the bills?


Bottom line...

I was physically and mentally burned out


If you have worked construction for a long time like I did then I'm sure you can relate to this.

But it was the passing away of my mother that made me realize that life is too short...and that my life was passing me by.


Henry David Thoreau said...

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation"


Well, that summed up me and my life at the time.

My mother passing away was a turning point for me. It was a true paradigm shift.

It was then that I decided to change my life and do something I had dreamed about doing for many years...

And that was to move myself and family to a little tropical island in the middle of the Pacific and live the good life.

Yeah, big move, but I desperately needed to change the focus of my life from working all the time, to having a healthier more enjoyable lifestyle...and do the thing that I passionately loved…but didn't have time to fully pursue before...and that was windsurfing!

Seriously, I just had to get the windsurfing bug out of my system...and knew that if I didn't...it would drive me friggin nuts.

So I carefully planned our escape...had the huge yard sale...and moved.

I can't even begin to express to you how exciting and scary it was to be doing that!

But after moving, the job I had lined up ended the first week...aaargh!

So here we were in one of the most expensive places to live on earth (seriously)...with little cash, no family, no friends, no connections…and the place was going through its worst recession in over 20 years...YIKES!

I don't give up easily, but dang...this was messed up man.

It was the combination of pride, stubborness, and my insatiable desire to windsurf that kept me from bailing out with my tail between my legs and taking the next flight home!

Shortly after moving (and trying reeeeally hard to maintain and NOT freak out over what I had gotten myself and family into), I went to a yard sale and noticed a filthy car parked in this guys car port.

Hmmm, I needed a car for my wife. So after talking to the guy and negotiating a bit, I bought it for only $450.00.

Yeah, cool deal, except the wife-ee person didn't like the car I just bought her! Hey c'mon, I just put out $450.00 and now I had to sell it?!


And sell it I did, in fact...

I sold that car for a $1200.00 profit!


And then I bought and sold another used car...and I did it again...and then again...and all the while refining my techniques over a period of 3 years.

The money I made from buying and selling used cars, and the lifestyle that resulted from it (i.e. lots of free time), enabled me to windsurf my ass off in one of the most beautiful and expensive places to live on earth.

My typical day was to roll out of bed when I was done sleeping. Yeah - done sleeping. I mean geez, there is nothing more painful to a non-morning person like me than to get jarred awake by a friggin alarm clock! Geez, for me its like getting hit on the dome with a hammer.

Anyway, I would usually get all my car stuff done in the morning and then I'd go windsurfing in the afternoon. Wave sailing was my passion. And if there wasn't any wind, then I'd go surfing, or bodysurfing. No wind and no waves would have me snorkeling or just swimming in the crystal clear azure 85 degree+ water. Ahhhh, THIS was the life I always wanted!


And that is when I realized what "Quality Of Life" was.


Yes, it was a very good life and I can proudly say that I achieved my objective of windsurfing my ass off because the epic days of wave sailing (i.e. windsurfing waves) I missed in those years, could be counted on only one hand (seriously)...and that was thanks to...


...the free time I had from buying and selling cars for profit.



Get Rich Quick B.S. Alert!


Sorry to spring this on you but GET RICH QUICK STUFF IS BOGUS! I know I'm going to blow off the dreamers scouring the internet trying desperately to find a way to make money from doing nothing...but you can't!

With proper instruction, buying and selling cars for profit might be easy, I think, and it is a legitimate and viable way to make good money...but like any legitimate money making opportunity...this will require effort on your part.


"Effort?  You mean I have to do something?"


YES, and if that freaks you out, then please don't waste your time reading any further because as easy as this is -- you will have to folllow directions and you will have to do something --- which is exactly what Ken Tyler from California and Steve from Australia did... 



4 car deals = $6650.00 PROFIT for Ken

"Stephen, I started The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit a few weeks ago and wanted to let you know how I'm doing with buying and selling cars.

I bought an 81 turbo diesel Mercedes Benz station wagon for $625.00 (he was asking $1400.00). I sold it for $2000.00 right away (Profit: $1375.00) but realized after that I could have easily gotten about $5000.00 for it!

I bought an 83 Fiat for $1400.00 (seller was asking $2000.00) and sold it for $3500.00 (Profit: $2100.00).

I bought a Kia Sportage 4 X 4 for $2500.00 (seller was asking $4000.00) and sold it for $4100.00 (Profit: $1600.00).

