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‘I just don’t know what to do with my business’…

Have you ever found yourself at a complete loss on how to find new clients and expand your fitness training business?


Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You wander the floor of the gym and observe your colleagues working with their clients…

It seems like all the other personal trainers at your gym are completely booked today—just as they were yesterday…

…And your schedule shows a mere two appointments whilst everyone else is properly booked through the weekend.

So why is your schedule so bloody empty when loads of people need help?

You know you’re absolutely brilliant at helping people set their fitness goals and successfully guiding them through to completion.

And your clients’ success stories speak volumes…


Hell, you’ve even taken a stubborn couch potato hell-bent on sitting idly at home, watching Sky Sports whilst devouring pepperoni pizzas and cans of Carlsberg on a near industrial scale…

…And helped him toss aside the massive quantities of greasy food, and got him motivated to start eating well, trim down his belly bulk, and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

After that bloke, you had the confidence to take on any client.

But then the clients never came… And confusion set in… And then your confidence started to falter…

Now you’re not sure if there’s anything you can do to save your business.

Is A Lack Of Business Direction Costing You Sales Growth?

Lacking Business Direction


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Maybe you’ve tried passing out flyers to promote your new fitness program…

Maybe you’ve increased your presence on Facebook and Twitter...

Maybe you’ve even tried cold approaches at the gym—interrupting people during their private workouts…

And perhaps you’ve even given free lifting advice to the bloke who's about to drop the bar on his throat...

…Saving him in the process.


But nothing ever seems to work.

And if you’re like most of my clients, you might feel like you’re being pressured to do the 50+ million things all the so-called ‘gurus’ say that you must do in order to have a successful business…

So if it’s neither your skills nor your effort, then why is it that every other trainer at your gym can scoop up a new client on a whim whilst you sit staring from the sidelines?

What is it that they’re doing and you’re not?

Are you potentially lacking the direction and model you need in order to make your business work?

Where Do You Turn To Learn How To Grow Your Business?

Competition in this game is stiff…

It’s always feast or famine, which you knew when you decided to start your personal fitness training business.

You know that you must be absolutely brilliant—all the time—or there goes another prospective client…

(And there’s no need to point out what happens if you lose too many clients.)

But short of the social media ‘grassroots’ approach and offering a free introductory session, you’re at a complete loss for what to do next.

Supposedly there are great strategies out there for promoting your business, but except for building your confidence, no such strategies are being freely offered online.

Apparently swearing a blood oath and taking a vow of silence is an initiation ritual in this cabalistic secret society known as ‘personal training’.

And it seems like all the competition knows something that you don’t

Something that all of their years of experience must have granted them…

Some secret that they won’t share.

(Hint: There is a secret that you don’t know… And this secret could be leading you to your #1 Business Killing Mistake… Keep reading, I’ll tell you what this is in a sec…)

You’ve probably seen all of the programmes out there promising ‘instant’ results, but typically those come at quite the cost…

And you’re likely skeptical.

Blimey, I don’t blame you

You’ve doubtlessly heard about all of the online predation…

Heard about those sorry sods spending £1000s on crappy programmes produced by the so-called ‘gurus’ of fitness looking to capitalize on someone’s desperation…

And like hell are you ever going to get caught in one of those bloody traps.

Nevertheless, the problem still exists:

Your business still begs for growth…

But don’t give in and call it quits, keep reading…

Because today I’m going to tell you how you can expand your business

An alternative to all those pricy programmes out there...

And I’m going to completely destroy the risk factor.

Success Failure
Time for expansion

Avoid The Malignant ‘Gurus’

Hiya, I’m Karen Ruffle, and you’ve probably never heard of me…

Karen Nadkarni Ruffle


Membership is just $67

+vat per month

devil deal

But just a short while ago, I found myself at a total loss for how I was going to make my fitness based business take flight…

I found it hard to establish an initial client base…

I found it difficult to set and negotiate prices…

I found it embarrassing to ask my clients for referrals…

I quickly realized how properly lost I really was…

What I did know, was how that my business ‘was needed’. I knew from my own experience & observation research…

And I had the evidence and but not really sure where to start, especially as I was 45 and hadn’t done a proper job, let alone run my own business, for years.

So I went to the one place everyone goes when they feel like a proper lost fool…

The Almighty Google.

I spent hours sifting through site after site, programme after programme…

And you know what I ended up learning?

Not a whole bloody lot

Well, other than that there exists a HUGE community of people in the same position as us.

