"We Recovered From Bulimia
Using These 3 Techniques. You Can Too."

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You're Not Alone - Thoughts of Food Used to Rule My Life Too...

I had been bulimic for 1/2 my life, but it had never been this bad. Bingeing on the train ride home from uni - and then throwing up into my empty chocolate milk bottle... It made me feel like a crazy person.

I was tired... I was so tired of living like this.

I felt like I was in too deep to ever make a full recovery... But despite this, I'd still go to bed every night and promise myself "Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow I won't binge and purge!" The next morning, I'd be plowing through the pantry and stopping at every store on the way to uni.

My binge urges felt as primal and as powerful as a wild bull - I didn't know how to control them.

But... At the age of 21, I recovered from bulimia. And there's only one way to explain recovery... It's freedom.

Beautiful. Magnificent. Freedom. :)

I recovered from bulimia.
You can too.

The 3 Techniques That Helped Me Recover

This helped me learn how to eat normally again. It also gave my body and metabolism the chance to heal after years of abuse.

Self kindness helped me to push through the rough patches of recovery. It helped me to get up again after a slip. Self kindness helped me to turn criticism into curiosity so that I could learn from my mistakes.

Basically this meant re-wiring my brain. It was responsible for me forgetting how to be bulimic. Yes - I've forgotten... I can no longer get the feelings back of wanting to binge!

How Support Magnified the Effectiveness of these Techniques

Support was like the glue in my recovery. It helped me stick with the 3 techniques long enough for them to work their magic.

I had tried to fight bulimia alone countless times before. But it was only when I had support that I began making real progress. It took the battle out of my head and into a place where I could talk it through rationally.

Hundreds of Women are Using These Techniques to Recover. You Can Too.

After my recovery 7 years ago I started helping other women beat bulimia. After seeing these techniques work time and time again, I launched the bulimia recovery program. It is an online program where you can practice the 3 techniques and get all the support you need. See what some of these women are saying about The Bulimia Recovery Program below


I would HIGHLY recommend the bulimia recovery program. Shaye and the girls on the site are beyond amazing. Without even meeting anyone, I have felt kindness, love, and incredible support. For that reason alone it is worth it. But the guides, information, meal planning tools, binge tracker, blog, forums, and vidoes are more reasons to join. I truly think that if you struggle with an eating disorder this program will help you overcome it and change your life for the better.


The recovery program is giving me the chance that I was seeking to change my life and to free me of the bulimia. For the first time in my life I feel that I am not alone trying to surpass my bulimia. I have real knowledges about my illness and how to beat them. I feel supported, pleased and liberated, with less fears and insecurities of my image.

Zara B.

Support, Support, Support. I have had bulimia for over 10 years. I've tried to "snap out of it" and I've had periods where I didn't binge and purge, but at various points over the years it would come back. I finally have support for something, and that is the biggest area. I don't feel like I have to shut people out anymore.


It changed my life. After ten long years of being bulimic I am now bulimia free for six months. All because of this bulimia recovery program.


There is no better place to be for your recovery than this site

Lizz S.

Personally I would choose her over any of the therapists I have seen over the years that I was willing to pay $25+ an hour for. You get the help from a person who has been there and done that, and you also get the opportunity to be social with a group of ladies who are right there with you. Two things I think are extremely important.


It's safe to say that the BRP is the long lasting beneficial support that encouraged me to smile at life again and to re-open my heart for the joy and beauty it offers to all of us!


Thankfully this community blesses you with the right information and tools to get through the inevitable tough times and the joy of having people who are in the same situation and helping you as you go. I'm forever thankful for having the irreplaceable support to fight for what is best for me with all force and knowledge and much love! Shaye and other girls did it, I'm doing it and do can anyone struggling from this, no matter how deep and dark it seems! One step at a time, TOGETHER!

What Do You Get When You Join The Bulimia Recovery Program?

Here’s how the Bulimia Recovery Program Helps You Apply the 3 Techniques

The Bulimia Recovery Guide (pdf)

Learn the step-by-step process for how to beat bulimia. It covers the 3 techniques and how to use them in your recovery.

The Supportive Recovery Community

Receive encouragement from hundreds of other women who know what you're going through. You'll also get support and advice from me too.

The Meal Plan E-book (pdf)

Discover dozens of delicious meal plans designed by a nutritionist specifically for women in bulimia recovery.

6 Month Self Kindness E-Course

Boost your recovery motivation and learn self kindness with twice weekly articles and video's delivered to your inbox.

Online Recovery Tools

Get into the habit of normal eating, distract yourself from binge urges and discover your triggers with these online tools.

Why The Recovery Program is Risk-Free For You To Try

  • Read the bulimia recovery guide
  • Enjoy the support and encouragement of other women who understand you
  • Apply the 3 recovery techniques in your life
  • You can even get advice directly from Shaye

But if you aren’t making progress...real progress, like binging less and loving life more within 60 days, you’re protected by...