The latest was a 98 Jeep that I bought for $5500.00 and sold it the next day for $7900.00 (Profit: $2400.00).

So that was a $6650.00 total profit in just a few weeks and it would have been more had I not sold the Mercedes wagon so cheap!

Thanks very much for The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit...its a great book that really opened my eye's to what I could do with this!"

Ken Tyler, El Cajon, California



3 car deals = $3000.00 PROFIT for Steve

"Hello Steve, Your book really helped me in so many ways. I didn't know much about cars but the book allowed me to use my creativity to make profits out of it. I am still learning. So far, I have made $3000.00 on three attempts! Thank you!"

Steve, Pergentino, Adelaide, South Australia


13 Myths EXPOSED Surrounding The Used Car Business:


 Myth 1: You need a big car lot with massive overhead. Wrong!

Reality: You can choose to be low key and sell just one car at a time, or five cars at a time, or twenty cars...or a have a huge car lot with one hundred cars. Its up to you and what you want to do. I suggest you start small. And for what its worth, I've never had a car lot.

 Myth 2: You need tons of money to start. Wrong!

Reality: I started with only $400...and I've bought much cheaper cars than that...some for as little as $50.00. And if you think I had to put hundreds into that fifty dollar wonder before I sold it... Wrong again! That car required only $25.00 to get it ready for selling and I sold for $600.00. Profit: $525.00

 Myth 3: You must have expert knowledge of cars. Wrong!

Reality: I knew almost nothing when I started and still don't like to get my hands greasy (and rarely do). Sure, knowing something about cars won't hurt, but common sense is the key...when you do this with the proper guidance.

 Myth 4: The hours are long and grueling. Wrong!

Reality: Having free time to do other things in my life besides work is extremely important for me, and is a major part of the thing that makes quality-of-life a reality for me.

 Myth 5: The real money is made selling NEW cars. Wrong!

Reality: You might be surprised to know that those big shiny new car dealerships make very little profit from the sale of new cars. Their highest profits come from selling used cars. The profit they make from new car sales is mainly because they... Tack extra points on the loans, aggressively push aftermarket extra's like: rust proofing, window tinting, extended warranties, repairs, etc. But again, their biggest profits come from selling used cars. In fact, during this current recession there are numerous old and established new car dealerships that for the first time since they opened have stopped selling new cars to focus on selling used cars only.

 Myth 6: You need to quit your day job to do this. Wrong!

Reality: Part-time or full-time - it does not matter. The flexibility and free time offered from buying and selling used cars will allow you to keep your current job forever...if thats what you want. This is the perfect part-time business (with a full-time income) that can evolve into full-time work later.

 Myth 7: You need superior intelligence. Wrong!

Reality: I'm not a brainiac, and didn't graduate from college, and since I'm a fun pig that would much rather spend my time surfing, this "work" suits me just fine.

 Myth 8: Selling used cars for profit only works in the U.S.A. Wrong!

Reality: My readers span the entire globe - from across the U.S. (including Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico) and 32 more countries, including: Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, The Bahamas, Australia, Guam, New Zealand, India, England, Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, South Africa, Congo, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Russia, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Canada Mexico Domincan Republic Brazil Guam Australia New Zealan
India United Kingdom Ireland Iceland Norway Sweden France Spain
Italy Poland Morocco Niger Nigeria South Africa Congo Philippines
Sri Lanka Russia Czech Republic United Arab Emirates Bahrain Kuwait Slovakia The Bahamas

Myth 9: This is a difficult business to learn.
 Wrong, sort of...

Reality: This was a very difficult thing to learn. Seriously. I'm not exaggerating when I say that THEY are a secretive and paranoid bunch, and that THEY haven't been willing to divulge their secrets. But again, who cares what THEY think or do because I'm ready to spill the beans now...and I'm not holding back on anything either.

 Myth 10: There is too much competition. Wrong!

Reality: With the ever present high demand for used cars, and over 625 MILLION cars in the world (and rising daily), competition isn't an issue...and especially the way I'll show you how to do this.

 Myth 11: Its too difficult and expensive to get a car dealers license. Wrong!

Reality: You don't need to get your own car dealers license unless or until getting one suits what you ultimately want to do with this business. I'm very conservative about this stuff, so to get started, I suggest you start very small and very cheap. Plus, I'll be revealing a totally legal way for you to sell as many cars as you want without having your own dealers license. Yes, this IS legal with most of the advantages of having your own car dealers license...but with none of the disadvantages.

 Myth 12: No one buys cars when gas prices are high. Wrong!

