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From Morten Egtvedt & Cecilie Koeste

Dear Fellow Dog Trainer,

Did you know that there are 4 important secrets about training dogs (or any other animals), that can make YOU capable of solving every behavior problem you will ever meet - and teach any new behavior or trick you can imagine?

Did you know that regardless of whether you have just gotten your first puppy or whether you are already an exerienced dog owner or trainer - learning these secrets could change the way you look at dog training for ever?

Did you know that everything you have heard about clicker training until now may be just the tip of the iceberg?

Did you know that most people using clicker training today never really unleash the full potential of this powerful technology?

Well, that is going to change for you, my friend...

...when you learn the 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer.

Meet Emma. She is the kind of dog trainer who is able to solve ANY kind of dog problem. No matter what kind of dog, no matter what kind of behavior problem. Emma knows exactly how to analyze the problem, design a training plan and fix it. And dogs just love her!

Emma used to be just like most other dog owners. She believed that advanced dog training was only for experts with special talents (you know, like the "dog whisperer" on TV).

But then Emma learned about Clicker Training and the 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer. And when you know these secrets your life changes. Because now you always know where to look for solutions when you want to fix a problem, teach a new behavior or improve your training.

When YOU learn these 4 secrets you too will be ready to face ANY training challenge. And just like Emma you will be laughing at "dog whisperers" with all their superstitious explanations.

Because you will know that dog training is not magic - its SCIENCE. And everyone can learn these scientific principles and use them effectively in their training.

So, where do I learn more about these secrets?


Let´s introduce you to our bestselling dog training book: Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer.

This book was first published in our homeland, Norway. It became a great success and was soon translated and published in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Today the book has sold more than 50 000 hard copies and has become the #1 clicker training resource in the Nordic countries (and believe me, Norway and Sweden are known for having some of the best dog trainers in the world!).

After many requests the book is now finally available in English. And best of all - you can download it to your computer right now!! In 5 minutes you can be on your way to becoming a supertrainer!

Morten Egtvedt & Cecilie Koeste 

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About the authors

Morten Egtvedt and Cecilie Koeste, the married training team from Norway, have been members of Karen Pryors ClickerExpo faculty for several years. Morten and Cecilie were early adopters of clicker training and are Scandinavia´s leading authors on this technology.

With their flat-coated retrievers, Morten and Cecilie have been top competitors in obedience and tracking. They have qualified for the Norwegian working dog Championships many times with a 3rd place as their best result.

Morten and Ceci also have 20 years of experience with training search and rescue dogs. In addition to competing with her dogs, Cecilie competes in show jumping with her two clicker trained horses.

Morten also has trained dogs approved for military service for 15 years and is a certified dog training instructor in the Norwegian Army (clicker training is NOT only for training cute tricks, if you still believed that!).

Morten is a trained biologist with a degree in psychology and Cecilie, also with a degree in psychology, is a medical doctor.

Morten and Cecilie run a clicker training school - Canis Clickertraining Academy - in more than 30 cities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, focusing not only on the average dog trainer, but on using clicker training to win in competition - any competition.

The methods in their bestselling book Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer are tested in real life with thousands of dogs and their owners each year!

Expert review #1

"I am thrilled that my students and colleagues now have access to the English translation of this terrific book. Morten and Cecilie are outstanding trainers, but beyond that, they are smart and careful writers. Their guidance for dog-owners just beginning to learn about clicker training is clear, practical and fun to read. In addition, experienced clicker trainers will find enough nuggets of wisdom to more than compensate for the purchase price. How lucky we are to have a compassionate alternative to all the misguided and punitive advice that passes for dog-training in the United States these days."

Kathy Sdao

 CAAB (associate),

Expert review #2

"This book is now required reading for all instructors at Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inc. in California.

After having incorporating clicker training into our program for the past several years, we have been searching for theoretical educational materials to base our instructional modules on. This book offers a very nice balance between clicker theory and practical implementation.

It gives just enough theory to provide an understanding of the process but not so much that it overwhelms the reader. The theory is presented in a lively, open-minded and interactive way with well-placed graphics. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to understand the clicker process."

Kathy Kelly

 Guide Dogs for the Blind, 


Expert review #3

“WOW! I am so impressed with this book and am excited to be able to share it with the inmate handlers I work with at four correctional facilities, where shelter dogs are trained before being adopted out to the public.  The book is chockfull of valuable information, all in an easy-to-understand format that’s fun to read, too.  It’s going to be #1 on the handlers’ must read list! Thank you for producing such wonderful material on clicker training.”

Virginia Broitman

 Professional Trainer, North Star Canines / Take a Bow Wow, VA, USA


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The big question: Does clicker training really work in real-life situations?

