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THIRD EDITION Now Available!

Don't waste your valuable time any longer! If you are looking for high quality professionally written business letters and memos that cover virtually EVERY business situation imaginable, this Kit is exactly what you have been searching for.

"This unique Business Letter Writing toolkit includes more than 149 professional templates that you can download and use right away; these "real-life" templates put those typical fill-in-the-blanks templates and generic software packages to shame."

Instant Business Letter Kit "Instant Business Letter Kit (Third Edition) is a comprehensive business writing toolkit that combines "how-to" tips, tricks, advice, and information with over 149 real-life templates for writing any type of business letter; that you can download into your word processor and use as you choose. The Kit also includes a special bonus book containing business form templates ranging from, invoices and purchase orders, to minutes of meetings, and trip reports. Whether you're involved in small business, home-based business, or large business, if you need help writing business letters, you could easily make this Kit your business writing style guide."  (list of templates)

"This Kit is the most complete guide that exists on how to write and format professional quality business letters and memos. The style guide, coupled with the instantly downloadable MS-Word templates make it quick and easy to create your own business correspondence
for any situation."

Here's what you get instantly with Instant Business Letter Kit:

  1. A one-stop comprehensive manual and style guide on how to write ALL types of business letters for every business situation. (It's a 288 page e-book that you can download straight into the free Adobe Reader software right now).

  2. 149 professionally written business letters and forms templates -- fully-formatted, full-length real-life templates (MS-Word format) that you can download instantly into your word processing program; and then copy, cut, and paste, as you please.

  3. 42-page Bonus Book containing 27 fully-formatted commonly used business forms and templates that you can also download into your word processor and use "as is" or modify as you wish.

  4. 17-page Bonus Chapter on how to write BUSINESS REPORTS, including detailed Tables of Contents for the five most-written business reports.

  5. Special Bonus eBook titled Writing Success Secrets - Tips and Tricks For Everyday Writing. (89 pages of writing tips, tricks and pointers).

If you need professional quality business letters for just about any business situation, Instant Business Letter Kit was designed with you in mind.

In addition to detailing proper formats/layouts for business letters and business memos, the Kit includes downloadable templates of ALL of the "most written" business-to-business and business-to-customer letters including: introduction letters, appreciation letters, cover letters, apology letters, thank you letters, business memos, sales letters, employee letters, publicity letters, financial letters, letters of interest, condolence letters, termination letters, congratulations letters, invitation letters, complaint letters, sympathy letters, marketing letters, customer relations letters, proposal letters, project letters, inquiry letters, donation letters, order status letters, credit status letters, collection letters, recognition letters, recommendation letters, reference letters, fundraising letters, announcement letters, justification letters, follow-up letters, financial hardship letters, and more.

"You will never again have to work from a blank page or screen when you need to write your business letters or other business documents."

Download Now for only $32.97

Simply click on the above link and you will be taken to the Order Page which will then route you to the Secure Payment Page. After you make your online payment in a fully-encrypted high-security environment you will be taken directly to the Download Page where you will be given detailed instructions telling you how to quickly and easily download the ebooks and templates straight onto your computer's hard drive.

So, in a matter of 5 to 7 minutes from now you can be using this Kit to help you draft all of your business letters. It really is that easy!

Download Now for only $32.97

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If you want a more detailed description of what Instant Business Letter Kit is all about, you can click right here.

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