Rocco will teach you how to lose weight the fastest way possible. Lose 30 pounds quickly.
"Celebrity Trainer Finally Reveals Rapid Fat Loss
System Previously Only Available To Movie Stars, Professional Athletes And Fitness Models... GUARANTEED To Melt 30 Pounds Of Fat From Your Body In ONLY 30 DAYS!"

"The Same Guy Who Trained Spike Lee,
JFK Jr., Bonnie Raitt, As Well As Endless
Beauty Pageant Contestants & Fitness Models,
Wants To Teach YOU The No-Holds Barred Truth About Losing Body Fat Quickly."

fast weight loss quickest way lose weight Rocco teaches the fastest way to lose weight known to man.
Dear Friend,

If you don't know me, my name is Rocco Castellano. I'm the guy that celebrities, professional athletes and pageant competitors go to when they need to lose weight as FAST as humanly possible.

I've been featured on MTV, CNN, NBC, the Miss USA Pageant, and ESPN and I've also been seen in publications like the New York Times, New York Daily News, Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Self Magazine, Woman's World, Cosmo Girl, and Pilates Style.

In fact, MTV recently looked me up because they needed a trainer that could deliver lightning fast weight loss results for an episode of their hit show Made. This episode featured a young lady who needed to

lose weight quickly

in order to pursue a modeling opportunity.

Here's a short clip from the show:
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The producers were hoping for her to ONLY lose 20 lbs in one month and they were willing to bet hundreds of thousands of dollars that I could deliver.

The result?

Well, I'm afraid Kristine didn't lose those 20 pounds of unwanted fat...

She lost 30 pounds in just 30 days!
See for yourself in the video below...
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...that episode of Made won an Emmy!
"I never thought it could ever be possible!"
"I never thought it could ever be possible to lose 30 lbs in thirty days. Rocco proved it to me, as well as millions of viewers, that it can be done safely. I'm not saying it was easy, far from it but his program worked. I can't thank Rocco enough for teaching me a better way of life."

- Kristine Kauffman, MTV Made, Plus Size Model
Want to get the same system I used to help Kristine lose 30 pounds in 30 days!?
Still not convinced?

Read on to learn how you can get these same exact fast weight loss results as well.
This is nothing new at all... I've been producing results like this for years. Do you think my celebrity, athlete and beauty pagaent clients would continue seek me out if I couldn't deliver the goods?

Plain and simple, this is how it works:

When people do what I tell them to and quit making excuses -
they ALWAYS reach their fat loss goals.

Time and time again I've blasted fat off their frame - even if they have tried every other so called "rapid weight loss" program and nothing worked.

At the same time...

Those people that want to whine, make excuses or blame their "bad genes" or slow metabolism - well, they won't see any weight loss results until they take action, and my program is all about taking action!

Just take it from Ron G.:
"My eyes have been opened!"
"First of all, I have been hearing all this hoopla about this Rocco guy. Thinking, what the hell is so special about him. Well... lemme' tell ya!

I talked for quite awhile with him on the phone and now have his 30 in Thirty workout program and a bunch of additional information. I cannot stress how much my eyes have been opened! His program showed me things that go way beyond the traditional thinking about weight loss. I am learning to change my lifestyle and train in ways I would have never thought of.

I just want to thank Rocco from the bottom of my heart for helping me change the way I get fit!!!"
- Ron Gutierrez, Albuquerque, NM
Let me shake some sense into you!
If you can cut the excuses and crap and follow my plan to the letter, I'll guarantee that you lose 30 lbs. in just 30 days.

That's all I need - just 30 days of your best effort.

I've seen the amazing body transformations people just like YOU have made as soon as they stopped the excuses and bit the bullet and got their butts to work!

The Three Most Ridiculous Ways People Try to Lose Weight Quickly
My super Rocco sense (who am I kidding!?)...
My years of experience tells me that you've tried one of these top three dumbest ways to lose weight rapidly. Have you:
  1. Been eating one meal a day believing it will take the weight off. But then you found out the only thing you were burning was lean tissue and now you can't seem to do anything but GAIN weight just by looking at food.

  2. Bought a treadmill and swore up and down you were going to sweat the pounds right off. Long story short, that treadmill became the most expensive dry cleaning rack you've ever heard of.