Shaye's 100% No-Risk Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% No-Risk Guarantee. If you don’t feel like the recovery program is helping you, just let me know within 60 days and I’ll send you a prompt refund.

No hassles.

See How The Bulimia Recovery Guide is Changing Lives

...the ONE and ONLY thing that helped me was the Bulimia Recovery Guide. I literally opened the first page not really knowing if it would do any good and by the 10th page I was in tears, and they weren't necessarily sad tears. Everything I was reading was just so relevant to my life and for the first time in a long time I had a gained a glimmer of hope.

...it's our "bible" it's packed wih information, motivation and VITAL strategies for recovery

...it will outline all the little steps to take and how to change your eating habits, mentality and overall life!

Just finished the whole guide today! It's absolutely amazing. A lot of things now make way more sense to me now.

What Shaye says in there is so vital to being able to work towards a state of recovery and being able to accept yourself as you are.

Discover A Recovery Community That Truly Understands You

I have been a part of the community for a little under a month and have found it and Shaye's recovery guide to be so helpful. This comes from a person with 12 years of bulimia that has gone through doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and psychiatrists, to name a few. Its awesome to have support and be able to say things in a group of people that truly understands!

I have to thank all of you for being so loving and supportive, especially over the last few days! There is noone outside of this website that I can discuss things with and you girls all mean the world to me =) xx

After 20 years i thought I'd never be bulimia free for a day or so. Thanks to Shaye and everyone here today is my 3rd week! No slips.

But here, we are safe. To be us, to have our thoughts and finally be open with other women who get it. Who really, truly get it.

Having a community for support, or a support team, makes the journey that much easier and more enjoyable!

Nourish Your Healing Body in Recovery

I have too rediscovered the joy of food. Even the simple things are so delicious, yet sufficient. Binge urges have subsided for me too - it's truly amazing isn't it?!

Food is supposed to be enjoyed. Recovery means you have peace with food - but it doesn't mean you don't enjoy it! Food is fun :)

The amazing thing about structured eating is how satiated on a deeper level you begin to feel.

I'll never forget the feeling after the first day of structured eating, of eating yummy, truly delicious meals, meals I've always wanted to eat and not just "healthy" foods, but actual real food that truly satisfied me.

Practice Self-Kindness and Heal on a Spiritual Level

This is such good stuff you send us. It just hits a nerve every-time for me. I am rapt to be able to tell you I am into Day 4 without B&P. I am feeling sooo good and achieving lots of tasks I had put in the 'too hard basket'or if I am to be totally honest, I should say- 'I 'm not in the mood or don't have the time because I am too busy binging and purging and couldn't care less about anything or anyone else! I'm not going back there ever!!

Thanks Shaye for all of the wonderful inspiring notations you make the time to send to us. Really, really appreciate it.

Gosh Shaye, sometimes I think you are inside my head as you always seem to send out information on a topic I am struggling with just at the right time.....

Beat the Binges Using These Tools

...I LOVE that Shaye created a binge tracker because this is such an important tool that helps you focus on the positive! ;)

I could already figure out some triggers and learn forgotten things about myself that helped me to calm down and relax.

...I decided to hop online and review some of the BRP's distraction tools. While I was a little nervous my urge to purge would take over I held through. I am so thankful that I did. Before I knew it, over an hour had gone by and so did my anxiety about feeling full. The distraction tools worked!

I am loving this structured eating tool!! Seeing it all laid out on front of you makes it so much easier to follow.

You Can be Slim, Healthy and Bulimia Free

I used to think that recovery would mean facing a decision. Either eating lettuce for the rest of my life - or becoming obese. I discovered that neither of these things are true...

The truth is that when you eat frequently and hold it down your metabolism will increase... Your energy will increase and your body will settle at its natural, healthy and slim weight.

One woman that I worked with resisted increasing her food intake. She had gained a lot of weight during her years of bulimia. And she was convinced that eating more would make her gain even more weight.

After 6 months, she decided to give it a go. She increased the size of her meals and snacks. Slowly but surely, her metabolism increased and she started losing the weight that bulimia and dieting had caused her to gain.

I see this all the time.

See How Seriously I Take Your Privacy

I understand that not everybody is ready to open up about their bulimia. For this reason, I had the BRP designed to be totally private...

The Program and Community are Hidden Behind a Password Protected Login Area

Access to the bulimia recovery program is via a secure login page. Only members are able to login, use the tools and read/post messages in the online community

Emails Don't Mention the Word "Bulimia" in the Subject Line

Just in case you're in a public place, I make sure that no emails from The Bulimia Recovery Program contain the word "Bulimia". Instead they may reference the "BRP".