Are you tired of reading endless debates between positive and correction-based dog trainers? I know I am...

Many "positive trainers" accuse correction-based trainers of violence and abuse, and they say that punishment is not effective. Trainers who use punishment on the other hand, want you to believe that positive training is not enough to achieve a reliable result. They tell you that if you train with food the dog will only respond if you have food in your hands etc. So who´s right and who´s wrong?

Well, they are both right - and they are both so wrong!

First, let me tell you straight up: I hate correction-based training! I can´t stand the thought of my dog coming when I call him because he is afraid of what´s going to happen to him if he doesn´t come. Hey, I like dogs! I want them to be happy and there´s no way I´ll train like that.

BUT, I would never say that correction-based training does not work. Of course it works! Dogs are not stupid. They are survivors. If they have to walk on a loose leash or come when called to avoid pain, they will. Violent husbands sometimes have very "obedient" wives, too. But that someting "works" does NOT mean it´s good.

So, what about positive dog training? Well, first of all I don´t call myself a "positive dog trainer". Because it is not about "being nice". It´s about being good!

It´s not about positive training - it´s about SUPERTRAINING!

There are two kinds of positive dog training. There is lousy positive training and there is effective positive training. So what makes positive training lousy and what makes positive training effective?

I would say that it depends partly on the training methodology itself, and partly on how the training is executed by the trainer (trainer skills). I have seen a lot of bad "positive training" in my time (and even more bad punishment-based training, but let´s leave that for now).

There are many positive trainers who base their training on luring (bribing) the dog to get behavior. This kind of training may work OK sometimes, but I consider it old-fashioned and not very interesting (it´s definitely not supertraining!).

Instead I use clicker training! And I consider clicker training to be an extremely effective (positive) training technique when it is used correctly. In clicker training we don´t lure or bribe the dog. The treats are well hidden in our pockets until the dog offers the right behavior on his own. THEN we click and treat. This is a huge difference!

When you are clicker training (and again, I´m talking about supertraining - not just using the clicker as a marker) the dog learns to THINK. The dog learns to solve problems, to experiment, to be creative. The dog feels a sense of control of the training situation - and he loves it!

Very soon you will discover that your dog has become a LEAN, MEAN LEARNING MACHINE capable of learning new behaviors and tricks in record time! You won´t believe how fun dog training can be until you have a dog like this.

And you know what? This could be YOUR DOG in just a few weeks!

I have been in love with clicker training for 18 years (before that I was actually a very successful traditional trainer, but there is no way I´m going back).

But still I would never guarantee that clicker training will solve all your problems in 6 days. That would be lying.

No training method can guarantee perfect results in 10 minutes or 6 days, not even in six weeks or six years (if someone tries to do so, please stay away from them!).

Because every method is dependent on a competent trainer. All good dog training - clicker training included - is based on trainer skills. You need to be good at what you are doing. Clicker training is like a race car. It has a bigger speed potentialthan any other car, but you have to be a good driver.

The truth is: no matter what method you choose, you need to know the 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer!

Believe me - these 4 secrets are the key to effective clicker training. In fact, they are also the key to effective correction-based training if you (God forbid) train that way. These secrets tell you exactly what to focus onto make your training more effective.

In the book Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer it all comes together. We explain in great detail the principles of clicker training and the theory behind this effective method. AND we show you how to develop your own training skills so that you can become really good at clicker training.

Clicker training can give you excellent, reliable behaviors. But it can also give you something no other training method can: A happy and competent learner ready to learn new behaviors in record time!

This accelerated learning capacity is what makes clicker training so fascinating. I hope you one day will have the privilege of working with a clickerwise dog - then you will know what I´m talking about.

A great training method and a skilled trainer together is what makes dog training magic. But as you already know - it is NOT magic. It is science. And after reading our book you will master that science. We want you to be able to train every behavior you want, and solve every new problem you might face in the future - on your own!

Emma never thought that she could do all this just a few years ago. But now everybody admires her training. In a while it could be you and your dog that everybody admires when they see you training...

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P.P.P.S: You will also receive five GREAT bonus videos so you can see for yourself what supertraining looks like "live".

"I greatly enjoyed Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets. In particular I appreciate Morten and Cecilie´s lucid, upbeat and extremely rational advocation of positive methods. The foundation exercises are quite basic, but so clearly and joyfully presented, I feel inspired to retrain my dog all over again!

The format is really easy to follow with nice pictures throughout and a good emphasis on how to proof each behavior. A must for new trainers who want a solid introduction to the method, as well as a good resource for more experienced trainers who either need a shot in the arm to get inspired again about the basics or just to have on hand as a very clear model to pass along to students. My only complaint: It´s too short! I want more!"