Reality: I'm going to reveal to you exactly what kind of cars are ever-green, meaning they are always in demand - and even sell for a premium when gas prices are going through the roof.

 Myth 13: No one buys cars during a recession. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Reality: Its true that new car sales slow to a trickle during recessions, but the used car business just keeps chugging along because the demand for basic transportation used cars is evergreen. Buying and selling used cars just might be the perfect recession proof business...and proof of that can be seen in what Sly from Arizona has been doing...




3 car deals = $1568.00 PROFIT for Sly

"Hey Steve,

My most recent car was a 94 dodge shadow ES V6 with 160k on it. I bought it for $400 and sold it three days later for $800.00, a $400.00 profit ! The guy who bought it was mechanically inclined and needed a cheap car to get him on his feet. He was excited about the car (it's nice when the buyers like the car a lot).

Before that, I bought a 95 Chrysler LeBaron convertible with 98k miles for $850. The first person who looked at it bought it for $1800.00 for a profit of $792.00.

I decided to buy your book as a reference, and for guidance. Its nice to have a resource like this available at any given time!"

Sly H., Arizona


Sly emailed me later to share this car deal too...

"Hey Steve! I just bought and sold another car. Here are the details: 1993 pontiac grand am se, total investment: $524.00 sold for: $900.00. Profit $376.00. Cheers!"

Sly H., Arizona



Check out this outrageous success story I got from a reader in Canada...

PLEASE NOTE: I hesitated about whether I should show you this success story because I feared it might come off as get-rich-quick hype. However, I thought about this carefully and chose to reveal it because this guy reveals an extremely powerful and mind-blowingly profitable method for buying used cars from a country with a weak currency, and reselling them in another country that has a strong currency. I'm not smart enough to do this stuff, but check out what this guy did...




1 car deal = $30,600.00 PROFIT for Nick

"Hi! I have been reading your book for some time now, and that's when I started looking into cars (myself being a fanatic of cars). So one day I see this Audi S4 Avant, a 2004 with only 66,085 kilometers on it and it was for sale at $4,400.00! So I bought the car and the next month I sold it for $35,000.00! I made $30,600.00 profit! And the best part, it won't stop! I keep finding the cars at such low prices! I must say, thanks to your advice I have been profitable since I started and growing better every day! I currently drive a Lamborghini Murcielago 2007 right now, never thought I would, life is great...especially at 25 years old!"

Nick Roy, Canada


I wrote Nick back and asked him what his day job was and how could he afford to buy extremely high-end exotic cars like Lamborghini's. Nick replied immediately and said...



"Hey! What I do? Really is simple...I wait for a good deal instead of buying a lot of cars that make little profits. I mainly buy the kinda deals that gets me between $30,000.00 to $60,000.00 per car (also have my job, but it doesn't compare). So I search for 2-3 cars per year and I'm done. Some people are desperate to sell their cars. Right place right time mostly. And when the canadian dollar is strong like the past year and keeps on going...cars in USA are cheap."

Nick Roy, Canada



And here is another update from Nick...



"Hey Stephen! It's me again! Just to tell you that I can not thank you enough for giving me courage to start buying and selling cars! Another success story: I just bought an Aston Martin Vanquish S for $42,000.00 and an Aston Martin DB9 for $26,500.00! When I'll sell them, it'll be over $200,000.00 in profits!!! I guess its just about getting the good deals! And by the way, can I confirm that we all can be rich by doing this? I should've done this sooner! Thanks again!"

Nick Roy, Canada


DISCLAIMER: I don't want to lead you into thinking that Nicks profits are in any way "normal" or typical. They are neither and they far eclipse anything I've done. And that is probably due to the fact that I'm not a highly driven person that spends way too much time surfing and riding my mountain bike, or whatever. Hey, what can I say - I'm a fun pig. Or maybe Nick is some super-duper extraordinary humanoid? Well, whatever he is, I always take the attitude that whatever one human can do, so can another.

UPDATE: The last time I emailed Nick he replied and said that he has gone back to college full-time and is devoting all his energy on becoming a financial planner. Considering his extraordinary results with buying and selling used cars I figure he should make one helluva financial planner!

Once again, I don't know you and your capabilities, so there is no way I can guarantee how much money you will make when you buy and sell cars for profit...or if you'll make any money at all...and seriously...


Only a fraud would "promise" that!


But I do offer an iron clad no risk guarantee that there is no better information available out there dealing with the business of how to buy and sell cars for profit.