  3. Lost 60 pounds in 6 months on an extreme low carb diet only to gain 70 pounds back in three month.
Don't worry, you're not alone and I see it time and time again. And it makes my blood boil to think that the reason you're fat and out of shape is because you've been downright lied to - for years!
The Birth of The "Lose 30 in Thirty"
Fitness Program
All along, celebrities, pageant competitors, professional athletes and fitness models have been able to count on me when they needed to lose fat fast. There are two big reasons for this:
  1. They can afford my substantial private training fees without skipping a beat.
  2. They are 100% committed to losing serious pounds and inches because their careers depend on it.
You see, over the course of my 20 plus years as a fitness professional and rapid fat loss expert I have been able to fine tune my training systems working with the very people whose lives depended on it!

Think about it...

If a celebrity needs to look great for a big photo shoot...

If a professional athlete has to lose weight quick to get that new contract...

If a beauty pageant contestant needs to tone and tighten her belly, butt, hips and thighs or she can kiss her crown goodbye...

What do they need?

My Lose 30 in Thirty Weight Loss System!

Since you're not a movie star, professional athlete, or beauty pageant winner, you've unfortunately had to fend for yourself and sift through all the crap quick weight loss products out there promising results, but delivering nothing but frustration and empty wallets.

(And trust me: I make it a personal mission to let the cat out of the bag in regards to all these ridiculous "weight loss programs" through my syndicated newspaper column and radio show.)

But the good news is, you don't have to fumble your way through losing weight and try to figure it out all on your own.

Not anymore, anyway.

Finally, you're going to be able to have a body like an athlete, celebrity, fitness model or pageant queen - even if you don't have any interest in in pursuing such careers whatsoever.
It's as Easy as 1-2-3!
Don't be fooled by all those pretty packaged diets and weight loss gimmicks out there. I'm not here to hold your hand and tell you everything is going to be ok.

Not even close.

No, I'm here to light a fire under your butt and melt 30 pounds off your trouble spots.

I'm here to completely transform your body in just 30 days.

I'll hand over the keys and give you private access to my entire rapid fat loss system for a fraction of the price it costs my private clientele.

In a nutshell, I will reveal to you the entire step-by-step process that I used with Kristine Kaufmann as shown in the MTV Made video clips above to prove to millions of viewers you CAN lose 30 pounds in 30 days! You will learn how to lose weight amazingly quick!

Are you ready?
"You're worth it!"
"Do want the truth about health and fitness and how to reach your goals?

Then you need to listen to Rocco and take the time to ask the questions you always wanted answered.

You're worth it!" - Colleen Gilligan, New York, NY
"This man says it like it is and doesn't waste your time!"
"Rocco is the real deal!

This man says it like it is and doesn't waste your time with any BS. He has already helped me so much!

Thanks ROCCO!!"

- Angie King, Utah
"You are solely responsible for making me look awesome in my swim suit!"
"Rocco, I can never walk up a staircase again without thinking of you.

You are solely responsible for making me look awesome in my swim suit and I can never thank you enough.

I'll be doing Mountain Climbers for the rest of my life!"

- Peyton McCormick,
Miss Ohio Teen USA 2006

"It isn't easy but it sure does work!"
"I was very skeptical when I had heard about Rocco's program, but the way he lays it out and teaches you to burn fat is amazing.

It isn't easy but it sure does work."

- Heather Buckley, Cincinnati, OH

Here's What You Will Learn With My
Top Notch Lose Weight Fast Program
Where Are You Right Now and Where Will You Be In 30 Days?
Think about the progress you've made over the last 30 much weight have you lost?

None, right?

In fact, I'll bet dollars to doughnuts if you're listening to all the crap your aerobics instructor has been telling you, you've probably added on a couple pounds recently.

Now, what if you continue doing the same things you've been doing? Do you think your results are going to be any better?

You're not stupid. The simple fact of the matter is doing that same old boring routine will do nothing but give you the same results.

Now - on the other hand - if you're with me for the next 30 days you're going to drop 30 lbs, lose weight rapidly, get a whole lot healthier, feel great about yourself and look a whole lot better naked.

Now which do you prefer?
Now Let's Get Down To Brass Tacks
Face it: If you've come this far you're one hell of a candidate to become my latest - and possibly greatest - success story.

If you've had enough...

If you've got the guts...

If you've got the heart of a champion...

Then and ONLY then do I want you to step up to the plate and take the Lose 30 in Thirty Challenge.

And When You Do Order...
You'll get instant access to everything I've got.
You'll get the whole enchilada.
Every last secret for losing weight fast that I've shared with Hollywood celebrities, beauty pageant winners and the world's sexiest fitness models will be yours.