Sarah Owings, Los Angeles CA


Since reading your book (still not finished, because as I read it I get motivated; stop reading and go train) I am seeing amazing things from both of my dogs. Bandit the border collie is only clicker and Isabelle is a crossover dog and I am just having a blast with my dogs. It is so much more fun than the old traditional way and I know my dogs really enjoy it. If they see me pick up the clicker they are both right by my side.

I just made reservations for the RI clicker expo and will definitely be attending all of your workshops. I look forward to meeting you.

Thanks so much for writing this book and sharing your expertise.

Sincerely, Pamela Johnson (Bandit and Isabelle)


They laughed at me when I started clicker training.

 They´re not laughing anymore...

I remember when I started clicker training 18 years ago. I had just bought a new puppy (Kiro) and after reading Karen Pryor´s marvellous book "Don´t Shoot the Dog" and I was determined to clicker train Kiro from the moment I got him in the house.

Many of my friends, other dog training instructors and people at my dog club told me that clicker training would never work. They said that it might work well for cute tricks, but if I wanted reliable behavior in competitions or with real-life distractions I had to use some punishment as well.

Well, two years later Kiro was certified as search and rescue dog, and he already competed at the highest level in both obedience and working dog trials. At the age of three Kiro was also certified as a military patrol dog in the Norwegian Army, where I was a dog training instructor.

Cecilie got her new puppy (Tia) a few years later. Tia was also certified as Search and Rescue dog and competed at the highest level in working dog trials when she was only two years old.

Then they stopped saying that clicker training only worked for cute tricks...

Instead people started asking us for advice. So 10 years ago we started Canis Clickertraining Academy. We started giving clicker training classes, and travelled around giving seminars. Finally we started educating our own instructors. Today Canis Clickertraining Academy is established in 30 cities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark and we have the privilege of testing our training methods with thousands of dogs each year.

Canis Clickertraining Academy also publishes books and a magazine about dog training in the Nordic countries. Actually, we have sold more than 250 000 books about clicker training and other positive training methods in the Nordic countries since the beginning! And now our best book is finally available in English!

But if clicker training works so well, why are so many people reluctant (even hostile) towards clicker training?

Well, there are several reasons. Some of them have to do with the fact that clicker training is very different from "traditional" dog training. And when people hear that we are doing some things almost the opposite of the way they are used to, there is no wonder they have their doubts. (Hey, even Cecilie was VERY sceptical when I started clicker training. She came around quickly though, she is a smart woman :-).

BUT, even though it hurts to say it... I think the #1 reason why many people don´t believe in clicker training is the fact that...

...8 out of 10 clicker trainers use the technology poorly!

And when other dog trainers see poor clicker training enough times, there is no wonder they don´t believe in it. As I said before: Even though I consider clicker training an extremely powerful technology, it is NOT magic. Clicker training is like a race car - great speed potential, but you must know how to drive it!

Don´t get me wrong. I am sure at least 8 out of 10 correction-based trainers ALSO use their methods poorly, but people don´t really pay attention to that. The problem for clicker training is the fact that poor clicker training is so easily spotted (since people always recognize the clicker!).

So our mission is not only to tell people about clicker training. We also really want to teach people how to use the technology to its full potential! And that´s why we wrote our book.

To avoid all the common training mistakes you need to learn the Four Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer!

Let us help you improve your training skills and take your clicker training to a whole new level!

Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer is the most comprehensive introduction to clicker training available today.

This 216 pages book covers all the important basics - and unlike many other books it also explores the more advanced topics in depth (after all - you wanted to become a supertrainer!).

Of course, you also get detailed training instructions for all the important basic skills a perfect pet dog needs. And some VERY impressive tricks on top of that.

What are you waiting for? Go get it!


“Clickertraining: the four secrets of becoming a supertrainer” is the best starter material we’ve seen. As researchers, we thoroughly investigated the many varieties of clicker training instruction books and DVD’s from the US and UK and found that the Scandinavian Canis Clickertraining Academy provided the most informative, detailed and enjoyable instruction manuals of all.

Technical terms and concepts are kept to a minimum and you are given a step-by-step guide to advancing your dog in the fundamentals of obedience in a fun and humourous way. Among many other things, the fourth core element, that defined clicker training, was a real revelation to us (we’ll leave that up to you to find out what it is!) and certainly changed the way we viewed our dogs.

We also learnt lots from the sections on training techniques, backchaining and syndromes (now that was a laugh!!). Now we’re eagerly anticipating the English version of Morten and Cecilie´s other book on obedience training for competition. Morten and Cecilie, thank you for a great book!