Good to know misery loves company, I guess…

And you know what I did?

I caved in and ‘invested’ in a guru…

Hell, I thought there must’ve been something he would know that I didn’t

Something that had to be a complete game changer.

But £5000 later, I was in the exact same position as when I started…

I was deflated…

AND then I found the user reviews for all these gurus…

I quickly realized that I totally walked blindly into their traps that so many others had, too

Then got rather cross knowing that I, too, contributed to these guys making mountains of cash at our expense.

That day I made a promise that I’d help put all of those tossers out of business by running a legitimate marketing company that completely destroys their predatory tactics…

A business comprised of professionally trained, university credentialed marketing experts that are more than capable of helping you transform your business into an overflowing ATM spitting out rivers of cash for you each month

A business that customers absolutely rave about, and in turn using those customer reviews to dissuade all the newcomers out there from falling into the same gurus’ traps as I did.

Let My Team Of Marketing Experts Show You How You Too Can Tap Into That Overflowing River Of Cash

Aimee Holland

Aimee Holland

Digital Marketing Expert

Wayne Large

Wayne Large

Sales Expert

Nicola Joyce

Nicola Joyce

Copywriting Expert

I knew what type of product I wanted to deliver to my customers:

one size does not fit all

A one-stop solution centre where personal trainers, like you, could go to learn strategies on various issues like how to market yourself, create a client base, and how to set prices

I wanted to listen to the various business woes from personal trainers and offer them the foundation for their initial success

I wanted to help them expand their business

I wanted them to hear from each other, and learn from one another’s mistakes

And I wanted to offer not just my expert advice, but the advice of a whole team.

The problem with all of those crappy pre-made programmes out there designed to expand your business is that they’re too one dimensional…

They’re too costly

And they’re devoid of human interaction…

We all know there’s no ONE solution to every business set back…

Your business doesn’t just fit into a ‘one-size-fits-all-problems’ model, so that synthetic, cookie-cutter approach needs to go right out the door…

Good bye, and good bloody riddance.

Introducing Block The Bitch

Has anyone ever told you that what you are doing is wrong, or maybe even stupid?



SUBSCRIBE TODAY Membership is just $67+vat per month

Has anyone ever told you that what you are doing is wrong, or maybe even stupid?

That your ideas will never work and that you should give up?

If so, then it’s time to for you to tell that a-hole to get lost!

It’s time for you to Block The Bitch.


Clarity, Strategy, Confidence.


This mantra is the key behind both the philosophical building blocks, as well as the overarching goal of Block The Bitch

Embolden you with the business clarity to be successful

Instruct you on the proven strategies to be successful

And empower you with the confidence to be successful

But other than a mindset of blocking out any entity (especially negative belief systems) that tries to influence you to not take action, what is Block the Bitch?

Block The Bitch…

Is a community of working professionals with exclusive access to a premier online ‘lounge’, where expert sales and marketing pros help personal trainers, like you, discuss strategies for marketing their business, and more.

Why bother innovating brand new strategies that are untested when you can poach from already proven marketing methods from people who actually use these techniques daily?

Block The Bitch

…Is a place where you can learn how to create systems to increase sales and how to set pricing strategies that are realistic, so you can stop wasting your time charging too few quid for your valuable time.

You might not know how to market yourself, create business goals, or even which audience within the fitness world you should best serve…

All of your critical business questions will be addressed by a team so you can find your niche and start making the money you’ve been dreaming about for ages.

Block The Bitch

Is a resource centre where you can watch live webinars and interact with the speakers to learn how to generate LOADS more leads, how to advertise using Facebook, how to create free infographics, and many more topics.

Additionally, you have access to templates to seamlessly integrate into your business model…

From Email Templates and Sample Sales Funnels to Sales Trackers and Industry Secrets Models…

Just log in and download the PDFs instantly.

You even have complete access to fitness e-books and entire healthy cookbooks…

It’s all in there.

Block The Bitch

…Is a place where you can grow your network and ask questions.

BTB users post daily—asking for and offering informative advice, providing specific examples, and making suggestions.

Have questions about your business goals, how to achieve them, and how to realistically grow your business plan?

Maybe you have questions on crafting client fitness regimens, or how to create sales letters?

PostWaitAnd learn from the 740 strong and growing members

What makes this community so effective is that everyone is invested in helping all of the other Bitch Blockers to become more successful in their small business ventures.

block the bitch resources
Help At Hand

Clarity, Strategy, Confidence

Attitude is truly everything…

think, do, be positive

Without the proper mindset, you can quickly become demoralized and disempowered…

Remember how I told you that there’s a #1 Business Killing Mistake?