Your Bank Transaction Won't Mention "Bulimia"

All transactions show up on your bank statement as a payment to Clickbank (our payment processor). They don't reference bulimia in any way.

Why Joining the Program Will Save You Money

I saved enough money to holiday in Fiji
once I had recovered from bulimia

I used to spend tens of thousands of dollars on binge food every year. I had to work so hard to pay for my bulimia. It was exhausting.

Once I recovered, I was amazed at how much spare money I had at the end of each week! I decided to save it up for a holiday to the Pacific Islands with Tom. It was gorgeous.

Other women in the program have found the same thing...

I opened my purse today, and there it was, Hard ca$h baby! :D I havent been spending money on binge food so I've been able to save all summer. I have enough to get an iphone 4s, not bad eh!

Recovering from bulimia saves ALOT of money!

Why Complete Recovery is Possible for Everyone... Including You!

The neural pathways of your brain can be changed
no matter how deeply engrained a habit feels.

I thought I was in too deep to ever recover from bulimia. But it turns out it's never too late to rewire the pathways of your brain. As long as you are alive, you can develop new habits.

At the moment I'm working with a lady who is in her late 50's. After 40 years of bulimia, the habits were pretty strong. But she refuses to give up... and it's paying off.

She has told me that she can feel her habits beginning to change. She knows she's going to recover and can feel the neural pathways of bulimia weakening. She said it's just a matter of time before they snap :)

Why Isn't This Program Free?

We work on the recovery program full time
helping women recover from bulimia

Good question :) Developing and running the recovery program costs a lot of money. The website alone cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop.

On top of that, both myself and my fiance Tom work on the BRP full time. He works on the technological side of it. I work on developing new resources and supporting the women in the program to recovery.

It's only by charging a small fee for the program that we can continue helping women recover.

Still Not Sure The Bulimia Recovery Program Can Help You? See What These Women Are Saying...

Heather R.

I was overwhelmed by all the love and support really. It's such a powerful program and the fact that you make it so personal and affordable is incredible. You are doing a beautiful thing Shaye. It makes me tear up just thinking about the love you are pouring out over this community.


Being in recovery can be very stressful, when there is difficulty, you can come on here, post how you feel, or read the stories of other people that have gone through exactly the same thing and get tips & drive to push through. It also keeps you on track with recovery so you dont get overwhelmed or feel alone. There are others going through the same thing and feeling the same way


The community has truly come to feel like a family, somewhere I can be open, honest and myself. For me it has taken the battle out of my head and instead to somewhere I can get advice or simply tell about my daily struggles and triumphs. And be understood! Shaye's guide and her support and advice on the site are invaluable tools in this recovery journey, for which I am truly grateful :-)


I'm 2 months into the program I really feel like it has already made a huge difference in my life. A whole new world unfolded before my eyes: There were people struggling with bulimia just as bad as I did. I didn't have to pretend I felt any better than I did. Feelings of shame? They were thrown out of the window, I could be myself here. I have stopped b/p for almost a month now, where as before I'd never go a day without. It's not just because I started to eat properly, but it has mostly been a change of attitude and way of thinking. I used to only think negatively about myself, my capacities and my body. Nothing I did was ever good enough. I had to go all the way, or shouldn't do anything at all.


The Recovery Program has made some amazing changes in my life, that I would not have dreamed possible. I have a new-found knowledge on bulimia and have learned so much about myself, the disease and how to take my life back. The support and wisdom from my fellow recoverees is priceless. I’d just feel so alone prior to joining, so opening up to the people in your same shoes and listening to their precious stories and advice has given me this immense strength to recover.


Being part of the Bulimia Recovery Program (BRP) has been an integral part of my own success; I am proud to say I am at almost a month free of bingeing and purging! One of the most important elements of this program is access to Shaye’s tremendously helpful guide for bulimia recovery, in which she uses her own experiences and that of others to literally guide you through many aspects of the recovery process (such as learning structured eating—so important!). Seeing so many other wonderful people break their b/p cycles and engage in structured eating helped me to see that I could do it, too.


I know that while making the choice to recover was crucial, and having the will comes in handy, but it is the girls in this program and their support that has helped me make it this far. I have been in recovery without purging for two months. I know I still have a long way to go, but I could not imagine doing it on my own. Even in this short amount of time, I can see myself emerging and the world is opening up before me. I have started making plans to do the things I’ve wanted to do for years, but that got lost in my bulimia cycle. Just taking that first step in recovery, has made me see what is really important.


Today I have no problem, I even had an emotional time over the weekend where I did eat a little too much but it didnt affect me at all. I did not binge eat or get worried I just let the food digest, had a good rest and was back to myself the next day, just what normal people experience.

Make Real Progress On Your Recovery Starting Today - Guaranteed

If you don't feel it's helping, just ask for your money back within 60 days