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Hi Superstar!


My first Audition, My First Job, My First step to Stardom

Since you’re here you obviously want to become a successful actor and make money from a career you love! I know you probably feel like you’re stalling or you have reached the peak of your acting heights, or you haven’t even bothered to try, but guess what? It’s normal and you’re not alone, in fact I was exactly where you are not long ago.


I was dying to escape my mundane life and chase after my acting dreams, there was just one problem. I didn’t know how, I didn’t know how to prepare a character, how to get an audition and I definitely didn’t know what to expect when I got an audition, I was pretty much in the dark about launching my career as an actor. So that’s why I did the research, I worked out what I needed to do, how to market myself and what preparations I need to do, and you know what?

I aced my very first audition and got the job


I wasn’t what they were looking for in there character, I wasn’t the right body type or look but by doing my research, knowing what to expect and preparing myself for success, I got the job!


Where you want to be!

The funny thing was I was so convinced that I was wrong for the part that I took along a friend to audition as well because I thought she was better suited for the role. The amazing feeling I got in my stomach when I received the news that I had got the part will forever remain one of the best feelings I have ever felt, and I want to share it with you!

The truth is you don’t have to be related or best friends with some Hollywood somebody


You don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, you simply need to learn the powerful and effective lessons I learnt from some of the industries best, and you’ll be delivering lines like a pro in no time!

I hope you can follow the same steps I did and start launching your own career, and get the wonderful feelings I have had in launching my dreams!

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