Geoff and Anette Kira, and the 4 fur-kids

(Sasha, Mione, Vali and Nero)



Here is a sample of what you will learn in the book:

 What is Clicker Training - and What is Not?

Do you really know what clickertraining is? In our experience most people don´t. It´s not about the clicker - it´s so much more...

 Positive and Negative Reinforcement

Why is the dog doing that?? This chapter will be an eye-opener! Get rid of superstitious explanations, and learn how to analyze behavior like a true Supertrainer.

 The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer

We reveal the four secrets and give you lots of examples on how to use them to solve problems and improve your training.

 How to Find Effective Reinforcers

Many people believe that clicker trainers only use food. That is totally wrong. Good clicker trainers use lots of different reinforcers.

 How to Condition the Clicker and How to Use Alternative Reward Markers.

The clicker is probably the best conditioned reinforcer available, but you should also have alternatives.

 The 7 Different Teaching Techniques and How to Choose Between Them

Clicker trainers (and other trainers) can always choose between several different teaching techniques when teaching a new behavior. A Supertrainer should know all of them - and how to choose the right technique for just that behavior.

 How to Use Target Training Effectively - With Lots of Detailed Examples.

Target training is extremely useful in teaching several behaviors. You´ll learn how to teach several different target behaviors, and we´ll give you lots of examples on how you can use target training to teach new behaviors.

 How to Teach Reliable Cues that Work in Real Life Situations

In clickertraining we first get the behavior without a cue. When the behavior is fluent ("automated") we add the cue. Then we take it on the road...

 Backchaining - a Powerful Technique for the Advanced Trainer

Backchaining is THE key to reliability when you put several behaviors together. Morten and Cecilie are famous for their insight into backchaining techniques.

 Crossover Dogs and How to Get Them Started

When you start clickertraining a dog that has already been trained with other methods you will have to face some special challenges. Many ("crossover")dogs are not used to (or afraid of) offering behaviors without being lured or cued to do so. We help you and your dog through the wonderful transition.

 The 5 Dangerous Syndroms That 99% of All Dog Owners Suffer From

It (almost) never fails! Almost every dog trainer on the planet seems to suffer from at least a few of these 5 training syndroms. But we have the cure for you... and it will make your training so much more effective!

 Detailed Training Plans for 30 Behaviors

In the last part of the book we convert the theory into practice. You´ll learn how to teach all the basic skills a perfect pet dog needs - but also some very advanced tricks that will impress your friends!

But what´s most important is this: When you have read this book you will be able to make your own training plan for the next 30 behaviors on your own! You are on your way to becoming a Supertrainer!

Reading it is one thing - seeing it is even better! we made these great bonus videos for you so that you can see with your own eyes how much fun it is!

Bonus video 1: Teaching the Retrieve

Teach your dog to retrieve with high speed and precision. We show you every step of the training process - and also an insider secret that you have probably never heard of before...

Bonus video 2: Get the Mail From the Mailbox

In the second bonusvideo we´ll show you how to clickertrain the dog to get the mail from your mailbox. This video is also great because it shows a very typical clicker training session. You´ll see how the dog is constantly offering behaviors - Morten doesn´t have to say anything during the whole training session. He just clicks and reinforces the right behavior. You´ll also see what Morten does when the dog makes a (funny) mistake.

Bonus video 3: Teaching heel position with a puppy

This video is really good. It shows how Mortens dog Kira (at 12 weeks old!) learned to offer heel position in just 15 minutes! (No, it´s not magic - it´s science and supertraining combined!)

Bonus video 4: Getting a soda from the refrigerator

This is a great party trick that will impress your guests. It is also a very good exercise for training your backchaining skills. See Morten and his young dog Kira (11 months) perform in real life - this it what supertraining looks like!

Bonus video 5: Teach your dog to wrap itself in a blanket

Very cute trick! In this video you learn how to combine several behaviors that you learn how to teach in the ebook (targeting, down, hold and roll over) into an impressive trick.

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P.S.: We are so sure that you (and your dog!) are going to love this training that we offer you a 60 Days 100% waterproof no-risk-whatsoever money back guarantee!

P.P.S: Once you have placed your order you do not have to download everything straight away if you don´t want to. You will be given a password to re-enter the Download Area at any time, from any computer, as many times you want.

P.P.P.S: You will also receive five GREAT bonus videos so you can see for yourself what supertraining looks like "live".

We bet your dog is eager to get started! :-)

OK, now we have told you about our book and our training philosophy. Now it is all up to you. Are you ready to become a supertrainer? Sure you are! Take action now!

Maybe we will see you at one of our seminars sometime in the future. Until then, enjoy our book (and bonus videos!) and have fun with your training!

Morten Egtvedt & Cecilie Koeste



The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer

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