Here are 3 things to consider when starting any kind of business...

1) Learn From Someone That Has Actually Done This:
My plan is NOT some bogus get-rich-quick garbage churned out by someone that never worked this business themselves. Because of The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit, there are copycat sleazebags out there now selling junk ebooks just to make a quick buck. The HUGE difference between myself and the other "authors" is: I actually did this myself - I lived this business -- my information is SOLID -- and now I can show you how.

2) Avoid Empty Promises:
I will NOT promise you'll make $10,000.00 a day, a week, or a month when you buy and sell cars for profit. I won't do that because I don't know you, your skills, or your work ethic...and anyone that makes income promises like that is out to screw you...but I can tell you that making profits of many hundreds

3) Reduce or Eliminate Trial and Error:
Although trial and error is often considered a necessary evil when starting any business, the fact is that trial and error seriously blows because a couple mistakes can put you out of business before you ever really started. However, if you are of average intelligence, like me -- and you are dumb enough to follow what I show you -- my guidance and knowledge of the used car business will enable you to eliminate all the expensive trial and error that most go through. Bottom line: Don't re-invent the wheel. Learn from others that have been where you want to go.





2 car deals = $3053.00 PROFIT for Hector

"Hello Steve, I got a story for you... There was a 1999 black Dodge Stratus for $1500.00. The car had some minor issues and after some very brief negotiations they accepted my offer of $600.00. I sold it for $3200.00 six days later. Total costs to me $646.97. PROFIT $2553.03! I've used your info on other deals but this ones the most profitable.

I found a 1989 Jeep Pioneer 183k (wow) for $1400.00 or best offer (they were even throwing in a full tank of gas). I figured wow thats alot of miles, but the jeep was in very nice condition mechanically and the interior was very well kept. I offered $700.00, they countered with $900, I said $800.00 and keep the tank of gas. DEAL-DONE! I still think I over paid but three days later I sold it for $1300.00 CASH. $500.00 profit in three days--you cant beat that!"

Hector Boyar, Chicago




Do NOT buy any money making information unless it meets the following 8 criteria...


1) Avoid "Get-Rich-Quick" schemes!
I know they sound so tempting... "How to make $10,000.00 a day!" or "Make a million dollars a year!" or whatever, and I admit to having spent thousands on numerous get-rich-quick plans over the years...but my plan is NOT get-rich-quick. Buying and selling used cars is a legitimate and viable way to make good money on a part-time or full-time basis.

2) Avoid CHEAP incomplete plans on how to buy and sell cars for profit.
I checked out one of those "plans" out there that has absolutely nothing to do with buying and selling cars for profit, yet incredibly, that is how they are marketing it! It was cheap, so at least you won't be wasting too much of your money, but will you ever get back the time you wasted?

3) Find a plan with an honest money back guarantee.
Not every business fits every individual, so its crucial that the plan you are considering comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee.

4) Be sure the business information is written by someone that personally ran this business.
Be aware that there are several 'How To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit' plans out there that are watered down copycat versions of what I'm offering you. Sure, you get the basic concept, but you're left hanging because they have no substance due to the fact that the author never personally worked the used car business.

5) The offer must be for a product that is ALWAYS in demand.
There are over 806 HUNDRED MILLION cars in the world. It is a HUGE market! You can make good money when you buy and sell cars for profit because used cars will always be in demand.

6) Find a business that's recession proof.
When the economy is in recession, many people stop buying new cars and either wait until things improve...or they buy a used car. However, there is a much larger segment of the car buying population worldwide that ONLY buys used cars. And that is why buying and selling cars for profit is one of the few true recession proof businesses.

7) Find a business that can be operated in big cities or small towns.
Big city or small town, it does not matter because used cars are needed everywhere.

8) Find a plan that can be realistically incorporated into your life.
Preferably one that can be started on a part-time business with flexible hours so you can keep your old job (if you choose to) while learning how to buy and sell cars for profit.



And here's another one of my fast-selling profitable car deals...

It was a Toyota Corolla with 112,000 miles on it. It was a decent looking and running car. I had less than $1100.00 into it at the time I sold it...and guess what?


I sold that car in a few days for $3300.00!


Hey, that was a $2200.00 profit!


I know that's not a million dollars like others describe their super-duper "money making opportunities" will do, but lets get real...when was the last time you made a $2200.00 clear profit in about 3 hours?


Now seriously ask yourself this...

How much would just an extra $500.00, $1000.00, or $2000.00 a month improve your lifestyle?