And that there is a secret that all of the other personal trainers who have been working for ages knows, and aren’t willing to share?

Well then just sit back and prepare for this game-changing revelation…

You ready to lift the veil?

Your #1 Business Killing Mistake is a lack of confidence.

Yep… confidence kills it again.

Most personal trainers get into this game and quickly their confidence gets shattered…

Shattered because of that secret

And that secret that every other personal trainer knows that you don’t…

(Drum roll please…)

Is that you, the newbie, will quickly become blinded by the perception that because all of the other trainers have been there forever…

…They must have some professional training that gives them an advantage over you.

Quickly, you start to believe that you need to spend more and more money on course after course so that eventually you’ll catch up to their experience level…

When in realityyou actually don't.

And guess what?

The real secret is that their clients can't tell, one way or the other, how long it took their trainer to become an expert in this game…

Be it thousands of hours of experience…

…Or only just a few.

But what they HAVE done that sets them apart…

…Is become an expert of their specific audience.

AND because your confidence is weakened…

Because you believe they know something that you don’t…

You are KILLING any and all chances to grow your business by fretting over what you don’t know…

And your few clients will think you have no bloody clue what you’re doing because your confidence is portraying just that…

When all you really need to do is find your audience, and become an expert of that audience.

Clarity, Strategy, Confidence.

What The Bitch Blockers Are Saying

So at this point you might be wondering what kind of investment it’s going to take to get unlimited VIP access to Block The Bitch

But before I show you how small of an investment you’ll make to get the expert advice and materials you’d literally have to pay £1000s for elsewhere, here’s proof that it actually works

Check out what some of the already 740 and growing members have to say about Block The Bitch:

What Others Are Saying


Membership is just $67+vat per month

It’s no wonder why we have more personal success stories than any other fitness marketing system out there

Hey, remember how I said you’re sceptical, and rightfully so?

Well here’s how I’m going to dispel that uncertainty

With A Risk Free Guarantee

If you’re like many of my customers then you’ve likely seen the ‘gurus’ out there, and you’re probably tired of hearing them tell you what you’re meant to do to get your business bustling…

Or how many hours you have to commit to everyday…

So knowing that you have plenty of options out there, and knowing that those nefarious ‘gurus’ have potentially jaded you, I’m going to offer you an unbeatable guarantee.

When you sign up to join this society of marketing experts at Block The Bitch today… you do it with zero risk.

And here’s why

As you use the insights of these marketing geniuses, saving precious time and money, and finally getting the sales growth you’ve always wanted…

You’ll quickly see that the investment you’ve made is worth LOADS more than the price I’m asking for.

That’s why at the end of 30 days you must feel 100% thrilled with the results, or I insist you write me for a full refund.


Membership is just $67

+vat per month

Ready To Join A Community Of Professionals Committed To Helping You Bring The Balls Back Into Your Business?

Hours Searching Online
guarantee risk free

I’m sure you’ve likely spent hundreds of hours online searching for proven methods to build your business without paying ludicrous amounts of money for little to no guarantee that it’ll actually work…

By now, I hope you now realize how Block The Bitch can dramatically reframe your success.

Today I’m offering you, like the 740 others, an invitation to take control of the success of your personal training business

You’re truly getting over 120+ marketing strategies, invitations to live webinars, and constant networking with other fitness professionals.

For one low monthly fee, you can leverage £1000s per month worth of expertise to help you grow your personal training business

And with my 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t give this a shot

BUT the time to start is now… all I’m asking is $67+VAT per month.

See Price In Your Currency

(Due to the overwhelming success of this league, rates will soon go up—so don’t put this off.)

Just click that big button below to begin your journey to greater business success now


Karen Ruffle

Block The Bitch


P.S. – We upload new materials EVERYDAY

Don’t worry if you don’t log in everyday, though. Once posted, we archive everything so you always have access to those valuable strategies.

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P.P.S. – Remember I’ve put my 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee on this VIP Group. There’s absolutely zero way you can make any mistakes joining this league of marketers eager to help…

Let’s Do This, Karen!

P.P.P.S. – And remember, rates are going up soon, so take advantage of this reduced cost.

Right! Karen, I’m Ready For VIP Access!

Karen Nadkarni Ruffle
VIP Red Carpet



Membership is just $67+vat per month