The "Lose 30 in Thirty" fast weight loss program includes my:
Lose 30 in Thirty
Fitness Program eBook
This part of the program teaches you everything listed in the bullets above. It's only 53 pages for a quick read, but you'll learn more in those 53 pages than you would in any other 100+ page book!
Lose 30 in Thirty Workouts
135 workout cards in 3 specific catorgories: Beginner, Experienced, & Extreme... laid out for you in an easy to understand manner that is guaranteed to build muscle, burn fat off your body, and provide you with as much energy as a 4 year old child.
Lose 30 in Thirty Specialty Workouts
This contains a total of 4 specialized workouts; Hard Calisthenics, Marathon Training, Hips and Buttock, and my special Bad Joints Program.
Sample Meal Plan
This sample meal plan gives you two days of meals just to give you a sense of what types of food and how much of that food you should be eating in order to lose weight as fast as possible.
askROCCO Grocery List
Take this list to the grocery store so you never forget any of the foods vital to making you lean and sexy. You will never want to leave your house without it.
Lose 30 in Thirty Food Journal
Create your own personal food journal that's easy to print out, easy to use and will help keep you on track each and every day. This also contains a little special bonus where I debunk
4 very common diet myths that you MUST understand if you want to lose weight quick and keep it off.
But You Didn't Think That Would Be All, Did You?
Come on! Where I'm from we practically smother people with gifts. I definitely did NOT miss out on the "generous" gene.

And that's why I told my business, scratch that, it's why I INSISTED I blow your mind and add in these FREE gifts to make your decision a complete no brainer.

If you order today, you'll also get special access to the following bonus reports and recordings from me personally:
Bonus #1 (Worth $19.95)
"Fat Kills: Special Report"
This special 100 page report breaks down the 7 Deadly Fat Sins in a clear, no BS manner. There is no "fluff" in this one just pure facts that can save you life!
Bonus #2 (Worth $15.95)
"askROCCO Uncensored Vol. 1"
This 117 page question and answer style book answers any question you might have about fat loss. There is more useful information in this book alone than in any other book you'll find out there today. This report is worth more than what you'll pay for the entire program!
Bonus #3 (Worth $18.95)
"10 Tips for Choosing a Gym"
Gyms are NOT made equal. This report lays out 10 qualities you should look for in a gym. Don't waste your money and go to a gym that won't help with your fitness goals!
Bonus #4 (Worth $15.95)
"30 askROCCO Wake Up Calls"
Get 30 hilariously entertaining askROCCO Wake Up Calls delivered straight to your e-mail inbox every morning for 30 days. These "Wake Up Calls" will get your day started on the right foot and with a smile on your face.
Bonus #5 (Worth $18.95)
"Fat Crimes and Misdemeanors"
Find out what crimes the fitness industry is committing against you as a person and why you need to be aware of it in this short 20 minute audio.
Bonus #6 (Worth $50)
30 Days of
Healthy Meal Plans
You are also given a complimentary 30 day meal plan ebook that will show you exactly what you should be eating for the next 30 days!

My Good as Gold Promise to You:
Lose 30 in Thirty Refund Guarantee
And here comes the best part...

Normally I charge my clients $250 for a SINGLE session with me. These clients gladly pay such a high price because I give them RESULTS.

But I'm not even going to charge you what I charge my clients for a single session. In fact, I won't even charge half to help you to lose weight rapidly!

You can purchase the "Lose 30 in Thirty" Fitness Program, delivered straight to your e-mail within seconds, for the ridiculously low price of $99.95 $39.95.

But don't wait because I might come to my senses and double that price and it would STILL be a great deal!

Get it while the iron's hot. Remember, you can return it at any time within 60 days for a FULL REFUND NO QUESTIONS ASKED.
Yes Rocco, Please Give Me
Lose 30 In Thirty Fitness Program!
I Want To Download This Immediately Before
You Come To Your Senses And Double The Price!
I understand I'll be downloading the entire Lose 30 In Thirty Fitness Program for a small one-time payment of ONLY $99.95, $79.95, $59.95, $39.95 when I act now!
Rocco's Lose 30 In Thirty Fitness Program
Order Rocco's Lose 30 in Thirty

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Here's to making the right choice,
Rocco Castellano
Certified Personal Trainer
Author: "Lose 30 In Thirty" and "askROCCO Uncensored Volume 1"

P.S. You really CAN lose 30 pounds of unwanted fat in just 30 days. I've proven it on national TV. I've proven it with Hollywood celebrities, beauty pageant contestants and fitness models. My program has worked for them and it WILL work for you.

P.P.S. Again, there really is no risk involved. If you're unhappy or unsatisfied with the program in any way just let me know and we'll refund every penny.

P.P.P.S. My business partners are NOT happy with me offering all the FREE gifts worth $240.00. They very well may be gone from this site at any moment during the next 36 hours. I'm stalling them for as long as I can, but I won't be able to hold them off forever.

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