"Sounds great, but what's the downside Steve?"


Start-up Costs: Any business costs money to start...but you can start this with a fraction of the start-up costs associated with most businesses. I started with only $400.00 and I'll show you how I did that.

Trial and Error: Without guidance, the learning curve can be slow and expensive for some...but when you have a mentor, you will eliminate about 99% of the usual trial and error.

Seriously, I've had people call and tell me about their EXPENSIVE trial and error horror stories...and sadly, its because they didn't have my information when they started.

Yes, these horror stories could have been avoided had they read my stuff and applied it...


"But every business takes time to figure out, right?"


Of course, and anyone that tells you otherwise is someone you should run away from screaming with your arms flailing in the air like a little girl.

But with my clear step-by-step guidance, I'll make the learning curve easy, simple and fast -- even if you know nothing about cars!

My point is...  I can show anyone with average intelligence and motivation how to buy and sell cars for profit -- and start with little money -- like I did -- even if you live in sparsely populated area -- like I did my first three years -- and even when the economy sucks -- like it was when I started and like it is now.



My system for buying and selling cars for profit is revealed in...


The Lazy Way To Buy and Sell Cars For Profit


The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit

Image is representative only. Digital format for instant access!


The new updated and massive 300 page Version 10.4 of The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit is jam-packed with everything you need to start...and there is no need to wait around for the post office to deliver it to you because you can start 3 minutes from now!



This is what I'm going to reveal in The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit...

 Be Your Own Boss:
I'll show you how to get off the treadmill. Spend more time with family and friends and finally have the time to make some real money and enjoy life.

 Proven Recession Proof Business:
I'll show you how to make money during a roaring good economy and a bad economy.

 No Employee Hassles:
I'll show you how to buy and sell cars for profit with no employee hassles.

 Start Today With Little Cash:
Page 3 - I started with only $400 and made a $1200.00 profit and I will show you exactly how I did this.

 Choose Your Own Hours:
I'll show you how to buy and sell cars for profit full-time, or part-time. Very few jobs or businesses allow this kind of flexibility and freedom.

 How To Maximize Your Efforts and Minimize Your Time:
Page 10 - This awesome technique will help you find killer deals in minimal time in big cities or small towns.

 Online Sources For Used Cars:
Pages 22 to 24 - I reveal numerous US and International sources for finding used car deals with your computer.

 Offline Sources For Used Cars:
Page 24 - I'll show you lots of offline sources for finding used car deals in your own town with some creative methods that have others bringing the deals to you.

 Learn How To Buy And Sell Cars With Zero Risk and No Stress:
I'm going to reveal some excellent techniques for learning how to buy cars and negotiate that virtually eliminate ALL the risk and stress normally associated when learning something new.

 How To Find Sellers That Must Sell Their Cars At Huge Discounts:
Page 35 - I'll show you some tips for finding the kind of sellers that for whatever reason must sell their car at far below market value.

Discover The Hottest And Easiest Cars To Sell:
Page 37 - Once you learn how to buy cars at the right price (and I'll show you how), I'll also reveal what the hottest sellers are. Seriously, these particular cars are consistent fast and easy sellers regardless of the economy and gas prices.

 The Best Days To Buy a Used Car:
Page 42 - Shhh, keep this a secret because I'm also going to show you the best days for scooping up incredibly good deals when buying used cars that will put hundreds of dollars more in your pocket.





$500.00 to $700.00 PROFITS for Mark

"Steve, Hello and thank you for your book! I am new to this system and I have purchased a few Toyota vehicles and I made an average of $500.00 - $700.00 profit per car. It is ok to post this on your website Steve. I am out of Baltimore, MD. I hope to grow this business to full time with my own lot in future. This money comes in handy with rising gas prices and Christmas season. Thanks again!"

Mark Cornius, Baltimore, Maryland



 The Worst Days To Sell a Car:
Pages 42 and 48 - I reveal the worst times to sell a car. This knowledge will save you hundreds of dollars in wasted paid advertising.

 Avoid Lame Ineffective Advertising Mistakes:
Page 45 - I'll show you how to avoid one of the biggest and lamest advertising mistakes.

 How To Interrogate a Used Car Seller:
Pages 48 to 62 - I'll show you step-by-step exactly how I call and gently interrogate sellers and why these techniques will save you tons of time and gas and make you a lot more money. You will also learn an easy and no stress way to become extremely proficient at this.

 Negotiation Ninja Domination:
Page 56 - I reveal exactly how to negotiate - and when to start with an easy to use check list. And NO, these techniques have nothing to do with trying to force or impose yourself on others. These easily learned ninja negotiation techniques are subtle, natural, yet lethal in their effectiveness.

 Shut Down Your Competition Everytime:
Page 58 - This one simple technique is worth its weight in gold because it virtually guarantees that the seller will only sell their car to you.

 The Right And Wrong Way To Leave Messages For Sellers:
Pages 63 to 70 - Believe it or not, there is a right way and wrong way to leave message for sellers that aren't around when you call. Do this the wrong way and you will blow good deals, but of course I'll show you the right way.

 How To Inspect a Used Car Like a Pro:
Pages 71 to 83 - I'm going to show you an easy step-by-step no-risk and no-stress method for inspecting a used car...and this works even if you currently don't know anything about cars.

 How To Test Drive a Car Like You Know What You're Doing:
Pages 84 to 92 - I reveal exactly what to pay attention to during a test drive to help you in buying cars that put big fat profits in your pocket.

 How To Buy a Used Car For a Fraction Of Its Selling Price:
Page 93 to 103 - You will learn all the techniques I've used to buy used cars for far less than the sellers asking price.

 How To Finalize The Purchase Of a Used Car:
Page 98 - I'll discuss the pro's and cons of leaving a deposit to hold a car, and if you do, exactly how to leave a deposit. Plus, how to deal with vehicle paperwork in an efficient way that saves time and grief.

 How To Prepare a Car For Selling The Right Way:
Pages 114 to 128- There is a right way to prepare a car for selling and a wrong way. Do it the wrong way and you waste time and money. I'll show you the right way so you'll sell your cars fast and for the highest profits.

 How To Make Your 'Car For Sale' Ads Get Noticed:
Pages 130 to 135 - This easy, simple, and free method will make your ads command the attention of all potential buyers instead of blending in like all the other boring ads.

 How To Write Ads That Set Your Phone On Fire:
Pages 138 to 148 - I will show you step-by-step how to create an ad that will have so many people calling that you'll wish you had a hundred cars to sell!

 How To Sell Multiple Cars From The Same Ad:
Page 151 - I've done it countless times and I'll show you exactly how you can sell many cars from the same little ad.





1 car deal = $600.00 PROFIT for Chris

"Well, I received your information on buying and selling cars and couldn't take my eyes off of it. I went out and purchased a 1988 Mazda 323 for $200.00 and I made a profit of $600.00 dollars! I highly recommend this book!"

Chris Worth, Killeen, Texas



 Eliminate Time Wasting Looky Lou's Forever:
Pages 153 to 154 - I'll reveal the one little question you must ask callers that will reveal instantly if the caller is a serious potential buyer or a time waster. This is simple, but HUGE!

 How To Accept Payment For a Car You're Selling:
Pages 156 to 158 - I'll show you how and what to accept for payment in a way that guarantees you NEVER get burned.

 Sell Cars To Buyers Before They Have Seen It:
Pages 158 to 160 - I will show you how to sell a car to someone that hasn't even seen your car yet. This is invaluable if you choose to sell your car using eBay auctions. I also reveal the inherent pitfalls for these kind of deals and how to completely eliminate them everytime.

 How To Deal With Buyer Deposits:
Pages 160 to 162 - Should you accept a deposit to hold a car, thus closing the door on all other potential buyers? If so, what form of deposit should you accept? I learned the hard way and got burned, but I'll show you exactly how to deal with this the correct way.

 How To Eliminate All The Hassles And Risks When Selling a Car:
Page 163 - This simple technique for avoiding problems with buyers after the sale removes any and all possible future hassles for you.

 Free Advertising:
Pages 165 to 167 - I reveal numerous highly effective free sources to advertise your vehicles and have your ads go live within minutes after placing them.

 Learn How To Accurately Price a Car:
Pages 176-188 - I'm going to show you exactly how to determine how much a car is worth and how much you can sell it for. I reveal how to price your cars so you will never leave money on the table.

 How To Buy And Sell Cars Without a Car Dealers License:
Pages 190 to 201 - You will learn all the ways people sell cars without dealers licenses and a totally legal technique that enables you to sell an unlimited amount of cars per year without your own dealers license.

 4 Ways To Overcome The Hassle and Expense In Getting a Dealers License:
Pages 204 to 215 - In some areas its easy to get a car dealers license and in some its a major hassle. Here are a few techniques that can make the process of getting a dealers license (if you even choose to) a lot easier and less expensive.

 Used Car Auction Basics:
Pages 216 to 236 - Auctions can chew you up and spit you out if you don't know what you're doing. I cover tons of must-know techniques for speeding up the learning process, including 13 tips for getting the best deals at auctions, and used car auction do's and don'ts.

 Don't Be A Chump:
Pages 265 to 266 - A buyer begs you to hold your car for them, but they didn't bring any money with them. I'll show you the one and ONLY way to handle this situation.

 Eliminate Potentially Difficult Buyers:
I'm going to give you 3 simple forms you can modify to suit your needs that will eliminate all potential after-the-sale headaches.

 How To Buy Cars That Haven't Started In Months:
Pages 268 to 270 - I reveal the one easy and simple no-mechanical-experience-required technique that completely eliminates you from getting royally screwed from buying cars that have been stored for a long time.

 37 Frequently Asked Questions with Answers:
Pages 270 to 299 - I have 29 pages in the FAQ section that should cover every question you could possibly have about buying and selling cars.


Hey, thats a lot of stuff!


It is a lot of stuff and believe me when I say that there are some things you want to get right the first time and I promise you will save THOUSANDS of dollars and DAYS of time and grief in mistakes not made when you follow my advice.



But do NOT get this if...

 You want to get rich overnight:
Hey, who doesn't, but this is NOT fantasy land. And lets face it...if you're like most people struggling and living pay check to pay check...can you imagine how much better your life would be if you did just a couple car deals per month that put an extra $1000.00 to $3000.00 in your pocket?

 You immediately want to start a big high-profile used car lot with tons of employee's and expensive monthly overhead:
No I don't teach the big car lot thing because its not my 'Lazy-Way' style (although I have readers that have gone on to have big car lots). You should know that what I do teach IS absolutely fundamental...regardless of whether you do 1 car deal a month or later do 1000 car deals a month. Bottom line: All structures require a solid foundation and you will learn rock-solid fundamentals.

You want a pretty coffee table style book to impress your friends:
Nope again. The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit is strictly business. I'll teach you the nuts and bolts presented in a simple easy non-flashy step-by-step format so you can start making money immediately.



How much is it?

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5 Steps For Getting Your Car Dealers License

Bonus #1

5 Steps For Getting Your Car Dealers License

($10.00 Value) This report outlines the steps you will go through in getting your car dealers license...IF...you choose to get one (and not everyone does). Every country and/or state will have different variations of these steps, but this report will give you a basic overview for what is involved.


Phone Interrogation Check List

Bonus #2

Phone Interrogation Check List

($50.00 Value) Save time, money, and gas by not wasting your life driving around looking at cars that won't make you money! This check list shows you EXACTLY what questions to ask the seller...and when to ask them...BEFORE driving out to look at a car. My Phone Interrogation Check List will save you an unbelievable amount of time, hassles...and gas! With this check list, you'll know 99% of the time if the car you are calling about is even worth looking at. I can not emphasize enough how much of a HUGE time saver this check list will be for you.



9 Steps To Avoid Buying a Stolen Car

Bonus #3

9 Steps To Avoid Buying a Stolen Car

($30.00 Value) Save time, money, and gas by not wasting your life driving around looking at cars that won't make you money! This check list shows you EXACTLY what questions to ask the seller...and when to ask them...BEFORE driving out to look at a car. My Phone Interrogation Check List will save you an unbelievable amount of time, hassles...and gas! With this check list, you'll know 99% of the time if the car you are calling about is even worth looking at. I can not emphasize enough how much of a HUGE time saver this check list will be for you.


Check Out a Car Check List

Bonus #4

Check Out a Car Check List

($50.00 Value) We've all heard the commercial that says "Don't leave home without it" and FINALLY...even non-mechanical dorks (like me) can inspect a used car with total confidence. Beginners with little to no mechanical experience will find this check list to be an invaluable resource for inspecting and test driving a used car. Those with mechanical experience will use this check list to stay focused on the things that matter when buying a car for the purposes of re-selling it.


7 Ways To Detect Odometer Fraud

Bonus #5

Seven Ways To Detect Odometer Fraud

($10.00 Value) Turning back the mileage on an odometer is known as "Clocking" and is totally uncool and highly illegal. This report will show you 7 simple, easy, and fast ways to avoid this scam everytime.



Sure Fire Secrets To Raish Cash Now

Bonus #6

Sure Fire Secrets For Raising Cash Now!

($30.00 Value) No cash? No problem. Buying and selling cars for profit is too lucrative to not start due to a lack of cash. 'Sure Fire Secrets To Raise Cash Now' exposes numerous methods for coming up with start-up capital...fast! And it'll surely ignite the creative juices within you to come up with your own idea's for raising cash now.



Anatomy of a Used Car Scam

Bonus #7

Anatomy of a Used Car Scam

($30.00 Value) There's no need to be paranoid but thousands each year fall victim to internet scams and the knowledge gained from reading Anatomy of a Used Car Scam will protect you from losing your hard-earned money. In fact, those car scams will become laughably easy for you to spot after you read how I actually mess with the heads of a real life scammer trying to steal my money.




Bill Of Sale Form, Deposit For Purchase Form, Consignment Agreement Form

Bonus #8

Bill Of Sale Form, Deposit For Purchase Of Vehicle Form, and Consignment Agreement Form

($60.00 Value) These 3 forms were designed to protect you when selling a car, leaving a deposit to buy a car (or when someone leaves a deposit to buy your car), and a form that clearly lays out all the details when you are selling a vehicle for someone else (i.e. Consignment). All 3 forms can be easily modified to suit your needs and have been carefully written to protect your ass.



Make Hundreds More When Selling Clean Older Car With Low Miles

Bonus #9

Make Hundreds More When Selling Clean Older "Normal" Cars With Low Miles

($50.00 Value) I was trying to sell a clean older "normal" car with low miles once and no one was calling my ad. I made one little change to the ad that resulted in the phone ringing off the hook with potential buyers and I sold the car to the first person that showed up...and for the price I wanted. This brain-dead simple little change worked gangbusters, put $1500.00 more in my pocket, and I'll show you exactly how to do it too.


Bonus #10

7 Sources For Buying Military Vehicles And Other Cool Stuff At Insanely
Cheap Prices

($20.00 Value) You are wrong if you think the only stuff selling at military surplus auctions are weird combat vehicles that can't be used in the real world. The military owns countless thousands of regular civilian vehicles that are auctioned off later for literally pennies on the dollar. These are exactly the kind of vehicles you can keep for yourself or sell for mega-profits. There are websites that charge a fee for the same sources I'm giving you here for free.


6 Months FREE Email Consultation

Fast Action Bonus #11

Free Email Consultation For 6 Months!

($2000.00 Value) Contact me via email with your questions for up to 6 months and I will answer them for you. If you think the "$2000.00 value" for this consultation is over-blown hype, then let me give you an example of how important this will be for you... I had a reader contact me about an idea he was ready to spend $10,000.00 implementing. After discussing his idea, I was able to advise him why this would NOT work, thus saving him countless hours and thousands of dollars...and then we discussed an alternate way to make his idea work.

*PLEASE NOTE: I don't know how long I'll be offering my special 6 month Email Consultation Bonus. Excellent customer service is extremely important to me, so if, or when I feel overwhelmed, then I reserve the right to withdraw this offer at anytime. However, if you order now, I promise you will be grand-fathered in for the next 6 months.


You get all 11 FREE bonuses with your order and...



8 Week NO QUESTIONS ASKED NO RISK Money Back Guarantee!

100% Money Back Guarantee

Listen to my money back guarantee...

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I have tried as much as possible to NOT make promises on this page, but just buying my information will NOT make you money. However, using it might.

Successful people take responsibility for their actions, learn from their mistakes, and leverage the knowledge gained from other people's experience until they reach their goals.

Successful people know that one great idea...when put into action...can make them hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

And its the same when investing in your education.

If you buy my information and it doesn't help you or doesn't live up to what I presented on this page...if you find that its not worth at least 100 times what you paid...then I will refund your money...

In fact, you get a full 8 weeks to use this - RISK FREE...and that should be plenty of time for even the most lazy individual to at least get back their initial investment. (I am being extremely conservative here, ok?)

I rarely get refund requests because The Lazy Way To Buy And Sell Cars For Profit is rock solid useable information that will help you get started immediately...BUT IF...the deciding factor for your purchase is based on getting a refund if my plan doesn't magically "make you rich" - then please do NOT waste your time or mine purchasing this information.

"How can I trust your guarantee is for real?"

Your purchase is securely processed by ClickBank or Paypal which means that even if I fell off the edge of the earth or aliens abducted me - Clickbank or Paypal would honor your request for a refund...because that is their policy.

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